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  • Great Kids Movie
    I took my granddaughter to see this movie in the theater...immediately following the show...she looked at me and said "we have to get this one on DVD". Enough said! ; o)...more info
  • I'm ready to move in!
    Great movie for animal lovers - and anyone else! Very fun movie with a lot of action, humor, suspense and emotion. Freat feel-good movie for the whole family....more info
  • Excellant
    The movie was great. My grandchildren loved it. Amazon shipped it right away. This is the best way to get your movies....more info
  • Hotel for Dogs DVD
    Delightful family movie especially good for 10-14 year olds. Hard to find wholesome movies for them.
    Good for the entire family....more info
  • Hotel for Dogs
    This is an excellent movie! I am very happy we bought it. This a good movie for Children as well as Adults. It teaches them a lesson about caring for others even if you don't have much yourself....more info
  • **1/2 = Not one of the greatest family films but pretty cute.
    I unfortunately missed out on "Hotel For Dogs" when it was in theaters. I was making attempts to see it. Though, I wound up seeing "Slumdog Millionaire" since my little sister was out of town with a few friends. Then, I had a day off and both my parents were at work, which made me left behind wanting to see this movie. I tried asking a lot of people at school, a few had plans and two didn't want to go with me. So in this case, nobody wanted to see the movie with me.

    Since "Hotel For Dogs" is a kid's movie and I've grown up to be an adult, it's not something I would see by myself. In fact, no movie is good enough for me to see on my own. One of the reasons is that I want to find something to talk about. Another reason is that going to kid's movies would be more fun to go with with a group of people. Don't you think?

    So, I decided to wait till it's out on Blu-Ray and my video store closed down, so I watched it on Movies on Demand....

    ...anyway, that's my story with how I saw the movie, and I haven't gotten the chance to upload Netflix.

    "Hotel For Dogs" tells the story of two orphans: Andi and Bruce, who live with their abusive foster parents, Carl and Lois. They find a dog that they want to take care of and give it a separate home. They find this old hotel that hasn't been used in ages, so they think of opening it up and they make a home for the dogs.

    On the way, Andi and Bruce make new friends and they want to find a way to escape Carl and Lois, though they don't want to abandon the dogs. Will they ever get what they want? Or not?

    "Hotel For Dogs" is like a usual movie released in January. It's not the best movie ever, but it still holds up to some fun. It's a cute movie about a group of dogs having a home. Nothing can go wrong. I actually thought this movie was somewhat better than "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" (my opinion changed for that movie), but it's not something like "Bolt" or a regular Snoopy cartoon.

    The kids' performances were pretty cute and they did as much as they could to care for the dogs. And Don Cheadle's performance wasn't that bad. Though they all had a bit of rough edges in the middle.

    Overall, "Hotel For Dogs" is an average movie above your average height. It's not something that I would go see again, and usually that's a thing with me and Nickelodeon movies -- with the exception of "The Spiderwick Chronicles." I found myself laughing at times, and yet again, I could've expected a lot worse, but it still holds up as cute and cuddly for the kids....more info
  • Hotel For Dogs is a top dog "Dog" movie by Ray Sipe
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • DOGS RULE !!!!!
    what a warm and touching movie. if you don't love dogs then there is something wrong with you.every dog had his own special personality.have to give the pedagree people a big thumbs up for putting their money where their mouth is and giving something back.if we all did that,then this world would be a much better place....more info
  • Hotel for Dogs
    The movie came earlier than promised and in perfect condition. My daughter loves it....more info
  • If you love Dogs, then you'll like this movie
    First off let me say all of the dogs that are in this movie are really talented and so are the actors and actresses for working so amazingly well with the animals.

    With that being said Hotel for Dogs was a GREAT movie. I felt like I could really connect with the storyline as well as with ALL the cast. I have never read the book but I thought the movie was well scripted. This is definetely a movie that the entire family will enjoy especially if you are a dog lover like I am. There is no obscene gestures or language so that was a great plus. I just LOVE all of the different breeds of dogs they added into the movie.

    Short summary: Andi and Bruce are brother and sister being moved around from foster family to foster family. Through all of their moving around they still seem to keep their dog Friday a secret from all of their foster parents. Their new recent foster family doesn't care about anything but themselves (Kevin Dillion & Lisa Kudrow) so they decided to make their own "family". With the help of their newly found friends they run a secret hotel from dogs. The only problem is the dog catchers are after their dogs so they have a few run in's with them. See if Andi, Bruce, and their friends can save their dogs from the pound and save their hotel for dogs.

    Again this is a GREAT family movie. I loved every minute of it....more info
  • Dog Lovers, Meet at the Hotel
    If you are a dog person, this film will be a joy. If you are a cat person, well best look elsewhere. Cute kids, cute dogs, mean adults (save Don Cheadle), a run down hotel - recepie for a fun movie.

    Bruce and Andi are orphan brother and sister. Bernie loves these two kids and tries to place them in a foster home together. Their latest home is not exactly nurturing, so the two turn toward the street and stray dogs. The stray they have had for a number of years, runs away from the dog catcher into an abandoned hotel. Eventually Bruce and Andi save many dogs and take care of them in this hotel. Bruce is 11 and happens to be brilliant at mechanical engineering.

    Giving nothing away in this story, it's the evil dog catchers, the evil adults / foster parents, the not so bright police, versus the super smart kids.

