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Undercover Brother
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  • Get a grip Kenneth Lehman!!
    Duh!!This movie was making fun of white and black people. The whole point was to be a parody and not to take it so seriously. Anybody that can watch Austin Powers ( which really isn't funny) can sit through this movie....more info
  • Undercover Brother Funniest Film Since Tommy Boy
    If you love the comedy of Chris Farley, or maybe the genius of Mel Brooks, Undercover Brother will satisfy until the end! Though not made by SNL Studios, you wouldn't doubt it if I told you it was. Chris Katan is absolutely off the wall in this film, one of the best roles I've seen him in. If you liked his hilarious style in Night at the Roxbury, you'll definatly enjoy his charisma in Undercover Brother. Eddie Griffin makes the movie come to comedic life from the start. He absolutely has enough soul for the role! The movie is fun thoughout and dosen't have to fall to low levels to get you to laugh! It is a clean, fun, 70s-funk film that will leave you sore from laughing!...more info
  • A huge waste of time
    For those of you who have likened this piece of ... movie to Austin Powers, think again. In the first place, this is a blatent spoof of AP, the differences being only the largely black cast and the fact that this movie isn't funny. Doing a spoof of a spoof is a rediculous idea and should never be attempted. Not only is this movie not funny, but it is unoriginal, written poorly and a complete waste of time. Avoid this movie at all costs....more info
  • One great very funny movie!
    this is a must for anyones movie collection who likes to laugh! I highly reccomend this movie....more info
  • Pretty good, but rent it instead...
    Very Hilarious the first time I watched it, but watching it again a second time, it just seemed to get stupid and old already... you'd all be better off just renting this one.......more info
  • undercover brother
    I have watched this movie three times and I am still laughing. A friend watched it also and he loved it. ...more info
  • What The Funk?
    I read a couple of the negative reviews and all I have to say is ARE YOU PEOPLE DEAD OR WHAT! This movie was hilarious. I laughed all the way through. All the characters were on the money and it says a lot about the actors when they can come together and make fun of each other's cultures. Maybe there is some hope for society....more info
  • Wasn't what I expected, but still funny in spots
    First of all, this movie was not what I expected it to be. I expected non-stop comedy, but what I got was spot comedy. In other words, it was funny in spots. It was easy to tell that this was not only a spoof of blaxploitation movies, but also of Austin Powers, which is a spoof of James Bond. I never heard of spoofing a spoof, but I guess anything can be accomplished. This is nowhere close to Austin Powers, but it is still fairly decent. This movie basically uses the same old plot, with "The Man" trying to run things and take over every aspect of life as it concerns African-Americans. This movie just emphasizes and pokes fun at the many stereotypes that are out there floating around and also touches on affirmative action. Stereotypes like black people eat a lot of fried chicken. "The Man" even tries to control the minds of black people by getting General Boutwell (Billy Dee Williams) to open up a chain of fried chicken joints instead of running for President. He places a mind control drug in the chicken so he will be able to tell black people what to do. Now all of you know.....that that would really work, because most black people I know-including myself-love some chicken!! LOL Don't even deny it! Other stereotypes that are touched on are that white people are chipper and wear tight khakis. Also, white people like a lot of mayonnaise. Black people don't pronounce E's and R's. Black people love hot sauce-which they do. Black men have a weakness for pretty white females. Any black man that can talk is always said to be "well-spoken", like it's some kind of shock that there are some pretty smart brothers in the world. Black men have bigger you know what's. Once you go black you never go back. I mean they pretty much threw them all up in there. Now I know all of these stereotypes are not totally true, but they are out there. I also think that it's good to be able to laugh at them. So those of you who are incensed about the movie....lighten's just comedy. I do agree that there would probably be a march on Washington if it were the other way around, and that's unfortunate. What I have seen is that African-Americans are more than willing to touch on stereotypes of white people, but when the shoe is on the other foot sensitivity runs high. It shouldn't be that way, but nevertheless it is that way in most cases. Anyway, Eddie Griffin's character (U.B.) and Dave Chappelle's character (Conspiracy Brother) save this movie for me. Eddie Griffin keeps the movie moving. Dave Chappelle throws in some pretty outrageous conspiracies in between. I thought that Chris Kattan was a little over the top, but then again he's always over the top. I will say that Billy Dee is as cool as ever. I thought the plot was really watered-down and at times seemed like the movie was reaching at certain points. Another thing that saved this movie is that there were two beautiful women, Aunjanue Ellis and Denise Richards. Denise Richards is fine! Anyway, don't have high expectations when you watch this movie. This is low-ball humor at it's best. On the other hand, you'll love the soundtrack. All I can say is....I want the funk, gotta have that funk. Peace...more info
  • "You mess with tha 'fro, you got ta go!"
    UNDERCOVER BROTHER is an intermittently funny spoof of 70s blaxploitation films, but you'd expect a white boy like me to say that. Eddie Griffin plays the title character, a hip undercover cop who wages war against The Man, who is (predictably) the evil boss of a corrupt multinational corporation, who wants "The White House to stay white". In order to achieve this The Man kidnaps the General (Billy Dee Williams) in order to launch operation Whitewash, a ploy to turn blacks over to white culture by contaminating the General's (not the Colonel's) famous Fried Chicken. (You know, if this was reversed, this movie probably wouldn't be able to play. Stupid huh?). Undercover Brother is assigned to rescue the General with the aid of his Brotherhood collegues Agent Sistah Girl and Conspiracy Brother. But the corps has sent their own secret weapon after UB, Penelope Snow (Denise Richards)- "Black Man's Kryptonite".
    How funny you find UNDERCOVER BROTHER probably depends on how big a fan you are of the old '70s blaxploitation movies. 007 fans may be amused by the villains obligatory island lair which rips off MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. Also co-stars Neil Patrick Harris (remember DOOGIE HOWSER?). But the personal highlight for me was Denise Richards wearing a skintight white latex catsuit for the entire movie. Meee-oww! Charlie Sheen's a lucky man! Look out for several gags in the end credits sending up popular African American films. UNDERCOVER BROTHER is an OK movie to watch with a group of friends, but its not about to turn into the next AUSTIN POWERS type franchise anytime soon....more info
  • lighten up people
    for all of you people saying this is a racist movie, lighten up, it's all about making fun of the stereotypes whites have against blacks and vice versa, sure it was immature humor most of the time, but what the hell is matur humor anyway, this is the single funniest movie i've ever seen...more info
  • This is the best movie I've seen all year!
    This is the best movie I've seen all year!...more info
  • Denise Richards
    I haven't seen this yet, but look at Denise Richards on the cover.

