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  • 8 MILE
    AWFUL, never received the DVD, never got answers to my emails.
    AMAZON finally refunded my money. Won't do business with this company
    again....more info
  • Prime Oscar Bait
    This is probably one of the best films to come out in 2002, and yet it was snubbed by the acadamy despite all the critics praise. Eminem pulls out all the stops here with a strong performance as a somewhat alter version of himself, a white boy growing up in Detroit with dreams to be a rapper. What makes this film better than the weight of the plot is, first the A list cast including Kim Bassinger and Mikhi Phifer but it's the brilliant script and excelent direction that picks this movie up and carries it further then plot alone would. Yes, this may or may not be how Eminem got his breaks in life but regardless, this film, watched as a fictional story and not an autobiography will do well to make the difference. Eminem shows true talent as his charactor (Rabbit) tries to rise above the life he was given, the drunk mother and the slum living conditions, the ex-girlfriend who took him for everything and the dead beat friends he's determined not to become. Rabbit wants more for himself and for his family, and he's determined to work hard to get it. Throw in a new love interest (Britany Murphy in a peformance to make you go GA'GA) and some rival thugs and you have a simple plot turned great movie with subplots that hold your interest and keep you in anticipation of the next scene. Great film all the way around....more info
  • Eminem pulls suprising peformace
    B-rabbit is a struggling rapper desperate to make it to the big time. He takes a job at a steel plant so he can save up money for studio time. He fights off gang members and has the help of his friend future. It is loosely based on Eminem's life.

    Eminem is quite the rap star today. He has sold millions of copies of cds
    that are excellent hip hip masterpieces. He has taken the world by storm and shown that White people can rap. But, he stretches himself and his persona into this movie and the movie itself is surprisingly simple and easy to watch. It doesn't seem like a biography movie because the character's names aren't the same as the real person's name. Probably, Eminem didn't want the movie to be like a "Eminem can act" vehicle for him. He had already shown his rapping skills and enforced them through out the movie, but he does pull off a good performance as B-rabbit.

    Curtis Hanson, who I find to be a okay director, seemingly could've been out of place in the hip hop culture but his direction works well with the atmosphere and location of the movie as the film as the film moves along at a fast pace set by his direction. He gets the performances out of the characters that were needed. He doesn't oversell the characters or oversap them so that they become these cheesy characters. You feel for the characters after you are done watching the movie. Curtis Hanson defines the character by the way he is portrayed on screen. We see his actions and we ulitametely root for him in the end as the credits roll and we hear lose yourself by Eminem. The movie then either sinks in or just leaves your mind and body as fast as it entered. it is one of those movies where you have to appreciate the hip hop culture and understand it to watch the movie, or otherwise you would feel incredibly lost in the mist of the movie and you will leave scratching your head and wondering what you have just watched. A solid movie....more info
  • Eminem
    A bit of a padded feel that was only natural given the simple story that had to be stretched to two hours. The part that felt most real to me came early. I attended a black university in a ghetto of Tampa, but then I bicycled home to the Busch Gardens neighborhood. Kinda like wading in the shallow end of the pool at will while Eminem was in the deep end. That's one thing I got from the movie.

    "Sweet Home Alabama," as sent up by Eminem and Future, has to be one of the funniest and most clever things I've ever seen in a movie. I cracked up and annoyed the sleeping cat on my lap.

    Chinese viewers in China might not realize Detroit's supposed to look ugly in this film. Casting Kim Basinger was a stroke of genius, since the audience's view of the actress is about as low as Eminem's opinion of his mother.

    The later excitement felt very contrived, like maybe I was watching a movie. The inevitable battle at the end was a thing of beauty to rap fans everywhere, even this old redneck in China. Too bad it only lasted 5 minutes, but DVDs allow you to skip back as often as desired.

    Oh, and just to beat you over the head with the obvious, Eminem got out of the ghetto with his words. No gats, no hos, no drugz, and he can't even play sports. Not bad, eh? I love this movie.
    ...more info
  • 8 mile
    I bought this for my 19 year old daughter. Although the language and violent scenes were rough, it played well with the plot....more info
  • Eminem's big movie debut
    Eminem proves he is an outstanding actor and makes the story unquestionable.

    B. Rabbit is a noone with plenty of ambition as well as his vocabulary intact, but when you're growing up on 8 mile it's not easy becoming anything, less alone a white rapper. He can't even bring himself to challenge the local rappers on stage during the weekends. In the middle of him trying to land his breakthrough he finds himself fond of the ambitious, but ditsy Alex (Brittany Murphy), but she turns out to be bad news for him. Will he stand the challenge of the Free Worlds Gangsta Boys?

