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  • Calling All Conservatives
    First of all, the movie has a great concept, but is VERY, VERY dated. The action sequences are cool, and Richard Dawson is sufficiently nasty.
    Now about the extras everybody seems to be peeing their pants about. The documentary is obviously from a liberal perspective, but does it mean it's not true? We've engulfed ourselves in this "left/right" mode of thinking, regardless of facts. If any real conservatives (okay, there are a few, like Bob Barr, James Bovard, Ron Paul, etc. just not on this disc) existed, they would have reinforced the main points about the Patriot Act's destruction of our liberties. Most of these reviewers probably think Arnie's a conservative! ...more info
  • Great remaster - pathetic extras
    The newly-remastered picture is so much clearer and more vivid than the original release and the DTS soundtrack is an awesome addition. After having heard it, I would've bought it for the DTS, alone. Who knew that a 17-year-old movie could be remastered to DTS quality and 6.1 surround so well (including very targeted use of the rear channels).

    The extras are another story, as many people have stated. The "Lockdown on Main Street" is a thoroughly one-sided political statement. If it should be anywhere, it should be on PBS, not on an action movie DVD. It feels like execs at Artisan were determined to put this documentary out there and picked "The Running Man" from their upcoming catalog as the best suitor.

    The "Game Theory" documentary is just a piece in which creators and participants of reality TV shows pat themselves on the back for their popularity. Perhaps fans of reality TV would find it interesting, but I didn't.

    In summary, the new remastering of the movie is "special," but nothing else on either of the discs is. As someone else said, buy it for the movie. The extras may make my stomach turn, but the movie is one of the best remastering jobs I've ever seen....more info

  • Ridiculous extras
    What do you get when you combine interviews with people from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, and other random idiots? Think it's a protest taking place in Washington, or a news story on or your favorite left-wing website? Nope, it's a "special feature" on the Running Man special edition DVD. Apparently the studio responsible for this release decided tinfoil hat politics would help sell the movie. Yep, nothing like 30 minutes of "THE GUVMINT'S SPYING ON US!!!111" And I sincerely hope this mistake is not repeated. I'm an avid movie watcher but if heavily-biased political commentary like this starts showing up in DVDs on a regular basis I'll just find something else to do with my 15-20 bucks per movie. I've got better things to do with my time and money than support wackos like this.

    Oh, and the movie itself was pretty decent....more info

  • Where's the Widescreen Version?
    I purchased the Special Edition DVD precisely because I wanted a clean widescreen version of the Running Man for my movie collection.
    Imagine my disappointment when playing the Widescreen DVD and seeing the full screen version. Wait, maybe they messed up the labeling and the full screen disc actually has the Widescreen version.
    Tried to find a Customer Service Number
    No such thing.
    So, if you want two identicle full screen discs of the Running Man, here you go!
    Thanks for nothin' Artisian Home Entertainment! I'll be returning this DVD for a refund....more info
  • The Running Man (Special Edition) NOT
    Better luck Artisan Entertainment. Please remaster this title again. This has got to be the worst widescreen transfer on DVD. The print used for this SE looks like it was the same one used on the bare bones edition DVD. There is alot of pronounced grain and muddyness throughout. I think the person who had the two pan and scan discs had a defective version. There is a anamorphi widescreen version. But it is a really bad print. Also, Artisan, Please go back and put the DTS audio on this disc. There is no DTS there. When I selected the DTS option, there was no DTS trailer at the beginning of the feature. Having the DTS trailer there is a hallmark of quaility. Instead my player played the sound in Dolby SR stereo. This DVD falls below the DVD's you have put out in the past. This is a tranfer that falls short of expectations. This disc needs to be recalled. I fully intend to return this disc and get a refund....more info
  • Unbelievable Liberal Propaganda in extras
    I'm love Arnold movies, and this one was one of my favorites from the 80's. In the re-mastered version there a documentary called lock down. This political liberal crap does not belong on this DVD. It's quite clear that these people have truly lost their minds now. If I knew ahead of time this was on the DVD I may not have bought it. The movie is very clear and sound quality is good....more info
  • Not as good as the Bachman book but still entertaining.....
    Running Man was a story originally written by Stephen King (under the pen name Richard Bachman). The book focuses on a man who lives in an impoverished society who participates in a manhunt reality show to get money to care for his ill child. The story takes place over a variety of locations. The movie on the otherhand is somewhat different. It takes place in a closed location as a reality gameshow like Dog Eat Dog or Fear Factor. The main character is a helicopter pilot for the military who was wrongfully accused.

