Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse
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Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse is novel set in the near future that describes a full scale socioeconomic collapse. More than just an exciting read, it is packed with useful survival and preparedness tips. It was described by one reviewer

Customer Reviews:

  • MUST READ for Realist
    I've read the original release of Patriots 4 times and I've highlighted, made notes and re-read those highlights more times than I can remember. The two copies of the latest release that I purchased were to give to friends because I WILL NOT loan my "marked up" copy.

    Patriots is a survival manual in novel format. It is not for the average American Sheeple. It is not for those looking for "adventure reading". It is not for the Hollywood crowd. There is far too much detail to keep the average American entertained. It is NOT for entertainment. It's value goes FAR beyond the average Action Novel.

    Read it and learn or don't read it and remain who, where and what you are, buy DON'T critique this book if you are anything less than a REALIST....more info
  • Fire the editor!
    This has to be one of the worst edited books I have ever seen. You can tell it was written in the 1990s and updated recently; they mention the election of Barack Obama. But they did a lousy job of updating the text. The time lines, ages and historic events are screwed up. For example on page 22, it says that Todd and Mary found the ranch on vacation trips to Idaho in 2001 (happily married at the time). On the same page it states the idea for a group retreat was formed in 2006, while Todd and T.K. were in college. Later, it says that Todd started working from home in 2008, using a PC with a 20 gig hard drive and a dial-up modem. Dial-up in 2008? Especially for a corporate sanctioned telecommuter? That may have been the standard in 1988! On page 35, Kevin graduates college in 2007 and starts as a junior programmer. Next paragraph Kevin is starting SECOND career as freelance programmer in 2002. I guess he started his freelance in high school? Also, Doug states his age as 22, but he was born a year after his parent got married, soon after his fathers return from Vietnam. Let's see...The Crunch hits in 2009, so that means Doug was born in 1987, that means his father got home from Vietnam around 1986 or so. Delayed demobilization? POW release? These are just a few of the examples of bad editing and updating.

    Come on, the use of a simple whiteboard with a timeline drawn on it and used to update the text would have made this a much more enjoyable read. Any decent editor should have caught these errors and had them corrected before sending it to the printers.

    Plus, as another reviewer stated, recent college grads paying cash in the hundred thousand dollar range for ranches in Idaho is a bit ridiculous.

    The story was pretty interesting and informative but the bad editing ruined it for me. I could not get past the glaring inconsistencies. F--
    ...more info
  • Read it twice, recommended it to dozens of people
    It truly amazes me that the closer a story comes to a realistic possibility of a bad outcome for America, especially when it criticizes the way our society does its business, the more readers will run away from the message being presented in the story without allowing it to sink in.

    Reading this book really changed my outlook for the future if the debt-finaced, functional charade of prosperity that we take for granted in America fatally falters within our lifetimes.

    Ignore the hypothetical possibilities presented in this book at your own peril America.....

    and for those who are willing to contemplate a bad outcome...."keep your powder dry."...more info
  • Work of Fiction, or how to homestead book?
    Overall a very interesting read. Doesn't read as much as a work of fiction as it does a "how to homestead" guide. There are lengthy and detailed descriptions about weapon selection, stockpiling what and why, homesteading, etc., and less emphasis on action. For the target audience likely to read this book (a survivalist), that is not necessarily a bad thing as the subject matter is almost certain to be of interest to the reader.

    For anybody who enjoyed Lights Out, I think that they would be happy with this book. Again, more focused on the practical "how to" parts of survivalism, but enjoyable....more info
  • If you do not like this book, you are doomed to fail.
    Mr. Rawles thinly disguises preparedness techniques in a fictional novel that is very, very good. For those who are looking for a superhero ending, look elsewhere. The storyline is a worst-case scenario, but it is better to be prepared for the worst, and pray for the best. If you want to take an "ostrich with it's head in the sand" approach to the world today and the forthcoming unrest, do so and be swept away. I, for one, will not. Thank you Mr. Rawles, I am a true fan....more info
  • The author's self-involved political manifesto.
    This novel is so poorly written and saturated with the author's political and religious views it is difficult to read. I, however, had decided that if I opened the book, I would read it cover to cover to give a fair review.

