Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black)
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The Flip UltraHD Camcorder combines Flip Videos signature shoot-and-share simplicity with the power of vivid, vibrant HD video. Power on and press record to start capturing incredible HD video in seconds. When its time to share your video, use the flip-out USB arm to connect to any PC or Mac and launch built-in FlipShare editing and video-sharing software.

  • Easy-to-use, pocket-sized HD camcorder featuring one-touch recording and digital zoom
  • Simple user interface lets you start capturing video just seconds after powering on
  • Captures 120 minutes of HD video on 8 GB of built-in memory; no tapes or additional memory cards required
  • Convenient flip-out USB arm plugs directly into your PC or Mac to launch FlipShare software
  • Built-in FlipShare software lets you easily email videos, edit individual clips, make custom movies, capture still photos from video, and even upload video to sharing sites likeYouTube and MySpace

Customer Reviews:

  • WOW..1st. HD movie in less 5 minutes
    I don't know what I was expecting but this little Gift has already exceeded my expectations. Hands down Flip has changed the video world with this little baby.....Good Job Guys.
    I timed it and no lie...... within 5 minutes of opening the box I had created a short HD Movie, uploaded it and sent both an email enclosure and the coolest Video Greeting Card .......Now that is what I call easy, and slick. I am not a novice with either digital or video cameras but this is so easy even my elderly relatives could be shooting Good video within minutes. The quality of the picture is very,very nice. I viewed it on my 1080P Samsung HDTV and it was sweet.
    The camera came with a soft pouch to protect the lens and the LCD screen. This little thing will fit most any pocket or purse. It also has a non-slip , matte finish ( I have a Black one)).... I was pleased that the batteries come at least partially charged After doing my little video test run I plugged it into the USB of my laptop and away we go. Uploaded the software and VIOLA.. we are all set
    Now this can't be any easier and to get this quality of video is just amazing.. If you don't have a HDMI connection between your computer and a TV invest in the HDMI adapter.. what a picture improvement you will see.Well worth the extra $25.
    Can you tell I LIKE this little thing ?? YES .. your right. This will provide a lot of fun for all members of a family. Everyone will want to get their hand on it.. ...more info
  • Not perfect, but for the $, and for my purposes, it's fantastic
    Yes, image stabilization, expandable memory, a thinner profile, and snapshot ability would be nice. That being said, I live overseas and in the past year have found myself in a couple different incidents where it would have been VERY helpful to have been able to record someone vandalizing my property and threatening me. Being a foreigner, the police then totally dismissed my side of the story.

    Finding something with the ability to record high-quality audio and video without fumbling around a microscopic control interface, has since been a mission of mine and I finally found it with the UltraHD. For my purposes, the UltraHD is vastly superior to any other video recording device on the market because the design of it makes it easy to either a) disguise the fact that you're recording video (Easy to turn off the record light in the set-up menu and use the camera inconspicuously-harder with a traditionally designed video camera), or b) Make it obvious you're recording (by the way you hold it, plus using the record light).

    Depending on the situation, either one could be useful and combined with the remarkably simple operation of the camera and quick start-up, this is clearly the camera I've been looking for and I won't ever leave the house without it....more info
  • Great quality, but lacking features
    The Flip UltraHD does exactly what it says on the box, but absolutely nothing more. The video quality is fantastic for such a little camera, but it really suffers from the lack of image stabilization. Try as you might, human hands are simply not very steady, and all that tiny, tiny movement really becomes apparent in 720p. For on-the-fly recording, it's better than most alternatives. It's very bulky when compared to the Flip MinoHD, but benefits from having real buttons (as opposed to the Mino's touchscreen buttons). And of course it has twice the recording time and an HDMI output, so it requires a bigger form factor (about the same size as my HTC Touch Pro [or HTC Vuze, if you're on AT&T] phone, but about 2mm thicker). The audio was surprisingly good for such a tiny onboard microphone. I haven't filmed outdoors yet, so I don't yet know how good it does at filtering out ambient noise/wind. The built-in controls are limited to the basics: Record, stop, play, delete, zoom. When plugged into a PC the UltraHD shows up as a storage device, and the videos are accessible from the file explorer. The Flip software installer is on the UlraHD drive, and no discs are included in the packaging.

