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Eleven on Top
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Stephanie Plum, Trenton's favorite bondswoman, is having a career crisis, which gives Janet Evanovich plenty of opportunities to showcase her series heroine in a variety of alternative vocations, from dry cleaner to factory worker. Most of them don't last a full working day, which is good for the reader, since it plunges Stephanie back into the always seedy, often dangerous, and always colorful world of fugitives who'd rather flee than face their day in court. She may be tired of having her life threatened, her cars torched or blown up, and her apartment broken into, but one thing she can say about her job is that it's never boring... and neither is she. Despite her intentions of going straight at a job with a little more security and a bit less excitement, an old client won't let her--he keeps leaving her threatening notes, stalking and scaring her, and making sure she needs the protection of the two men in her life--Joe Morelli, the sexy cop who's been bedding her since high school, and Ranger, the even sexier tough guy who can take down the meanest fugitive around but has a tender spot in his heart for the plucky Ms. Plum. All Evanovich fans' favorite characters people this sprightly caper novel, including Lula, the fast-food-chomping former hooker who's hot to take over Stephanie's job but really belongs in a WWE Takedown; Grandma Mazur, who'd rather go to a wake than a fancy-dress ball; Grandma Bella, the matriarch of the Morelli family whose evil eye frightens even the indomitable Stephanie; and Valerie, Stephanie's sister, who's about to embark on another trip to the altar. A great beach read, Eleven on Top is a guilty pleasure that will delight readers of the author's 10 earlier novels and should win her even more fans. --Jane Adams Exclusive Content's Significant Seven
Janet Evanovich kindly agreed to take the life quiz we like to give to all our authors: the Significant Seven.

Q: What book has had the most significant impact on your life?
A: Uncle Scrooge adventures by Carl Barks. They gave me a lifelong love of the adventure story both in film and literature. And I wouldn't mind pushing my quarters around with a bulldozer in real life, either.

Q: You are stranded on a desert island with only one book, one CD, and one DVD--what are they?
A: Book: The Neiman Marcus holiday catalog (I can pretend I'm shopping.)
CD: MTV?s Grind, Volume 1 (Happy music and I love the samba.)
DVD: Shrek 2 (Happy movie.)

Q: What is the worst lie you've ever told?
A: "No. Your butt doesn't look big in those pants." Said to myself.

Q: Describe the perfect writing environment.
A: No phone. Locked door. Room service. Silence. My cat (Gus) on my lap.

Q: If you could write your own epitaph, what would it say?
A: "Later, Dudes!"

Q: Who is the one person living or dead that you would like to have dinner with?
A: Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets)

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
A: The ability to eat Cheez Doodles and Krispy Kremes and never get fat.

The Stephanie Plum Series

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Two for the Dough

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A Stephanie Plum novel from Janet Evanovich--wilder, sexier, and better than ever.

Customer Reviews:

  • Eleven on Top
    Excellent, as all of her Stephanie Plum books are. I can't get enough of them....more info
  • Should be 6 or 7 stars
    I usually don't write reviews for the same series (I mean, how often and how many different ways can you say why you like a book series, eh?) but this was a must write review. Why? Because around the middle of this series things got a little slow, a little creaky, a little uneven. Nothing unusual, really, for a series. Same thing's happened in other series I can think of. But the Stephanie Plum books have bounced back, folks.

    This is a very, very funny book. That is the first thing that must be said. They're all funny, of course, even the books that were a little less than great. But this book is simply brilliant. No, it is not believable. For crying out loud, who would think a book about a former lingerie salesperson turned bounty hunter (in Trenton NJ, no less) was going to be believable anyway? So, yes, this book and the others are over the top. Way, way over the top.

    But brilliantly so. The pacing, the plot (such as it is), the mystery (such as it is), the characters, the dialogue, the scenes, the scenarios, the adventures, all come together in a brilliant, cannot put down, laugh out loud book. I don't think I went more than a page or two without laughing at something that was happening. It is a great Stephanie Plum adventure, typically light on anything that could even vaguely be construed as serious, but hilarious to read.

    You can get a sense of the story itself from other reviews. If you like zany madcap stories that are indeed rather unrealistic, than you should read this series, from the beginning, and as you pass by the middle of the series, keep in mind that the adventures you are reading about (that are still quite good) will get much, much better in later books....more info
  • Janet does it again
    You never have to worry if she's gonna be able to pull it off, this is laugh out loud funny and never disappointing...more info
    I always enjoy this cast of characters. An easy quick read. Great for a plane ride or just before bed or poolside. Wish I had thought of these funny people. But Stephanie is so messy. She is so smart and I would like her to find something that makes her successful....more info
  • Even better the second time around
    I borrowed this the instant it came to the library last year and liked it. This weekend I had to do some plane travel, needed a book, and grabbed this off the news stand. I couldn't remember if the library one had been 10 or 11. As soon as I started it I knew it had been 11, but it was sort of like re-viewing a favorite episode of a favorite sitcom. I just smiled and smiled sitting there, waiting for my flights, occasionally laughing out
    loud, and enjoyed it a lot more than I remember the first time....more info
  • A very informative book...
    ... in which we learn:
    * That Stepahnie Plum's crazy life is not dependent on her being a bounty hunter.
    * That when you've dealt with crazy scumbags for long enough, anonymous death threats are less important than getting to dinner on time
    * That a lack of donuts turns normal women into nymphomaniacs
    * That Disneyworld is a perfectly acceptable alternative to a wedding
    * That when arresting a criminal it's best not to let yourself be seduced and handcuffed to his headboard, lest he run away with your clothes

