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Itzbeen Baby Care Timer
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  • Must Have From Day 1
    This was a life saver from day 1. How many times in your lack of sleep do you ask "When was the last time he ate?" - "how long has she been sleeping?" - "when was the last time I changed her diaper?" With the touch of a single button you know all of that - it could not be easier to use. And the back light and night light are brilliant. To address the reviews on it's sturdiness - I've dropped it numerous times and it still works like a charm. This was an absolute MUST HAVE for us. We slept with this in our bed - we brought it everywhere with us - we felt lost without it. ...more info
  • I wish I had this sooner!
    This is a wonderful product, sturdy and extremely effective in helping assist "Mommy Brains" in keeping their little angel's schedules in line. At the touch of a button, this timer keep track of the time between feedings, if you are nursing like I did, it is GREAT for helping you remember which side you started with last time! It times naps, diaper changes, and even has an "anything" button timer for Mommy. It has two different ways to illuminate, one is dim and stays on for a few moments, great for in the dark setting. The other is bright, and is great for navigating dark nurseries! My son is 10 months old today, and I still use it, however not as much as I did when he was younger. It came most in handy for nursing. Even once he is a toddler and out of diapers etc I am still going to keep this handy tool around, it has so many uses! Time between meals? Workouts? Medication? Aww, it even has an alarm! I love this product and hopefully you will too. I will mention, however that I did not pay even half as much for mine as it is listed for on this website. I went to a local outlet store that touts itself as a coat factory of all things, and found it on clearance for less than the price of two mochas as my favorite coffee shop. Bottom line, this is a tool I wish every Momma could have.

    Jemoiselle of Clovis, NM...more info
  • Could be better
    Thought this should and could do more. It just keeps track of how long it's been. So it really is just 4 timers in one without alarms for each. For what it does, it should sell for $10! Wish it had memory to keep track daily. I still had to write down everything anyway since the doctor always wanted to know daily totals. ...more info
  • Great Device for Baby Wise Parents
    This is a great tool for use in conjunction with princpicles outlined by the Baby Wise book. It is great to keep you on task so that your baby is sleeping/eating on a schedule that works best for you, regardless of whether you breastfeed or bottlefeed your baby. Really good idea....more info
  • must have for new parents
    The itzbeen has been a lifesaver in caring for our newborn son.
    We had been using a written log method to keep track of feedings, diaper changes, and sleep schedule. As a sleep deprived couple, we needed an easier method. I did a google search for "baby timer" and this unit popped up in the search results. The retail price was reasonable, and I found a used one on Ebay for $15 w/ free shipping.
    The unit is simple and keeps track of all of the above (it even makes a good barbecue timer!) I've got to say I'm very impressed with this product!
    To the manufacturers of this product: I'd totally pay a little bit more money to be able to download and keep track of past schedules, but this unit is rocking as it is. My wife doesn't leave the house without it.

    ...more info
  • Indispensable!!
    This is the one item that new parents cannot be without. I do not know what I would do without mine. It's so good, I've given two away as baby gifts!! ...more info
  • Lame! I seriously never needed this...
    My advice is to wait a few days before purchasing this item, to see if you really need it.

