Naked Gun from the files of Police Squad
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  • ...
    This movie will always be a favorite of mine due to how funny it was it shows th 80's was comedy's best decade. ......more info
  • A Great
    In my opinion this is one of the greatest movies ever...those who like Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase will like this movie. I was displease however when I noticed two short scenes were cut out (scratching the desk and shot in the umpires vest). Why I don't know, but if it was based on space, I'd rather have the FULL original movie than some dumb commentary...honestly, who actually watches them? All in all it really is a good movie, just wished they kept it together....more info
  • From the files of when comedy was actually funny
    Those who know me know that I don't often go to comedies that have been made since the Austin Powers era. The reason is that there has been a line that has been crossed in recent years that makes that majority of these films unfunny to me. While Austin Powers had Dr. Evil to save it from over all lameness most comedies these days are too reliant on riskaye sex jokes and over the top toilet humor that works in South Park and Nintendo's "Conker's Bad Fur Day" but nothing else. The Naked Gun is based on the short-lived but absolutely hilarious "Police Squad" TV series starring Leslie Neilson as Lt. Frank Drebbon. The show and films classic "who dun its" from the 40s and 50s with over the top classy humor, and a lot of well timed puns and gags. Timing is what makes not only this movie, but also its sequels do funny. The timing for everything is dead on, plus it's a Zucker film, and the Zuckers are almost up there with Mel Brooks. They know how to do comedy right. However the weakness of this film is in its time sensitive gags. A lot of the events in this movie are poking fun of events that were occurring at the time the movies were made. People who were not around in, or do not remember the early nineties may not get a lot of the gags. Even so there is still enough material that is not time sensitive for the film to be funny over all. Even a guest appearance by Weird Al Yankovic.
    The special features are lacking, however. Part of what makes DVDs so fun is when you get a jam-packed DVD that goes in depth into the making of the movie. It is when you have those kinds of documentaries that the movie becomes more than a movie; it becomes a living piece of history. Considering that so many of the jokes are so era sensitive these making of featurettes that this DVD lacked could have been beneficial to those who don't know that backdrops to which so many of these jokes are built....more info
  • Won't Stand The Test Of Time...
    Michael Beusch's review is way, way off... even worse than the one where "Doctor Zhivago" got panned. "Sledge Hammer!" ran much longer than "Police Squad!" and garnered outsized critical acclaim because it wasn't just a plotless joke machine. Looking at "The Naked Gun" now, after the Zucker Abrams Zucker team has pretty much run their style of spoofing into the ground, demonstrates the inherent reason why Mel Brooks' films remain classics of cinema, not merely funny. "Young Frankenstein" features a plot, characterization and discipline. Leslie Nielsen was much funnier before he officially became a comedian. In "The Naked Gun" his deadpan style used in previous Zucker endeavors is replaced by incessant mugging. The humor isn't satirical, as in "Sledge Hammer!" which was commenting on violence and other current events, just mostly dumb. Several gags were lifted verbatim out of old "Get Smart!" episodes. No wonder the subsequent two sequels ended this particular film series. Like the small screen "Police Squad!" that was equally devoid of anything more than jokes, this is an extended sketch -- nothing more....more info
  • A Great
    In my opinion this is one of the greatest movies ever...those who like Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase will like this movie. I was displease however when I noticed two short scenes were cut out (scratching the desk and shot in the umpires vest). Why I don't know, but if it was based on space, I'd rather have the FULL original movie than some dumb commentary...honestly, who actually watches them? All in all it really is a good movie, just wished they kept it together....more info
  • One of the funniest movies ever, but the DVD is flawed
    Everyone who has seen The Naked Gun knows this is a wonderfully funny movie, and a must-have for any comedy lover's DVD collection. However, as another reviewer has pointed out there are problems with the DVD version. Just casually watching the movie tonight on TV (after all i do own the DVD), i was astonished to find there were parts to the movie that i hadn't remembered seeing. After booting up my DVD of the movie and checking, i found that there were indeed quite a few scenes missing from the DVD version! The worst part is that they are good scenes!
    For example, there are quite a few more exchanges in the absolutely hilarious "interrogation" of the low-life down at the docks. An equally funny moment is cut when Drebbin is inspecting Ludwig's apartment and somehow manages to get attacked by a dead animal rug.
    Let's all make paramount feel as ashamed as they should be for being the only company with enough gall to actually put out a DVD with less material then what you would see on TV, and take the other reviewer's suggestion to not buy this DVD until they put the scenes back in!...more info
  • Tne Naked Gun...Shoots 4 Stars
    A hit movie based on a TV show! What a concept! With all the hype of televsion shows being made into feature films, most of which have failed, here is one based on a failed and forgotten show. THE NAKED GUN based on the early 80's sitcom POLICE SQUAD, had really no built-in audience and it goes to show what great comedic writing, direction, and casting can do. Leslie Nielson has overdone this type of movie over the years (WRONGFULLY ACCUSED, SPY HARD, SPACE TRAVESTY etc...), but the NAKED GUN series and his character, Lt Frank Drebin are etched in the annals of comedic movie lore. The jokes never let up, and every character, every line, every situation are a comedic delight. Even after a musical montage (to the tune of Herman's Hermits song "Something Good")of dating sequences of Frank Drebin and Jayne (Priscilla Presley), a blurb pops up on the side of the movie screen stating the title, artist, and name of album..the movie audience are forced to believe they are watching a rock music video. This small, subtle, piece of humor is hilarious. The plot involves Lt. Frank Drebin trying to uncover and foil a plot to assassinate the visiting Queen of England and to prove that Vincent Ludwig, brilliantly played by Ricardo Montlban, is the evil man behind the plot. The assissination attempt climaxes at a baseball playoff game. It is probably one of the funniest baseball sequences ever filmed including Nielsen's Drebin aka Enrico Palazzo, singing the National Anthem, Nielsen as the home plate umpire,and a hilarious scene of tv sport announcers with Jim Palmer and Curt Gowdy hugging and crying to apologise for a pregame squabble. This movie has everything. The movie demands screenings of the failed tv show POLICE SQUAD which is just as funny. Great supporting cast with George Kennedy, OJ Simspon?!!, Priscilla Presley, Ricardo Montalban, Nancy Marchand and... Queen Elizabeth....more info
  • An All-Time Classic
    This film successfully transferred the short-lived TV series "Police Squad" to the big screen. It is simply hilarious. One of the reasons it works so well is the carefully crafted screenplay. Of course the "plot" is inconsequential, but it is to the filmmakers' credit that they managed to come up with a solid foundation upon which to pile on the gags.