    and much more. There's not much to say here- this is another Stephanie Plum book. If you liked the previous ones, you'll like this one as well. If you didn't like the previous ones, why would you read another one? But chances are you did like the previous ones because like this one they are well written funny, and full of outrageous characters....more info
  • Disappointing....
    First, I have been a religious fan of this series; I've bought each paperback as soon as it came out and even special-ordered an autographed hardback. I used to check the author's website.
    This book, however, was a major disappointment. I was warned by a friend that the author went backwards with this book, but I still was a believer and unfortunately made the purchase. I don't like the direction she took Stephanie. Perhaps the author is just running out of fresh ideas and is reworking these characters in bizarre angles? This book reminded me of a sit-com that has stayed on tv too long and has gotten silly. I haven't bought any of the books written since this one came out. My advice is to just borrow a copy from the library if you want to read it. And don't expect too much....more info
  • Revving up the Engines
    Stephanie finally is getting comfortable in her own skin. In this episode, she decides that being a bail bondsman is not really "her." She's smart enough to know, however, that she doesn't know what is really "her." By the end of the book, she realizes that the problem is her zany life, and that she was actually pretty good at her job. It's about time. There are plenty of jokes, some of them the standard blown up cars, Grandma Mazur with a gun, etc., but the joke is no longer Stephanie. On a number of occasions she takes independent action, trumping the police, basically solving the murder, and dispensing a moderate amount of violence where appropriate. Good for her. The series had grown a little tired. Good to see that it's gotten a second wind....more info
  • First Novel
    This was the first Stephenie Plum novel I ever read.
    I actually got it from the dollar store. I was a little iffy when I heard of the series, awhile back, but when I caught one in the dollar store I thought, what the hell.

    I loved this book. I laughed out loud many times.
    After this one i had to buy the whole whole series, and I enjoyed ever single one. Some better than others.
    Janet Evanovich is one of my favorite authors. ...more info
    Janet Evanovich's blundering bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, seems to go through as many cars as jobs these days. Sure that it's time to end her career as a bounty hunter, Stephanie quits her Cousin Vinnie's company and applies for a job at the local button factory. Setting a record, the job lasts about a day. Next stop, the Kan Klean dry cleaners. This also turns out to be disastrous when her latest car gets blown up along with the irascible matriarch of the family that owns the business. Next stop, Cluck in a Bucket.

    Meanwhile that loveable character Lula has been promoted to bounty hunter, taking over all of Stephanie's open cases. Somehow she manages to draw Stephanie back in as an unpaid assistant and mooches free Cluck in a Bucket to boot. Thanks to Lula, even though she is technically out of the business, bad guys are still chasing Stephanie. She's convinced that a fellow named Sprio is stalking her, but Spiro was supposed to be dead.

    Enter Ranger, that sexy Latin bounty hunter to the rescue. He hires Steph, effectively removing her from the stream of goofy jobs she has taken, and sets her up in his apartment in his office building so that he can keep an eye on her. Yeah. Right! That doesn't go down too well with her boyfriend, cop Joe Morelli. If you've read other books in the series, you know there's a rivalry between the two. Ranger is like the dream lover... the one you want but are afraid to get involved with. Morelli floats in and out of her life in previous books. You find yourself rooting for her to finally commit to one or the other.

    They lead the reader on a merry chase that includes feisty Grandma Mazur who always wants to get into the act and considers funeral viewings social events. There are surprises and twists in store, but why ruin it for you by revealing what happens. As always, Evanovich crafts an easy read that makes you want to turn the page.

    A CORPSE IN THE SOUP, a funny romp through the world of TV chefs.
    Best Mystery Audio Book 2007 - USA Book news
    ...more info
  • Enjoyable, Funny But. . .
    Enjoyed this one very much to a point. The twist of the Funeral Director being the main nasty, was great. Loved Grandma as usual and Sally. Stephanie's mother finally losing it was long over due and fun with the food fight. Great to finally read that Stephanie is human and will gain weight like all women over 30 who eat tons of cake and doughnuts.

    The triangle between Joe-Stephanie-Ranger is getting way too old. The sexual tension is written well, but boring now. After Ranger telling her that she is "Entertainment" for his company, she is really dense. How many times does she need to be told in so many ways that she is nothing but a nice a place for him to, as Janet phrase is, "he's just not committement material."