    The author, James Wesley,(sic) Rawles, (Why would anyone have a comma in their name?) goes into excruciatingly intricate detail of the weapons and equipment his characters use. He tends to give redundant and boring descriptions of inane objects that have no true impact on the story while skimming over or not even giving definitions to items that a "non-initiated" reader would have to 'Google' to understand.

    The story lines chronology is completely out of whack, with some sections jumping back and forth in time without much indication, or entire blocks of time missing completely (literally years.)

    If you remove the not-so-subtle political (the Government is out to get us) and religious (only God-fearing, non-drinking, holier-than-thou's allowed in this bible club) overtones, and reworked the novel with some dedicated skill of successful writers, this could be repackaged as a good novel while still maintaining it's "survival guide" intentions....more info
  • Lots Of Good Info!
    I have read this book a couple of times and often reference material out of it. The author is no Tom Clancy as a novelist, but the information he presents is very valuable. Remember, the author is a former US Military Intelligence officer, and sometimes his writing looks more like an intelligence report than a novel, but it is well worth it!...more info
  • Best since "Sorry, You're on your own"
    Excellent writing and scary believable with today's headlines. Best since "Alas Babylon" and "Sorry you're on your own"...more info
  • Excellent Work for its Purpose.
    Patriots is not intended to be a great work of literature or a scholarly, contemplative work. It is a work of instruction and persuasion - instruction in how to prepare and survive challenging times and persuasion that such preparation is necessary and achievable. The fact that it is written as a novel makes it much more effective at both goals.

    Is the dialog clunky? Yes. Are the characters richly drawn and fascinating? Nope. Such criticisms, however, are like complaining that a Chevy pickup truck does poorly on the high-speed slalom course. That's not what it's made for.

    Does Patriots deliver expert preparedness advice in an entertaining and comprehensive package? Heck yes....more info
  • Excellent Book
    I enjoyed reading Patriots so much I read it twice. The story is exciting and the knowledge provided is great. It started me thinking about the future and possibilities. With the economy in poor condition, Iran and Al-Qaeda threats of blowing us up, Korea testing nukes, EMP in the news, and Obama on a spending spree, the future seems pretty shaky. Some of the knowledge put forth in the book may be really useful in the future. Thanks!...more info
  • Hated, hated, hated this book!
    This was one of the worst books I've ever read. There is no character development, so the reader doesn't feel any emotion when a character dies. Also, there are so many characters that are introduced (and not developed) that it's hard to keep track. There is mention of babies being born, but no details of children living in the house...poorly, poorly written and a total waste of time. There are tons of better books out there to read instead: Lucifer's Hammer, Earth Abides, Alas Babylon, The Road.......more info
  • Better Give This some Thought
    This is an excellent book. Well worth reading. Good story line and could very well be in our future. Little heavy on description of firearms. Gives good thought to how we Americans will have to fight for our freedoms as we have done in the past... God is present in all our lives whether we want to admit to the fact.. God is definitely in mine in a most unusual manner.. hesitant to explain that...

    Anyway, well worth your money to buy this book.. I am personally getting prepared for the worse and praying for a lesser scenario. Studying the

    George... Bonita Springs, Fl....more info
  • Little Details you never would have thought of..
    This book is an accurate description of what may happen in the future. Many of us think we are prepared, but are lacking in critical areas of our preps. Not after reading this book.

    Yes - there are Christian's in this book, so what? Everyone will be addressing their religion, education, social status, racial assumptions if TEOTWAWKI happens - this is just another opportunity to examine yourself and your personal abilities while the luxury time is available.

    Be prepared. Purchase the book and encourage others to read it as well.

    ...more info
  • Great book with an interesting approach!
    First of all, bad form from the reviewers who are rating the book without actually reading it. If you're not going to take the time to read the book, please spare us your review.

    This is an interesting approach, dare I say "novel" approach, combining a novel with a preparation handbook. Good on the author to combine the two.

    I was introduced to the author through Michael Bane, who speaks highly of Rawles and his writing. I started following Rawles' blog about 6-9 months ago and enjoy his frequent posts.