    The quality of the product is just fine, but the functionality is pointless. I thought (prior to having my baby) that I would need reminding of how long it had been since he was changed, fed, put down for a nap, etc...which turned out to be completely not true. I never wonder if enough time had passed since feeding or changing or napping--it doesn't matter how much time has passed when your baby lets you know he is wet or hungry or sleepy! Like many extraneous baby items that I purchased because I was so excited about my impending arrival, this item got zero usage....more info
  • great
    it does everything & more. it was especially good for traveling to the in-laws for holidays b/c it kept all of us on the same page as to when she had been fed or changed last, etc and the light helped me find diapers in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar room. it also doubled as a travel clock/alarm for me. I can't tell you how many times in how many ways this thing has come in handy. It's great....more info
  • Extremely useful!
    I'm a self proclaimed gadget geek, and when I saw this, I jumped all over it!
    My wife was a little wary of it, thinking it was just another gimmick, but as soon as our son was born, she was sold. We used this religiously for at least the first month. It is priced very well and has no wasted features. The little nightlight is useful for checking in on your infant.
    I would recommend this to any new parents.
    You think you can remember how long it has been between feedings, and which breast was used last, and how long the baby has slept, but you are on such an endorphin rush sleepless fog that you really can't. The Itzbeen takes care of your brain for you....more info
  • doesn't work
    Bought this at Babies R us and like many other reviews I just read the display doesn't function properly and I can't set the clock. I've tried changing the batteries and that's not it. I will be returning it to the store. Not sure if I'll try a second, but based on the reviews, if I do I won't leave the parking lot until I've tested it. Update 1/27 - I tried another one, again at Babies R us and that one had the same problem - the display doesn't work. It's a good concept, but I would not recommend it unless you're getting it for yourself and have the patience to go thru many until you find one that does work and then keep your fingers crossed that it lasts while you need it....more info
  • A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!
    This timer has made it so easy for my family between shifts, my daughter is now 9 months old and we are still using it. The buttons are now worn out but it has made transfering care a breeze. I am able to see how long she has been up and completely elimnate the overly tired stage, because I know at the four hour mark she is ready for a nap. Its amazing she must have an internal atomic clock. Great gift item....more info
  • What would I do without you?
    Next to the baby video monitor this gadget is the winner. I used to write this stuff down, now I know how long it's been since each feeding, change, nap and I am effectively able to communicate with babysitters, grandparents and my husband about when to feed, etc. This is going to be my new shower gift for everyone! I wish I had this with my first.
    ...more info
  • Great for parents!
    I really wanted one of these when I had my second daughter. I thought how neat because you can keep track of everything so easily...but I opted not to buy one for myself because when I had heard about it my daughter was already 6 weeks old and I was in a pretty good routine. I then decided I had to buy one for a friend who was about to have a baby! She loved it. Great because you can tell when the baby last peed or was fed. Things you think "how will I forget this" but when push comes to shove and you've just had a baby its hard remembering what day it is sometimes! Great product! Buy it for yourself or a friend! And bring it to the hospital!!! If you start off using it I can see you using it for quite awhile...but if you wait like how I did...probably not worth it if you're already in a good routine. Get it early!...more info
  • Itzbeen Great!
    My husband and I love this product. It helps us to keep track of how long it has been since we fed the baby when life gets hectic. It has helped us get into a routine and it keeps us on track to stay with the routine. I am going to give this product as a gift to all of my expectant friends!...more info
  • great for night time feedings
    this product is great! a real life saver. I used it from day 1. The timer is ideal for night feedings, so when you hear the baby fuss, you just look at the timer to see how long ago she ate, that way you know if she's just fussing or really hungry (at night it is all a blur so this device really helped). HIGHLY recommend it. NOTE: just DONT drop it. mine was a bit damaged after dropping it once(the light button sunk in)...more info
  • So much easier than writing everything down!
    I bought this product after using a written baby journal for over a month. It is quick and easy to use. Perfect for those nights when the baby wakes you up & you can't remember when you last changed his diaper and what side to breastfeed on!...more info
  • Couldn't live without it!
    This is absolutely, hands down, the best item we purchased for our baby!
    We were trying to keep track in a notebook at first, which was hit-and-miss - especially when you're in that foggy 3AM haze. Even trying to keep track mentally was just too hard for us - when you're that sleep deprived during those first few weeks, you NEED this timer. All you have to do is push a button and BOOM - you're keeping track of diaper changes/feedings/etc.
    This has helped me learn my baby's eating and sleeping patterns - when she starts crying and I look at the timer and it's only been an hour since the last feeding, I know she's probably not hungry...which avoids those over-feedings which end up all over your shirt!
    You can set it up to go off at a certain time - we have our "bottle" button set to go off every 3 hours, that way if it's been 3 hours and she hasn't yet eaten, we know it's getting close so we can start preparing for the next feeding.
    It's also much smaller than I thought - only about 4" tall...we even take it along with us in our diaper bag so we can keep track on the go. PERFECT!
    If you're thinking of buying a new mom or dad ONE item, I'd suggest buying them the Itzbeen and you'll save their sanity!...more info