    Many spoof-comedies simply take specific scenes from popular movies and parody them. If you haven't seen the films being sent-up, you might not get much out of it. But your enjoyment of The Naked Gun won't be based on your knowledge of specific films. The "Police Squad" series was a poker-faced parody of cop shows, and the Naked Gun movie remains firmly in that genre.

    The DVD does, in fact, present the movie in it's complete theatrical release. As some reviewers have pointed out, the network TV version includes several scenes not found on the dvd. These scenes are referenced during the commentary track and would've been nice to have on the dvd-- only as Deleted Scenes, not incorporated in the movie. The TV version is by no means a "director's cut", and the version of the film presented on this DVD is definitive....more info

  • Hilarious
    Leslie Nielsen is such a great actor, he really raises the whole film to another level by himself. His expressions and delivery are dead-on every single time. Silly stuff, but brilliantly done....more info
  • Hysterical From Start to Finish
    You'll know this movie is going to be a riot from the openning sequence in which a meeting of the worlds master terrorists - including Castro, the Ayatollah and Gorbachev are folied by inept cop Frank Drebin, played with perfect deadpan expression by Leslie Nielsen, who went on to a second career starring in films like this.

    Drebin, from Police Squad, must try to stop the assasination of the Queen of England. Drebin is assisted by George Kennedy, a fellow cop and O.J. Simpson as detective Nordberg. Nordberg, especially is the victim of most of Drebin's foul ups and spends most of the movie being beaten or maimed (just desserts!). Ricardo Montalban stars as the construction magnate that is masterminding the dastardly plot.

    Nielsen's physical humor is the focus of the movie. His systematic destruction of Montalban's apartment is hilarious. But the highlight of the movie is the ending baseball sequence. and is where Nielsen shines. From his impersonation of opera tenor Enrico Polazzo (his butchering of the national anthem is a total classic) to his routine as a moonwalking showboat umpire, Nielsen is at his finest in milking laughs. The baseball game between the Mariners and Angels is the funniest baseball sequence ever filmed and funnier than any of the Major League movies. This segment features real-life baseball announcers including Dick Enberg and the great Mel Allen. When a highlight shows a baseball players head being knocked off by a fly ball, Allen delivers his classic "How About That?" while a stunned Enberg looks on, speechless. And there are real-life ball-players Jay Johnstone and Reggie Jackson, ("I must kill the Queen").