    As for the bounty hunting job, that is fun to read. But after all this time and Stephanie's developing "gut" feelings, she should be better at what she does. Lula is a stitch and love to read about the two. But here again, it is getting a wee bit tiring that the pair have not progressed one bit in skill after all this time. And why would the Trenton Police department continue to more or less look the other way when Stephanie does some of these awful illegal things? Just because of Joe? I don't think so? After all one can cover up things for so long before the department would start looking at Joe.

    And for Stephanie's apartment getting broken into all the time. I find it funny and expectant. But after one is almost killed several times, their survival instinct will kick in. She would wnat to get good security.

    I liked Stephanie at RangerMan for employment. Shows really potential for her to grow and develop skills. She could learn more ways to being self sufficent and not to have to get saved by the men all the time.

    I continue to buy the following books but will be not when first released....more info
  • Still a riot but
    As a previous reviewer wrote, do not read this in public. I did the other day on the DC metro and the man next to me said "It's that funny?" Couldn't stop myself. You can't be depressed and read her books.

    However, there are times Stephanie is so dim it borders on the ridiculous. The tension between Ranger and Joe is also getting boring. (Personally, I prefer the sexuality and danger of Ranger; of course, I'm not a commitment type person.) But enough is enough.

    Still, I'm ready for the 12th one and will continue to read them, despite the flaws. I need my laughs....more info
  • Not impressed
    First Evanovich book I've read, and I'm not impressed. This novel was not gripping, thrilling or excited, it was mildly entertaining. Eleven on Top had the highest reader reviews among the Plum series, can't imagine enjoying any of the others....more info
  • Just Ok
    I was a little disappointed with this book. I really enjoy this series and was looking forward to this book. Loved the thought of Stephanie working for Ranger full time but looks like that won't last into the next book. I read these strictly in paperbook because they aren't worth hardback prices. Felt this book's plot didn't really come together and she left the ending out. There's nothing really accomplished. We didn't really learn anything new. Felt like Evanovich wanted to write more but her publishers were yelling at her to finish so she did. Still very funny. Just was disappointed in the character development. Would recommend to anyone that's read the others in the series. Just don't expect a lot....more info
    What a great book! Full of laughs! Not just the "lip curls up, slight smile" you get when you read most books. This book provides many full blown belly laugh that makes this book dangerous to be read in public! People really look at you strangly when you belly-laugh reading a book!

    I bought this book for a trip - never realizing that I was on number eleven of twelve book series! YaHOOOO!! More laughs coming my way! Thanks for the comedy break Janet!...more info
  • If you're into slapstick... might like this book. It was too ridiculous for me and didn't even raise one smile or giggle on my part.

    Why did I read it? Got me. I continue to read Miss Evanovich's books although I know better. Guess there's part of me that likes her work. Go figure....more info
  • You know what to expect by now
    I'm assuming you've read the previous 10 Janet Evanovich novels to get to this point. You laugh at Stephaine Plum and her love interests as she, the most unlikely bondsman, solves her cases. Yeah, yeah, it's funny and I like the characters. The problem is that it's like all her others. You know what to expect and she delivers, but it feels like its all been done before. I don't know if I'm going to keep reading them. I would like to see it turned into a series -- maybe on HBO. Now that might be interesting....more info
  • Eleven on Top
    Another Stephene Plum story that gives it all to you. It has romance, makes you laugh and makes you feel. This is one of my all time favorite authors....more info
  • Oh, Stephanie, when will you learn?
    Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has had enough. After ten solid books' worth of being threatened, roughed up, shot at, fire-bombed, et al, she decides it is time for a career change. But Stephanie soon learns it's not so easy out in the job market, either, what with the harrassment at the button factory and the mean lady who runs the dry cleaners (and don't even ask about the chicken place). She also finds she can't leave her past behind -- between Lula dragging her to chase fugitives off the clock and an old enemy who can't seem to stay dead, Stephanie finds the quiet life ain't so quiet. Add some exploding cars, entanglements with both Morelli and Ranger, and wedding preparations that just get out of hand, and Stephanie Plum starts to miss the good ol' days when she was just a bounty hunter ......more info
  • narrator is awful
    Lorelei King is not very good as narrator. She is certainly not as good as CJ Critt. Lorelei King's voice just isn't right for most of the characters. Every time she says "Stephanie said" or "Ranger said" etc, it stands out and is annoying. CJ Critt has a way of saying those things but disguising it at the same time....more info
  • Good airplane reading
    This is a very light, uncomplicated story with some silly aspects. Works well for reading on the beach or long airplane flight. Stephanie does not really appeal to me, and the two men in her life seem to like her for only one reason, and that's understandable....more info
  • Great Re-read!
    Janet Evanovich did it again! This is one of the Stephanie Plum novels I'm addicted to and can read over and over again. She gets better and better as the series moves along. ...more info