    It's a pleasant film, made better if you love dogs. It's very predictible. The cast is interesting. Don Cheadle as Bernie, has had much better roles, but he made do with the script he was given (Traitor is a hugely better film with Cheadle). Emma Roberts is sweet, pretty, and smart (Nancy Drew) - expect to see much more and better from her. Her brother, Bruce is played by a very capable Jake T. Austin. Kyla Pratt (Dr. Doolite 4 - Tail to the Chief) is a friend of the group, has probably peaked as an actress. The horrible singer and even worse strict mother is played by Lisa Kudrow (Pheobe on Friends), has been awful (this time also) in a series of not so good movies lately. Troy Gentile is the overweight kid that joins the group about half way through the film. He doesn't do a very good job here, but you may remember him in Tenacious D and Nacho Libre. Aside from Kudrow, a pretty decent cast.

    Oh and don't forget the dogs. All shapes, sizes, breads, and ages. There's a dog in here that everyone will love.

    Film wise - well the focus was always on, and camera movement was solid (not much handheld garbage). The sound was well recorded - dialog was clear. The editing was decent, it could use about a solid 10 minutes removed of the hour 35 minute film, but who's counting. There were some strange CG effects that made the movie look other worldly off and on. It's not clear if that was the point or they didn't spend enough money on the effects. The doves flying off at the end were just too far over the top.

    Rated PG. There's a fair amount of poop humor (that was 5 things, no poop and pee are one thing, no I've stepped in them both and they are two things). There is a scene in the pound where a dog is taken to the back of the room on a leash. There is a cut to a few other scenes. Then the film comes back to the man with an empty leash reentering the room. For young children, that might require a bit of explaining. Otherwise, no violence, no strong language, and certainly no nudity. A film for all ages.

    The DVD is chock full of the usual efluvia of more or less useless bonus features. In fact there is likely an hour or more of these features.

    A nice family film for dog lovers. ...more info
  • Hotel for Dogs
    I found this DVD quite entertaining. Not quite what I expected as the dogs don't talk as in Air Buddies, snow Buddies & Space Buddies but all the same well worth watching. My granddaughter Jessica, who is nearly 4 years of age, thoroughly enjoyed it....more info
  • Okay, but not great.
    Took my 14-year-old son, my 11-year old daughter and my [censored] year-old mother. (All three dog lovers.)

    My son was bored, my daughter and mom liked it.

    The movie had some cute moments, but it wasn't as good as some reviewers are giving it ... certainly not a classic.

    Definitely good for kids from 6-10. Nice to see a movie that doesn't have obscene/sexualized jokes.

    ...more info
  • Dog and Kid Rescue
    We took our six-year-old granddaughter to see this movie and we all enjoyed it. I do dog rescue and my heart loved the message in the film that it is not okay to throw away our dogs when we are tired of them. The kids in the movie get stuck with some horrible foster parents and they want to stay together--brother, sister and dog. It is not all heart string pulling though; there are tons of funny moments in the film. A definite family movie worth seeing. Power Path to Love...more info
  • Kid-Tested (from 4.5 to 11) and Mother Approved
    I took my son (4.5 years old), my daughter (10) and two other kids (11 and 8) to this movie over Spring Break. I didn't know much about it, but we all loved it.

    It's a good caper movie, featuring a teen girl and her brother's solution to keeping their dog in spite of living in a foster home.

    One thing I loved about it was the lack of crude humor (except a few dog bodily function jokes), and also the lack of romance. There was a little bit of romantic interest, but it was not the focus of the story, and I personally don't think that movies targeted to preschoolers on up need to feature a love story (but most of them, from Cinderella on up do)....more info
  • An Awesome Film!!!
    I gave my mom this movie for Mother's day, and we both liked it! The dogs were awesome and cute! Andi and Bruce live with crappy foster parents and try to hide their dog, Friday. They soon find a rundown hotel and give stray dogs a place to eat and sleep. The more dogs they find, the more help they'll need from friends who work at a pet store, and a kid with a police scanner. It was very funny and I highly recommend you let your pet stay at the HOTEL FOR DOGS!!!...more info
  • very good movie.
    hotel for dofs was a great movie. I thought the story was very good and funny also. the acting was exlent. the over all the movie was a+++.
    I would actuly rate this has 10 star movie....more info
  • Warning Thematic Content
    (1.) You're warned at the start of the movie that it may not be appropriate because of thematic content. Puzzling at first since how can another feel good movie with trained dogs and a couple of kids trying to rescue them be so terrible. Well, since the kids are stealing, selling ripped off items to people, disobeying parents and police as well as any adult with responsibilities and lying for most of the movie I can see how most parents aren't going to find this movie the best role model. The kids good intentions and cute Rube Goldberg contraptions are not a justification for their methods. Additionally and unfortunately, foster homes again take another cruel hit in the movies. Having had to monitor the foster care of my students for many years I can say that 90% of those homes are a far more positive influence than the alternatives, and under challenging circumstances that only caring people can pull off.
    (2.) Acting was predictable, stereotypic, spiritless and dull. Dogs, however, were well trained and are a testament to positive reinforcement and treats. Props to the editor for melding the dogs scenes into a seamless and coherent story. ...more info
  • Not my favorite movie
    I know, I know! Not every movie has to have a character building lesson. This movie however, celebrates the opposite-lying, stealing, breaking and entering, and cheating. In the end, the children were celebrated as heroes dispite their bad behavior. ...more info
  • Hotel for Dogs
    It was a great movie for the whole family to watch, being an animal lover I really loved that they placed importance on homeless animals!...more info