    Priscilla Presley looks beautiful and shows her ability to do comedy. Although Nielsen looks much too old for her, the scenes between them work, probably due to Nielsen's boundless energy and little boy innocence.

    The Naked Gun series follwed the Airplane movies in a line of hits for the ZAZ team (not all of them particpated in all of the films). Although the latter two Naked Gun movies were a let-down, Naked Gun shows ZAZ at their best and this movie remains funny.

    Also worth noting is the TV series that inspired the Naked Gun movies - Police Squad (in color). Look for it at your video store. Underrated and very funny....more info

  • A hilarious comedy
    This 1988 comedy starring Leslie Nielsen is a pure blast of parody and comedy. Nielsen plays Frank Drebin, a stupid cop. But when the job has to be done, he's always there. There has been a plan made to assasinate the Queen of England and only Nielsen can stop it. But he must go deep into the organization that planned it and find out more. And as the movie progresses, Drebin continues making more and more mistakes, giving us plenty of one-liners, and makes the movie much more funnier. Comedy fans, this is a must get....more info
    This movie is still funny every time I watch it!! It is one of the greatest comedies ever created!! If you havn't seen it.......WATCH IT!! WATCH IT NOW!! You'll laugh so hard. Non of the scenes ever fall flat!!...more info
  • One of the Best!
    Most people would pass this movie up because of it being an older one. However, It is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. And I just saw it for the first time only a few months ago. If you have ever seen Wrongfully Accused and liked it then you'll definatly like this. I'd have to say that this movie is the best out of the series. Although 2 1/2 comes close. If you get in moods to watch an "odd" type of movie, this is the one. Also, if you get sick of watching the same movie over and over again and laughing at the same thing, this gives you a new laugh! I surely recommend this to anyone who likes to laugh!...more info
  • Wonderfully Goofy
    This movie is, for the most part, one of the goofiest movies you'll ever see. It's very akin to Airplane! (Don't Call Me Shirley! Edition) in regards to its level of humor but unlike Airplane Leslie Nielson tends to be the only character who takes things literally which definitely puts a spin on the style of comedy. It's enjoyable from the very first moment until the credits with very few scenes lacking some form of humor.