    Wow! I give her 5 stars!...more info
  • This Movie Is The Bomb!!!!!!!!
    This movie is funny. It`s fun to watch. I`ve seen this movie a million times. It gets better and better. I was singing every song on there. My mom and my brother don`t like this movie.My mom think it`s silly and my brother think it`s boring. My brother ain`t even seen the whole movie and he saying it`s boring. My mom seen the whole movie and she don`t like it. I`ve been trying to convince him that this is a funny movie. My favorite character is Eddie Griffin and Dave Chappelle. They both funny. I like the part when Eddie Griffin threw two pics at those two men. This movie is good and funny. I won`t never get tired of this movie at all. I can watch this movie everyday. I wish i was undercover brother and do all those tricks he do. This movie gets 5 out of 5....more info
  • What The Funk?
    I read a couple of the negative reviews and all I have to say is ARE YOU PEOPLE DEAD OR WHAT! This movie was hilarious. I laughed all the way through. All the characters were on the money and it says a lot about the actors when they can come together and make fun of each other's ethniticity. Maybe there is some hope for society....more info
  • Sort of a reverse "Blazing Saddles"
    This movie is, as a whole, more interesting than good, and makes the case for DVDs with deleted scenes and for internet animation.

    Like "Blazing Saddles," its easy to mistake the humor in the film as racist, but careful viewers will note that this movie is actually a spoof of black attitudes about whites (and vice-versa, as is the case with "Blazing Saddles"). Anyone familiar with barbershop talk in Black comunities about the "whites as devils " (ie, the "White She Devil" character), wild conspiracy theories about "the man" being behind all Black people's problems, etc. will understand the roots of the comedy here.

    As usual, I found the deleted scenes the most interesting. There is a wonderful flashback scene where the young Undercover Brother listens to his father (Robert Townshend of Hollywood Shuffle) and 70s icon Bernadette Stanis-Thelma of "Good Times" as his mother. The alternative ending was a bit wack, but at least it's interesting to compare the two.

