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  • I loved this movie!
    Everything I need to say about this movie is stated in my title. I do find it interesting that the first review the had up was from someone who hated the movie, but they took the time to write a 12 page essay about it. He/She also seems to know more about the movie and it's origins than any other reviewer. Hmmmmm...more info
  • Great Sci-Fi
    An incredible movie reminiscent of The Fifth Element. It's a high-speed roller coaster ride of fast action and great visuals, but it also has much to say about how far reaching our choices can be.

    I love this movie and have definitely made it part of my permanent DVD collection.

    Ultraviolet (Unrated, Extended Cut)...more info
  • 2 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Slightly redeemed only by the fact that the director's tongue is in his cheek for most of the movie (I hope), Ultraviolet is a thoroughly unimpressive sci-fi action movie with an uninteresting performance by Jovovich in the lead and no real story to speak of: look elsewhere....more info
  • PG-13 theatrical version!?!?!?
    DON'T BUY THIS VERSION!! Anyone that has the uncut version on DVD will be disappointed with the cut down version they released to blu-ray. Double-Dipping in process people, I'm sure we're going to see more of the same that we've come to expect from standard DVD releases....more info
  • Good product
    I was very happy with my purchase due to the fact that it arrived within about 4 days of the actual purchase. I was extrememly pleased with that. However, I was a little dissappointed to find that it was the PG-13 Theatrical version, as it did not specify that in the "item description". Granted, I should have researched that a little better, but still, I feel it should have been on there. Overall, I'm satisfied with it....more info
  • Haunted by Bad Writing
    Ultraviolet / B000FGGE5Y


    Oh, I really wanted to like Ultraviolet. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, just some decent action and a nifty dystopia, something along the lines of Aeon Flux, Equilibrium, and (of course) The Matrix.

    Ultraviolet starts off with a bang. Milla is a superb action heroine, as always, and she dazzles with a wonderful combination of high-tech gadgetry (she's got an anti-gravity device!), high-speed chases, and high-skill martial arts. Combo in an intriguing (if a bit long and draggy) voice-over involving vampires, and Milla's mysteriously changing hair color, and this should be a perfect mindless Friday night flick.

    Unfortunately, the action slows to a crawl after the first twenty minutes (as do the cool hair color changes - it will remain disappointingly black for the rest of the movie, despite all the cool changes you saw in the previews), and you won't get to see too many more fancy moves until the final race to the finish. The filler dialogue is teeth-grindingly bad, with Milla having approximately eighteen earnest heart-to-hearts with the Capture/Rescue Kid. Some of these heart-to-hearts occur back to back and while enemy soldiers are closing in, and the resulting overexposure of Milla's tender side (which the savvy user grasped in the initial opening voice over, for crying out loud) feels like a hammer to the temples. She's a vampire! She's dying! She's saddened by the loss of her pregnancy! She's bonding with the child! Yeah, we got it.

    Really, this would have been a much better film if the writers had trusted the audience to get it and just cut 90% of the filler dialogue and just left us 'silent scenes' instead of Milla dragging her reluctant charge around this world gone mad. Although I love mindless action films, I simply can't bear to sit through Ultraviolet again, so I'm selling my copy and hoping the next Milla film will have better writing that she deserves....more info
  • Anticipated, then disappointing
    Loosely based (which means ripped off from) onUltraviolet, which is a truly wonderful BBC take on vampires but owing more to The Spy Who Came in from the Cold than Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Collector's Set (40 discs), and done by the same people who gave us Equilibrium, it coulda/shoulda been...well, FUN at least. Instead, the words "Uncut" and "eXtended" simply add insult to injury....more info
  • Better than most give it credit for
    I honestly don't understand why so many of these reviews complain about this movie's plot. The plot was fantastic! However, it should be noted that it's one of those movies where about half of the plot is backstory, and is only revealed one part at a time as those parts become relevant to the here-and-now. I'll admit that it seems to have quite a lot in common with the somewhat superior V for Vendetta, but with the addition of the whole pathogen-induced-monster thing that has become quite the fashion these days (28 days later, Doom, Resident Evil, etc.), though at least this time it's vampires instead of zombies :)

    But yeah, this is a movie that will continuously tickle your brain as small details from earlier in the movie end up having critical importance later. The bad guy turns out to be more than we are initially led to believe. Enough is revealed about Violet to get the audience to sympathize with her (at least as much as Aliens and Terminator got their audiences to sympathize with Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor). The movie makes VERY good use of fictional technologies, especially dimensional compression or flat space or whatever it's called.

