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Rubbermaid ActionPacker Storage Box
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  • Keeps items dry and clean...use for camping & fishing trips
    Nice tote for tools, camping, and fishing gear. I use the larger 24 gallon tote for basement and garage storage; also works good to organize your gear on camping trips. Keeps items dry and clean. I use the 8 gallon tote to carry fish gear on trips; also works good for tool storage in vehicles. I usually use adhesive labels to identify whats items are in the tote (long term storage).

    The description on this item was previously incorrect (had it corrected); it previous had the description of a larger item. Looks good to me now.

    Look for a sale on this item, $19-$20 is fair value....more info
  • Storage Trunk / Tack Trunk
    My daughter needed a trunk to store her horse tack in, but all the "official" horse tack trunks ran around $300. If we wanted a horse tack trunk with wheels, we were looking at $500. I purchased this trunk for $100 and put $30.00 in wheels and parts on it. It works great. It's almost the same measurements as the deluxe horse tack trunks. It's incredibly solid, meaning my daughter can sit or stand on it. Her English saddle fits fine inside and there was room to drill holes and mount other hardware inside for holding specialized items. The only drawbacks I have found are the hole for the padlock is very small and not suitable for a heavy-duty lock. You can drill that to a little larger size. Also, the handles are preformed and molded into the body of the trunk which doesn't allow much surface area to grip onto to lift the trunk. I also installed hinged handles on the side of this trunk to make it easier to grab and move around. Very happy with the trunk and the price even though I had to customize it to fit our specialized needs. ...more info
  • Luggage
    Just the right size for airline luggage size requirements, durable, waterproof, and also can be locked....more info
  • Rubbermaid Action Packers
    The item arrived in a timely manner and was exactly what was pictured. The total price with shipping was the cheapest price I found anywhere on-line. Very happy with the purchase....more info
  • Great for airline travel
    I use these instead of luggage and I have NEVER had anything break inside. I have carried ceramics and glass items. These are great and sturdier than the Contico trunks, they bruise and sometimes the hinges are damaged if they take a direct hit, these Action Packers don't have that problem since the lid comes completely off. The plastic is also sturdier than the Contico trunks.

    The only disadvantage is that they don't have wheels and you have to rely on carts at the airport if you use them as luggage but most if not all airports have carts. As you can tell I am a big fan of these things. They are becoming harder to find. Wal-Mart no longer carries the 24 gallon size (the one that meets the luggage dimension requirements) and only the Greatland Targets have them sporadically. You won't be disappointed if you get one and they last "forever" (I've never had one rupture/break/crack). Just in case you're wondering, no I am not a Rubbermaid employee but I am very happy with this product of theirs....more info
  • Its a camping Box
    I bought this box, and bolted it to my small 28 x 48 inch trailer that I pull behind my motorcycle. This box has amazing room, I can fit everything I need for a weekend camping trip in it. The inventory I normally haul is
    2 chairs
    2 Sleeping bags
    Coleman Stove and propane
    Pots and pans
    Rifle...more info
  • Good storage
    I use actionpackers for professional work in wild remote areas of Africa. They are light and extremely strong, offering perfect protection to fragile items. They do not crush after 2 trips like old fashion, heavy metal trunks.
    From time to time, however, a handle can break, and that's the end of it, because you can't lock your actionpacker anymore. But it does happen after a lot of use and generally because of overweight....more info
  • Ideal Container for Indoor/Outdoor Use
    I was in search for storage on the tongue of my trailer. It's a long story but the usual storage boxes for trailer tongues don't fit my trailer.

    The containers are lightweight but durable. They seem to be water-tight, at least from road spray on rainy days.

    I cant imagine what else I could need!...more info
  • I wish every product were as good as the ActionPacker
    I've been using ActionPackers for hunting gear for at least 5 years with great success. The boxes usually ride in an open ATV trailer behind my truck and have proven to be rugged and weather tight. My ActionPackers are always packed and ready to go for the next hunting or camping trip.

    Because they stack so nicely, I plan to replace all of my other plastic storage boxes with these.