    If you enjoy non-stop completely goofy comedies you'll really enjoy this one. If you tend to dislike movies like Airplane, Spaceballs, Blazing Saddles, or Robinhood Men in Tights I'd avoid the movie though....more info
  • The Naked Gun-Nielsen's Second Debut To Spoof, and it Rocks!
    When this movie came out, I think most people who knew who Leslie Nielsen was were thinking they'd seen him in just about everything. First, serious movies, then Hitchcock, then Airplane. Then they saw him for the comic geinus he was in this movie. Nielsen plays Frank Drebin, a Los Angeles cop known for his stpidity, his big mouth, and his all around good record. After returning from vacation in Beirut, he investigates the shooting of his ex-partner and best friend, Nordberg, which after an argument with a Drebin-hating dock worker, leads him to respected shipping kingpin Vincent Lidwig, as well as his female assistant, Jane Spencer, who has a romataic thing for cops. From the first, they fall for each other, even going so far as having sex in body condoms. His investigation stalls, however, when the mayor gets upset over Drebin entering Ludwig's place without a warrant and then repremands him over a year-old incident in which he mistook five actors for would-be killers and shot and killed them. After a few more complications, including losing his badge after making fools of the mayor and Queen Elizabeth II, who Ludwig plans to asassainate, at a party, Drebin catches up with him, thanks to a tip from Jane, at an Angels baseball game, where he brainwashes baseball legend Reggie Jackson to kill the Queen. If you like spoofs, this is one for the ages and nore than worth a rent....more info
  • One of the Funniest Movies Ever
    This Movie is hilarious. It's is hilarious from the start, when Frank Drebin stops some terrorists. The movie is hilarious from start to finish. The best part is the truck driver scene. I won't ruin it for you. Rent this movie. It's worth the money. It deserves ten stars. It is so hilarious, you'll laugh so hard. I loved this movie....more info
  • Crude, raunchy and disgusting....and I loved it!
    This movie and the sequels of "The Naked Gun" turned out to be surprise hits in the theaters. Yeah, it's silly, but it's a silly film that's also very funny. Leslie Neilsen, who resurrected his film career as a "dramatic" actor with this role, is absolutely hysterical as a walking disaster area - the bumbling and delightfully clueless Det. Frank Drebbin, and the supporting cast is perfect: George Kennedy, Priscilla Presley, O.J. Simpson, Nancy Marchand and Ricardo Montalban can all be counted on big laughs. In this story, Frank is trying to locate the criminal responsible for the attempted murder of his partner Nordberg (Simpson) and in the process, stumbles across an outrageous plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II, who just happens to be visiting Los Angeles. Drebbin finds out the person who was behind Nordberg's attempted murder (Montalban as Vincent Ludwig, a shipping magnate), is also responsible for plotting the murder of the Queen and it's up to him to save the day, with hilarious results. Along the way he falls hard for Jane, Ludwig's secretary (Presley, who is very good in a comedic role), and she aids him in trying to stop the assassination. There are many moments in this film that will have you in stitches. The one scene that actually hurts my ribs from laughter is when Frank is stuck out on a ledge after starting a fire in Ludwig's office. When you see it, you too will agree that it is one of the funniest scenes in the film. A close second is the scene at the California Angels' baseball game. It's heavy on slapstick, sight gags and clever comedic lines, but if that's your cup of tea, then you will absolutely love it. I know I did. It will literally have you crying from laughing so hard! Highly recommended. Also look for the all-star cameos in this movie, there are a lot of them....more info
  • Among the greatest comedies of all time
    The Naked Gun is without a doubt my favorite comedy. It's got it all: humor, romance, a ketchup and mustard fight. In my humble estimation, The Naked Gun along with This Is Spinal Tap is the greatest comedy of all time. Leslie Nielsen is superb as lieutenant Frank Dreben, the bird-brained cop and sometimes government-terrorist-organization infiltrator. Oh, and who could forget Ricardo Montalban as the sinister Mr. Ludwig who owns priceless pens and fish that are no match for Frank Dreben and his endless aptitude for ineptitude. This is one movie that should be required viewing for all. Truly, you haven't lived until you've seen Dreben umpiring a baseball game, calling strikes and then moonwalking in all his self-congratulatory glory. Movies like this don't come along every day. Four thumbs up! ...more info
  • The comedy most people miss
    This movie is phenomenal. Of course, it is based on the TV show "Police Squad" (in color). I still do not understand what the TV series only had about 4 episodes. This is classic Leslie Neilson and classic comedy. I love how most of the comedy was spur of the moment or based on a situation at hand. It was not full of dirty or vulgar remarks, or obscenities. Although it had its sexual dialogue it was very brief. Comedy today is not the same. If someone farts, curses, or makes in appropriate sexual comments people laugh. The comedy in this movie is full of stupid humor featuring Leslie Neilson as a detective. Most of the time he catches criminals accidently by running them over with a car or slamming the door open on them. In this movie, however, he must sing the national anthem, pose as an umpire, and prevent the assassination of Queen Elizabeth. Meanwhile OJ Simpson gets beat up throughout the movie.

    This movie defines Laughing Out Loud....more info
  • Who Knew Police Work Could Be So Funny...
    In 1982, Leslie Nielsen starred in a television comedy called "Police Squad" on ABC. Not since "The Carroll Burnett Show" had television seen this kind of quality slapstick comedy. Unfortunately, it never found an audience and only lasted for 6 episodes.

    In 1988, Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and David Zucker adapted their short-lived T.V. series into one of the best comedy movies ever. And this time, it proved to be a hit (grossing over $70 million during it's USA run).

    Before starring in "Airplane" in 1980, Leslie Nielson had never done a comedy role before (all of his previous roles had been in dramas). Who knew he had such great comedic timing? And it is that timing that makes this movie so much fun to watch.

    Mr. Nielson stars as Frank Drebin, an incompetent cop who somehow always manages to solve the crime (even though he sometimes sovles it wrong). Things happen when Drebin is around, such as a fire breaking out, sliding down a long table on top of Queen Elizabeth II, or going to the bathroom with a live microphone. He never means for any of these things to happen, and occasionally doesn't even know when they do.

    The cast is wonderfully filled out with George Kennedy as Captain Ed Hocken and Priscilla Presley as Jane Spencer. Both of them have great comedic timing on their own, which is enhanced in the presence of Mr. Nielson. Even O.J. Simpson, who is fairly dispised by much of America these days, does a pretty good job of holding his own in this group. His scene that opens the movie is a total laugh riot.