    PLEASE READ: the UltraHD charges from a USB 2.0 connector, and is very picky about USB extension cables. No extension cable is included, nor is any kind of power adapter. I tried 3 USB 2.0 extension cables (all under 6ft), and it would only get a charge from 1 of them. I've read that this is a common problem with the UltraHD....more info
  • could be a *****
    A few changes would certainly earn this a 5 star rating from me. Quality of recording and ease of use are high positive plusses. Also being able to use regular AA batteries is a great touch.
    If I were to design this camera, I would have had removable flash media instead of the installed memory to remove the recording time limit, you could use as many flash cards as you wanted instead of being limited to a 2 hour session before having to unload or transfer to a computer, nice on a vacation.
    I do not care for the fancy USB arm that swings out, seems to put stress on the USB port on the computer, would be happy with just a simple USB port and hooking up to the computer with a USB cable.
    Would also like a battery status monitor to give you a rough idea how much battery power is used or left.
    Would also like a lens that had threads on it to mount various filters, magification, polarizing, etc.
    A/V Out jacks would also be nice.
    These additions or changes to the camera would have very little, if any, impact on the price. Without these changes the camera is still a good value, with these changes it would be absolutely perfect. ...more info
  • So simple a caveman could use it!
    This camcorder follows the Apple formula: sleek design, very simple interface. Even the packaging rather blatantly borrows from Apple, with dividers and cute little "Enjoy!" like messages.

    I previously owned a 30 minute non-hd flip camcorder. This model is almost identical in form and function. The difference in having 120 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes transforms the usefulness of the camcorder. No longer are you reluctant to record something for fear of burning through your time.

    The recordings look great blown up onto a standard computer screen. Sound is clear, although wind is an issue. The zoom is practically worthless, I wouldn't mess with it.

    The controls are as simple as can be. Instead of the previous switch on the side, the new flip ultra has a button. You turn on the camcorder and then simply press the red button to start and stop recording. Playback on the device is simple and intuitive.

    To transfer video to your computer, you just pop out the built in USB connector and stick it into your computer.

    The software, smartly built in to the device, is also simple but effective. There are several websites that upload is supported to, including Youtube. (Myspace is included as well, who uses Myspace these days? Maybe they should include support for Twiddeo next.) If you select upload to the web, non-specific, your videos are converted into .wmv format. This is very convenient even if you are not interested in uploading to the web, since it is a non-proprietary format.

    There's been some discussion here about the technological downfalls of the Flip camera. Also that some digicams do the job just as well if not better.

    This misses the point for me. The demographic of the Flip camcorder is anyone who finds technology more complicated than a remote control to be a challenge. Or, put another way, someone who would like to record things but doesn't want to worry about making the camera work while they are doing it.

    The camcorder comes with a rechargeable battery pack, but it doesn't last two hours. You can use standard AA batteries in a pinch.

    Recommended....more info
  • Bulkier than the MinoHD - but great for Vacations
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R12A5ZQYO9LY6L Flip is known for making greater highly portable camcorders. The UltraHD is another great option for highly portable cameras. In my video I compare the UltraHD to the Flip MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black) and compare-and-contrast the options. I will say that both cameras are great options, but depending on how you plan to use it one is probably a better choice than the other.

    Benefits of the UltraHD

    - HDMI port for connecting to your HD TV
    - 2 hours of storage (compared to 1 hour on the MinoHD)
    - Roughly 50% bigger video screen

    Benefits of the Flip MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black)

    - Smaller and lighter - will easily fit into your pocket.
    - More sleek and stylish in looks.

    Benefits of BOTH

    - Great video capture - not quite the same seamless capture rate of a high quality camcorder but they are still very good.
    - Great internal software (although it works much better with PCs than Macs)
    - Easy to learn to use - very simple devices to learn

    Improvements for both

    - Would be nice if they offered the ability to video in standard definition... HD videos take much longer to load onto YouTube and other internet sights.

    Final Verdict -
    The UltraHD is a great camera for families going on vacation. While it is much larger than the MinoHD it does offer 2 hours of video storage. In addition, the HDMI output (cables are NOT included) is a much better option that the standard jack that is offered with the Mino. However, if your goal is to have a highly portable camera for spur of the moment videos you may want to choose the MinoHD since it is lighter and more portable.

    4 1/2 stars...more info
  • Sweet Easy Nice Recorder
    Really nice recorder: Easy simple - No brainer - I own Sanyo Xactis and they are good cameras and simple, but also take pic's...this Ultra HD Flip really rocks for simplicity...the only thing the FlipUltra lacks is a great holster and it can be found at: [...]...more info
  • The Leanest Cam on Earth
    My next review will be a video review. For now I will just share my preliminary thoughts on this little work of art.