    Speaking of which, FLAMING SWORDFIGHT IN THE DARK!!! Easily one of the most imaginative scenes in sci-fi history.

    It is worth noting, however, that according to some sources, the "rough cut" of this film (which was screened in Feb '05) was a full half-hour longer, and most of that extra time was focused on fuller developments of the plot and/or Violet's character. I would have loved to see this cut, and I hope that it is available on DVD at some point in the future....more info
  • Ultraviolet, ultrafast, ultrafun!
    I actually really liked this movie, I had been wary about watching as it as it was panned by so many people but I thought it was great, amazing special effects, fabulous fight sequences, and a reasonably good plot that yet perhaps could do with a bit of tightening up but all in all it was worth watching.

    Take a future city, filled with humans and Vampires, only they aren't called Vampires, they are known as hemophages, and they are faster, and stronger than your average human but they are also hated and feared by humans and have all but been hunted into extinction. Add to this concoction a beautiful hemophage called Violet , Milla Jovovich in her scantily dressed best whose fighting skills are legendary, a megalomaniac leader with a deadly secret, a human child known as Six whose very body is a weapon and who brings out the maternal instinct in Violet and a gentle but scientifically gifted hemophage played by the delectable William Fichtner who loves Violet and will do anything to save her.

    The movie is non stop action from beginning to end, and is quite amusing in parts too, like when one of the Vampires warn Violet that they are as fast and as strong as she is, but she points out that she is far more pissed off than they are, not only that but her maternal ire is up and she will do anything she can to save Six a child who is slowly dying from whatever has been added to his blood but with whom she shares a bond of loss, pain, sorrow and possible redemption.

    Despite the critics and reviewers panning this movie I give it a quality five out of five based on a high enjoyment factor of the fight scenes, the scenery, the drop dead gorgeous costumes that Violet gets to wear, the state of the art special effects and the quirky dialogue.

    I wish I had seen it on the big screen though, it must have been a sight to behold! ...more info
  • Comic book movie
    As a long long time reader of comics this is how a comic would be filmed. Right up there with Ironman. And as other have stated, Milla is easy on the eyes. My kind of girl. ...more info
  • Unexpected Brilliancy - Extraordinary Virtuoso Performance by Milla Jovovich
    I see that this movie is being compared with Aeon Flux - wrongly in my opinion, because "Ultraviolet" shows what can be done when you allow a real actress to do her work without interference, unlike the failed Aeon Flux where the producers seem to have subverted their entire movie to their anti technology message. Ultraviolet is a movie with a real plot, set in a realistic projected future and with real characterizations, a movie with real music, real acting, a simple plot yet with many convolutions.

    Visually the CGI of Ultraviolet somehow makes it more "real" than the staged and overly fussed unrealistic Aeon Flux stagings. Mila Jovavich brings a focused, intense performance in which both rage and emotional sensitivity lurk just beneath the surface of her enhanced but time limited precarious existence.

    The movie will need to be seen several times but the underlying theme of resistance against future political repression, in the form of a symbolized fantasy, and objectified and concretized from that abstraction by the forcefullness and precision of Jovavich's fine acting, all add up to a movie which has become an unexpected gem on a beach strewn with rubble like Flux. Jovavich is the troubled heroine, transcending her own limitations to attain her goals, with or without the help of anyone, a heroine of the future in a world which, like that of today, is maintained by forces which seek to dehumanize us all as human "resources" and genetic types.

