Tucano Second Skins Elements Neoprene Sleeve for Apple 13.3" MacBook + Element Graphics
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The Elements Second Skin is made and designed especially for 13.3" Apple MacBook, It has been custom-made to protect the laptop against scratches, bumps and falls, Furnished with the Anti-Slip System?, an elastic cover positioned under the zipper to protect your equipment from scratches and to prevent slippage, This folder is for every MacBook owner who doesnt want or need a typical notebook carrying case, Ideal when carrying the MacBook in a backpack, suitcase, purse or simply in your hand like a notebook from school

  • The Elements Second Skin is made and designed especially for 13.3" Apple MacBook
  • It has been custom-made to protect the laptop against scratches, bumps and falls
  • Furnished with the Anti-Slip System?, an elastic cover positioned under the zipper to protect your equipment from scratches and to prevent slippage
  • This folder is for every MacBook owner who doesnt want or need a typical notebook carrying case
  • Ideal when carrying the MacBook in a backpack, suitcase, purse or simply in your hand like a notebook from school

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice little sleve!
    Wish it had a strap of some sort, but I knew that before I got it. It's nicely cushioned on the edges. It's not meant to provide complete protection, but is ok for scratches and maybe minor falls while keeping to minimalist design. Also seems pretty durable, doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart anytime soon....more info
  • Excellent product
    This case is great. Cases for electronics are so simple, yet there always seems to be some flaw... not here though. This case offers good protection, and doesn't add to the bulk of your Macbook. It also has a padded flap sewn in that keeps the zipper teeth from contacting your computer (PAY ATTENTION EVERY OTHER CASE MANUFACTURER!). It would be nice if it had handles, but as far as slim cases go, this is about as good and simple as it gets....more info
  • Great sleeve for my macbook
    The sleeve has an inner lining that prevents the laptop from moving at all; very useful...more info
  • Great quality case
    As others have mentioned, this case gives a perfect fit for a 13" Macbook. Its well made and gives enough cushioning for when you want to carry your laptop in regular backpack or shoulder bag. With this case, I can also put my macbook inside the camera compartment of my Lowepro flipside 400 camera bag, eliminating the need for a bag with a dedicated laptop compartment....more info
  • A Perfect Fit
    So after I got my Macbook and fell in love with it, the next thing to do was to protect the investment. This sleeve is by far one of the best investments one can make. The Macbook is made in a handy size and this sleeve provides the perfect protection for carrying the computer without fear of scratches or nicks.
    To be clear, this is not a hard case and will not provide armor like protection. This is great for someone like me who will grab the Macbook and toss it into a larger bag with other 'stuff' that may rattle around.
    If that sounds like you, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Great Protection
    This sleeve is a great product. Fits like a glove and gives a nice look and great protection from bangs and scrapes. Love the zipper protector on the inside too, brilliant idea....more info
  • Simple & Great Product
    This sleeve looks good and does serve its purpose. The best thing I like about it it is that it fits my Macbook 13.3 very nicely and shows its curves beautifully not diminishing the beauty of my macbook at all. One grievance even though I am praising this product is that these tucano folks could use a better quality material to make this beauty to add to its charm, but nonetheless it is still great. Also tucano makes variety of products for your laptops, but they are lot more expensive. So I guess you better stick with this if you don't want to spend too much money....more info
  • Excellent quality
    The cover is perfect for scratch protection in a bookbag with other items. The zipper is well designed to prevent contact with the laptop. Not meant for impact protection. I do wish the outer cover was pure black. It has MB 13.3" written in big white letters over one side and the company logo on the other. ...more info
  • Worth every cent, best for its price
    This sleeve is so far superior to those sold at Apple Stores, much less expensive and so much more suited to the Mac Book! Everything the other reviewers said is true and dead-on. This little sleeve is so compact, so protective, even has room inside for a few extra documents, that I wish I had ordered it the day I got my computer. The zipper protection is especially appealing; I have yet to see a better design on all the pouches I have considered.

