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Key Lime Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen Mystery With Recipes)
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Product Description

It promises to be a busy week for Hannah Swensen. Not only is she whipping up treats for the chamber of commerce booth at the fair; she's also judging the baking contest; acting as a magician's assistant for her business partner's husband; trying to coax Moishe, her previously rapacious feline, to end his hunger strike, and performing her own private carnival act by juggling the demands of her mother and sisters. With so much on her plate, it's no wonder Hannah finds herself on the midway only moments before the fair closes for the night. As the lights click off, she realizes that she's not alone among the shuttered booths and looming carnival attractions. After hearing a suspicious thump, she goes snooping - only to discover Willa Sunquist, a student teacher and fellow bake contest judge, dead alongside an upended key lime pie. But who would want to kill Willa and why? Before long Hannah is sifting through motives and a list of suspects which include a high school student Willa flunked, the hot-blooded brothers of a disqualified beauty contestant, a rodeo cowboy, a baking competitor who failed to win her yearly blue ribbon, and the college professor Willa was dating. As fair week draws to a close, Hannah cranks up the heat, hoping that the killer will get rattled and make a mistake. If that happens she intends to be there, even if it means getting on a carnival ride that could very well be her last...

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best of the Rest
    This is by far the best of all of the Hannah Swensen mystery series. From the beginning of the book a subtle mystery waited for solution. The mysterious change in Moishe kept me guessing. We found out what was up with him after the main mystery was solved. I loved every page of this book. I hated for it to end. The setting at the Tri-County Fair was perfect for this tale. I also enjoyed the humor dispersed throughout. The funniest part of the book was when Hannah was inside the magician's box and spying on the cowboys. I laughed until I thought I'd cry. I have already made the Key Lime Pie. I am hoping to try the other recipes soon. They all look delicious! The last recipe was indeed another reason to buy this book. What a surprise! Thank you Joanne Fluke!...more info
  • Joanne Fluke - another "sweet" mystery
    I love the Hannah Swensen series, and I love to cook and bake, so it's a
    "thrilling" combination...more info
    Hannah is up to her knees in murder gain as she discovers another dead body and as with the other books in this series; she is up to her knees in cookies, coffee, other baked goods, two guys competing for her affections and the regular cast of Lake Eden. Her quirky cat also plays a significant part in this one...I love her cat.

    This is one of those series that is simply fun to read. I will be honest here and admit to you that I do not take the mysteries in these books by Joanne Fluke all that serious, and I have the distinct feeling that the author does not either. I really don't feel they are set up as traditional "who done its," but rather pleasing little vehicles to describe the life in a small Minnesota town. As with the other books in this series, Hannah, et al are kind of caught in a time warp, especially Hannah who is thirty something, is not married, has rejected cell phones, computers and many of the techie stuff we are all surrounded with on a daily basis. Her attitude toward sex, excitement, game playing is right out of the 1950s. This in a strong way is quite refreshing. I rather admire the author for sticking to her guns.

    In this story, Hannah is the baking judge at the annual town get-together, her younger sister is in the beauty contest, her mother is still trying to get Hanna married off and our heroine is still baking up a storm at her cookie shop and home while consuming mass quantities of coffee. I do not that in this offering that our young Miss in mentioned to have put on about twenty extra pounds...hmmm, I wonder why. Anyway, one of the ladies connected with the pageant is murdered, in a rather brutal way and guess what? Yup, Hannah finds the body. Furthermore, our nosey redhead immediately sets about the task of solving the murder.

    These are simply written books and are quite predictable. If you are looking for something that will challenge your mind, leave you gasping in awe over the twisting turning plot, or are looking for some torrid love scenes, then you probably should look else where. These, as I stated, are simply fun books to read; good ones to kill (no pun intended) a rainy Saturday with. The author has again been kind enough to share in great detail, many of the recipes included in the book. I have, like in the past, tried some of these edible delights and the author has come up with some winners here.

    For a good enjoyable read, one that will not tax you all that much, you could do worse. Now if you are looking for great literature, Greek tragedies, complex Victorian syntax, complicated plots or jaded romance, then there are literally thousand upon thousands of those lining your library shelves...go read them.

    Don Blankenship
    The Ozarks...more info
  • Things Are Starting to Stink in Lake Eden!
    I've read all of the Hannah Swenson mysteries and most have been entertaining and enjoyable, but this one was plodding and uninteresting. In fact, when poor Willa bit the dust, I found I didn't even care! And rather than acting like a 30 year old business woman, experienced in crime solving, in this plodding tome, Hannah is boring, techno-illiterate, and not too smart! (Why would you meet a man whom you considered a suspect in a brutal murder at a deserted fairgrounds late at night and then TELL him you had considered him a suspect???) As far as her relationship with Mike (the Hunk) and Norman (the Reliable One), I'm starting to find the entire love triangle boring and sophomoric! Make a decision, already! You're not 15 years old! ...more info
  • Fun, lighthearted series
    I really enjoy the Hannah Swensen series and the recipes. I find they are the perfect books to read when I want something I can finish relatively quickly. The mysteries are fun to solve along with Hannah. I like the various, quirky characters and the personalities that Joanne Fluke has given then, especially to Hannah and her sisters. I'm growing a little tired of the Mike or Norman romance question and am hoping at some point in the series that Hannah will realize who is really right for her.

    I have enjoyed some of the books in the series more than others and this particular book wasn't my favorite, but I still rate it as 5 stars because it keeps the series going and each book provides a little more insight into all of the characters....more info
  • How do you quit a series?
    I'm not sure if it's boredom or morbid fascination that has kept me reading this series. The mysteries are good, I have to admit, but Hannah and her perpetual (and really too obvious) see-sawing between men is getting on my nerves. It doesn't work the way that Evanovich's Plum series does, because... because Hannah is a 'good girl'. It's all so uptight and... sweet. And annoying. Sure, Hannah has some imperfections because she's not as good looking as her sisters and has impossible red hair, but she's still too idyllic to make a good main character. Give me the screwed-up world of Plum or the unexpected world of Polifax any day! Character issues aside (and really only Hannah is annoying, several of the minor characters are quite well done) they're good little cozies and do have amazing recipes!...more info
  • Not soo good
    I have read all of the books Ms. Fluke has written or at least all the Swenson ones. I find this by far the worst book she has written so far- I think she is taking the whole recipes in the book a little far- every other page was a recipe there was no real story really and am I the only one that is tired of her pretty sister going on and on about how her looks are going to fade type thing BORING- and Hannah needs to decide already who she is going to marry lets get real both of them (Norman and Mike) would have already left her by now- either pick or dump them both. To say this series is getting stale is an understatement. Maybe Hannah needs a vacation somewhere where Mike and Norman aren't or her sister Andrea - I was excited to buy this book but could barely finish it - ...more info
  • Love Joanne Fluke
    Her series of books are fun, entertaining
    with a twist or two...and, lots of yummy recipes.
    Highly recommended...more info
  • Dumb
    I rarely choose not to finish a book, but with this one it was easy. The book drags on and on and on before anything happens beyond muffin judging at the county fair. When there finally is a murder, no one seems to care -- and I didn't care either. Bye bye, Ms. Fluke.
    ...more info
  • Going down hill FAST!
    This is the last of the series I will read. I skipped to the end of the book to see what happened. There was too much talk and not enough action and conclusion. Hannah needs to pick a man before she runs out of fans. There is no way that Mike and Norman will "share" her. Either pick one or the other. I don't think anyone can root for either of them anymore. It is also getting old with the same old plot....more info