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Little Giant 300-Pound Ladder System with Work Platform
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  • Expensive for no reason!
    This ladder is expensive because of the commercial hype.
    There are other multipurpose ladders in this site (i.e Louisville,others)that are less expensive and have same brand recognition and features than Little Giant....more info
  • Advertized Ship Date Not Accurate
    Amazon advertizes in the product description that "Orders placed before noon ship out the same day; average delivery time is about 1 week or less". I've had to wait nearly a week even before the scheduled ship date. Seems like the wait for this product will be closer to two weeks (or more). If you're in a hurry for this ladder, this may not be the best solution.
    Wing Little Giant Ladder System 22- Foot 300-Pound Work Platform, With Hinge and Tip and Glide Wheels #10103LGW...more info
  • Pricey, but a great step ladder
    This is a great step ladder. It isn't 5-star because it's heavy, is rather pricey, and as a 17' ladder is inferior to any extension ladder. But for a step ladder I don't think you can do better. It's extremely strong, is inherently very stable, and can be used in places no other step ladder will do (e.g., on steps, and with the optional leg extender, uneven spots). The fact it does not employ an "A" brace means it can be put across stuff conventional step ladders can't. In my case I have to deal with a screen enclosure surrounded by a shrubbery privacy hedge. I can put this ladder over the bushes with one side extended longer than the other to get right up against the enclosure for repairs or debris removal. I've used it similarly for painting a stairwell or other situations where I really needed to get close to a wall or to a bush for pruning. The "walking wheels" on my model are useful for moving it in and out of my garage, but are useless other than on a smooth surface. I have the optional scaffold walkway and the leg extender and have used both, which has been quite useful, but what the ladder has really been good for is getting up close to what I want to work on. ...more info
  • Great ladder, waaaaaaaay too overpriced!
    I had already written a review on this ladder system, but for some reason it was erased.
    It's been almost a year since I bought my gorilla ladders (the generic home depot version of the little giant) & I could not be happier about it, I use my ladders day in & day out & they really perform in the same way as the little giant, those ppl who say that nothing compares to the little giant don't know anything about ladders, the gorilla ladder is also rated 1A 300 LB and it makes for a better scaffolding base thanks to the hinges that come included with the ladder, my gorilla ladder(Extension Height: 11'-19'Stepladder Height: 5'-9') + my extendable aluminum plank (8'-13') was cheaper than the little giant!, about $340.00 all together, I was so satisfied with my first ladder that I bought a second one! (Extension height 9 feet to 15 feet, stepladder height 4 feet to 7 feet), I climb a ladder at least 4-5 times a day as I do home remodeling for a living, believe me I use my ladders much more often than many people here, there's no doubt the little giant is a good ladder system I just would not pay the extra money for the same quality so save yourself some money, the shipping time & go to the home depot & get yourself a gorilla ladder you won't be sorry......more info
  • Versatile, durable, but very heavy
    I've had the Little Giant Ladder for almost five years now. My ladder does not have glide wheels, but I have the work platform and the plank. It is very versatile. I've used it in all variations to do painting, gutter work, climbing on the roof, etc. It works as a step ladder and an extension ladder without wobbling. The downside is that it is heavy and when fully extended to 22 feet as an extension ladder it is difficult to handle by yourself. ...more info
  • Little Giant 10103W - Type 1A , 22 ft Ladder w/Work Platform
    My husband has used this ladder almost daily now for 30 days doing a painting/remodeling project. He has wanted this specific ladder for 15+ years, but struggled with the cost. In those years he purchased other ladders for a greater total cost and constantly complained about them and ended up giving them away to relatives. I bought the ladder for his birthday and he was blown away when it arrived. I must admit this ladder is configured to do almost anything. I was most impressed with how it broke down and made a scaffold by adding a plank. It takes no space to store. Money well spent. ...more info
  • It's true what they say .....
    After years of seeing the Little Giant advertised on TV and seeing it at trade shows I finally broke down and ordered one for my new home. My 30 year old 5 ft wooden step latter just wasn't cutting it anymore with our high ceilings, gutters to maintain, etc. After doing a bit of research I decided to get the Model 17 1A which has a 4 - 7 ft range on the step ladder function which is sufficient for my one story ranch house.