    Even though the book has more of a suspense drama feel to it than the action-based film, the film is not without its merits. It is almost a Nostradamus premonition to what we are seeing today. We are in the grip of reality. The reality show is now the bread and butter to TV. The best part about the film is that grip is there when you watch it. I recommend this film, its fun, its entertaining, and the best part is that it is not REAL.

    The new DVD version has great features on it and two feature length commentaries. The only thing I did not like is the documentary on privacy after 9/11. It was extremely politically biased. It was almost a propaganda film in my opinion. I myself see no problem in surveillance after 9/11, and I believe those who do see a problem probably have something to hide.........more info

  • Movie Stunk, Always Did!
    This movie always stunk in my opinion. Only reason I bought it on DVD was for the soundtrack for the game show and to see those hot chicks dancing. I read Paula Abdul choreographed the dance sequences. It shows. Otherwise, don't waste your money. Arnold made better movies than this one!! Predator and True Lies come to mind, while never forgetting Terminator and T2. I'm out.......more info
  • The future IS the '80s.
    Of all Arnold's mid-'80s movies who would have thought that most relevant today would be The Running Man. A chilling and surprisingly realistic tale of reality TV gone mad. It may have been far-fetched back then but not so now. Not when you think about it. Currently, Reality TV shows are either scraping the bottom of the barrel or desperate to raise the bar. If the next one isn't more controversial as the last, it's a dud. How long will it be before we really do see shows like The Running Man? How long before we have 'court-appointed theatrical attorneys' or the entertainment division of the Justice Department? There is so much satire and intelligence in this movie that may have been missed back in 1987 that is desperate to be seen again considering the current state of TV shows.

    The biggest message of all is 'You are being lied to'. It's no secret that the Government and the media work in cahoots. And the masses believe what the media tells them to believe. It's a very scary state of affairs and unless more accurate representations of the truth emerge we may easily accept a brutal show like the Running Man in the near future. It's no secret that Reality TV is not very realistic. It's edited and reshaped before being aired and it's only what the networks want you to see. Usually it's far from the real truth.

    Although rather different than Stephen King's book (the ending is completely changed) the script does conform to the typical Arnie formula. Yes, he does have numerous and very corny one-liners and he does say 'I'll be back' (which he never REALLY said that often anyway, when you think about it) in the most ironic situation yet but he's still a zillion times better in the role then Christopher Reeve or Dolph Lundgren would have been (these two were considered BEFORE Arnie believe it or not).

    The director is none other than Dave Starsky himself (Paul Michael Glaser). It may not be artistic but it is still strong enough to generate excitement and his use of neon and flourescent colors gives each individual set a pretty cool look. Andrew Davis (not a director I particularly like) was attached before Glaser, though no matter who directs, the film is still marred by a very heavy 80's feel.

    First of all, Harold Faltermeyer's score (remember him?) is incredibly dated and robs the action scenes of any timeless integrity. And the fashion sense of the movie is far too excessive to be convincingly set in the future. Apart from the dated feel, the only other thing that bugs me is the poorly staged shoot-out that passes as the climax.

    This new DVD is a zillion times better than the original release. Gone is the horrid letterbox picture. In its place is a brand new hi-definition 1.85:1 anamorphic transfer. The colors sparkle and literally pop from the screen. The new Dolby 5.1 EX and DTS ES soundtrack are also amazing. There constant use of the surround channels to great effect and the bass is strong and powerful. Definitely one of the best re-masters I've seen so far. Two intriguing documentaries, a trailer and a 'Meet the Stalkers' gimmick are included in this 2-disc set that comes in a rather neat slip case....more info