    Just received it recently, used it just once, realized my laptop's processor was not powerful enough so bought a matching laptop. What I mean by matching - the leanest laptop on Earth for the leanest cam on Earth.

    Of course, the Mac.

    Why lean? Buy one and see.

    Ps. I mean the cam :p...more info
  • Amazing machine
    Bit the bullet and bought this fairly impulsively after reading a few reviews and one endorsement from a colleague. What a great decision! Am amazed by the quality of the picture and the ease of function. Back to simplicity - Flip learned the Apple lesson. I always want to shoot movies of my two toddlers, but it's too much hassle to get the regular DVC camera, make sure it has a tape in, make sure it's charged, etc. etc. Then, it's so big relatively speaking, that it's too obvious to the kids, so they start focusing on the camera and stop doing whatever they're doing. So I end up not filming very much because by the time I get it set up, they're not doing whatever was so cute.

    Enter Flip. This machine fits in your pocket and is easy to charge on a laptop (I have not bought the AC charger, but may do that soon) and you can just point and shoot immediately for beautiful HD quality film. I haven't downloaded anything yet, but I have no doubt it's a piece of cake. It also tells you how much time you have left, also very useful.
    Only drawback is the near-absence of zoom (only x2, practically imperceptible). All in all, a fantastic product and only half the price, with twice the recording capacity (in HD!) of a regular DVC camera.

    It's portable, it's cheap, it's good looking, it's incredibly light, it takes beautiful film, extremely easy to operate (truly idiot-proof), easy to download and charge - What's not to like??

    I'm sure it will evolve and subsequent generations will only get better.
    One slight downside: the USB plug forces you to dangle it from a USB connector on a computer - sometimes it can be supported, sometimes not - I worry about the weight of the camera (such as it is) all on the usb plug. ...more info
  • Simple and fun to use!
    I have hesitated to buy a video camera, since I thought they were all too bulky and too technologically complex for me. I wanted to be able to film the grandkids and this fits the bill perfectly!It is easy to understand and use, and the accompanying software is intuitive and worked fine for me. I am not filming for Hollywood, so the quality of this is fine for the uses I intend. Good value for the buck. I recommend it!...more info
  • Very versatile and fun to use
    Love the versatile and lots of fun to use. I got this for capturing my two kids that are always moving and the camcorder allow for quick capture of the moments. The best part is the kids don't get in front of the camcorder like my old one. They think it's an old cell phone or something so they don't bother me as I video them. This alone with the price....more info
  • Awesome product
    Bought this for my wife, who already had the original Flip and loved it. She is ecstatic with the HD version. Easy to use, great video/sound and plays back easily on computer or TV. ...more info
  • Flip Ultra HD Disapointing
    After 6 hours of charging, I was able to take three minutes of video and then it shut down. I missed recording the event I specifically purchased this product to shoot. That battery life is not worth $200.00. I am sending it back and not recommending this product to anyone. You get what you pay for. Step up and buy a real HD camcorder from JVC or Sony. ...more info
  • Ultra HD vs the Kodak Zi6, Mino HD and the Vado HD
    I have owned/own the Kodak Zi6, Vado HD, Flip Mino HD, Flip Ultra SD version, and the newest Aiptek HD camcorder.
    Im supprised to say my new Ultra HD is becoming the favorite out of all of them,,,,with the Vado HD being a very close second.

    The Vado HD does take slightly better video but the deal breaker for me is the Ultra HD has much better audio than the Vado HD.

    If your looking for the camera with the BEST video quality out of all the ones I mentioned then get the Vado HD, if you want the BEST audio quality then get the Ultra HD which also has great video quality, just not as great as the Vado HD.


    ...more info
  • Mostly awesome with a few disappointments
    I never had a Mino model, so the UltraHD is my first exposure to the Flip. My previous camera was a Canon PowerShot SD 630, which somehow managed to go through the washing machine leaving me in a position to look for a new device. Before that, I had a standard-def camcorder with 60 minute cassettes.

    First, the AWESOMENESS:
    * Instead of being the size of a camcorder, this thing easily fits in my hand.
    * 720p resolution video at a reasonably high framerate!
    * Great picture in daylight; Good picture in indoor lighting.
    * HDMI output (HDMI supports both audio and video).
    * Replaceable batteries, and a re-chargeable one is included.
    * Good video tracking (i.e. moves well from left to right without losing a bunch of frames)
    * The device software and physical controls are easy to learn and easy to use.

