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Retro Chair/Step Stool By Cosco
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Product Description

The Retro Counter Chair/Step Stool is an incredibly versatile piece for any home or small office! Featuring a padded vinyl seat and back with a stylish chrome finish, this piece can be used as both a convenient, counter-height chair or utility stool for those hard-to-reach places. The smooth tracking fold-out step stool for climbing is combined with sturdy leg tubing and molded step treads for added stability. Easy one-tool assembly.

  • Stylish Chrome Finish with padded vinyl seat and back
  • Easy, one-tool assembly
  • Step stool slides in and out easily with smooth tracking
  • Over molded step treads for security
  • 225-pound weight capacity

Customer Reviews:

  • Yellow Step Chair
    This is a nice chair with very good padding for what I am using it for. The steps seem to side in their on when I need them.I
    might have put a liitle to much lubricant on the sliders.
    This is what I have been looking for to rest myself when I am
    planting my flowers seeds in my plant romm....more info
  • Very retro and useful
    The assembly went pretty smoothly, instructions were good. This will be a very useful step stool/chair in the master bedroom closet with a very high ceiling. I can now utilize the top shelf in the closet. May be a little too lightweight for my husband. I also purchased one for my girlfriend's birthday. She too appreciates all things retro....more info
  • 50's Nostalgia in a Fire Engine Red Stepstool !
    This stool is a handy dandy piece of equipment. We have used it for a variety of purposes.

    The stool is solid, and I think rather heavy...which is both good and bad. The chair bears a condierable amount of weight, but the heft makes it slightly cumbersome to move.

    The major drawback of the stool is that the steps are on glides instead of hinges. I don't know what synthetic material the glides are, but I do know that some synthetics (plastics) are actually stronger and last longer than aluminum alloy metals. The problem is not the glides themselves, but that steps will slide out when moving the chair (if the chair is tilted forward). We have gotten used to carrying the chair, from room to room, when it needed to be moved, with the chair slightly tilted backward. No biggie.

    The size of chair is a plus for us. It fits in tight spaces and cramped rooms very easily. No oversized adult (including myself) making an impromtu visit has complained of discomfort from sitting on the stool. As matter of fact, the stool is preferred to lower seating and requested by many, especially seniors.