  • Interesting use of operatic music
    There are two bits of music from opera, both used by Dynamo the stalker. The one he plays, the Ride of the Walkures, is conventionally used as tough-guy-going-into-combat music. But the other, the one he sings, is from the aria "Vedro mentr'io sospiro" from THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO. It's originally a villian's blustering confession to the audience of his secret weakness, a sexually frustrated Count raging at being outwitted by his servants. When he sings the line Dynamo actually sings "... quest'anima consola, e jubilar mi fa!", he's resolving to avenge himself by forcing one of the servants to marry a woman old enough to be his mother. Whoever chose it for a stalker's war-cry was very clever....more info
  • Avoid Special Edition Version!!!!
    If you can still find it, get the original DVD release of this film, because the Special Edition 2-Disc set is the WORST DVD ever released! Meet the Stalkers is the least offensive of the extras included, but it is less like a DVD feauturette and more like some stupid thing you'd find on simpler, older video games. Game Theory is nothing more than a promotion for Survivor and other reality shows that have been polluting TV for years now. There is vague association with the movie, and a few clips, but is otherwise irrelevant and inappropriate. Then comes the biggest offender: Lockdown on Main Street. Artisan, what are you thinking?! I won't reiterate what has already been eloquently stated by other reviewers; suffice it to say that this is suppose to be a fun sci-fi flick, not some serious drama about civil rights or terrorism. Including this ultra-liberal, anti-government propaganda is beyong absurd; it's idiotic. Fire the "brain trust" who came up with this idea, and stop releasing nonsense like this. And please read the other reviews who address this outrage....more info
  • Worth for the last 5 minutes itself !
    Trashy looking and predictably fun Arnold vehicle based on a Stephen King novel (which he wrote under the name Richard Bachman) has Arnold as a cop turned into a scape goat for the government to pawn off the murder of protesting civilians who escapes prison, only to be recaptured and forced to play the ultimate reality TV show - "The Running Man", in which he must outwit and overpower a group of sadistic killers called "stalkers" who are armed with razor bladed hockey sticks, chainsaws, death rays and flame throwers. Will he survive?

    Professional Wrestler Jesse Ventura, who played one of Arnold's soldiers in "Predator", plays the one "stalker" who wants to fight Arnold hand to hand. Ironically, both men later wound up in politics.

    Dark lighting, a very 80s soundtrack and wardrobe, and ironically, a self mocking Richard Dawson provides a better foil to Arnold than any of the stalkers do, at least in terms of his personality. Arnold is fun to watch as usual, and somehow he looks better with a beard. If this movie were being made now, it would be called a comment on reality TV and the lengths networks will go to entertain the public, and in a way, it kind of was then. And like all women, Maria Conchita Alonso looks better with her hair down.

    - Ben Richards: a 40 years old, 6'2'', Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    - Amber Mendez: a 30 years old, Maria Conchita Alonso.

    - Damon Killian: a 54 years old, 5'9'', Richard Dawson....more info

  • Naff, but Engaging
    In a pessimistic future, an innocent man is captured whilst on the run from questionable authorities and forced to participate in a deadly gameshow.

    The vision of the future is similar to that conveyed in "Robocop" (1987). The all-powerful corporations have taken over, and the gap between rich and poor has reached maximum.

    While "The Running Man" is more dated and naff than its hugely successful counterpart, it takes itself less seriously. The violence is far more bearable and there is considerable fun to be had during the tame but exciting action sequences. It's as if the "The Running Man" wasn't trying as hard as "Robocop" to show the audience where capitalism is headed, yet it achieves equally convincing social commentary.

    Also, "The Running Man" is one of the better Arnie films. His physical acting abilities are in top form, while some of his greatest one-liners can be found here.