    It's a good storyline (nothing new, but you haven't seen it 10 times before either).
    Brittany Murphy disappoints in this movie if you've liked her previous movies. This is Eminem's acting debut, but not his autobiography. It just goes to show he can both sing and act and IS truly talented. ...more info
  • 8 Mile "High"
    Purchased this as a gift for a friend that wanted it and couldn't find it in the stores. He was thrilled when he received it and has watched it several times since receiving it. It was shipped on time and he received it within the guidelines I was given. Thanks for helping me make my friend's day....more info
  • A surprisingly addictive tale ...
    We all knew that Eminem was talented. After all, he IS one of the all-time greatest MCs, arguably. But who knew he had acting chops?? Of course, being a huge Eminem fan, I hoped that he would do well and so he did. He generated many positive reviews and I hope this encourages him to do more film the future. He is truly an empire. ...more info
  • Em's
    I remember seeing this movie for the first time... two years ago! Man... has it been THAT long already? Around that time, I was a Senior in high school. Oh how times move fast...

    I remember seeing this movie twice. The first time was with my brother. The theater was packed, but we both enjoyed the film. The second time... well, it was really an unscheduled event. A friend of mine (who happens to be a girl) wanted to watch it. She begged me to take her, so I gave in and decided to take her along. We were also to see it with a friend, but she dropped out at the last minute. So... our movie time turned into an unintentional "date." Since then, this movie always reminds me of that. We were unusually quiet most of the time... but we still ended up having fun. Little did we realize that we would then become good friends, later to become "more than friends." Was it because of this movie? I don't know... but I'd thought I'd begin my review with a short background of my experience.

    The "8 Mile" fever struck our little town on the Rez. Flocks of Eminem fans flooded the theaters. And I would be one of 'em. The story, as everyone knows, is a "semi-autobiographical" account of Eminem's personal life. A bummed-out Detroit punk trying to escape from the city, and the only way he can is to get a record deal. Eminem plays Jimmy Smith, Jr., aka "B. Rabbit." He's had a rough time with "rap battles" since he freezes on stage. He's got friends to provide some guidance (okay, maybe just "Future," played by Mekhi Phifer). The other three involves one that preaches and [...] about how screwed up Detroit is. The other two, a big-boned fella and a junkie-looking white guy, seem to be the comic-relief characters. The "bad guys" are the rap battle-winning gang, the Free World.

    Jimmy also has a mother (Kim Basinger) and a lil' sister. More serious problems arise in his household when his ma's place is in danger of eviction. His ma also has a man that Jimmy doesn't get along with very well. Jimmy lives there but doesn't want anyone to know. B. Rabbit also has a little "love interest," though it's probably not called that. A young woman, played by Brittany Murphy, also shares the dream of leaving Detroit. You'd think more would develop here, but it doesn't. Just a steamy sex-scene, then both part ways.

    Em pulls off a hell of good performance, but... to quote Ebert's buddy, Richard Roeper: "While Eminem's role is obviously no stretch, he's really good at playing a version of himself." But that doesn't mean Eminem isn't a good actor. He pulls off a real performance. He shows his true self. Maybe more would've been nice... maybe "8 Mile part 2" could have that... that is, if a sequel is planned.

    The DVD has a few plus features. They talk about how each rap battle in the movie HAD to be filmed since the rappers can only pull off their performance one time. There's also some free-styling rap battles with other people who were up to challenging Em (these are real, by the way). And a "nasty" music video of Em's "Superman" song.

    The movie could be inspirational for those that want to succeed at something. People, especially those around my area, are like Jimmy Smith. They want to leave their hometown to pursue the big life in a big city. Or just simply get out of town. In truth, we all want to pursue that opportunity. Even I myself want to pursue that dream. We just have to work at it, then eventually, it'll come. That's what the movie is about, isn't it? It isn't just going to see how well Eminem acts... the movie can inspire people to get that dream (though not exactly a rap career like in the movie, obviously).

    Like how the song goes:

    "Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted... in One moment
    Would you capture it or just let it slip?"

    Because, my friend, that's the movie's main message.