    This sleeve has exceeded my expectations!...more info
  • Great and lightweight protection
    A nice protection for MacBook computers, I used it for protect my brand-new MB 13", from USA to Chile (Latin Am¨¦rica) and it was perfect protection against small impacts and water. Highly recommendable for carrying the laptop in another bag with no-impacts, remember that is soft!!!...more info
  • awesome
    Really a cool addition to my MacBook. I already had a messenger bag that I wanted to use as transport for my New MacBook but needed something that provided a little more protection. This case is sAweet, I especially like the little elemental label, it's B.A. ...more info
  • MacBook Notebook Sleeve
    Really nice product and a terrific value. Fills the need between nothing and a full-fledged case....more info
  • A perfect fit
    This sleeve fits almost perfectly on the macbook. It looks nice as well, which is a plus. Also, I've heard about other sleeves leaving black marks on the macbook, but this one has not left any scratches/marks on my laptop. I am pleased with it....more info
  • good sleeve, worth the price
    This is a pretty good sleeve for the Macbook 13.3". The computer fits perfectly and the sleeve does not add any size; this is exactly what I wanted so that I can easy tuck my MacBook into a tote and carry it with me to class. The sleeve is slightly more flimsy than I had expected, but it still offers very good protection -- it's not like I plan on throwing my laptop around on hard gravel....more info
  • practical and pretty
    this is one of the best purchases i've made from amazon.

    the case is a life saver, protecting my macbook from every bump and scratch it might have otherwise received during my travels. taking my computer out at airport security no longer scares me; they almost always let me leave in in the sleeve as long as it's in a separate bin.

    it preserves the main advantage of a laptop-its portability-because it fits snugly around my mac and doesn't add bulk or weight. but the best part about this case is that it eliminates the need for all those unattractive, heavy laptop bags with special padded compartments. instead, just slip the case on and your laptop can go anywhere in ANY bag.

    no negatives for this case, it's lasted almost a year and hasn't disappointed me once!...more info
  • Great Product, Perfect Fit
    Black sleeve fits my MacBook perfectly, and lets me carry it wherever I want without having to bring along my entire laptop case. No scratches or black marks on my shiny white computer, which rocks, especially compared to similar laptop sleeves on the market. Would definitely recommend this....more info
  • Works as a sleeve
    This sleeve protects the macbook well, nothing flashy. Will only help from scratches while moving the macbook from place to place....more info
  • the perfect cover for your macbook
    I have never ever seen a better laptop sleeve than this one.

    Here are the key things you need to know:
    * it's neoprene and hugs tightly to your MacBook. It won't take up much extra space in your bag or backpack.
    * it has these lips that you can pull over the corners of your MacBook when zipping up. This is the killer feature - it ensures the corners don't get chipped (a common laptop problem) and keeps the zipper from scratching the computer.
    * there is no room for anything else, so if you plan to lug around your charger, CDs, DVDs, etc., you'll need another bag for it....more info
  • Perfect!!
    This sleeve is just what I wanted-- something light and durable that will keep my new macbook safe. It fits the bill. Enough said....more info
  • Perfect case for the MB
    This is a highly recommended product. It is flexible, soft, and durable to protect your precious MB.
    I bought this item without a hesitation because i was told that this cover does very good job of protecting
    the MB. If you own a macbook and you're a college student like i am, this product is totally reliable to have your MB in your backpack....more info
  • Very good
    Lots of padding, nice fit and zipper. Did not give 5 stars because the case attracts dust and hair like a magnet....more info
  • Macbook 13.3 sleeve
    It was exactly what I wanted, well made and durable. The computer nests well in the neoprene sleeve as it has an additional layer of neoprene on the interior to hold the computer in place. This item is well made....more info
  • Great slip cover for Macbook
    First - this is not meant for active protection of your Macbook/notebook. It is made of neoprene which at best will protect your computer from scratches. If you drop it on the ground with this on...well, it'll keep all the parts together rather than them flying off in all directions. Point being: buy another cover if you want more protection.