    This DVD version contains both newly remastered widescreen and original full screen versions. There are also some interesting and rather humorous documentaries, though they are not directly related to the film. This is NOT a DVD for lovers of extras....more info
  • The best movie EVER!
    The book was great...Steven King was ahead of it's time. And the MOVIE was ahead of it's time. Too bad it was made pre-DVD time, because the "extras" are total crap. But it's worth it just to see Arnold say "once sub zero!"....more info
  • 10k
    You'd think this is a movie about running but it isn't. It's about the way prisons will be in the future, game shows, reality shows, and it shows that these shows work and no one wants to go to prison. Sadly this will never happen b/c Liberals see prison as a place to put victims while they wait to get free lawyers to bail them out....more info
  • Run! Ben Richards! Run!
    THE RUNNING MAN was a precursor to Arnold Schwarzenngger's work in the 1990's (i.e. TOTAL RECALL and TERMINATOR 2). Looking back on the film, it looks low-budget and a little cheesey but it works based on the uncomplicated script, interesting casting, and some tounge-in-cheek dialogue. Based loosely on the novel of Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King), the film is somewhat of a commentary of the society and the media(mainly television) and its intrusion and manipulation of the masses. The main plot is participants are forced to escape designated assassins on live tv while the public bets on who is going to oft who. All in the name of tv ratings. Off the bat, the movie was directed by Paul Micheal Glaser of tv's STARSKY & HUTCH fame. Listening to the audio-commentary, Glaser was brought in as a last-minute replacement to direct with only a few days of preparation, so he did a great job under the circumstances. The casting of Richard Dawson as game show host Damon Killian was a stroke of genius based on his stint as an actual game show host on tv's FAMILY FEUD. Many people forget that Dawson was an actor before he was a game show host (i.e. THE DEVIL'S BRIGADE and tv's HOGAN'S HEROES). Dawson/Killian almost steals the movie with a villian to rival Darth Vader. The cameo's are interesting as well. Mick Fleetwood of rock band Fleetwood Mac plays a leader of underground rebels with right-hand-man Dweezel Zappa (who gets to say one of the defining lines near the end of the film). Then there is NFL legend Jim Brown and wrestler Jesse Ventura to round out the casting. Schwarzenngger plays the patented "Schwarzenngger" character with comic one liners and action tailored for his persona. The movie has humor, action, well defined characters, and it resonates somewhat of today's reality-based televsion....more info
  • A Terrific Movie!
    The Running Man is awesome. Arnold basically gets teamed up with his former buddies and has to survive a sadistic gameshow. He runs into numerous villians and has to let everyone know that he isn't who they think he is.

    The film is great. The picture looks good and the DTS sound is well-worth the special edition. People are reviewing this movie based off the extras though. Here's my advice, "Always buy the movie for the movie." You will never be dissapointed if you just buy the movie for the actual movie and forget about the extras. Some movies have really interesting extras, but then again... most don't. This movie is really good and they did all they good for a special edition. 5 stars!!!...more info

  • [3.5] Killian is lying to you
    Picture this. Ben Richards (Schwarzenegger) is on chopper patrol when an order comes through to fire into an area where inoccent citizens stand. The order of course is obsured, and Richards declines, aborting the mission when his superior passes on orders to Richards' co-pilots to take control of the craft and resume the mission. In a struggle to do what is right, Richards attempts to to keep his co-pilots away from the controls, but fails in doing so as he is simply outmaned. About a year or two later, enter the game show "The Running Man." On the screen in front of a large live audience, we see the events that night of Richards aboard the chopper. The order comes through to not fire, as there are simply too many innocents in the area. Richards defies orders and proceeds to shoot down a number of innocents and destroy that particular area of town. This is just one of the twisted setups for the most famous form of televised entertainment in the year 2017, hosted by David Killian (Richard Dawson).

    Running Man was released in 1987, taking place in 2017. It's pretty much an established fact that any 80's film taking place in the future usually looks like an even more 80's future. No different here, Running Man is filled with cheesy costumes, lots of neon flashly lights, and a dowtown Los Angeles that looks nothing like the city today. And like many movies set in the future, it's not a happy place. The economy is bust, and the living conditions we see are pretty downright nasty. Unless you are Richard Killian, who's gameshow has probably made him the most famous (and a very rich) man in America. Little does the majority know that "He is lying to you". Killian's choice of contestants are whoever he can get his hands on, however, his audience thinks these are scumbag criminals who deserve to die at the hands of the "Stalkers" - the guys who chase those contestants down and do the killing, in style of course. Richards catches Killian's eye, and he has no difficulty getting ahold of him. Along with his two buddies and a girl he meets along the way (Maria Conchita Alonso), Richards is caught in the deadly game show dueling it out with all types of Stalkers.

    The story is almost non-existent, but the idea behind the film is rather entertaining. The game show scenes are packed with excitement and screaming fans, and Richard Dawson given his real life experience makes an excellent host (though he's a bit more evil in the movie's role). The dialouge and acting, as expected, is well below par, but the Arnie one-liners just keep on coming. "Hey Christmas Tree. Follow me light bulb." I mean, only Arnold could say something like that. The action scenes are fun too, with Stalkers dressed up in ridiculous costumes (the guy really does look like a Christmas tree) they also each have their own abilities, such as being armed with a chainsaw, a deadly hockey stick, or even the ability to shoot electricity (huh?) Yes you heard right, but I'm telling you, it's fun. Especially when we get to see the battle of the govenors. Though it's not an actual fight (you'll see what I mean) Arnold takes on Jesse Ventura aka Captain Freedom...."No pain, no gain!"