    I am certain there are some who will disagree violently with my review. Everyone must watch this masterpiece and decide for themselves....more info
  • A truly horrible attempt at a movie
    This is just a wretched, unwatchable movie. I would give it zero stars, but the Amazon system doesn't go that low. You could say the acting is lousy, except I'm not sure you can even call it acting. The special effects were smoother but ofherwise less interesting than Super Mario. I watched about a third of the movie and had to stop, the pain of viewing this trash was just unbearable. I've seen Mila in other movies that were pretty fun to watch, so I have to place the blame on the director here....more info
  • Mark's First
    Another Great Milla Jovovich movie. Good action, Good plot. She looks real good with purple hair....more info
  • Not even rentable
    I really wanted to like Ultraviolet. From the writer and director of Equilibrium, Kurt Wimmer creates an alternative future where an ancient virus from Eastern Europe turns ordinary humans into vampires. An Orwellian government, bent of destroying the vampires, creates a weapon that will destroy them all. Milla Jovovich plays the comic-book inspired heroine who was infected with the virus and held for the humans to conduct expirements on her through various tests. The testing nearly kills her, which kills the child in her womb. She is sent by the vampire faction to capture the weapon and destroy it. So this film pretty much failed at everything. The entire story was told in the opening naration, and the rest of it was a series of vivid battles with a variety of uniform enemies with no faces, and no cause for existence. There isn't any story development, and some elements come from nowhere and go nowhere. There are peripheral enemies that are not introduced or explained, and Milla just decimates them, and there is nary mention of them after; there is a love story that lasts all of two lines; there is not a lot more. The acting is terrible, of course they weren't given much dialog to work with either. It seems as if Wimmer took a bunch of different ideas (each of which are interesting) and threw them together into a vomitorium. Even the graphics were sub-par. Some scenes looked amazing, and would make a good Blu-ray Disc reference piece, but the rest of it looked two generations old. The city was a tiled texture, the vehicles were smooth and polygonal, and the fire, smoke and glass (especially in the last scene) didn't even look rendered. I didn't watch this one with expecting much considering its short life in theaters and the really bad review from critics, but I was still disappointed. If you want to watch something on your new high-def TV, this might make for a good view for friends, but otherwise you probably want to avoid it....more info
  • Ultimate idiotic art movie
    "Ultraviolet" is set in some near-future dystopia in which mankind is split between normal humans and "hemophages" - superhuman but short lived freaks created when an ancient virus was rediscovered and accidentally released. With vampire-like teeth, HP's are easy to spot, and since they don't wear any gear to protect themselves from a virus they've already got, they're hard to miss even without being the most overstyled characters on screen. Hunted down by "Arch-Minister Daxus", the HP's strike back - it's the "Blood War". Violet is one of best HP's warriors, capable of mowing down Daxus's troops, breaking into his most secure facilities and possessing the flattest abs on Earth. Violet has stolen a new weapon capable of exterminating the HP's, but she finds that the weapon is a young boy named Six (Cameron Bright). It's not clear how he's a danger to the HP's, but the script wisely accepts that ambiguity, and soon everybody wants Six dead. Obeying a deep maternal instinct, Violet turns against everybody else to protect Six.

    THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A DECENT MOVIE IF: Reading my own synopsis, it's easy to see how UV could have rocked, which makes it at least as easy to list the sins (multitudinous here) that killed it. In fact, "Ultraviolet" wastes little time before proving itself one of the single most preposterous movies ever made, a botch on every level - sci-fi actioner or even cautionary fable.

    Wimmer was supposedly deposed by the studio which released a chopped-down version, but what's left in the mix - like an HP - looks too inherently wrong to have been cured by simply extra footage. The amateurish script kicks off with embarrassingly expository dialog ("As you know our campaign against the hemophages has been highly effective") and garish set-design. It's downhill from there.

    UV is supposedly set in the 21st century. I can accept widely varying visions of how this century will look by the time it's half-over, consistency requires that one society remain within a single vision. In UV, however, we still have cars, helicopters and firearms even though mankind has created devices that manipulate gravity and otherwise bend relative dimensions in space (Violet can store scads of weaponry in some sort of personal hyperspace - allowing her to single-handedly stage her own rip-off of the famous "lobby scene" from the first "Matrix" movie without being weighed down by some big duffle bag or having to wear anything that might obscure her superhuman abs; the humans possess this technology as well, with "Six" being carried around in an attach¨¦ case looking like a slightly outsized Macbook). Any civilization advanced enough to re-write the laws of gravity and relative dimensions would have gotten past submachine pistols, rotary-wing aircraft or Buicks. The world of "Ultraviolet" isn't so much advanced as "futuristic" - it looks very mod without actually being a plausible vision of an era set beyond our own. Even the HP's amount to less of a plot element than a plothole. The HP virus is extremely infectious - a point made well at the beginning of the flick when one of Daxus's men realizes that an unfortunate HP splattered him with its blood. Unfortunately, this otherwise good scene is almost as fatally infected as the henchman, since it occurs inside the humans' blood bank. Perhaps the HPs - who broke in without an exit strategy - intended a suicide mission to infect the blood. The problem is that if the virus is that infectious, HP's wouldn't need to get to the humans' blood supply, they could just infect whole neighborhoods. Humans wear all sorts of facial covers, but expose skin which proves sufficiently vulnerable to the HP virus.

