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Honeywell Fire Waterproof Safe with Combination Lock
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  • Honeywell safe
    The safe is very heavy and a good size for the money. My only complaint has to do with the combination. The orginal combination was unreadable and hand written. (Typed would have been nice.) It is easier to use the key than to do the combination. Overall the safe is good compared to the cost....more info
  • Honeywell 2092 Quality of Plastic Safes
    This safe is anything but safe!

    First of all, let me say it looked like the shipper dropped the box during transit. Landing on a corner. When I opened the box I was immediately aware there was a problem.

    The door is made of a plastic material filled with fireproofing material which was leaking out of a split seam in the outer plastic material. The seem is visible all the way around the door of the safe.

    If someone intended on damaging this unit it would be extremely easy to do so. They could use a screwdriver to pry the outer plastic apart and you would have a mess on your hands.

    This unit was returned for full refund and I purchased an all steel fireproof safe from another company. Cost for new was only slightly higher and I have double the capacity and all steel construction.

    If weight is critical and you don't mind poor quality construction, buy the Honeywell safe....more info
  • Combination Code
    The safe is nice. We can't open it because the combination won't work. We even called the company and it was the same combination as on the safe. Still won't open. We just use the key. ...more info
  • Shipped Damaged & Hard to Open
    The product shipped damaged and is probably no longer water or fireproof. The combination is hard to use, so don't expect quick access. I lost the instructions and could not find the correct product documentation on Honeywell's website. I had to use another model and do many trials before figuring out the direction and # of passes....more info
  • Seems fine
    The outside shipping box was a little damaged, but I opened it while the delivery guy was there and the inside box containing the safe was undamaged so everything seemed fine.
    Of course, it's somewhat hard to really test a "one-hour fire water proof" safe, but it seems decent. Note that the safe itself is definitely heavy -- not something easy to pull outside in the event of a fire, so you're definitely counting on it working :)...more info
  • Damaged Due to Bad Shipping & Handling
    I returned mine because the plastic exterior and insulation arrived severely damaged from bad packaging, shipping and handling. If this safe can't even survive UPS I doubt it can survive a real life fire and water....more info
  • Amazon screwed this up big time - TWICE!!!
    I really wanted this safe. I really wanted to buy it from Amazon. After reading a review about someone else purchasing it and the safe arriving damaged due to poor packaging, I called Amazon to share this concern. I placed the order. It arrived dented in several spots. AND, packaged in nothing more than a thin cardboard box with Styrofoam on only two of the six sides. I called Amazon immediately and was reassured that the next order would be packaged much better. NO. It wasn't. I'm done. ...more info
  • Beware upon receipt of item
    This safe would not open using either the combination lock or the key. We called Honeywell to problem solve. We were told to use a "butter knife" to break the seal. It didn't work. I ordered a replacement and five days after receiving the original item it finally opened. I was thankfully able to cancel the delivery of the new safe. Since that time the safe opens easily. Another issue is the strong chemical smell in the safe. It is necessary to air it out for at least a week to minimize the odor....more info
  • Honeywell
    The safe appears to be very nice and should serve my needs. Service from Amazon was as expected; however, the safe I received was defective and the combination did not work. Dealing with Honeywell became a nightmare. After a month of many phone calls to verify the combination and not receiving calls back (communication was poor and at times frustrating); they picked up the defective safe and sent me a replacement which arrived within a couple of days after picking up the defective one. Now that I have a working safe I guess time will tell if this safe is truly as they say. I am satisfied with my purchase and hopefully if I should every need to contact Honeywell again their service improves. ...more info
  • Good Safe - Wrong Combination
    This is a nice, heavy safe.

    The method for opening with the combination given in the manual was contradictory to the method on the sticker, and I could not get it open either way. Called the manufacturer to verify the combination. Still could not get it open.

    I opened the safe with the key and remove the plastic cover that protects the lock mechanism. I watched the mechanism as I dialed in the combination. Turns out that two of the numbers they gave were incorrect. Close, but incorrect. Now that I determined the correct combination, it is easy to open....more info
  • please read manual
    i found myself with many of the problems listed in other reviews.until i read the manual! the safe combination dial worked with ease and its last number almost fell into place by itself, (just like the movies) is awesome although for my ease the handle in back for a hand grip is nice...i do not want it to be so nice for a thief! any moron thief given enough time alone at his own place could eventually crack this safe! in my home it is part of an integral security system...which would involve a thief needing to get out through a window( the same he came in) i dont see a thief humpin a 77 lb box over broken glass then over window bars. all the while sirens blaring..etc...more info
  • Same damaged safe
    I think I got the exact same safe delivered to me. Dropped on corner with insulation coming out. Seems like Amazon is trying to find someone to buy it. I sent mine back too and will find something better....more info
  • Good buy for the money
    This is a relatively good safe, and I think it works well for what I need it for. Heavy enough that most wouldn't bother to steal it, and quality is good, but not exceptional. Good entry level safe I think for the money....more info