    It's a downright guilty pleasure. Arnold fans must add to their collection. It has all the weaknesses of a B-movie, but carries all the positives as well. As silly as it is, Running Man is a good hour and half of mindless fun.

    Acting - 2.5
    Action - 4
    Characters - 3.5
    Story - 3
    Overall - 3.5
    ...more info
  • Fun flick marred by the politics of its bonus features
    I've been on a bit of a nostalgia binge lately, renting movies which I enjoyed as a kid during the 1970s and 1980s, and of course Schwarzenegger is on that list! This movie isn't his strongest, though. It's a purely by-the-numbers '80s action movie with disposable sidekicks, silly love interest, and gimmicky cartoon villains. But it is fun. Arnold isn't given much to work with in terms of dialogue and some of his trademark one-liners are atrocious, but he's a trooper and you can't argue with his charisma. Richard Dawson looks to have enjoyed his role and turns in a surprisingly good performance. I was interested when I heard the disc had some extras. I wanted to see "the making of" and maybe some interviews with Arnold from the set. Unfortunately, the main extra is a one-sided piece of anti-Patriot Act propaganda with no attempt at balance or debate. Usually DVD extras have at least some connection with the film with which they share a disc. Not in this case, as the idealogues in Hollywood somehow believe that a documentary denouncing the Patriot Act, etc. is connected to an action-adventure romp about a murderous game show. It made no sense to me....more info
  • Great movie. BAD POLITICS!!!
    I am writing this review to rate The Running Man. It's Arnold. It's action-adventure. It's entertaining!!! Nothing in this film to change the social conscious of America or inspire great literary works but who wants that in their boom-boom bang-bang films. The look of the film was, on a whole, dark and sweaty. The music caught my attention as being an odd score for a film of this nature but has a memorable theme. Arnold does another good job and kicking that a$$ and then piling on a one liner or two. Maria Conchita Alonso is a beautiful woman and gives a solid performance. Seeing them together harkens to a Total Recall vibe. Yaphet Kotto of ALIEN fame is on board for a supporting role and Jesse "The Body" Venture and Jim Brown shine in rolls of stalkers on the maniacal gameshow. Richard Dawson makes a dominating persona of the Running Man's host. Entertaining while leading you to believe he is one of the bad guys without any hint of "acting" like a bad guy. The plot has a general feel of Escape from New York. Paul Michael Glaser of Starsky and Hutch TV fame does a fine job of directing this film, coming on board after the first director separated from the project. Some unique shooting angles and motion shots in this one. The reason I give an overall rating of 3 stars is due to this two disc set being spiced up with several Extra Features that are NO FEATURES! The best of the 3 main extras is Meet The Stalkers, a review of the characters that hunt Ben Richards(Arnold). Game Theory tries to relate modern reality shows to the Running Man gameshow and does a poor pr job for the modern shows(Survivor, etc.) clarifying that many participants of these not-so-real "reality" shows are prompted and directed, while many scenarios in the shows are forced upon the participants to draw reactions desired by the creators. How real is that? Lastly...I am OUTRAGED that the Lockdown on Main Street feature, alleged to be a documentary about current national security issues in the post 9/11 world, is really a liberal political statement. I paid my money for this item to be ENTERTAINED/informed and not lectured about how the government, particularly the current administration, is out to rob US citizens of their rights. How this directly relates to the plot is vague at best(the government runs the TV network that airs Running Man show and controls the network/Dawson). A debate over how far the government works in controlling TV and it's effect on the viewing masses would have been tolerable, even if remotely relevant to the film. This feature far exceeded that scenario and simply portrayed elements of the government as wanting to invade American homes by using backlash from 9/11 as the excuse. I DID NOT buy this DVD to be told how I should think!!! Show me a movie and make me laugh/cry/jump/pump my fist. Don't feed me PROPAGANDA for YOUR cause. I find it humourous that the government is made to be a villian, being in control of the fictional violence-rich TV show, when the current administration is from a party that is usually leading the effort to control the language/violence/sexuality on the airwaves of this nation while being opposed by cries of CENSORSHIP from the other side. Wouldn't this DVD have been better served with extra features that actually relate to the movie/cast/crew??? Poor decision making on REPUBLIC PICTURES and ARTISAN HOME ENTERTAINMENT for producing this release when it could have been more ENTERTAINING to have an interview or two with Arnold, Jesse, Maria or Yaphet(none of them appear anywhere in the extras) and SHAME on them for attempting to make politics out of a good/entertaining film....more info
  • Not that bad
    In a postapocalyptic world, the government frames Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) for a bloody massacre. He's given the option of staying in jail for life or participating in a "gladiator"-type game show that usually leads to death. He opts for the show, teaming with other contestants to survive the game and overthrow the corrupt system. This sci-fi thriller costars Richard Dawson in a twisted send-up of his game-show-host persona....more info
  • You NEED to watch the documentary...
    For those of you wondering about this DVD...this is a good transfer of a good Arnold film. But what needs to be brought to everyone's attention is one of the two documentaries that are included in this DVD set. It is entitled "Lockdown On Main Street". It's a 30 minute documentary that examines in full detail the loss of civil rights within the U.S. post 9/11. It literally breaks down both the Patriot Act and the Patriot Act 2 and fully illustrates how it has utterly diminished the 4th Amendment. I'm sure, for many people, this will be the first real education they've ever had on these two Acts that supposedly "save us" from terrorism. It is of great merit that the producers of this DVD had the courage to include this documentary in the new release. So, whether you like this film or not, I highly reccomend either buying it or renting it just for this passionate and educational feature, no matter how disturbing it may be to watch. I'd also try watching it as soon as you can. Big Brother and the Firefighters might see to it that the distribution of this DVD is stopped once they realize how powerful "Lockdown On Main Street" really is....more info
  • The running man DVD
    i have been wanting to get hold of the this copy of the DVD starring Arnold Schwarzenegger since i was a young boy.However, where I am staying I cant find this dvd at all and I have been searching for this movie for years.Finally,i came across this website and I found what I was looking for.I purchased it immediately.I eventually arrived at my doorstep.
    The only issue was the dvd case had cracks on it,must be due to the ship handling but the 2 disc edition dvds were perfectly fine.