    Oh well... "8 Mile" is still an entertaining movie....more info
  • 8 Mile Is a Inspirational Movie and a 5 Star DVD
    Here is another inspirational movie I look to when I am down or looking to be inspired. Eminem is the rare white rapper that had a hard upbringing. Make no mistake about it he is not vanilla ice or Fred durst he can actually rap and puts time and thought into his lyrics. This story is solid and starts at a hard time in his life where he does not know what to do. He loses his girlfriend his mother is addicted to drugs and alcohol and he is not living the life he dreamed. Every time he gets up in front of the crowd he gets nervous and can't rap but finally near the end he is able to take on the challenge. While Eminem didn't have a totally never come back upbringing it was hard enough and it is an inspiration to everyone. The music for this film is subpurve. Great movie put on by Eminem and this in my book is a 5 star DVD pick it up ASAP. ...more info
  • Eminem deserves awards galore for this performance
    When you look up the word controversy in the dictionary you just might find a full colour picture of Eminem as the definition. Let's face it, this is one artist that doesn't go out of his way to endear people to him. He's real, though. What you see is definitely what you get. When I first heard about this movie, I thought it was Eminem's life story, but I was sadly mistaken. Although I'm sure that there are similarities that could be found, this is the fictional story of one Jimmy Smith, Jr.

    Eminem is brilliant as this struggling young man, perhaps personal experiences added to his believability, mayhap he's just a damned good actor as well as musician. Jimmy Smith is stuck in hell, literally, his life is a daily battle on more than one level. Returning home after having his relationship with his girlfriend blow up in his face, Jimmy is faced with accepting the fact that his Mom (Kim Basinger) is having a relationship with someone he went to school with and hates. Rabbit, as everyone calls him has a hard time swallowing things at home, but when the only place left is a trailer on the wrong side of the tracks, what else can you do?

    Rabbit isn't content to sit back and let life screw him over even more, he wages a war with fate and struggles to pull himself out of the cesspool that circumstances placed him in. Sure, he's from the wrong side of the tracks, so what?! Okay, he's living in a trailer with his Mom? Big deal, at least he has a home. He's busting his butt to make a good impression on his boss during the day and struggling to overcome internal conflicts and realize his dreams of being part of the Detroit music scene.

    It seems like everything and everyone is against this brave young man, and the harder he struggles, the deeper he finds himself. Kind of like falling into quicksand... However, he doesn't give up. He's a lyricist of incredible talent, verging well into genius status. The rhymes he can put together will make your head spin with amazement. Music is the only thing that has any meaning at all for Rabbit anymore, it's the only thing that hasn't messed him over. And in that concept, he is definitely a soldier - fighting the rap battles - fighting for respect and to make it as a rapper.

    This is a story of the street in today's world. The story of one man alone against fate. The story of overcoming the obstacles and going up against all the odds. It is a story to inspire hope and warm the heart. It is proof that it can be done. Just because life has dealt you a losing hand, doesn't mean you have to stay with it. Take another draw and don't give up, a little strength, determination, and talent go a heck of a long way. Might even be enough to set you free!

    The DVD contains uncensored Eminem rap battles and a music video. There's also a segment on Eminem's personal insights into the making of 8-Mile. You definitely get more bang for your buck!

    Eminem deserves awards galore for this performance! In this, his debut feature film, that shows yet another facet of this contentious and scrappy personage he is glorious. Teamed with a dynamite soundtrack, you'll be mesmerized from the very first moment until the last strains drift through the speakers.