    UV fails as an actioner because it's astoundingly arbitrary. Daxus's hordes fire hundreds of bullets at Violet without scoring a hit - even when she's directly in their line of fire - while they fall in human waves under Violet's guns. In a similar scene, Daxus faces off three armed HPs by himself, and dispatches them with a miracle machine pistol that can fire a fatal shot to each of three men in a single three-short burst, even when they fire first. (This is most obvious in sword fighting scenes where hordes of enemy swordsmen are clearly swinging AWAY from Violet.) Because the script can scare up few characters to pit against Violet, it's forced to throw at her large numbers of faceless hordes at her from the beginning. Costumes aside, all fight scenes pit Violet against large numbers of apparently well trained and armed troops who simply cannot kill her. In the ultimate of the flick's idiot-scenes, Violet is encircled by hostile rival HPs who are too stylishly duked out to realize that in encircling Violet with their guns drawn, they're targeting each other. The script offers no explanation for its unbalanced lethality, instead drawing it to our attention when Violet warns Six that their enemies "will kill you without even thinking". Putting aside the obvious joke that UV could do with fewer thoughtless killers, despite the firepower expended at that point and the stakes involved, "Ultraviolet" was surprisingly short on death, as if the film was so eager to kill without a thought that that the script had simply forgotten to kill anybody. Daxus flops as a villain because he doesn't do much in a flick that defines its heroes and villains more in terms of style than good or evil deeds. True, the plot has Daxus's ministry paralleling the actions of the WWII genocide, but that happens in the flick's brief expository prolog. The bulk of the movie only shows the ministry getting its desserts for that prolog, and not doing much to deserve that reception. In other words, despite his sneers and army of minions (and despite none-too-subtle clues that identify Daxus with the religious-right), Daxus begins the movie as a victim, not the villain.

    In short, "Ultraviolet" is a flick that's horrible and never stops reminding you of that fact....more info
  • It's a comic book movie.
    Wow, what a straight across the board mix of reviews. I liked it to begin with, but once I watched the making of it, as well as Milla's narrative throughout the entire movie (which is such a great option) I was hooked. Filmed in Shanghai China, I thought it was all CGI, but in fact, most of the architecture is the real deal, never mind how well the CGI itself comes across. I am floored at the technical aspects and attention to artistic detail that Wimmer put into this film. And lets keep one thing in mind also. This is a rendering of ideas from a comic book, not 12 angry men, or psycho. It's supposed be outlandish and impossible. My point is, it's meant to be a Disneyland roller coaster ride. Nothing more, and with that in mind, it is superb. Say what you will...I think it's a masterpiece of visual art and creativity. I laughed my butt off when in the narrative, Milla shouts WOO HOO when they show the shot of her naked butt! She explains it as a total boys moment. HEHE! How true. Hilarious. That's my 2 cents....more info
  • One of the worst movies ever made
    This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I love Milla Jovovich, but this movie stank so bad, I can still smell it a year after after the fact.

    First of all, the plot was mind-numbingly boring and the dialog was just plain crappy. Just because the movie is supposed to be based on a Japanese comic, doesn't mean the story has too be so cartoonish and one-dimensional.

    Secondly, to say that there was an over use of CGI would be an understatement. I think every scene was comprised with some element of CGI. It made the movie seem cartoonish, and totally unrealistic. Does anyone remember TRON? In many scenes it looked liked they just didn't even bother to super-impose realistic looking exteriors or interiors (Furniture, Architecture, etc), over the "virtual" environment they had created.

    Another fault of this movie was that they underused or misused a great character actor like William Fitchner (Invasion, Prison Break, Contact, Perfect Storm, etc.).

    Last but not least, the most serious offense is the untapped potential of Milla's sexiness. I don't know if it was the unflattering costumes they put her in or what. They should have dressed her in something skin tight or revealing to really show off of that great body of hers. In fact, there is one scene in which she is propelled through a corridor in the process of changing her clothes. The director purposely shied away from showing any skin whatsover.