    I rated this book five stars for a couple of reasons:
    1. As referred earlier, I appreciate the author's approach in combining a novel and a prep handbook.
    2. Clearly the author has a significant level of expertise in his subject matter. He is likely one of the top preparedness experts in the country. This expertise comes through in the details.
    3. I appreciated his character development, especially with the Christ-follower aspect of many of the main characters. I understand some of the reviewers may not appreciate this, but it fits with my world view and I appreciate it.
    4. It is a well thought-out scenario with a lot of interesting detail. I read 50 plus books a year and this book made me think a lot about the details and the central preparedness message throughout the book.

    The book is not without it's faults. Some of the characters need further development, some of the details don't exactly match up with the current timeline (Y2K, etc) and some of the characters vanish unexpectedly not to return. But overall, this is one of the books that really changed the way I think about the world. And I appreciate the author for this.

    Look forward to continuing to read this series of books. ...more info
  • Another gloom and doomer...
    Mr. , Rawles, however he punctuates his name has rewritten this book a number of times, you might think he'd get it right eventually. Alas, he still thinks that the answer to most problems is superior firepower in the hands of people who think that hoarding nickels and ammunition will help them survive an economic meltdown.

    His website exists to sell more "survival" products up to and including complete retreats located in the hinterlands of Idaho and Montana. He reminds one of the character in that film a few years ago with Robin Williams and the late great Walter Matthau in which the survival instructors real game is to sell his naive students as much army surplus gear and time shares as he can all while preaching about the end of the world.

    To his credit, after years of lawsuits, counter-suits, investigations, etc. Mr. , Rawles finally stopped taking money from one of his sponsors, a gun training camp located near Pahrump NV run by a wack job Scientologist named Piazza....more info
  • Reality where are you???
    I'm all into survival books and I also prepare for the end of the world as well. So when I started reading this book it floored me how everything is so conveniently placed by the author. One, all the group make 100K+ so they can afford to fly to the compound twice a month to "train". Two, the book is set from '99-'09 but yet the buy WW2 and vietnam era rifles because their "weapons expert" told them. Three, all the group members happen to have a special skill in the right place...good thing I know how to sew up that barely visible artery. They even talk about how in college they dated girls based on if their "talents" could help them in a apocalyptic world? Do yourself a favor and literally open up the book half way through and you will miss NOTHING. The first half is a boring overly done description on every member of the group from birth to present date. You can pick out who is what even if you skipped the first part, but after that it slowly becomes a mediocre proud to be an American story, I'd skip it!! ...more info
  • Excellent Insurance
    Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

    A clarion call to action. Mr. Rawles, years before our current financial crisis, postulated a scenario featuring out of control spending by politicians resulting in economic collapse.

    History has many examples of societal or cultural collapses... and you should ask yourself why you think that we as Americans are exempt... Look closely at what is going in Mexico today. Or take a look at Argentina... and make the time to read what their citizens are saying.

    With the Trillions of new debt, the US budget deficit hitting 13 per cent of gross domestic product and unfunded liabilities reaching four times GDP... well friends, the story and information found in Patriots becomes even more compelling.

    A solid story, delivered in an entertaining and believable manner. ...more info
  • Excellent "How to" book in Novel format
    I just bought the newest edition of Patriots. My original version has gotten tattered from the multiple times that I have read it.

    The most recent edition has improved on the "How to" part by adding a index so you can quickly find something.

    I think that the plot is well developed and that James Rawles must be able to see into the future. The book parallels what is happening right now in the economy of our nation and the world. This "economic doomsday" is a real eye opener to many people and Mr. Rawles explains in detail how the economy of the United States is really a fragile system that is based solely on the faith in the U.S Government to maintain fiscal and monetary responsibility. Once that responsibility is abandoned we face disastorous repercussions of the kind that are found in the book.

    The characters are developed so that you get a feel for each person's reaction to the events. The "bad guys" were realistic in that, in a situation where the socio-economic systems are in total collapse, the roving bands of raiders will be comprised of gang members, prisoners that escaped from prison when all organized infrastructure came to a halt and the everpresent N.W.O. military that is acting on the behest of the United Nations.

    I think it is an excellent book that should be read by anyone who enjoys a good story, is concerned by the fact that the country is on a path to economic failure or wants a guidebook on how to prepare for such events.

