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Keeping the Moon (reissue)
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Fifteen-year-old Colie is spending the summer with her eccentric Aunt Mira while her mother travels. Formerly chubby and still insecure, Colie has built a shell around herself. But her summer with her aunt, her aunt's tenant Norman, and her friends at the Last Chance Diner&150teaches her some important lessons about friendship and learning to love yourself.

Customer Reviews:

  • Keeping the Moon
    this book is about 15 year old Nicole Spraks (Colie) she is sent to her aunt Mira's house for the summer becasue her mom Ki-Ki Sparks, fitness star, is on tour for the summer. Both Nicole and her mom use to be over weight, but now slim Nicole still has no confadence. with the help of to waitress's she meets, Isabel and Morgan, she finds that it doesn't matter what you look like, just take care of your slef. ...more info
  • Recomendations
    Sarah Dessen did an excellent job writing Keeping the Moon. This was possibly the best Sarah Dessen book I have ever read because of its content and how relevant it was to my life. KTM had several decent and important points to make and a decent theme that didn't stay within the expected plot but doesn't fall too far from it. This book basically illiterates a young girl named Collie she was around the age of 15. Collie was overweight and was still feeling the effects after she lost weight. She still has a haunting sensation when she is looked at by other girls. She also wants to try and help others that are going through the same thing that she had experienced for so many years. Her mother "Kiki Sparks" the newest revolution in personal trainers. Collie's mom Katharine was also fat, like mother like daughter I always say and they even had a time in their life called "the fat stages". I found this book to be a good blend of a light hearted plot mixed in with some hardcore emotions in it. Collie was sent to stay with her aunt Mira who also had the overweight gene in her. She was not just overweight though she also had the makings of an artist, not to mention a love of cheap half broken things. I'm a big fan of metaphors so when I noticed this I figured that it had something to do with her life being a broken or incomplete. She doesn't seem to have any friends with the exception of a boy named Norman that lives close by, and her cat, Cat Norman. Norman is a fellow artist that loves to collect useless junk (but don't tell him that). Collie makes only three real friends during her summer in Colby. She met Isabel and Morgan at the restaurant that she eventually worked at, the Last Chance. Isabel and Morgan both had a love for music, it didn't matter what kind of music as long as it was "good" music. Collie met Norman and through Mira. Together they had a strong bond which I would like to think would stay with her and help her through her entire life. I definitely recommend this book to young readers that are whether they are just bored or have a love for reading. ...more info
  • unoriginal
    After reading Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen, which was assigned in my English class, I realized that I could relate to the main character Colie in some ways. The dilemma with Colie was that she had many problems fitting in whether she was thin or obese. Through the characters in this book, it taught the readers some lessons. One of the lessons was that even if someone isn't perfect, they are still functional and useful, which was shown through Mira, Colie's aunt.

    Although this book did have a few lessons to teach teens, I thought it was the type of book that was trying to make a point, but didn't successfully reach it. Nothing really stood out to me in this book or made it unique. The storyline isn't original- the girl is depressed about her life, she goes away for the summer not expecting much, but comes back a new person. The only part I truly liked about this book was the different concepts you could come up with about the sunglasses, otherwise it was just another typical teen book.