    When life gets you down, or you are in need of some inspiration, watch this flick. It'll pop you out of the blue funks and give you strength of purpose again.
    [...]...more info
  • One of My Favorite Movies
    As much as I like this movie, I don't own it. So, I see it every now and then, by borrowing it from a neighbor or something. So,
    recently I saw this movie for like the 50eth time. I still really like this movie. Eminem is one of the few singers who can seamlessly cross over from singing to acting. I do however think that we will probably never see Eminem in another movie. The only reason I saw this movie was due to the fact that I liked Eminem, but the movie holds on its own, but Eminem does real well. I've read a couple reviews where people said: "Oh, Eminem is just playing himself, it's not even a performance." In a sense he is playing himself. But what people don't realize is that playing yourself is sometimes harder to do then playing someone else. This movie is very very loosely based on accounts in Eminems life, so people need to stop saying its a biography. It's NOT! Anyway, Eminem plays Jimmy Smith Jr, or Jimmy, or
    Rabbit, or B-Rabbit, or yet again, Bunny Rabbit. Rabbit is (obviously) a white rapper living in Detroit who heads to the Shelter, a rap club, almost every night and gets stage fright, or chokes. Whatever you want to call it. The only person who sees how talented Rabbit really is, is Future(Mekhi Phifer,
    Dawn of the Dead). Future is kind of Rabbits mentor. Like Mr.Miyagi was to Daniel in "The Karate Kid". Rabbit lives at home with his mom (Kim Basinger, The Door in the Floor) and his sister Lilly. The sister is semi-based on Eminems daughter Hailie. He works at a stamping factory and thats where he meets
    Alex (Brittany Murphy, Little Black Book). Alex is kind of a free spirited...Sl*t. To say the least ya know. So, we have:
    Rabbits Mom: Based on Ems Mom. Except the love in this movie is a lot stronger.
    Alex: Seems to be a little like Kim. Anyone?
    So, yes. In a sense its a biography. But this is a very entertaining and terrific film. You don't have to like rap, you don't have to like Eminem. But you should like this film.A+...more info
  • 8 miles from da ghettoville!
    If your into white trailer trash wigger poser tough guy stuff or just feel sympathy for a white trailer trash loser who just didn't seem to have a perfect life then this gimmick of a saga movie is recommended just for all you white trash bedwetters out there who just want to become black and start living the fantasy of a gangsters paradise WORD!. This movie was so incredibly retarded they should have played this just on mtv never on VH1. Why did this movies price dropped to 1 cent on amazon? because this movie was stupid as hell eminem didn't really have a hard life his life was not perfect and who's idea was it to have britteny muphy to play as kim and kim basinger to play as eminems mommy *cough mommas boy! cough*. It's a shame that alot of people eat it from talentless guys like eminem who plague the world with thier so called music....more info
  • A cliched, boring, predictable movie
    The acting is deplorable. Eminem has 2 forms - Angry and violent and angry and thoughtful. This is a man's Cinderella story - rags to riches- Oh, the oppression! As if he was some tortured artist with a real message.
    The main problem with the hype surrounding this movie is that it misleads you into thinking that what you are seeing is something original, something that has not been done a thousand times before. It promises us that the film will be frighteningly realistic and distrubing, with performances so honest, because much of it is Eminem's so-called life story.
    The ending is so predictable you just wait there bored, waiting for it to eventually get there, and hoping that just maybe the film will surprise you along the way. It never does. This film is an embarrassment to film making!...more info
  • It was good until I matured
    When I first saw this movie, I liked Eminem and his music. This was before Lose Yourself become a hit and his 3rd cd came out. I cant stand this movie anymore because it made me realize Eminem is out for sympathy and money from his fans, and they'd eat the crap that comes from ass. Eminem fans are sick, people who worship and like him are the dumbest people on the planet. He had talent and wasted it on a film about how hard his life was, even has 50 Cent's life story coming to a theater near you! Im so sick of Em and his life story, its been over played and so many other artist have suffered worse then Eminem. Who cares about the thousands of artist who suffered worse then Eminem in there life but they keep there mouth shut and dont release it to the public for money like Eminem does. ...more info
  • Marshall Mathers shines through Eminem
    Simply said, this movie is more than worth your time. Eminem, Marshall Mathers, shines in music but has also proven to shine on film. Set along the film's title, 8 Mile in Detroit, Marshall Mathers acts as Jimmy Smith Jr., a "poor little white boy" on the wrong side of 8 Mile trying to make it big in the rap world. In 2002, at the time of the film, 8 Mile was and is essentially the boundary between city and slum- between white and black. It is also a psychological dividing line that separates Jimmy from where and who he wants to be. Jimmy was born on the wrong side of 8 mile with the wrong skin color and on top of it all lives with his alcoholic mother (Kim Basinger) and kid sister in a trailer park. Inside 8 Mile you have "real world" credentials, and outside you don't. To gain these credentials in Jimmy's world you must compete in verbal rap "battles" where each competitor gets forty-five seconds to ad lib to music. The point: to vocally destroy your opponent. The winner: the man (or woman) with best crowd reaction. Battling under the alias B Rabbit, Jimmy Smith Jr. endures physical and verbal battles in which he and his friends are threatened, belittled, and through it all overcome.

    Eminem does a phenomenal job as Jimmy Smith Jr. Emotions are written on his beaten and bruised pale white face and in his incredibly deep blue eyes. He really feels what he acts. He shows so convincingly, despair and fear, sensitivity and love. I sat through the whole movie amazed and entranced. Eminem, the vulgar, publicly criticized, outspoken, free-minded rapper brings to the public eye the pollution of innocence. He comes through to the viewer as a slightly defected angel cast in to a brutal world. Greed, power and lust rule in the world of 8 mile. Taking place in a time span no longer than a week, Jimmy amazingly introduced both his heart and his head. The setting itself displayed the sadness of the story. The scenes were gray and the lighting was dim. The city itself was dirty and sadness shone on the majority of the residents' faces. Jimmy's sweet songs to his sister Lily (Chloe Greenfield) and sincere talks with Cheddar [MC] Bob (Evan Jones) and other friends shine a light of hope onto an otherwise dreary situation.