    Its a gas!...more info
  • Read the reviews before you buy
    Not a retro. Every time I pick up the chair to move it the step falls out and you have to put it together when you get it to where you are using it. If the location isn't exact and you need to move it, you get to reassemble it again. The worthless retro step stool sits in the corner of the kitchen, and I go to the garage to get the beat up original chair of my grandma, to use (that's a great step stool)....more info
  • Great little chair
    We bought this because I can remember my grandmother having one in her kitchen that me and my sister used to fight over. Now my son and daughter fight over this one. I guess we'll have to buy another. It works great and my 3 year old drags it to the sink to wash his hands. We are very pleased with our purchase....more info
  • Not American Made
    I bought this particular model because it said MADE IN USA in the ad from Target online, however, it was MADE IN CHINA. It's a good-looking stool and sturdy, I'm just disappointed with the false advertising. Mom doesn't use it because the seat is smaller than her last one and doesn't fit her, but I find it comfortable. Target Falsely Advertises American Made. It's a lovely little stool tho....more info
  • Not what I was hoping for
    I bought the yellow version of this step stool - my grandma used to have one just like it, or so I thought. This is not the step stool I was hoping for. It's clunkier, cheaper, and not the same "shiny" vinyl that my grandma had. The step stool mechanism on this new one is just cheap plastic that allows the steps to "slide" in and out. I had a little bit of trouble putting it together. Oh, and on the instructions, you're told that you'll have to periodically retighten the bolts! What - is this thing going to come apart with use?!?! Overall, a disappointment and not worth the amount of money I paid for it. Nice idea, but I want the REAL thing, not some cheap imitation....more info
  • Cosco Stool Review
    I bought this stool to sit in front of the stove while I was cooking something that had to be stirred constantly, like pudding. After cooking four pudding pies for Thanksgiving dinner I needed some kind of relief for my legs and feet. This stool is the perfect height to sit on and still be able to see into the pot, plus it will come in handy when the smaller grandchildren are here for dinner....more info
  • Had to get it to replace one from our childhood.
    My mother had a similar one when we were kids. It was much sturdier, but then again, they made things to last back then. The original chair had been burned in a bonfire during a bachelor party. The chair has always been remembered as the beezer chair. That is where we had to sit when Mom gave us our beezers. It was sacrificed to the Gods of the Haircut. At the time, it was very old, the seat torn many years before. My Mom just turned70 and I gave it to her as a birthday present. She was all excited. The chair stirred many memories. So while the quality was not of the same calibar as the original, the memories made it priceless....more info
  • Better off buying assembled from a store
    We bought one of these chairs at a local retailer a few years ago, and our kids love it so I ordered another from Amazon. The cost was higher (because "free shipping" is never really free), and our chair arrived without key pieces in the assembly kit. When we contacted Cosco, we found that the parts are on backorder...seems like ours is not the only chair without these parts. They offered to send them when they come in--three weeks from now--but we are without the chair until then. I wish I had just bought a chair at a local store instead....more info
  • Extremely Happy with my Cosco Chair Purchase!!
    I recently got my mom the Cosco Chair for Christmas and it is her favorite gift!! It is comfortable (with padding in the seat), convenient (easily fit in a small kitchen) and even stylish. It was a little difficult to assemble, but it feels very sturdy. My mom recalls the chair from when she was a child and says it is a much better quality and the bright red color lends it a stylish design element....more info
  • Cute for display but not functional
    This chair was a booger to put together. It looks reallly cute sitting in the utility room, hiding our hot water heater. I got the yellow one and my front loaders are the ocean blue color. It isn't sturdy at all and I'd be afraid for anyone to really use it....more info
  • another "wish list:" item found and received.
    I have wanted one of these for years. I put off because I didn't want to put it together. (I'm a 75 year old,alone). I kept looking for one locally. Guess what !!! It's already assembled... comes as you see it. Thanks so much....more info
  • Memories
    I remember the same style step stool chair in my grandmother's kitchen. This one is very similar except the plastic parts, which seem to keep the steps from coming out far enough and stay out as well as the original did. The screws seem to keep coming out. Other than that is sits well and works for a counter chair for eating in the kitchen....more info
  • Too small.
    I felt the chair/step stool was a good color, but was too small and I felt not sturdy enough for an adult. I do not feel safe getting on it. ...more info
  • lovely retro step stool
    I love this little retro red step stool. It is just like the one I remember in my Grandmother's kitchen 50 years ago. It is also sturdy and practical to have in my new kitchen....more info
  • Just like Mom's
    Cosco stool is just like the one we had when I grew up. It was so easy to assemble - and I'm manual challenged!! Sturdy and does exactly what I need to do. Cheap. Easy. And accomodating. What more could you want....more info
  • Too small for average adult
    I need a step stool to reach the upper kitchen cabinet shelves. Combining the step stool with a chair is a great concept. But the chair is so small even I find it uncomfortable. I wouldn't recommend this chair for an "average" adult. Perhaps the product should be named as Retro Yellow Chair with Step Stool for Kids.

    The chair serves the purpose as a step stool. But the small chair is disappointing. There is a market for a step stool chair that is comfortable and stylish. This product can be great with a redesign to accommodate average adults so the chair can be used as it is intended.
    ...more info
  • Retro Chair
    A little smaller than the original from my childhood and the steps don't work like the steps on the original from years ago. However, it still comes in handy in the kitchen....more info
  • Retro Cool
    I bought this stool for my daughter to use in her 6th grade classroom. It serves as both a step stool for retrieving needed materials on top shelves in the classroom, and a place to once in a while sit in front of the students. She loves it! Lori thinks it's the coolest (and it is!) addition to a classroom, and the bright red color makes it a happy fixture in the room. So while this is very servicable item, it also looks retro cool to the students. Sharon Perkins, Cordele, GA...more info
  • Cosco 11-120CBY1 Retro Chair/Step Stool
    This chair/step stool was bought for my 88 year old Mom to use in her kitchen. I was unable to find one local,
    so I am thankful it was available online from Amazon.
    The stool was to replace a older Cosco step stool that she had used for over 20 years. Cosco makes great step stools. ...more info
  • Did Not Like At All
    My Grandmother had one of these in her kitchen and I can remember all the kids fighting over who got to sit on the stool at large family gatherings. I'm really sorry that I let her's get away from us when she died. I was so excited to see this stool on Amazon and could not wait to get it. But I returned it within less than 5 minutes of taking it out of the box. First of all it is a lot smaller than you think. My daughter's wooden highchair is larger than this stool. But what really made me dislike it is the color. To call it red is very misleading. I would say it was closer to orange, which doesn't appeal to me or match my kitchen. ...more info