    The ladder comes fully assembled in one box, along with the work platform, a DVD which essentially is the TV ad, and a reasonably good instruction booklet. First impression was it was built like a tank; extremely solid construction and good workmanship. No sharp aluminum corners or sloppy joints were evident. Using the Little Giant is a snap; just undo the four spring loaded leg lock tabs and extend the inner portion of the ladder to the desired height and let the lock tabs snap back into place with authority. Then release the two hinge lock pins which have a big orange/red button, and open the ladder until they snap back into position and it's all ready for use. This ladder is so solid and stable my 200 lb body doesn't even make it flinch. It is solid as a rock, even when working at the full 7 ft height. Very confidence inspiring compared to the usual rikkety wood or flimsy aluminum ladders we are all used to.

    The accessory work platform was a bit tricky to understand how to work it, but it seems to work fine. I've only tried it a couple of times and it, too, supports my weight with no problem. A nice touch is the ladder will sit on its feet in an upright position which facilitates storage as you don't have to lean it against the wall.

    The major downside is the weight. This ladder weighs in at about 32 lbs and is a bit bulky for light duty work. The wife may find it a bit unwieldy to change a lightbulb, for instance. (There are lighter Little Giant ladders available.) But the Little Giant lives up to its billing as far as I can see. It's not cheap but I doubt you'll ever have to buy another ladder. Add in the safety features (stability and weight rating) and it is a reasonably priced ladder. ...more info
  • The Only Ladder I Have Ever Owned!
    I have owned my "Little Giant" since 1978, yes 1978! It performs as well now as it did then. There has not been a time since 1978 when I found a situation where my "Little Giant" did not work for me. In fact, just the other day an electrician I hired, who did indeed like the ladder very much, found a way to use it to reach a very high ceiling light fixture. The sturdiness of the ladder allowed this electrician to complete his task (he had not used nor seen one before). Keep in mind, however, that no matter how well a ladder is built one should have an individual available to hold it. ...more info
  • Price is the major hiccup here
    I think for the price that they want for this product, its not a good buy. Otherwise as far as the usage and quality wise, its a very good ladder. You can get the exact same ladder that Cosco makes at Sams Club or Costco for $99. Its even available here at Amazon. I wonder what does the additional $300 get me. I don't have much use of the step that they talk about. In my opinion, this is purely a ladder that is sold based on marketing....more info
  • Awesome ladder
    I needed a ladder. I had seen the infomerical; but, I was skeptical and the price tag was a deterent. I decided to try it. In the past I was a little afraid of climbing the higher rungs on ladders because the ladders seemed so unsteady. This was not the case with this ladder. For the first time I was able to go higher than the second rung without having someone hold the ladder for me. It is very sturdy and heavier than other ladders. Yet it is not to heavy for me to move around. This is important to me being a woman with a bad back. I wish I had gotten this sooner....more info
  • Good multi-use ladder.
    I bought this after buying a 2 story house with a loft. I needed a large a-frame ladder, a ladder for stairs, and a ladder for odd positions trying to reach high spots near the vaulted ceiling (I now know why the previous owners never painted up those walls). I was going to purchase a few regular ladders, and all together would have been around $600. I decided to invest in this, and I am glad I did. I works everwhere I needed other ladders at less than what I would have paid for all of them together. And, I'm sure you've guessed by reading the other reviews, it IS heavy. The pre-attached wheels help moving around however....more info
  • Very solid but weight is a big minus
    A super-solid ladder in stepladder mode: it's like standing on stairs, and that's great for such things as pressure washing the second story of a house. This will get your feet up 6-8' or so and rock solid.

    That said, this weighs a LOT, and it isn't easy to fit into tight spaces. Also, I need full-extension mode to reach my second-story roofline. My dog's fetch ball got up there two days ago, and I'm not looking forward to setting this unit up for that two-second task. Unlike a telescoping extension ladder, which you can just point upward and pull a rope to extend, this ladder needs to be fully extended on the ground and then swung into place (anyone eager to swing 22' of aluminum around from one end?) In principle, you could do the final extension with the ladder in vertical position, but that could crush your fingers if you let anything slip. Right now, I'm thinking I'll sell the ladder and use separate extension and step ladders.

