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Leatherman Squirt S4 375816
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Product Description

"Sleek and stylish define the Squirt S4. New to the Juice family, this scissors-based multi-tool offers the same tiny size and contoured anodized aluminum handles as the P4. Along with scissors and three screwdrivers, the S4 comes with replaceable tweez

Customer Reviews:

  • my husband loves this
    i got this for my husband for his birthday and he loves it. its actually the 2nd one he has owned (the first got confiscated at a political rally because he forgot to take it out of his pocket) i especially like the scissors that are big enough to actually be of use (unlike most pocket knives)...more info
  • Great gift
    I bought these as a gift for my friend. Just be careful the S4 means scissors and the P4 means pliers... they are a great little gift to have on your keychain....more info
  • Great Squirt
    I have owned seveal leathermans, and I still have them all, they will last a life time and Leatherman will stand behind there products. This Squirt is very lite and has all one will need for those times when you need a screwdriver or a sharp knife. They are great everyone should own one....more info
  • Awesome tool-in-a-pocket!
    This little bugger is a tool I can't be without! I've owned the Leatherman Squirt for over a year now and use it in various ways. I like it because it is more than a pocketknife. I use the scissors most of the time, but also the small screwdrivers. I work with audio equipment, cabling and packaging. This is such a compact convenient tool with dozens of uses. ...more info
  • Super Useful Tool for your Keychain
    I love the squirt. Perfect size versus functionality. The scissors and sharp knife are most useful. I always carry it around and for many years have found uses for it multiple times a week from simple little things to "oh, I can use my leatherman for that" kind of things. Top quality, I love it....more info
  • Nice Tool
    I purchased the Squirt S4 for my daughter in law as a Christmas gift. She loves it and uses it pretty much daily. She takes it with her wherever she goes. I suggested she not take it to the airport as I have heard stories of these being confiscated.
    I did a lot of looking for the right gift. It had to be a quality piece, nice looking, not too big and heavy, and yet be fully functional. I think this little jewel delivers on all accounts. Thank you Leatherman, and thank you Amazon for the great price and quick processing and delivery....more info
  • nice product
    this mimi tool is beatufly made and has excellent functions for its size. i will shortly order another for a gift to someone who will appreciat it. thanks...more info
  • The Squirt isn't just a, "squirt"!
    I lost my Leatherman Micra by forgetting to pack it before going to airport security! The Squirt was a replacement. The scissors work better, having the tools on the outside is a great improvement. I'm sorry I lost the Micra, but the Squirt more than replaces it!...more info
  • Leatherman Squirt multitool
    I gave this as a gift to my boss who has "everything". I wasn't sure if he would be thrilled but I was pleasantly surprised when he absolutely loved it. He couldn't stop talking about it. He says he uses it for everything and anything. The size makes it convenient to carry around and keep it handy for any emergency....more info
  • The best small multi-tool.
    If you are a man, here is what you need:

    A quiet demeanor.
    A good set of tools.
    A good pocket knife/multi-tool.

    In my quest for the meaning of life, the Leatherman Squirts are the best small multi-tools. I feel naked without it. The small Victorinox and Gerbers just cannot compare....more info
  • nice pocket knife
    This tool works well for me. I only gave it 4 stars since the knife blade hangs occasionally. I left it at home a couple of times and of course those were the days a pair of scissors would have been handy. I always carry it now....more info
  • Poor quality
    When I got this, the blade looked like it was thin and of lower quality. Sure enough, the tip chipped off three months later, doing something that I had no problem with while using a Leatherman Micra. In general, it's a very portable tool that is easily carried around, and should be used for small tasks....more info