    The only downside to these boxes is that you cannot see what's in them until you open the box, so some sort of labeling system is useful. ...more info
  • great for in the car
    i have had this in my car for holding all my stuff. like oil, windshield fluid, and winter gear. i love it. i've had it for over 8 years and it is in really good condition. my son has one just like and uses it alot....more info
  • Good Storage
    These are great for storage. I do wish that the tops were a little more secure....more info
  • Great Storage Container
    This is my second ActionPacker because it is a very useful storage container. I store my camping gear and emergency supplies in it. I take it when I go camping because it is extremely rugged and doubles as camping bench/table. It is made of lightweight material so the container by itself is not heavy. The lid is strong and durable. The latch provides an opening so that a padlock can be used for security/safety. Although, the latch is made of hard plastic so if someone really wanted to open the unit they'd find a way or I imagine they could just pick it up and take it. So, for added security it would be nice if the unit had some external handles or tie-downs for a security cable, but it doesn't. The unit is a decent size, but also fits in the back seat of my 4-door Saturn. The container, as far as I can tell, does not provide an air/water tight seal when closed, but when the latch is close does provide a firm seal. Overall, a great container and I would buy it again....more info
  • Iraq bound
    I took this from FT. Bliss to Iraq and so far it has held up 10X better then those flimsy foot lockers that they sell at the exchange. definately worth every penny. Still locked, still in one piece, lid still closes. Looks great, and everything inside is in one piece. wouldn't trade it for the world. May even buy some more! ...more info
  • Great Product
    I use these for camping gear, and they are perfect. Sturdy, easy to carry (unlike the larger models), stackable, and waterproof. I even use them as an extra chair... try doing that with any other storage container. I highly recommend these....more info
  • What a bin!
    Yes, it's just a bin. But it's brought so much happiness to my life, I just had to share. I live in a smallish 1-bd apt in downtown San Francisco. This tough little bin allowed me to free up a ton of space in my coat closet by giving me a more-or-less weather proof storage solution for my balcony. Now all of my tools and supplies have a neat home outside! Go Rubbermaid!...more info
  • Truck Box
    My son uses this to store tools in his truck, you can fasten it down and remove with ease....more info
  • Misleading Description
    The title of the item listed shows a dimension that is significantly larger than actual. If you read the fine print on the product description, it shows a size much smaller than that listed in the title. I have returned 1 of the 4 I ordered because they were not of sufficient size. I am still waiting on Amazon to send me three more return slips for the remaining totes. All in all, not a good experience!...more info
  • Tough little boxes!
    I have two of these boxes, both purchased from K-Mart several years apart, each one was 20 bucks. The first one I picked up in Tallahassee in 1993 to throw in the back of my pickup for extra storage. It is now 2006, some 13 years later, and that first box is still in great condition even after traveling thousands of miles all over the southeast in the back of four different pickups over the years. The only thing noticeable about the physical appearance of both boxes is the sun will quickly fade the red handles to a whitish-pink.

    These are tough boxes, but for some reason hard to find in the store any more.

    I most definitely recommend this box. I would be nice if it had wheels, though.
    Update, 13 July 2008: these boxes are $24.99 at Wal-Mart! Also, one of my boxes has developed a slight leak. If it is in my truckbed and it is raining I might find water inside the box (not always, but it happens). I don't know if it is because it is 15 years old....or because I was stupid enough to stand on it to change a lightbulb and bend it out of shape slightly with 200+ pounds of my weight.

    Update, 25 August 2007: I've noticed that both K-Mart and Wal-Mart are carrying these boxes again (you may have to check several stores, though). Or at least the stores in Alabama are now carrying them, that is.

    ...more info
  • Amazon does not have these in stock
    I ordered about 75 of these for my company in January of '07. When I ordered they said it was in stock and gave me free shipping. It became April, and the shipping date was pushed back 4 times. Calling customer service, I learned that Amazon had not received the items from the vendor yet. So, Amazon, what does "In Stock" mean?

    If you ask me, they screwed up when they gave me free shipping accidentally and postponed the ship date so I would cancel the order....more info
  • the best thing since sliced bread!
    I have at least half a dozen of these action packers -- used them as luggage to bring stuff over to my place overseas. The arilines never hassled me about the size of them, and because they weigh so little, you can pack them full of stuff and not worry about bucking the weight limit. They are tremendously sturdy, easily locked with a padlock, and can be stacked and used as an extra bench seat in a pinch. Wal-Mart used to sell these for under $50 a few years back, but now you can't find them anywhere for less than the price listed here at amazon. But even at that price, they're worth every penny. So for college students, soldiers, homemakers, anyone who needs to store/ship stuff, these are the ticket....more info
  • Very handy box
    This box was just what I needed to make a weatherproof storage containiner for a small solar charging station!...more info
  • Good but expensive
    A good case overall. A little over priced I would say. Also the pad lock loop is plastic, so it will lock out kids and stuff but it would be very easy to break into....more info
  • flexable use
    I use Action packers of several types in my work, as environmental enclosures for electronic equipment. They are reasonably priced, nest for shipping, and shed water from the lid. They hold up well in weather for over two years & do not deteriorate in sunlight. I've used well over 200 over the years. They used to cost about $12USD !! Oh, well....more info
  • Great for Storage and Packing!
    These Rubbermaid Action Packers are great. I have a pickup and when travelling don't always want to put all of my stuff in the cab.. so, I put everything in the Action Packer and bungee the top. No worrying about rain. They are also great for storage as nothing can get in to the box and they are so sturdy that many of them can be stacked on top of one another. The handles lock on the top to keep the lid on.

    If you are looking for a storage box or something to put things in out of the weather.. this is the tool....more info
  • Awesome ActionPacker!
    Whatever issue the previous reviewer's had it has now been resolved. This is a great product and came exactly as described! ...more info
  • Item not received
    This was a order for two items ordered on Sept 4, one item was received on Sept 13. The second item has not been received.
    It seems the only way to contact your people it to submit a bad report. ...more info