    This movie is pure slapstick comedy at its best. Every line, every shot, every move is done for laughs. Even years later, die hard "Naked Gun" fans can still find jokes and shots that they have never caught before.

    If you like funny movies, especially slapstick, then this movie is a must see. Actually, it's a must see again, and again, and again, and......more info

  • Great Movie, But I Want The TV Version!
    The Naked Gun-From The Files Of Police Squad. I don't need to talk about this movie. It's great. It's non-stop laughs. It's a must see. So what's the problem? The problem's not with the movie. It's with this DVD. Don't expect to much from silly Paramount, but has anyone ever watched this on cut TV, like USA, Comedy Central, or ABC? If so, you know the cutting out and editing of scenes for a certain channel tri trims a time slot, so they replace maybe 15 minutes with deleted scenes! And very funny deleted scenes I might add. One is where Frank Drebin is seen at a gym in the shower (of the woman's bathroom). Another is where Ludwig shoots Frank in the catchers's thing (didn't anyone ever notice it deflated?) and one where Frank turns off Nordberg's air at the hospital. All these scenes are outrageous and hilariously funny, but no version except the TV one has these scenes. I'm not going to buy any Naked Gun DVD until the scene's are restored. Same with Naked Gun 2, Airplane!, and Airplane 2.
    Don't by this 'till Paramount realizes we want deleted scenes!

    If you found my review helpful, please be sure to vote for me!...more info

  • Great movie - questionable edition
    The Naked Gun and Airplane series have earned their places in the annals of comedy fame. Slapstick comedy, outrageous dialogue and hilarious situations elevate normal everyday stories to films of such comedic heights that they're remembered fondly by everyone. I don't think I'm crossing a line when I say that Leslie Nielsen deserves a fair share of the credit. "Don't call me Shirley" still gets used in offices around the world and there's point denying that Leslie Nielsen (until about 10 years ago) was the ultimate clueless slapsticker of his day.

    Case in point: The Naked Gun.

    Sidelining all the other comedic talents to be found in Airplane, The Naked Gun places all the pressure squarely on the shoulders of Nielsen as Police Officer Frank Drebin. Right from the credits The Naked Gun sets the tone for a cop story gone zany. As an aberrant cop car starts off with siren blaring, it quickly becomes apparent that its route isn't what you'd think; a perfect analogy for the movie itself. Playing on all the tough-guy, film noir personalities of the decades of filmmaking that came before, the Frank Drebin character oozes stoic masculinity while simultaneously being in way over his head - like a man who won't stop and ask for directions.

    After the unfortunate, though ridiculously non-fatal shooting of Detective Nordberg (O.J. Simpson), Frank Drebin sets out to investigate the circumstances behind it all only to catch on to a scheme so nefarious that the only reasonable setting for the climactic ending is a baseball stadium. Clues left by Nordberg lead Drebin to business tycoon Vincent Ludwig (Ricardo Montalban) and his sexy secretary Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley). Is Ludwig up to something? Is Jane only interested in Drebin as a spy?

    Drebin has to get to the bottom of things fast lest the Queen of England fall prey to an assassination attempt that could be perpetrated by anyone!

    With that said - it's not the plot that matters here. The plot is window dressing for an endless stream of visual gags and funny dialogue. While I don't think The Naked Gun achieves the same jokes per minute ratio as Airplane - there's still so much going on in the foreground and background that to really catch everything requires multiple viewings. As comedic cinema experiences go, The Naked Gun is quite rich.

    Leslie Nielsen, god bless him, really plays the same character no matter what he's in. He has three total expressions: shock, skepticism and sexy. Or whatever passes for sexy with Leslie Nielsen. What he lacks in variety he makes up in sheer deadpan excellence. There's never a Jimmy Fallon moment of approval-seeking to the camera. He makes dry joke after dry joke and never stops to see if the audience has caught it all - that's your job, not his. Again, this rapid-fire pace of one-liners and double-entendres makes for terrific viewing and re-viewing experiences.

    O.J. Simpson. What do you say about this guy? On one hand we can applaud him when he had a bright future in both football and comedy. As Nordberg, Simpson gets slammed, rocked, jarred and thrown out windows all for the cheaper laugh. What makes it all funny is Simpson's ability to keep the look of pure dismay plastered across his face. Superb.