    I have not tried a smaller Little Giant, and maybe with the size and weight issues lessened, that would be all roses. So this review is only for the 22' type 1A....more info
  • The Best Ladder System Anywhere
    This is 24 ladders in one. It is the best ladder that you will ever buy in your life. The ladder is very stable and very safe to stand on. Easy to get up and down on. The ladder only weighs about 33 pounds and it folds up to fit in a car. It is a product that when you buy it you will really enjoy it. A good ladder is not a luxury. You will feel safe and secure at the top of this ladder. The ladder has a lifetime warranty. Amazing!
    ...more info
  • My fear of heights reduced
    For some 20 years, I was using my dad's old ladders when necessary, but of course, they were aging equipment. I have always gotten this weak feeling in my legs as I had climbed these, but just would have to get the jobs done.

    Further, we were anticipating some indoor painting jobs in a room with a raise, barn-shaped ceiling and we did not have a tall enough folding ladder. So it seemed time to replace the older ladders.

    We had heard all the positive marketing material for the Little Giant and we decided to 'invest' in a more expensive model. Amazon had the best price and so we ordered it. It arrived promptly and I opened the box and the ladder. I was amazed how stable the ladder felt. Raising the ladder to its full folding height was easy enough for one person. The hinged stops for the rungs worked smoothly and look like they will probably stay that way for years, not jamming up as they age.

    Regarding the 'glide wheels'... either I am not using them correctly, or their benefit is minimal, but they did not seem to be of any help in moving the ladder around indoors. I cannot see how they would be useful for moving an extended ladder along the side of a house being painted, which is when I thought they would be of the greatest use.

    Nevertheless, I was able to complete the indoor painting job, reaching many areas easily and without the fear of heights getting in my way. We are very satisfied with this ladder and look forward to its reliable service for the next 20+ years. I did not mind the heavier weight of the ladder, I think this adds to the solid feel....more info
  • 24 year old Little Giant 22 ft ladder
    My wife and I were at a home show in 1984, where a Little Giant ladder was being demo'd and sold. I was impressed that 4 of us large men could (and did) stand on the ladder at once. But I felt it was too much money for a ladder. However, my wife insisted that one fall from a ladder would cost us much more than the price of the Little Giant 22 ft ladder. So we bought it, and have been using it for 24 years. It's just wonderful. It's so safe that I was able to relax and work comfortably up there. Now that I'm over 65 and physically wrecked, the ladder is too heavy for me, and I don't climb it anymore. But my wife still uses it, as do the people who work on our properties. This ladder is one of those pieces of equipment that seems expensive, but turns out to be a bargain in the long run. If you find it too heavy, don't buy one. Otherwise, don't wait. If it won't fit in your car, get a shorter version. You will probably enjoy many years of using a safe and comfortable ladder....more info
  • Great ladder but pretty heavy
    I went to a distributor and bought this ladder (Model 26). They had a model 17 in the showroom, but they wouldn't take out a model 26 for me to try it (yes, I must buy it first). If I had tried the model 26 before buying it I'd go with a lower height one (a model 22 probably).

    Pros: Very steady, configurable, the staight up configuration is specially useful. Lifetime warranty.

    Cons: Very expensive. Model 26 is very heavy. It takes two people to properly and safely set it up and operate in telecope mode (fully extended). In their AD they say model 26 can reach to the tip of the roof of a two-story house, but most houses I seen is higher.

    Watch the DVD that comes with the ladder! It shows you how to setup the ladder....more info
  • too heavy
    bought mine 22' at expo, came with free shipping and few accessories. Arrived today and gave me quite a work out just to pull it out of the box. It is HEAVY and difficult to move around. Immediately, I suspect I will use it alot, this is one of those got to have it items, made in USA and with LIFETIME warranty, excessively well built and exceeding all practicalities. It's HEAVY an bulky, not a first choice for household chore....more info