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Casino Royale
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  • The Perfect Collector's Set
    I picked this up on special for $90 and have never looked back. It has every Bond movie up through Casino Royale. Inside the big black box are four smaller boxes - each of the four "Ultimate Edition" volume boxes - along with a copy of Casino Royale. All of the discs appear to be excellent quality, especially when played through an upscaling DVD player. I think the only way they might have made it better would be to have a comparable Blu-ray set. It also might have been nice to have a coupon for a discount on Quantum of Solace, too, since the target for such a set is really a completionist/collector. Anyway, it's a great set. Totally recommended....more info
  • cheap cases
    cheap plastic cases for a great collection? Could have gone for a little more quality considering the price....more info
  • Wish I had bought 3 more.
    I bought this collection on the one day email special in March for $89.99. I wish I had bought three more for friends. I love the packaging...YES! I cannot believe all these people complaining about this in their reviews. I thought it was very nice packaging but I focused my attention on the quality of the movies with their restoration. I have viewed them and if you love Bond this is a must. I saw my first Bond movie..Goldfinger in 1964 with my Dad. This collection is well done and it will make a very nice gift for your buddies. I will buy more when Amazon runs the email special again. I did enjoy the reviews at Amazon..many of them loved this collection like me...for those of you who have complained about the are wrong! ...more info
  • Not the chronological Bond you'd expect.
    I've wanted this set for a long, long time and Amazon had a one day sale. I nabbed it for $90!! All movies from Dr. No to Casino Royale are included. There is no "Never Say Never" but let's face it, nobody wants to see a 007 collecting social security! Very cool packaging, its not any flimsier than the Alien Quadrilogy or Matrix sets! My only complaint (remember, I'm a film purist) is that the movies are NOT in chronological order, so its a pain to switch quickly to the next film. But, luckily I know the order very well! Impressive set, high quality remasterings of each dvd and extensive bonus discs for each (very cool). Blu ray Bond isn't something I have my sights on, this set is good enough for me!...more info
  • Duplicate Movie
    Once again I found this great deal and gift to give to someone special for Christmas. The problem was that one of the movies was duplicated. This is not the first time this has happend to me. It was a real dissapointment to find this discrepancy. The company putting these sets together needs to come up with a better packaging system. It's really upsetting to see this happen so often....more info
  • James Bond Set Did Not Disappoint
    I've been wanting to get this set for awhile now to give as a gift but was just waiting for the "right" price and thanks to Amazon, I got it at close to 70% off its original price!...more info
  • For the Bond fans
    This is an excellent set containing all the Bond movies since Dr. No. See Sean Connery at his best, a must-have for any Bond fanatic. ...more info
  • Nice all-in-one set, but...
    The box is very nice, but I always take mine out of the commercial packaging and put the discs in a notebook. For me the packaging is a bit lavish. Also, the latest Bond DVD is just stuck in with the others in a separate package, not integrated with the others. I owned the original VHS tapes and wanted to own the DVDs because of the superior quality....more info
  • A must have...
    It is a must have for any James Bond fan...especially if you bought it on sale like I did....more info
  • The definitive DVD Bond Set (before Blu ray)
    This is the definitive James Bond collection set. All of the movies are remastered and each includes a bonus disk. These are basically all the movies that you'd get in the individual sets and includes all the movies except Quantum of Solace.

    This review is intended for those of you who might have grown up, like me, watching James Bond movies on television. I must say that I was stunned when I put in the DVDs from this set. What I found was that the TV versions of the movies had been trimmed and cut for commercials and the TV movies were not the enhanced editions. What I found was that the movies from this set had much richer colors and that they contained so many scenes that had been cut from the TV editions that it was almost like I was watching an entirely new James Bond.

    It was a real pleasure getting these and watching these. I have to say that this is probably one of the best exports from Great Britain. Without a doubt the Broccoli family who owns the franchise has their finger on the pulse of the American public and has adjusted the James Bond character to be appealing to the audience of the times.

    Its virtually impossible to write a short review about this series because there are so many movies that stretch over several generations. If you don't know, James Bond is 007, one of the Double "Os," which are Great Britain's highest level operatives in MI-6 (an organization that is so secret that it encourages British nationals to apply but to never tell anyone that they've applied), Great Britain's equivalent to the Directorare of Operations within the CIA. In effect the Double "O's" have license to kill in the service of the Crown if they deem it necessary. James Bond is 007 and the most famous of the Double O agents who always gets involved in the highest level cases.

    The themes to the movies are pretty standard: Huge Odds (earth threatening sometimes, Cold Warish, Nuclear, terroist, Technological, Madman etc) + Gorgeous Women + Exotic locations around the world + Alcohol + Gambling + Smoking + High Technology + Cool Cars + Gorgeous Women + a Tuxedo + Sense of Duty + Double Agents + CIA agents + Guns + Lots of Action + Some S*x + Romantic settings and you get a James Bond Movie.

    James Bond has been played through the ages by several actors who reflect the culture and "coolness" of the era...sophistication of Tuxedos, martinis and high end gambling casinos in the 1960s to Rippled Musclebound Thug Stud in the 2000s. To me though, I prefer my Bond sophisticated and debonaire vs the almost thuglike and (transporter stathamlike) qualities that the newest bond has -- but the new Bond is a hit with the younger people (they got it right). To me though Sean Connery will always be the perfect Bond and I must say that Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore kept enough of the suave sophistication to the character that was very appealing to me.