    The original Undercover Brother internet cartoons are quite bizarre, but based on the conspiracy angle of the film's humor and features the original animated versions of the same characters. Once again, interesting to compare. The one about UB foiling a plot to get all blacks off of television puts the "edge" in edgy humor. This made me really appreciate the phenomenon of internet animation, as there would otherwise be no other outlet for these kinds of cartoons.

    So see the movie, then dig the deleted scenes and the original cartoons, as they are interesting as well as entertaining. ...more info
  • My new fav movie, can you dig it?
    I thought this movie was a laugh a minute. I love the 70's, and loved this movie. ...more info
  • Only Fitfully Funny
    A thin premise is stretched to its limits in this black riff on Austin Powers and the Naked Gun movies. Dave Chapelle's Conspiracy Brother is the only consistently funny character, and the storyline often sputters. The big showdown between UB and Feather Man, set to Michael Jackson's "Beat It," is the highlight of the movie, but it comes too late to lift the overall rating out of the doldrums. If Amazon allowed half stars I'd give this 2.5...more info
  • Very Funny!
    This could be considered an Austin Powers rip off, but it is beyond that. The main character, played by Eddie Griffin, dresses like a person out of his time period, but he is not buffoonish. The supporting cast work very well together. Overall, the movie is very funny and not just a "black" movie. My fear is that the movie will get dated because of the large amount of current references. Even "You Go Girl" is already getting dated....more info
  • "Austin Powers" meets "Shaft"
    I have seen Undercover Brother, and hands down, it is one of the funniest movies, I have ever seen. It might be racist, but it is still funny. I even liked the part where the chief kept hating on Conspiracy Brother (David Chapelle). They even have a great cast: Eddie Grifin, Chris Kattan, Denise Richards, Anjanue Ellis, David Chapelle, Neil Patrick Harris, Gary Anthony Williams, Chi McBride and Billy Dee Williams. For one thing this reminds me alot like Austin Powers, due to it has a retro secret agent. It also reminds me of Shaft. I give this movie a perfect 5 out of 5....more info
  • not that bad.
    I started out watching this movie, and I thought it would be hilarious,it wasnt but still it was a good film, a few gross scenes that will make you laugh , and at the beginning when he is in his car. Youll laugh some, but not all that much...more info
  • Solid!

    It is good to see people laugh at themselves and others, and not take themselves too seriously....more info
  • Once again Chappelle Steals the Show...
    Undercover Brother is a funny movie but not really because of it's star, Eddie Griffin. EG does servicable work as Undercover Brother and occasionally hits some really funny material but once again Dave Chappelle steals the show. This time as an operative for the BROTHERHOOD. As "The Paranoid Brother" Chappelle shines with some great one liners like: "Did you know that George Washington Carver invented the first computer, he did and he used a peanut" or "Here's some weed man, go ahead and smoke some but be careful it makes you paranoid....what's that noise." Billy Dee Williams plays a retired army colonel who is about to run for president but is brainwashed by "the man." Instead of running for president he decided to open a chain of fried chicken stores. His best line, "I used to work for the pentagon, now I help you get your chicken on." Anyway, this is a light-hearted romp with a great soundtrack: P-Funk, Snoop Dogg, Commodores etc. The funniest scenes with Griffen are when he "sells out" and starts dating the white she-devil. Overall, this is a funny movie that will have definite replay value over the years. Recommended....more info
  • Better than Austin Powers, and there's a good reason
    The first Austin Powers is great-- but after that, it's just dragged down by seeing how many guest stars (Britney Spears? hello? She has the shelf-life of stale bread) Mike Myers could fit into it. It just got lame. At least this movie has some legitimate social satire, and doesn't resort to the excessively crude excrement jokes of Myers' comedies. Some of the reviews on this really trash it as being racist-- and any other movie, ultimately, isn't? Had the respectable actors (Eddie Griffin, Dave Chapelle, et. al) felt that it was a racist movie, they wouldn't have starred in it-- it's not like they're strapping for cash and this was the only thing they could get stuck into. I laughed my head off the first time I saw the movie, and enjoyed how well-timed it is-- the punchlines are delivered at a fast pace (something Austin Powers has failed to do since the first) and it's a heckuva lot cleaner. ...more info
  • undercover brother review cover
    The cover above is the correct cover for this movie. Richaerson at the time this movie was made had more credentials than the other actors. However, the African American Actress should not be on the back of the package as in the case of my purchase. The original package should not be changed.