    Altogether, I think this book should be rated a two and a half. It isn't the type of book I would pick up and never put down or be saddened when it was finished. The cover of the book also turned guys heads away from the book. This book is all right for an independent read, but for a class I think something with deeper meaning should be read.
    ...more info
  • Keeping the Moon was over the moon!
    Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen was a very interesting book. Colie Sparks is the main character and her famous mom, Kiki Sparks, is a weight loss trainer and inspiration for fat people. They used to be very fat and Colie was very unpopular, until her mom rear ended another car and the lady gave Colie's mom a job there! But then her mom goes touring in Europe and she has to go stay with her Aunt Mira in North Carolina where she still isn't very popular. There she meets Norman a boy she never thought she would like but in the end they like each other, and Isabel and Morgan two fellow waitresses at the "Last Chance" where Colie got a job. But in the end she is confident and is going out with Norman. This is a great book!! I thought how everything worked out was really interesting!!!...more info
  • So it comes down to this...
    I first read this book when I was...maybe 13 or 12, one of those appropriate ages for these sorts of books. I'm 17 now, and have since moved on to more complicated works and into the new puzzle of literary analysis. The books I love now: the Hemingways and Hawthornes, the O'Connor's and Milton's live under this gorgeous bracket of classical lit and beat Sarah Dessen on every dimension, at least technically. What it comes down to, however, is that despite the fact that now I can rip this book to shreds for every cliche or predictable plot twist it utilizes, I still return to the sort of warmth it gave me when I was younger and somehow relish every Cinderella-esque aspect of it. It's the sort of book that lives on in the back of your mind, creeping up on rainy summer days, that gives you this clean sense of nostalgia that, like a downpour, lacks any sort of sentimentalism. So, what I suggest is if you are living in that weird chasm between 12 and 13 and you need a little quiet wisdom somehow shielded behind a story you've heard a thousand times, pick it's a good time. ...more info
  • An excelent book for BOTH genders ;-)
    Originally, I did not choose to read the book Keeping the Moon, by Sarah Dessen, I was actually assigned it by my English teacher. Then as I started to read and get to know the characters, I began reading ahead because I was got so into the plot. It is about a very insecure 15-year-old girl, Colie, and her summer in Colby, North Carolina with wacky Aunt Mira, where she ends up finding out who she really is. I think that most people who read Colie's story could relate to it, with the bullying at school and with the feeling of not really knowing who she is inside, which both cause insecurities.
    Many of the people in my class claimed that the book was too "girly" for us to read, which was probably mainly due to the fact that the back cover is pink and has flowers on it. But the book itself is not really that girly, even though it does not really have any "boy" things like guns, fights, or fast-paced action. Most teenage guys could relate to it if they were willing to admit it, because they also face social pressure (such as being the correct weight), and things like being labeled (as a whore, or a "hole in one").
    One of my favorite things about this book, other than being able to relate to it so well, was the fact that as Colie got to know the characters in the story, their purposes changed and their personalities seemed more deep and real. The other was that there were deeper meanings for many things that you could read into. Some of these were the presence of sunglasses, Mira's note cards, and even the title. This made it an excellent book for class discussions and such.
    The only downside of Keeping the Moon was that once you really got to know the characters, the book was over, and you want it to keep going. Other than it, it is a great read, and I highly recommend it to people of all ages.
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  • Sweet witty story
    This was a book that I had to read for my English teacher's class. Because of the cover I probably wouldn't have chosen to read it by myself. To me it looked like a very cheesy, girly, shallow book. I guess that is why they use the expression never judge a book by its cover because Sarah Dessen's Keeping the Moon was an excellent book. It is about a fifteen year old girl, Colie, the daughter of a formerly fat fitness guru, who must stay in the small town of Colby, North Carolina while her mom is on an international fitness tour. This book is very easy with which to relate (especially for teenaged girls).Because it was easy to relate to some of the troubles Colie faced, such a vicious teenaged girls, insecurity, and acceptance, the book was definitely more enjoyable. This book will make you want to laugh at times with its witty humor, and at other times it will make you want to cry. You get very connected to the characters in this very sweet story. You really get into their lives and, because they are so developed, you feel very sorry when the characters are sad. You also share in the positive feelings of the characters during their successes and happiness.
    A major theme in this book is self-respect and sticking up for your self. It also explores the themes of acceptance, learning to fit in, and finding your inner and outer beauty. It shows that everyone should have self-confidence. All of these themes are depicted through the actions and events that the characters go through in this book. This book is all about girl power and females being strong. Though, there is still something in this book for just about everybody's tastes.