    Still -- Bond will always live forever and I'm glad I have the set.

    Blu-ray will likely be released at some point in the future but I have to say that this DVD set is masterful....more info
  • Expired coupons and confusing movie order
    I couldn't pass up the $95 price on this set, widescreen or not. Sadly, not.

    The restored footage looks great. There are no annoying un-skippable ads in front of the top menu.

    The movie coupons were expired when they arrived, perhaps this was the reason for the sale price.

    One thing I don't understand is the order that the films are in the boxes. Fleming's original novel order? They're not chronological, or alphabetical, so...? Very strange.

    Overall, excellent value for the price we paid.

    -Cam....more info
  • Can't stop watching!
    I bought this as a gift to for my husband for our anniversary. He absolutely loved it and we have watched Bond movies almost every night since. The only draw back is that it doesn't include Quantum of Solace. Nevertheless, it is still well worth the money. An added benefit is that it comes with a slue of different subtitles. My in-laws are Chinese and were worried about how they were going to spend the evenings here. James Bond solved that with Chinese subtitles. They loved the shows as much as we did. We "regrouped" our set once it came. We grouped them in order and according to who played Bond. This was a great buy....more info
  • Not so Ultimate collection.
    As a college student, at $224, this set was always way out of my price range. I got lucky and bought the set while it was on sale and dropped to $89, and honestly I'm glad I didn't buy it at full price. I love having all the movies, and the quality of each DVD is amazing how it was redone. But the packaging was some of the worst I've seen for a DVD set.

    Basically, what they did was take all four of the Bond DVD Ultimate Editions and put them in this big black cardboard box and stuck Casino Royale in the middle. Each movie comes with two discs. Disc one contains the movie and disc two contains all of the special features. The cases holding each movie are too slim for the booklet to fit inside so they are loose in the Ultimate Edition Volume they came in. There are special features galore and the booklets contain tons of nice little tid bits about each movie. Be careful though, one of my movies didn't come with a booklet because they gave me two booklets for a different movie instead.

    Also, don't expect your set to come in pristine condition. My set was pretty banged up even though I bought it for "brand new" from Amazon and not an Amazon user. One of the corners was dented in pretty badly, which I figured was due to being bounced around during shipping. I was okay with that, but once I opened the outer box I noticed that a couple of the secondary Ultimate Edition Volumes looked like they had been sliced open with a box cutter and there were creases and cuts along the boxes, this I was not okay with.

    So really, what you're paying for are the movies, not the packaging at all. Unfortunately, for the price of $224 you would expect some sort of quality, durable packaging. If the packaging were better, I might say the set was worth the $224 but since it isn't, I would definitely discourage anyone from buying it at full price. My recommendation is to wait until the price drops. They do it rarely but it's worth the wait. If you decide to wait for the price drop, I recommend keeping an eye out around the time new James Bond material comes out, like a new movie or a new DVD release. That would be your best bet.

    As far as content goes, I would give the set 5 stars because each movie looks beautifully clear and I love all of the special features included. But because the packaging was so terrible and disappointing I'm gonna have to dock it 1 star for a grand total of 4 stars....more info
  • Bond Collectors set
    This was an awesome steal of $90 on their Goldbox page. Too bad it doesn't contain "Never Say Never"....more info
  • You might watch it twice to catch all comments and see stunts again
    Awesome stunt work @ start! Near 4 star technically good movie, a bit soggy at the end romance wise with an explanation and no spikes in overall enjoyment. Thus a less than four, still a four star movie , could be possibly a +four due to the Stunts! Rent it, you won't be unhappy, but the movie is (too?) polished, no extreme wows! or sniffs...............more info
  • Great Buy For James Bond
    All I have to say is what a great buy this was. This set of movies with special edition disks is just outstanding....more info
  • Bond, only James Bond!
    What can you say about Bond that hasn't been said? This collector set has all 21 movies - Connery, Moore, Daly, Brosnan and Craig. The price was excellent. Enough said....more info
  • Price = 5 stars
    James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set - pretty typical. W/ ea movie, there's a companion disc w/ special features (I haven't watched any of the companion discs yet). The quality of the discs is average - nothing to complain or rave about.
    I got this set for an amazing price...that's why I'm giving it a 5 star review. Had I paid $100 for the set, I probably would have given it 3.5 stars....more info
  • Awesome price, good package
    I got this when it went on sale from Amazon and for that price it just could not be beaten. The presentation is good and looks fine,although just sticking in Casino Royale seems odd. I would have preferred that Casino Royale be separate (shipped alongside the box) or in a decorative box rather than in the regular retail package, however this is the only issue I have and it is a small one. ...more info
  • buy the ultimate editions separately! much cheaper!
    this one star is not for the product itself but the price!
    if you buy each of the four ultimate editions separately it would be around $104 since their just over $25 apiece here on amazon
    add the 2 disc casino royale which is $9 and youve got the whole package for $113 instead of over $218 that they are charging for this set!

    its ridiculous, this should be a better value, not a worse one...more info
  • GOOD
    Great purchase at a great price too. The only thing though, wasn't aware that this included Casino Royale so I ordered Casino Royale separate. I now have 2 of them.

    No problems......more info
  • 007 dvd set
    Item came in great shape. Was delivered quicker than I had expected. My husband is so very excited about this present. Glad I found it for such an amazing price. Will definately buy from this seller again....more info