    Then the SO-SO:
    * My MacBook Pro is thin and the UltraHD is too tall for it. I need to use a USB extension cord to connect it reliably.
    * The software is OK, but I'd've rather seen them write plugins for iPhoto and iMovie instead (for the Mac version of the software).
    * Uploading directly to YouTube is cool, but there are better video services out there (e.g. Vimeo, Viddler).
    * Only a little thicker than my 160GB iPod classic.

    Lastly, the DISAPPOINTMENTS:
    * It doesn't take photographs; Only video. This is a big missing feature for me.
    * The vertical orientation feels odd to me. Sure, it makes it easier to reach up over people's heads with one hand to record a conference or a concert, but I don't do that kind of stuff. I prefer the horizontal orientation and a larger screen (the Canon PowerShot SD 630 had a huge 3-inch screen on the back). I'd rather hold it horizontally with both hands to track my kids running around than to hold it up over my head and look at a small screen. I can't believe the old model had a screen that was even smaller.

    And to CONCLUDE:
    All-in-all, I'm very happy with the device. If you're looking for an inexpensive, consumer-grade, hand-held video camera with HD resolution, this is a fantastic device. If you're still hanging onto camcorders from 5+ years ago, you can now give them away as the size-to-quality ratio of the UltraHD is fantastic.

    However, if you're looking for a digital camera that also does video (or a video camera that also does photos), this isn't it. The Canon PowerShot is a great camera that also does SD-quality video if you're willing to trade HD video for photos....more info
  • Perfect for emailing video clips!
    I use this often to send video clips to our family who is scattered all over the US. It is great to be able to share clips easily and quickly. The software is pretty easy to use. Nice screen size. A monkey could operate the unit... so easy. Great!...more info
  • Flip UltraHD breaks when changing batteries for the first time
    I really liked my Flip UltraHD until I changed the batteries and it completely died on me. It would no longer turn on. Tech support was no help. They sent me to the typical documentation, to no avail, nothing worked. Great concept, deceptively cheap manufacturing....more info
  • At one time FLIP was the go-to pocket camera. Not any more.
    I was a huge Flip fan. I used the original for quite some time. I patiently waited for the new era of HD capable pocket cams to grow and progress. I waited for Flip to release theirs and then it finally happened. Sadly though, by then, the other vendors had not only caught up, but surpassed the FLIP.

    I owned the Flip HD Ultra for about a week before I returned it. And here's why.

    You can now get full point-and-shoot cameras from vendors like Canon that are smaller than the flip and yet also shoot HD video! So you get the joys of having high quality photos plus HD video!

    The other Flip defeating feature of these new Canons...OPTICAL STABILIZER. Gone is the "shaky" jello vision you get with Flips recordings. Plus the better optics and DIGIC4 in the Canon produced a much richer looking video.

    The final nail in the coffin...the Canons have ZOOM. While you can't use the optical zoom in the Canons while shooting video you can use the digital. And the Canons digital zoom is far cleaner. Also, if you know you are going to be shooting video from a far then you CAN use the optical zoom to zoom in all the way FIRST, then switch to video mode and start recording! So you take advantage of the 3x optical zoom and either use the digital to get even closer or just ignore it and go for max picture quality. Brilliant. (the Flip does have digital zoom too, but only dZoom)

    The Canon does all this while being smaller, as easy to use, and only $50 more than the Flip. That $50 gets you a MUCH better media experience.

    Trust me, watching your videos with the optical stabilizer is a MUCH better than the shaker/jittery look the Flip achieves. That single feature itself makes it worth the extra money. But of course you get a great photo camera too!

    Flip needs to go back to it's engineers and make some serious improvements if they wish to retain customers....more info
    We bought the black FLIP. It holds an hour of pictures. I had considered it and other small camcorders for a long time but one evening at Scouts, one of the parents was using one. I asked about it and he said they'd had it about four months, loved it, used it all the time, no problems. So I went home and ordered it. We haven't downloaded anything yet but our ten year old grandson is having a lot of fun with it and we expect to work with it over the summer. Thanks!
    Marge Wood...more info
  • Exactly what I wanted
    This review is for the non-techies out there. So sick of gizmos with the illusion of a thousand choices. I love that Flip is brave enough -- can you believe it requires courage to be elegantly simple? -- to be straightforward. I love this thing. I admit I almost liked the non-HD one a little better because it was just so small and could be slipped into a pocket. I appreciate the quality of the HD but wish it was thinner. That said, I can't believe no one thought of something like this sooner. LOVE IT. There will actually be videos of my kids now....more info