    Over all, Sarah Dessen did a wonderful job of writing this book. The characters and plot are very well developed. It is a very enjoyable read and is an incredibly sweet story. The story has a little bit of everything, from humor to drama, romance, friendship, and life lessons. It is an excellent story and has a little bit of something for everyone.
    ...more info
  • second favorite
    This book is my second favorite of all of Sarah Dessen's novels. It has a great plot, one which I wouldn't have thought of in a million years, but since then has made me want to spend summers away from home. It was wonderful, and I really suggest reading it....more info
  • Good, but Girly book
    Ok, I didn't choose to read this book, my english teacher Ms.Cummings chose this book for the class to read. At first she got the same, predictable answer..."it looks like a chick book and I don't wanna read it!" With it's pink cover, what else can you expect? But as they always say, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Though many of my classmates felt this way, I felt that this book would be a lot like the last book we read, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.
    So then, the reading began. It was like the typical book about the life of a teenager. Books about teens always have something to do with the hard times of being a teen, not the easy times. But as we read more and more of the book, it got a little more interesting to me, but a lot more girly.
    As the reading went along, I felt that the title of this book didn't have anything to do with what was happening in the book. There were a few mentions of the moon throughout the story, but that still didn't explain the title. After finishing the book, I feel that the title Keeping the Moon means keeping who you are in your heart, not following the crowd. It's kind of like a lunar eclipse...the sun covers the moon, indicating that the moon isn't as "special" as the sun. Colie, though many people may not think this way because of her looks, should be open and let the world see the real her and show that though she may not be the most popular or pretty girl in the whole entire world, she is someone of great knowing.
    I thought that this moral was a very stronge moral. Many children these days follow the crowd and venture away from who they really are. Everyone should just be themselves and not give in to peer pressure. If no one wants to join you, then rock your own boat! Just be yourself!!
    I guess that this wasn't one of my favorite books but what always makes me feel good is that books always end with a very happy ending, no matter how the book started off. I don't want to give away the ending but it ends with love and happiness for all....more info
  • One of my Favorites
    I really liked this book. When I first found out what it was about I thought that it was going to be boring, but I read it anyway. It was awesome. It was like you knew the character's and could relate to their problems. I would read it again and I've already read it three times. It is one of my favorite books....more info
  • Worth it
    Before I read this book, I lent it to a friend with a similar taste in books. She returned it after attempting to read it many times with the reason that it bored her. When i read the book, it did seem to drag on at some parts, but it is a very good story that shows one teenagers change in appearance and attitude....more info
  • A totally average, predictable book
    Sarah Dessen's Keeping the Moon is the story of fifteen-year-old Colie who goes to stay in Colby, North Carolina, and while there, she gains two best friends (plus a guy friend who will predictably become something else...) who show her how to be confident and face the problems of her past.
    Ms. Dessen means well with the book, but simply, it is a "chick book" filled with fluff, using the recycled plotline of Ms. Dessen's past books. It is attempts to be a significant book with symbolism pertaining to the plot, but does not quite succeed. The plotline follows that of Ms. Dessen's previous books (This Lullaby particularly): girl has problem, girl meets friends, girl fixes problem, girl gets guy. The symbolism in Keeping the Moon is intriguing, but somewhat confusing and irrelevant to the story.
    Although the themes and symbolism are somewhat irrelevant, they can be semi-interesting and applicable to our own life. Colie has troubles with her confidence and fitting in. Really, who in their course of adolescence hasn't had that feeling? The themes of the book are relevant to our own life (if not to the story). Sunglasses can hide who you are, or they can make you stand out and get noticed, as can attitude and confidence. The two eclipses mentioned in the book stand for the way that happiness and confidence can be taken from us for a while and it may seem like forever but in the end they always come back. Even though some (specifically boys) may not like the book completely, the themes are such that adolescents deal with everyday, so the liking of this average book could go either way. However, if you have read any other if Ms. Dessen's books or you have a knack for predicting the expected, I'll warn you. Keeping the Moon is extremely predictable. If you're looking for an unpredictable, deep book, you might try elsewhere. If you're looking for shallow reading, however, this book may just be for you....more info
  • My favorite book
    I am 15, the same as Colie, but I first read this book when I was about 10 or 11. It's a book that I've read over and over again and can never seem to put down. It's your classic coming-of-age story, about learning to love yourself (and blah blah) but more importantly, it doesn't chastise you about that. It's witty and clever and it's one I'll always read...even when I get older and become an expert at analyzing literature....more info