    Marshall grew up in Detroit and made his start in the local "battles." This movie is very possibly telling a fictionalized "life story" of his rise to stardom. He says, "We took some things that happened in my life and put 'em in the movie, and maybe twisted 'em a little bit, and added some things, and took out some things. Put it this way, if it was based on my life, then it would limit me to things I could do, and there would be certain guidelines we had to follow, but with this character, it's like, it's cool because I can do other things with him that ain't me." Influenced by everyday city life: street signs, graffiti, the coffee shop, Jimmy Smith and Eminem form the lyrics that one day lead to fame.

    The reasoning behind the heartfelt acting: the movie was from the heart. Jimmy's acts of protection of his sister greatly represent the way he wants to protect his daughter, Hailie. In `Mockingbird,' he "sings":
    "All the things growing up his daddy that he had to see
    Daddy don't want you to see but you see just as much as he did...
    Now hush little baby, don't you cry
    Everything's gonna be alright."
    In Eminem's world, friendship means a bond just as it does in Jimmy's world. Betrayal is betrayal no matter the face that it carries. Jimmy was betrayed by Alex (Brittany Murphy) an aspiring model, just as Marshall was betrayed by his wife and mother of his child.

    This is an EXCELLENT film. Whether expressing "to date" real life or exaggerated hardships, it is quite obvious that there is much more behind the "gangsta" appearance of Detroit. And to the DVD itself, there are many excellent features that lead you into 8 Mile as well as the "superman" music video and an interview with Eminem himself. If you are not tolerant of profanity however, you may want to reconsider this film as a "movie night" selection. There is very good reasoning behind the R rating of this film. The coupling of "mother" and it's seemingly partner word can be, I'm sure, quite offensive and is not the only `creative' insult heard. Also, there are a few lude scenes, mainly two, that are quite graphic and expressive. There are street fights and trailer fights, gunfights and fistfights. The sexual scenes are very intense, as are most of the scenes throughout the film. Intense is an excellent one-word description of 8 Mile. I loved it. I can see past the vulgarity and language, nudity and violence into the heart of Eminem and all that he wanted to express.

    "Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity
    to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment,
    would you capture it, or just let it slip "
    Taken from Eminem's song `Lose yourself,' these lyrics perfectly state the main message behind the movie. You will always have that one shot... it's your choice to take it and your choice if you make it.

    ...more info
  • 1 Shot...
    I remember when this movie was coming out. At the time I thought it was supposed to be Eminem's life story or something. Then after seeing the movie, I knew it was definitely not. Maybe somewhat but definitely not what I thought it was going to be. Honestly I don't know much about his life other than he hates his ex Kim and he is ticked at his Mom.

    8 Mile is a pretty good movie though on its own. The dreams of a white man making it in what most consider a black mans game. Sure, some have and were basically one hit wonders like Vanilla Ice and maybe even Snow (was he white?). Some were amazing like the Beastie Boys and even Eminem himself. Sure we never really see the rapping part take off like in Hustle and Flow [Blu-ray], but we do see him 'battle' which is two guys facing off and free styling, which I consider harder than rapping since you basically coming up with rhymes on the spot.

    Eminem plays Rabbit/Jimmy and is a kid basically living out of a garbage bag. With a dead end job for his future, the only thing Rabbit dreams for is a better future for himself and for his sister who lives with her bad/decent mom. And the only thing he has going for him is rap... and he's really good at it. He mainly just wants to record his music, but having no money, he can't really get studio time without help. So to pass the time he goes to a place where people battle to earn respect and recognition. And really that's basically the gist of the movie.

    Eminem actually plays a good role, even it probably wasn't to tough to basically play himself. Kim Basinger plays his mom and does a really god job. One minute you like her and the next minute you want to scream at her saying 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?'. Brittany Murphy is also in here and really didn't need to be. I hated her role. She just seemed like some drugged out hooker to me the whole time.

    Though I liked the movie, I also don't really care for it... but... then I did like it also. Weird I know. Right when I would start getting bored with parts or rolling my eyes at parts, they would make me laugh or just get really interested again. For scene has Rabbit and his friend working on his car and the friend is trying to get him to come battle next week. We get it already...Rabbit is good and needs to battle. And then you hear 'Sweet Home Alabama' playing from inside the trailer and Rabbit and his friend start free styling to it and it really sounded good...which made me get interested again. I don't know...kinda hard to explain I guess.