    That being said...I like this cover. It's nice, unobtrusive, and cheap. After buying the Macbook and then agonizing over what was the best slip cover to buy, I decided to go with this inexpensive Tacano product in lieu of the Incase one that Apple sells on its website.

    As far as I can tell, the two are very much alike. I am very happy with this purchase. After the reviews of the Incase brand on the Apple website, i will throw this in the washer just in case there is leftover dye on this product...don't want my white macbook potentially stained by its black cover (don't know if this would happen, but I'd rather be overly cautious than regret not acting -- read some reviews about this on the apple store website).

    Anyway, onto the review. Not much to say. It looks like it was designed specifially for macbooks - as it fits like a glove. My MB fits very snuggly inside the case with very little play on any side. There is a protective sliver of material that parallels the zipper so as to protect your MB from scratches. One thing about the zipper protector, once you put the computer in and start to zip up the case, you have to actually make sure its in its place before you zip up the cover. Since the material is rather malleable, the protector can be pushed back out of the way as you slid the MB in place...no big deal, just something to be mindful of.

    Other than that ... stitching looks nice and solid. Oh and it weighs next to nothing - so if weight is concern, with the Tucano product, you need not worry. Also it doesn't add any unnecessary bulk to your MB.

    Overall this seems to be a very well thought out product and serves my purposes well...as I plan to throw this into a larger bag. So if you're like me and couldn't decide between the Incase and the Tucano - go with the Tucano, it does the same thing, provides the same amount of protection, and is $20 cheaper....more info
  • You Get What You Wanted
    This product serves its purpose well in protecting your mac from getting scratches or minor damages. I strongly recommend this to getting a hardshell cover that they sell for 40-50 dollars because those can scratch your mac as you put or take it off. This products is well made and fits your 13" mac like a glove and is still easy to pull your mac in and out. The price is perfect and the manufacturer sends it efficiently and quick. Completely worth the investment. ...more info
  • Nice
    Not only the item is usefull, the materials and the quality of the product worth the price. ...more info
  • Very Nice
    Great Product. Fits my new Macbook nicely. I got it for 30$. Worth it. I can now put my computer in my jack spade bag without worrying about scratches. More of a padded sleeve then a case. Would definitely recommend. ...more info
  • Excellent choice.
    It's great. It would be perfect if it came with a pouch for the AC adapter :)...more info
  • What you get is what you see.
    What you get is what you see. The case is durable and provides protection from what you would expect (scratches and gashes). Obviously don't expect to be able to drop it on the floor and still not have any damage. The case provides prefect cosmetic protection for mac books....more info
  • You Need To Have This!!
    This is the third case from Tucano we have bought over the last 2 years...First for my wife's 12" powerbook and the second for my oldest son's
    ibook 14" So naturally when I purchased my Macbook 13.3 I had to get one of these Second Skin folders from Tucano...and it fits like a second skin. This product is a must have especially if you drag your Macbook everywhere..it rocks! The only thing is with the previous ones I purchased it also came with a smaller neoprene bag for the adapter as well...but with this one it does not.. :-( Other than that...a great value to protect your greater investment....more info
  • Exactly as expected
    This product is well made and fits the laptop very well.
    Also, it was delivered as expected. Good purchase overall!...more info
  • Does the job with no nonsense
    Totally perfect! Protects your precious MacBook and does not stain. What more can you want?...more info
  • Not really what I expected, but okay
    I guess I was confused by images of similar products that show open Macbooks in a skin-tight cover. I expected a tight sleeve that my Macbook could wear all the time, but this is just a rubber envelope that you can store a Macbook in. Not a bad thing to have: it'll keep the sand off my Macbook if I want to carry it around in a canvas bag or a small backpack, but it's not really what I expected....more info
  • black Np sleeve - macbook 13.3
    This is perfect for the 13" mac book -- better then the one that they sell at the apple store. Durable and light. ...more info
  • Fits like a glove
    This is a very nice sleeve and it fits like a glove, what else can I say....more info
  • Perfect Fit
    The product is very soft, slim, and fits my laptop perfectly. This is certainly the ideal protection for a laptop that gets moved around a lot....more info