    Thank you...more info
  • Whitey liked this movie
    Grimacing through Austin Powers's admittedly garish fest of sex and bathroom jokes, I was initally hesitant about this movie, but decided to give it a chance. Unlike the former, this retro-spy movie spoof is Dynomite in both inside references (everything from Colonel Sanders to The Incredible Hulk) and script.

    The B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. sends it's top Agents Undercover Brother and Sistah Girl out after General Boutwell has been kidapped and brainwashed to uncritically accept mainstream white culture. The agents must find the substance responsible for the transformation, stop The Man from producing/distributing it, and then reverse the effects of "Opperation Whitewash". Undercover Brother must also watch out for the deadly powers of 'White She Devil' (Dennise Richards).

    Best known as 'Doogie Howser' Neil Patrick Harris does an excellent job as Lance, the International Brotherhood's token white guy. Because Lance is one of those 'effeminate' men he cannot exploit black people the way other white men (such as those working for The Man) do. Lance initially considers himself an open-minded person, but this internship teaches him there is still lots of injustice in the world---and he has a role to play in working against it. Having grown up watching Harris on the small screen, seeing his range of comedic acting in this film was a pleasure.

    The only thing seemingly out of kilter was the inclusion of Michael Jackson's 1980's hit "Beat It" in the climactic fight scene near the movie's end. Both the 1970's feel of the movie and Jackson's current status as racially ambigious make that track selection puzzling. Surely there was simmilar mood music from the 1970's. ...more info
  • WHY was this movie made?
    I rented this movie and I'm glad I didn't buy it! Of course, I knew it was going to be bad, but it was even worse then I thought it would be. It is about an organization known as "The Brotherhood" trying to foil an evil plot by a villain known as "The Man." They find Undercover Brother (Eddie Griffin) who is still stuck in the 70s and they use him to foil the man's schemes. After seeing Eddie Griffin in Double Take and in this, I hate him more than ever. He is just not funny. As for Undercover Brother, I have to say it is a movie that should not have been released. All this movie does is make fun of white people every few seconds (none of the jokes are funny, by the way.). I hated the guy who played "Conspiracy Brother" because he was just there to run his mouth throughtout the movie. None of the humor they threw into the scenes were any good. Not even the shower scene with Denise Richards could save this movie. I remember every person on MTV giving their thoughts on Undercover Brother when it came out in theaters. Of course, they thought it was absolutely wonderful. They must have been brain washed(including the people who gave this movie positive reviews), because I cannot see anyone liking this movie at all. Go watch Austin Powers or something. Anything is better than this. Wait, you know what is way better? AMERICAN HISTORY X!...more info
  • Good comedies like this don't happen very often...
    ...Most of the time, the type of comedies we get are teen comedies that pretty much only focus on sexual topics. Not my cup of tea. It's just not funny.

    But here, we have a brilliantly funny comedy about a black man mentally stuck in the 70s who's out their protecting racial equality. We also have "The Brotherhood," a secret organization doing the same thing, consisting of mostly blacks. But they stress the message that you just have to be "down" to be in the brotherhood, and you don't have to be black. At first, it seems like only blacks are welcome. But then they realize that working as an equal team is how the job should really be done, regardless of one's race. So this movie has a good message, despite all the racial jokes.

    But enough of that. This movie is hilarious! The jokes they make about both black culture and white culture kept me laughing all the way through. You can't take it too seriously. If you do, getting offended will come with the territory for you, and that's not what this movie is about. What goes through my head when the jokes are cracked is, "That's exactly how it is!" And I'm a white guy.

    Sure, a lot of the jokes are ones that have been used before. But the WAY they're used in this movie and the creativity behind it all is what made me laugh.

    So if you don't get offended easily by culture jokes, and you're in the mood to laugh a lot, this movie is for you.

    The DVD has good picture and sound for the movie. It even has 5.1 DTS. This DVD also has a good amount of special features that'll keep you occupied as well, including deleted scenes, outtakes, an alternate ending, a behind the scenes look at the movie, a few original cartoons of Undercover Brother that the movie was based on, etc. - most of which kept me entertained.

    Great movie, great DVD!...more info