    In the end I would say rent it if anything. The last 3 battles were really good on Em's part.

    P.S. Why did the only 2 other white dudes in the movie have to be REALLY dumb or REALLY redneck white trash? I thought that was funny.
    ...more info
  • Eminem gives us an entertaining masterpiece!
    There are many aspects to 8 Mile that I loved! There were no stupid plot twists. The relationships are believable! Eminem plays Jimmy "Rabbit" Smith who has a hidden talent in rap & his friends contuniously incourage him to pursue a rap career. It's hard for Jimmy at first cause he is white & it's hard for him to find someone to be nice to him in that business. It is a cruel world at times & 8 Mile captures that quite well! Brittany Murphy is quite sexy in this role & the best part, unlike Jessica Simpson, she can actually act & she makes her performance more believeable than it could be! Now, 8 Mile might not be everyone's cup of tea cause it is a drama, there is lots yelling & it is a very dark movie. But for me, that's what it makes interesting! I'm not a fan corny movies & this movie is far from that. Eminem is one fine actor & I question why he didn't do more movies because this is one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a while! Rappers in general, I find, tend to be better actors then pop stars/actresses just because the movies they do tend to be darker without the cheesy plot twists & 8 Mile is definitely worth your time!...more info
  • 8 Mile, the best movie of all time!
    Well, you've read the title, 8 Mile is the best movie of all time. It stars Eminem, & some other cool actors. This movie shows what it was like where Eminem grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. How he struggled, what he had to go through. This is a great movie for all Eminem fans, even non-Eminem fans will love this movie. I hope that Eminem plays in another movie sometime in the near future. Buy this movie, you'll love it!...more info
  • Eminem raps!
    If you want a full review of this DVD, there are many excellent ones written here. But here are some highlights and food for thought not covered elsewhere. When you watch this DVD, look for these underlying themes:

    + Eminem's "friends" think they are talented rappers, but they all really know that Eminem is king here, and are scheming for ways to profit from his success. Glaring examples are "Future" (to promote his joint), and Wink trying to hitch Eminem with his make-believe rap production connections.

    + Time after time again, his "friends" let him down when instead they could help. Examples:

    ++ His car breaks down over and over, and they are all standing by. But whenever he gets his car fixed (a number of times), then they jump inside the car to have fun. Eminem knows and has the motivation to fix his car, both of which are glaringly absent in his "friends". Reinforcing young black men's cliches? I wonder ...
    ++ His mom is in this relationship with their past classmate. What do they do? They mockingly "line up" to be her next mate.
    ++ On the fight scene with Papa Doc's troops, only Cheddar (Bob) comes up with a real weapon to match Papa Doc's, which flashed last time. When Cheddar shoots himself, only Eminem presses down the wound and otherwise takes definite action to take him to the hospital to save his life. The other ones are again standing by a pole. "Future" dissappears to "pray".
    ++ Wink tries to befriend "Rabbit" while at the same time hangs with his nemesis "Papa Doc". And lays with Alex(a) in the studio, knowing that Eminem is interested in her.
    ++ In general, his "friends" are simply hanging around and generally "along for the ride". He, and in a lesser way Cheddar and Alex(a), are the only ones really showing any semblance of character and taking charge of their life. Since all three are white, one again wonders about black's cliches here. And about a Mesianic, "save me" attitude, versus a "take charge" in what they can. However, look at the "tough love" he briefly receives from a coworker, and from the security guard, both of which are of color. A break from these cliches.

    + Jeannine, Alex(a) and other girls in his life, even his mom, are shown to be only out for their cut of the pie. His pie. The only ones who are a real emotional support to him are, in a small way, his mom, and Lilly, his little sister. The latter is (in real life) a little friend of Eminem's daughter, who did her acting in a quite realistic way that could only come up from a real-life friendship with Eminem. Eminem and Lilly's filial relationship has an emotional intensity that brings out an caring and providing Eminem that you would not expect in a rapper.
    Also notice Eminem's motivation to burn an abandoned house (like the one used in raping a little girl, according to the news) when Lilly's name is brought up in the conversation. And Alex(a) does not miss out on that cue.