    I watched the movie and I was amazed at it special features,extras.So i decided to purchase for 2 other movies from amazon.I am now waiting for them to arrive and I am a happy customer wanting to buy more from amazon again.The one stop place for the huge database of movies.The Running Man (Special Edition)
    ...more info
  • Wait For Another Edition...This One Is A Pass
    Stephen King story converted to an Arnold Schwarzenegger action film? I think that says enough.

    If you were expecting more, you are going to be disappointed. If you can let go, suspend disbelief and just enjoy the total "cheesy-ness", then you should have no reason to not enjoy the film.

    But let's get to the important stuff. 2 discs? Given the pathetically little amount of extras, this didn't deserve 2 discs, not when the clowns in Hollywood were originally putting out two versions of a film on one, two-sided disc. Oh, how I wish for a return to the early days of the DVD.

    The "Game Theory" documentary was fluff. End of story.

    Why not more info about the making of the movie? Why not some mini-documentary on Arnold? Why not develop more sections along the lines of the "Meet the Stalkers" extra?

    Instead, we are subjected to liberal political dribble in the form of the "Lockdown on Main Street" documentary? When are the "enlightened" Illuminati of Hollywood, California going to realize that they are not representative of the rest of America?
    Why is it that there is only 2 other reviews that mention this worthless tidbit of an extra?

    Wait for a different version of the film. One where you aren't going to be subjected to the less than subtle attempt at calling you a moron for not standing up in revolt against the Patriot Act....more info

  • Perhaps more topical now
    While in 1987 this may have been simply another action star for Governor-to-be Schwarzenegger, viewed today this film offers more layers of meaning.

    "The Running Man" is a reality show in which criminals are forced to run from bounty hunter-types who are given WWF wrestling style introductions and use a myriad of weapons to kill their prey. The audience cheers and boos mercilessly as the real-life people meet tragic ends. Seen today in the era of "Survivor" and "Fear Factor," among other reality shows, this movie offers much in the way of questioning the direction of such television. Is this the direction reality TV is going? Also good for a look at mass media and people's belief in what is told to them.

    The movie is what it is. Fist-pumping commando, guns and heavy artillery. Schwarzenegger is wrongly framed for a crime he didn't commit and made a criminal in this Orwellian society in which the mass media is everything. He's forced into The Running Man world. There's some throw-away jokey lines after disposing of the heavy villains, but the real treat is watching real-life game show host Richard Dawson playing the slimy, evil host of The Running Man - the real villain in this movie full of larger-than-life killers....more info