    DVD Extra Features:

    As with all the DVDs in the "I Love the 80s" Edition pool, this DVD version of The Naked Gun features very little in terms of DVD extras. However, I'm happy to note that with The Naked Gun you get a rather funny commentary track featuring David Zucker (Director, Writer), Robert Weiss (Producer) and hosted by Peter Tilden. Not as funny as the movie itself obviously, but interesting to hear about onset anecdotes about Nielsen, Simpson and the rest....more info
  • Best of the 3 films
    Based on the short lived "Naked Gun" TV series, this is the funniest of the 3 films.

    Still 20 years later it is very funny.

    Leslie is perfect doing Frank.

    "Weird Al Yankovic is on the plane" just love this little cameo since I am a fan.

    My favorite scene is during the baseball game when Leslie "Frank" is dress as the umpire & starts doing the calls per how the crowd reacts. I will replay that scene.

    For an older DVD the extras on this are lacking.

    So many memorable lines & gags.

    The 1 down side to the 3 films is, now of course after history, OJ....more info
  • "Frank Drebin! Police Squad!"
    Leslie Nielsen stars as Lieutenant Frank Drebin, the stupidest police officer since Peter Sellers dawned his moustache. Like Clouseau, Drebin is destined to catch the villain and get the girl despite his idiocy.

    The opening sequence sets the tone for the rest of this movie. We are shown the worlds greatest terrorists meeting together to plot against the America. The meeting is crashed by Frank Drebin who infiltrates the meeting, beats up the terrorists, and wipes the fake(!) birthmark off Gorbachev's forehead.

    "I never want to see any of you folks in America!" Frank bellows at the terrorists before leaving.

    In the wake of 9/11, it's nice to know that we've got Frank Drebin on our side. Sort of.

    Frank finds trouble waiting for him back in America. It seems his partner Nordberg blew a drug bust he was taking part in and is now in the hospital. Wait till you see just how Nordberg got all his injuries! Frank soon finds himself embroiled in case when he must try to foil an upcoming assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth and expose the suave millionaire who is planning it. Further complications are aroused when Frank finds himself falling in love with the suave millionaire's secretary. Of course the plot is really just an excuse to get in some zany gags and slapstick.

    The beauty of ZAZ's (Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker) type of humor is in hiring serious actors to say outrageously funny lines with utmost seriousness. Leslie Nielsen was a perfect foil for their kind of humor as he delivers all their lines to deadpan perfection. Indeed, on the basis of "The Naked Gun", and "Airplane", Nielsen would go on to a second career in deadpan farce.

    This film has so many multilayered gags and social references that it may take several viewings to catch them all. As a result, this is one film that is just as funny the fifth time around as the first. Some of my favorite scenes; Frank going to the washroom with his mike still attached to his shirt, Frank being caught in a comprimising situation with the queen, Frank [messing] up Enrico Pallazzo's version of the national anthem, and Frank causing havoc at the baseball game.

    Some of my favorite lines:

    1. "The doctors say his chances of living are about fifty/fifty. Although he's got only about a ten percent chance of that."

    2. "I'm boiling a roast. How hot and wet do you like it?"

    "You certainly seem to know your way around the kitchen."

    3. "It's the same old story. Boy sees girl. Boy wins girl. Boy marries girl. Girl dies in a tragic blimp accident."


    "No, the worst."

    Need I say more?...more info

  • So many sight gags it takes repeated viewing to catch 'em!
    I'm not going to summarize the plot of this movie. Others have already done that. I'm just going to tell you I think it's one of the funniest films I've ever seen.

    I love this kind of sight gag humor. And nobody does it better than Leslie Neilsen.

    The Police Squad! videos are priceless TV detective show parodies. It's a pity only a handful of episodes were ever made. They're a blast to watch -- especially the end credits when the actors "freeze" yet everything else in the scene continues to move. Really dumb humor, but it gets me every time.

    Which is why I love this, the first of the three Naked Gun movies. They feature the same bumbling detective (Neilsen) and the same intrepid team that created the short-lived TV series.

    I can watch this film and laugh every time. My favorite scenes are the chalk outline floating on the water...the shoe shine guy to which Lt. Drebin palms money for information...and, well, I could name scene after scene.

    Naked Gun is not for everyone. Not everyone likes the rapid-fire sight gag humor that makes this movie (and The Simpsons) such a joy to behold.

    But if that kind of humor tickles your funny bone, Naked Gun will cause you to laugh all the way to the store to buy the other two installments....more info