    Cheddar Bob is there mostly as a comic relief. His name and his behavior suggests that his brain seems to have some holes where gray matter is missing. But watch him closely, as he, Eminem and his mother slowly realize that the people around them not only are not of help but actually a distraction and even a hindrance to their betterment.
    ...more info
  • The Real Eminem?
    Im not an Eminem fan and I would never have watched this film by my own choice, but having said that - I enjoyed it. So there is obviously something in there to turn it around.
    Ok, so I had absolutely no idea what people were saying for vast amounts of the film, I just managed to keep a hold of what was being rapped during the 'battles' and I followed the story by keeping my wits and looking for advice from the other people watching.

    The story basically follows the young white rapper 'Bunny Rabbit' (How this guy got into as few fights as we saw with that name I didn't know) as he struggled, not so much to get noticed and recognised, but to pull out of himself the raw talent he and his friends knew he had.

    Until this film he was an unknown, but respected within his group as good. By the end of this film by overcoming a variety of problems, being knocked back, getting a little luck, but overall walking in the right direction and trying to keep life on track (in a very subtle unspoken way too) he becomes a man who has opened a door, expressed his talent, proven he can cut it.

    At times some of the things that happen appear almost random, without justification or motive, but then, that is not to say its wrong. That is obviously the way life works here. Its not so much a feature film as a semi fictional documentary to give you some insight, some fun and some shocks. Its certainly enjoyable whether a fan of Eminem or not, in fact the only song from the soundtrack that seems to appear in the film is the title track. Its true if you hate rap you are going to hate this film, but liking it is not so much a requirement as an added benefit.

    My only real down point was that come the end, it finished. Abruptly. Walking off 'into the sunset' goes our young Eminem with so many unanswered questions. What comes next? What happens to his friends? Where does 'the girl' go? But while I thought about this I think I concluded that its good it finished like that. You can make up your own answers as to where the story goes next and that's not a bad thing in this instance....more info
  • he looked like a guy who could surely do with some sleep.
    This movie is really not as bad as i percieved a typical rap hip hop stereo typical movie,i must admit that this movie had a reasonable and predictable story line it's like i heard it all before! but i must say that eminem can act and kim bassinger was really great in this movie, i dont know but to me all the white folks look like they had lots of sleepless nights, maybe it's just me? it kinda had white trash feel to it, the mood of the movie kinda had a hopeless i want to commit suicide aura, (trivial) but none the less it was entertaining i say it's definitely worth a watch cast you own opinions laterz folks. ...more info
  • "8 Mile" - Loved it!
    Although Eminem set out to make the movie with the determination that he didn't want to be in an "Eminem movie", it is hard to argue that "8 Mile" is not "Eminem movie" completely. The similarties between Rabbit and Eminem are hard to ingore. Maybe that is one of the reasons that Eminem's performance in this book is surprisingly professional and excellent. The director used the word "raw" to describe him, mainly because he's never been in a movie before. It is almost impossible to spot any trait of inexperience in Eminem's acting. It almost seemed as if he was born to be a hollywood movie star and has been acting for years. That is probably why Eminem's undefeatable talent attracts millions of audience and fans.
    If you like Eminem, this movie would be thoroughly enjoyable for you. ...more info
  • New Respect
    I've never been a very big fan of Eminem/Marshall Mathers/Slim Shady. However, his performance in "8 Mile," along with the compelling plotline of growing up in a tough, primarily black neighborhood as a white kid, made me respect him a little more than I have in the past. The story shows us the trials and tribulations of a white kid growing up in a broken home with an alcholic mother in a rundown trailer park. He faces poverty, racism, abuse from his mother and a myriad of others, as well as the typical doubts of a young man on the edge of adulthood. This entire film is played out like a country song in rap mode.

    This is a very fine story. If you can look beyond the vulgar language(acceptable in this atmosphere), you'll find that there is a gritty and true story to "8 Mile." Even though Eminem's character has so many tough breaks, you learn that it is with a strong supporting group of friends and believing in yourself that you can become successful at anything you put your heart into.

    Highly recommended, though there is a heavy amount of coarse language(as stated before, it fits this film). Also, keep the youngsters away from this film. It's R-rated for a good reason. For those concerned, keep in mind that this movie is full of verbal and physical abuse and some very tense moments. It also has a little sensuality in it. Definitely for adults only....more info
  • It's not as crappy as I thought I would be
    Imagine you've been ditched by your girlfriend (she's told you she's pregnant), you've lost your job, your mum's banging one of your old schoolmates and your car won't start - just some of the many trials borne by James Smith Jr. aka Jimmy Rabbit. 8 Mile marks Eminem's acting debut in this Curtis Hanson directed movie. Also responsible for LA Confidential and Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Hanson certainly knows how to hone an emotional edge to his films. Set in Detroit, the film charts the frustrations of Jimmy Rabbit, Rabbit because he's fast and likes to f**k a lot. It's a fairly generic tale of gangland goings-on where the dream of fame and breaking out of the ghetto keeps hope alive (vis-a-vis Saturday Night Fever, Quadrophenia or even Rocky). The quirk in this tale is that B Rabbit is a white rapper in a black man's world and has to compete and respond to the racial diss that this entails.