    Don J...more info
  • Very useful book
    A great way to wake friends and family up to the fact that the world can change very quickly and they really ought to think about that possibility and take constructive action....more info
  • Christians Killing Communist Cannibals
    A book about God-fearing Christians who tolerate one Jewish friend after the apocalyptic failure of the monetary system.
    The good part is where they gun down a pair of Communists in cold blood because, of course, they're cannibals and they can't account for the Kruggerands and Rolexes in their bags.
    The book is mostly a shopping list of survivalist things to buy and a paranoid fantasy of The Great Big Evil Government That's Not Really Conservative Enough.
    Paranoid and ridiculous, it only goes to reinforce the arguments of opponents of the Second Amendment.
    Stupid beyond belief and terribly written....more info
  • Worst book I've ever read
    As I big fan of the collapse of civilization genre I had pretty high hopes for this book when I ordered it especially after seeing all the reviews that gave it a 5 star rating.

    However any hope I had for this book was pretty much dashed by the end of the second chapter and by the fifth chapter I had reached the conclusion that this was the worst book I'd ever read and possibly the worst book ever written. To call the characters undeveloped two dimensional carbon copies of each other would be an insult to two dimensionality. The book is northing more then the gun porn version of Penthouse Forum.

    The only thing I can say to anyone thinking of buying this book is save your money and your time.

    ...more info
  • Good Read
    I enjoyed this book. I've read it several times, and every time something relative to current events seems to be forecast....more info
  • Excellent Read
    Many people these days are not willing to contemplate the end of the way they live such as after an economic collapse like is experienced in the book. Further still, many refuse to believe that the human nature can descend to such low levels in the attempt to survive in an end of the world as they know it scenario. J Rawles takes this vision and portrays it in an excellent manner with his book "Patriots". Some readers have complained that the book has characters that are not alive, I did not find this to be the case. The book presents an interesting story of a very horrible situation that we hope will never come. Kudos to you Mr. Rawles....more info
  • Wake up America
    Our highly interdependent society is one crisis away from breaking down. Please remember hurricane Katrina and read anyone's account of trying to get out of the immediate impact area or trying to cope by staying. Becoming more self sufficient and less dependent on the government is a GOOD thing. Try it, you'll like it. On my second read to glean the technical data. Don't pass this one up!...more info
  • This book possibly written by a high-schooler?
    After hearing good things about this book, I decided to buy it and give it a shot. And I've got to warn you - it's really poorly written. I'm no writer, but I can tell when a hack who thinks he's more than that pushes something out before it's ready. It's almost like the writer is still in high school (or possibly just never went to college, or took any writing classes, or this is his/her first novel). Have you ever read a short story from a typical high school kid, with poorly developed characters, over-the-top descriptions, and almost no intrigue or plot. This is like that. A lot.

    If you want a very technical depiction of a bunch of people in Idaho, then you might like it okay. If you're a hard-core Christian ands like reading about similar types, you might like it okay. Otherwise, skip this book and go with something of literary quality, like World Made By Hand or The Road. Patriots is Not Good....more info
  • Great book!
    I could not put the book down. To those literary types out there maybe not the best choice, if that is your goal. I only put the book down to sleep. Excellent tips and insights on real life techniques. Also the story line was exciting enough to make me hate that the book had to end. I will buy any other book written by this author....more info
  • Great read, and informative!
    Patriots is both a gripping fiction story and a manual on how to prepare for the end we hope is not around the corner. After reading JWR's novel, I realized that I have been woefully underprepared for the future. This book is a definite reccomend for both both the average citizen and anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic fiction....more info
  • Enjoyable Read.
    This is a fun, enjoyable read if you like books in this general area. It was fun and very well written. I read it as a book, not a how to manual or predicting the future. ...more info
  • Patriots Surviving The Coming Collapse
    The book was ok. However I was expecting a little more detail of day to day living....more info
  • Not only exciting but extremely informative!
    I found this book to be not only a very good read, but stimulated a lot of thought about situations, conditions, and choices I had never pondered myself. A life changing novel that has provided a map, if you will, for getting a handle on preparedness for myself and my family. I recommend this book to all of my friends and family. ...more info