  • iTs aLrIgHt
    Keeping the moon is a ok book written by Sarah Dessen that has many things that are not unclear about the book but first let me give you a short summary about the book. The book is about this girl that is overweight with her mother and they are traveling all over the US doing something that you will find out later on if you read the book but they are both overweight and the mother gets in to some exercises routines and starts doing exercise and she losses a lot of weight doing that. then she starts making some videos for people around the nation that want to lose weight. She leaves the girl with a family member and she goes and promotes her new video by going around the nation signing autographs and doing a lot of other things so her video will sell in stores and to other people that are overweight. Later the girl regrets being fit now she wants to go back to being the old overweight girl because when she was overweight she never felt lonely and now she does now that her mom is always gone. She meet people at her aunts house were she is staying and someone else but I'll let you find out yourself.
    From my point of view I will be honest I did not really like the book that much because it had many unclear thing that I did not like. For example the title, what did the title have to do with the book nothing. It had nothing to do at all with the book itself. The book and the title were something real different and That is something that I did not like. Some things that are unclear at the begging start to clear up later on but this really did not clear up and did not explain the reason for the title. I did not understand what the title had to do with the whole book. I thought the book was ok but I think it was to girly and not good. But if you want to see if it is true what I am saying check for yourself read the book and see what you think about it.
    ...more info
  • Dessen really shoots the moon
    When I first saw this book I got really excited. I was so happy that my class was going to read a girly book. I soon found out the book is about so much more than just shallow girliness. Keeping the Moon is a book that contains life long lesssons that are sure to inspire any reader, and possibly help he or she get through struggles that he or she has.
    The book focuses on Colie, a fifteen year old girl, who has to spend an entire summer with her aunt in Colby, Nort Carolina. Over the summer she makes three very close friends who teach her how to believe in herself and have confidence.
    I think you will find this story to be very interesting and inspiring. Altough it may seem a little girly on the outside, its contents may be applied to anyone's life. It encourages everyone to be themselves and follow their hearts.
    I ecspecially enjoyed reading this book because of the characters' personalities. The characters in the book were multi- dimensional in that you felt like you new them. I definitely got attatched to Colie. Her courage throughout difficult times really helped me understand how having confidence in oneself can totally change one's outlook on life. That lesson has really challenged me to overcome some of my fears and difficulties.
    Overall I thought the book to be great and inspiring literature for anyone to read. It has many life long lessons that are important in every day life. I think that if you read this book you will be totally amazed and read it over and over. ...more info
  • Keeping the Moon
    Colie Sparks is formerly fat, having gone through a recent transition leaving her 45 pounds lighter but still burdened by the problems most girls, even those who are overweight, commonly face. Colie, however, having lost the protective weight of those 45 pounds, is left with no way to deal with the aftermath of becoming thin and having to put up a whole different kind of insult. After an innocent meeting with a boy is labeled something else, Colie -- if no longer fat -- is now a slut instead. After years of curling up on herself inside her weight she becomes her school's pariah, suffering through without friends, her only acquaintances more likely to hurl insults at her than anything else.

    This all begins to change when she goes to the beach for the summer, staying with her overweight and eccentric aunt who doesn't appear to care that she's ostracized from her own community. With her summer come three friends: Norman, an art student forced to live with Mira when his father doesn't want him, and Morgan and Isabel, two waitresses with problems of their own. Between them all Colie begins to realize her own self-worth, so much more than being skin deep.

    The old lessons on self-esteem and beauty seem to go a lot further in this book, carried on by the bright and interesting characters, with Mira standing in as an explanation that Colie never had to be thin to be happy or surrounded by friends. A very heartwarming read....more info
  • All depends on the person.
    First off, let me say I never would have touched this book if it wasn't a school assignment. A guy picking up a pink book just ain't right. But it WAS an assignment. So here we go:

    Girls: Lonely? Depressed? Just want to read a book out of total randomness? Then this is the book for you! This first-person novel is sure to enhance your knowledge and confidence in the world and life.

    Boys: Have some weird secret life you don't want your friends to know about? Then grab this book and get to the nearest bathroom stall...or closet. You might learn a thing or two about life.

    Personally, I enjoyed reading it (as long as nobody saw the pinkness). There was deep meaning and the characters seemed real.

    But you can buy it or leave it. It's all your choice....more info