    The film opens at a 'rap battle' at the The Shelter club where compere and friend Future (played by Mekhi Pfifer in an excellent support role) builds up 'Bunny Rabbit' to compete with L'il Tic, rival rapper of the Free World rap gang. Supported by Future and his 'brothers' from the 3-1-3 gang, Rabbit prepares for battle by heaving his guts out, locked in washrooms that you would rather not see than visit. After 'choking' with stage fright, Rabbit gets booed off the stage with contempt by the crowd of blacks and 'spics. The film then follows the following week until the mother of all rap battles takes place against the champion 'Papa-Doc' of Free World. Along the way, tramp-love interest Alex (played by sexy Brittany Murphy), the brothers and Kim Bassinger as Rabbit's trailer park mama all put in fine performances played against the backdrop of a bleak, run-down Detroit and the New Detroit Stamping Foundry. The film gets its name after the 8 mile Road, so named because it is 8 miles out from the town centre and marks the boundary between the run-down ghettos of downtown and more upmarket suburbs populated by white trailer trash and the more salubrious areas and casinos.

    The plot is hardly complicated or involved, but what makes the film for me is its credibility and insight into an area of life where none of us likely want to or are able to go. There's plenty of sideline activity away from Eminem, whether it's the beautifully timed, plain dumb antics of 'spic Cheddar Bob, the home spun philosophy of DJ Iz or the wide-eyed innocence of Rabbit's little sister Lilly (played by the 3 year old Chloe Greenfield). There's no time to get bored and one can only marvel at the mental and linguistic agility of the rappers, many of whom are genuine. The story also parallels the life of Eminem who rapped, as the story goes, from the age of 4 and entered the Rap Olympics in Los Angeles in 1997 desperate to win the $1500 prize (he came 2nd!). What of Eminem? Well, aside from his obvious virtuosity as a rapper, this 'dawg' is one natural actor with a stage presence and smouldering intensity that is impossible to ignore - somewhat reminiscent of Russell Crowe, whose big break also came in a Kim Bassinger film directed by Hanson. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him in a few years again at the Academy Awards picking up another Oscar, this time for acting. The film is beautifully crafted and builds up to a worthy finale.

    For those concerned about the language - yep, there's every manner of sexual innuendo but I didn't find it offensive in this context - I just had to remember to moderate the jive when taking a trip to the local 7/11. There's a modicum of violence, but much less so than in many blockbusters of today, and the sex scenes managed to convey the message without being needlessly voyeuristic or explicit.
    ...more info
  • 8 miles from da ghettoville!
    If your into white trailer trash wigger poser tough guy stuff or just feel sympathy for a white trailer trash loser who just didn't seem to have a perfect life then this gimmick of a saga movie is recommended just for all you white trash bedwetters out there who just want to become black and start living the fantasy of a gangsters paradise WORD!. This movie was so incredibly retarded they should have played this just on mtv never on VH1. Why did this movies price dropped to 1 cent on amazon? because this movie was stupid as hell eminem didn't really have a hard life his life was not perfect and who's idea was it to have britteny muphy to play as kim and kim basinger to play as eminems mommy *cough mommas boy! cough*. It's a shame that alot of people eat it from talentless guys like eminem who plague the world with thier so called music....more info
  • 8 miles from da ghettoville!
    If your into white trailer trash wigger poser tough guy stuff or just feel sympathy for a white trailer trash loser who just didn't seem to have a perfect life then this gimmick of a saga movie is recommended just for all you white trash bedwetters out there who just want to become black and start living the fantasy of a gangsters paradise WORD!. This movie was so incredibly retarded they should have played this just on mtv never on VH1. Why did this movies price dropped to 1 cent on amazon? because this movie was stupid as hell eminem didn't really have a hard life his life was not perfect and who's idea was it to have britteny muphy to play as kim and kim basinger to play as eminems mommy *cough mommas boy! cough*. It's a shame that alot of people eat it from talentless guys like eminem who plague the world with thier so called music....more info