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Food Network Magazine [2-year]
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Product Description

Food Network Magazine is HERE. Each issue is packed with inside scoops & tips from everyone?s favorite TV stars. Plus hundreds of recipes!

Customer Reviews:

  • Ordering a magazine from Amazon
    I only one piece of advice: DO NOT ORDER MAGAZINES FROM AMAZON because I made an error in the mailing address (this was intended as a gift for my son) and was not able to change it. It was a total mess. Take my word for it. Simply go directly to the source of the magazine and not to Amazon.

    EGL...more info
  • Great Magazine
    I just got my first issue and I love the magazine. The layout is great. The table of contents is pictures of every recipe separated by type, breakfast, lunch, dessert, etc. It's easy to read and follow and the stories are short and sweet. All in all, a great purchase!...more info
  • Fun New Source for Recipes
    Just received my first issue. I like the layout, colorful and easy to read. There are recipes for the conservative cook and also adventures for the cook who likes to try new things. I am already looking forward to the next issue....more info
  • Excellent Magazine
    This is a great magazine with fabulous and numerous recipes each month. I was pleasantly surprised with the content and have already made several of the meals. The first issue that I received had close to 100 different recipes. ...more info
  • more than expected.
    It was really nice to get a cooking magazine that gave me a lot more than I had expected. You expect to get great recipes from a food network mag, but there are also great food tips and a ton of healthy ways to cook things that you thought you couldn't have anymore....more info
  • One great magazine
    This magazine far exceeded my expectations. I have subscribed to 5 different cooking-type magazines, and this offering from the Food Network is by far superior- and the price is very reasonable. Go ahead- buy it- you won't be sorry!...more info
  • She Likes It
    My granddaughter, who is a very good cook, requested this cooking magazine. She tells me she really, really likes it. If she likes it, I like it....more info
    If you enjoy new recipes as I do this is a great source. It has a great variety. Something for everyone. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great magazine!
    I love this magazine! The recipes are easy to follow and I especially appreciate that there's a picture for each recipe so you know what the dish is supposed to look like. This month they've added the nutritional information for each recipe. The recipes I've tried are Yum-O!...more info
  • Great Magazine
    I receive quite a few cooking magazines and this one is a hit. There is a large selection of recipes and it is enjoyable to look at. I have not had a chance to try any of the recipes yet, but plan on it soon. Can't wait for the next issue. ...more info
  • A "taste of enjoyment" delivered to your door!
    Great Magazine! A "taste of enjoyment" delivered to my door once a month. Good articles on my favorite food network people, recipes and more. Makes a wonderful gift for family & friends too....more info
  • Sensational!!
    Very Delighted with my Food Network Magazine! Arrived earlier than promised, beautifully put together. Great pictures! I really liked the recipe index with colored pictures & page numbers on them! I also like the personal tidbits on celebrity chefs, like the inside look into Bobby Flay's kitchen at home. I like the top secret recipe in "copy that!" The arrangement of the magazine was well put together with lots of color photos! I saw some recipes I will definitely try, one of them is Cat Cora's crispy "Fried" chicken, homemade pappardelle & pan-fried cod w/ slaw to name a few. Very happy with my purchase! Can't wait for the next issue to come!...more info
  • Fabulous Magazine
    This is the magazine I have been waiting for!
    each issue is jam packed with usefull & interesting stuff!!...more info
  • Food for the Mind
    Love the magazine, articles that come with it and pictures to prove the "food" for the mind first and bellies second! Keep up the awesome work! Food Network just isn't for the soul... =)...more info
  • Packed full of Useful Information & Great Recipes
    My copy arrived much sooner than Amazon had predicted...about 2 1/2 weeks after ordering it! I've only received one so far and already am in love with the magazine. I am a Food Network t.v. junkie and the magazine does not let me down. There are a lot of useful tips as well as many recipes to try. I will definitely keep this one coming!...more info
  • Food network
    I love this magazine. It gives you insight to what the shows chefs like and some recipes as well....more info
  • Good Magazine, Great Service with Amazon
    I'm really impressed with Amazon. I got my first magazine within a month of placing my order!

    This is a good magazine for any foodies out there. Nothing out-of-the ordinary. Very easy to read, and the recipes are easy to follow. ...more info
  • All hat, no cattle
    Lots of flashy pictures, mostly ads, you have to wade through MANY pages of full-page ads before you find anything useful. Very sorry I subscribed....more info
    I purchased this for my daughter who is a Food Network "foodie" and she is enjoying it!...more info
  • i have yet to receive the first issue
    I ordered this magazine subscriptions at the same time, that I did for vanity fair. Vanity Fair already sent the first issue since like 2weeks ago, I'm still waiting ro this one. I don't think I will subscribe to this magazine again. I do not see it as realiable as to delivery
    Maria...more info
  • So Much Info, so little time
    This is an information packed magazine which will take some time to read through. The recipes are great, the photos beautiful and I've only seen my first issue. A good buy!...more info
  • Fantastic magazine!!!
    love, love, love this subscription! usually, i tear out just a few recipes in cooking magazines. not this one! every page is full of great tips and recipes....more info
  • this is the magazine I've always wanted!
    This is the magazine for food lovers every where! ...beautiful photos, and tons of recipes! The recipes are varied, a few have expensive and/or unusual ingredients, but most look fairly easy to make with ingredients on hand. I've been very happy with everything I've made from the magazine, and have used the magazine to plan my weekly meals for my family. When I first started looking through this magazine, I thought "I've been waiting for this magazine". If you love to cook, but aren't a gourmet chef I think you'll appreciate Food Network magazine....more info
  • As Expected
    I am a Food Network fan and love their cooks. I've received one issue and currently waiting for the next one....thought it would be here by now. The magazine is as expected. Everything in it is on their website. If their website wasn't so slow I wouldn't have subscribed....more info
  • Better than I expected
    The magazine is better than I expected. I watch the food channel and enjoy it very much so I thought I would try the magazine. It's full of great ideas and good recipes and not too much advertising....more info
  • Food Network Rocks
    This is the best magazine ever for those of us loving Food Network. The recipes are easy for anyone, and written for normal families.

    One of the best magazines EVER!...more info
  • Colorful, fun recipes even if not all are big hits
    I've already tried several recipes out of the 133 listed in the new slick Food Network Magazine. My family loved Bobby Flay's veggie meatloaf with balsamic glaze, they liked Paula Deen's white bean chili and Cat Cora's crispy baked "fried" chicken. They also really like Michael Chiarello's quick bolognese even though I didn't make the pasta from scratch. (Just don't have the time for that, people.)

    The magazine presents a great opportunity to try out new recipes with some fresh, not-so-common ingredients. Not all recipes have been hits with my family, but they've now been exposed to pine nuts, collard greens, and kosher salt. Just wait until I pop the Moussaka on them! Need to find kefalotiri--salty Greek cheese--first though....more info