    I give this movie a requisite "1 star" since it has Milla Jovovich in it....more info
  • Dizzying and Over-Stylized Wreck
    Technology in video games is consistently making an effort to look more realistic to game players. Ultraviolet is a motion picture that seemingly makes an effort to look more like a video game. I'm sort of indifferent to that direction I suppose, but it's a point I still think is important to make. Ultraviolet is visually unique and the pace of the film doesn't quit. You can tell that director Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium) doesn't really want us to believe any of this is real as he is striving to create a dystopian world that would exist otherwise only within a comic book or Japanese animation. Ultraviolet does indeed require a vast imagination, but for some of us that's not such a bad thing.

    Ultraviolet is a chase movie about Violet (Milla Jovovich) who, among many others in her time (in the late 21st century), is infected with a virus that gives her super human powers. Violet is part of an underground terrorist group that exists to fight against the resident dictatorship. Soon enough, Violet steals a child (Cameron Bright) from the government and finds out he may be the cure to this disease that allows her to be invincible and be really good at driving a motorcycle. The terrorist group she is in with decides the child must die and so Violet begins running from everyone with the child. With some more twists and turns Ultraviolet leads up to a formulaic showdown and more dramatic and unrealistic fight scenes than you could possible imagine.

    Ultraviolet is an excessive mess. The fight scenes are perplexing and miserable to watch, not to mention completely unrealistic, which is something I can almost forgive. Ultraviolet is the ultimate example of over-stylized filmmaking. In the action genre, the viewer should probably never be aware that a fight scene is choreographed while viewing it, but if a fine line exists between dancing and fighting then Ultraviolet is balancing very carefully upon it and it is doing so right next to Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin. The story also seemed jumbled and confusing. I really wasn't sure what was happening until the very end and even then I had some questions that I wasn't even motivated to have answered. The dialogue was delivered stoically and isn't very good to begin with. The music was as distracting as the visuals. Other than that it was a visually original film and I guess that is where it earns a star for me. Well, that and Milla's bare bottom....more info
  • Part Art Project, part Comic, part Video Game. Nothing whole.
    Now, I had not heard particularly favorable things about Ultraviolet, but I didn't care; I can appreciate B (and lower) movies just fine. I'm also a huge fan of Milla Jovovich, and writer/director Kurt Wimmer's previous film, Equilibrium.

    My main problem with the movie is the story. Now maybe it was Sony's editing that is the cause of the problems, or maybe it just didn't translate well to the screen, but it is *all* over the place. I don't have an issue with gaps in logic and/or common sense in a story, if the wording is chosen right and things are glossed over. But here, no attempt is even made to cover the incredible leaps of logical thinking required to take the story seriously. Which is what the story is played as, as opposed to tongue-in-cheek or something. I won't go into detail here, but if you're like me, you'll be banging your head against the wall. That could help put you into a daze to better appreciate the movie's real draw, which is the action.

    The action and fight scenes are very well done. There's a moment here or there which could have been easily improved with the proper editing (the flaming sword fight at the end comes to mind), but overall, they're good. This was the much anticipated (in some circles) second appearance of Gun Kata, which first made itself known in Equilibrium. Though you can see the same ideas and principles behind some of the movements at times, its appearance here is unfortunately lacking. The filmmakers would rather wave a hand and say "It's super-science," or "It's magic," by way of an explanation here. Quite unlike Equilibrium. Be that as it may, the action is still good.

    Honestly, if Milla Jovovich wasn't in this movie, I doubt I'd be interested in it after viewing it once. But with Milla, I'll hold unto it, putting it next to my other comic movies.

    I'd give this movie a 2, maybe 2 1/2 stars, and suggest it only to fans of Milla or Kurt Wimmer, and even then, waiting until you find it for under a dollar, used.
    ...more info
  • Nighteagle
    This movie was great..!!!! Very action packed with a few tender moments to keep everyone happy. And yes, Milla is as hot as usual.!!!!...more info
  • Ultraviolet [Blu-ray]
    EXCELLENT BLU-RAY !!!! I've nerver seen such a perfect Blu-ray : there's no black strip so you can see fully the HD !! The definition is perfect and astonishing !! The sound is 4.6 Mbps !! Everything is pecfect !! I recomand it !!...more info