Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 SATA 8 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Hard Drive ST3160813AS
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The Barracuda 7200.11 drive delivers up to 43 percent power savings over the previous Seagate desktop generation without sacrificing performance, giving customers the ability to manufacture eco-friendly PC systems and external storage systems that meet energy-savings requirements. Like all other Seagate drives, the Barracuda 7200.11 product family complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) directive that limits the use of hazardous materials in electronic goods.With the Barracuda 7200.11 drive, our customers can have the best of both worlds?top hard-drive performance and a high-capacity drive with a very small eco-footprint. Seagate is committed to minimizing the impact of our products and operations on the environment. We have implemented production efficiency measures, such as replacing or renovating less-efficient equipment, resulting in a 20 percent increase in production efficiency on a perhard-drive basis. In just six months this delivered a savings of 158.93 million kWh, or enough energy to power nearly 15,000 U.S. homes for one year. Seagate also has deployed aggressive waste minimization and recycling programs in facilities worldwide.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for use in D-Link DNS-323
    I purchased 2 of these drives to install in my D-Link DNS-323 Network Attached Storage device that I also purchased from Amazon. The two work great together.

    So far I have been these drives in the DNS-323 for a month and have had no problems. Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase. See my review for the DNS-323 for details on the performance benchmarks that I got when using these drives in the NAS device....more info
  • Good and Rocking
    Recently I bought this item. I also bought SATA to IDE converter as I have IDE interface. The integration is very simple. Now I enjoy a extended space for all my photos and documents....more info
    This item was shipped the following morning after I ordered it. Took ~5 minutes to remove old drive and replace with the new drive. Computer recognized it immediately and so far have had no problems with it....more info
  • Seagate Barracuda used in a mediatank
    Used in the hdx-1000 mediatank. Installation went smooth. My wife thinks the harddrive makes too much noise however speed is very good.
    ...more info
  • Incredibly fast unit!
    Unit is really fast! 32MB cache does a great difference. Most writings can be instantly buffered and then transferred when drive is idle which saves a lot of user waiting time. Also transfer rates are very fast. Very quiet operation (near no noise at all). Good price for big space. Can't ask for more. Very happy!...more info
  • Too good to be true
    The price per meg on this unit is the lowest I've seen and I've always had good luck with Seagate drives in the past, so I picked up this drive over the weekend.

    Installation: I had two smaller IDE drives and wanted to partition the new drive as C: and D:, then image the existing drives to the new partitions. Disc Wizard initially let me set up the primary and extended partitions, then nuked the extended partition and set the primary to take the entire drive. When I wiped the drive and attempted to recreate my intended setup, I got a BSOD. On reboot, C: was 1GB and D: (500GB) was nowhere to be seen. I once again nuked the drive and let Disc Wizard do what it pleased, which was not what I wanted. The drive came up and I imaged my old IDE master to it, then copied my old IDE slave manually.

    Performance: inconsistent. Sometimes it's blazing fast, sometimes... not so much. Note that this is in regular use (open apps, creating files, etc), not copying between disks.

    Reliability: absolutely horrible. Disc Wizard will no longer run, hanging on bad sectors. The sectors themselves report to the OS in negative numbers (e.g. -1,372,010). CHKDSK reports 375GB worth of bad sectors. SeaTools (Seagate's diags) report the drive failed on SMART, the long self test, the generic short test, and the generic long test (but passed the short self test, go figure). Active Hard Drive Monitor reports the drive's fitness at 56% and falling.

    Warranty: Seagate says the drive is in warranty and gave me an RMA. I have to pay for shipping and their packing instructions are extremely (I might say needlessly) specific. If the replacement drive proves good, fine, but Seagate has an extremely bad reputation for quality of late so I'm not holding my breath.

    Summary: Not worth the price. This drive is simply not up to any reasonable standard of quality....more info
  • warning problems still exist
    I bought two and sure enough...problems...with both.
    (problem also hit me with some 1TB seagates but I thought for sure it would have been resolved for the

    Tried moving them to external USB cases after internal install had issues; did firmware updates as well...they still tend to "hang".

    I have bought seagates for a looong time but no many faults that seagate is just not interested in resolving; go visit their forums and see the consumer anger.
    ...more info
  • Smooth Barracuda!
    I have used both Western Digital Green 1TB and Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1TB in DLINK 323 NAS device for about a month. These are my experiences... Seagate didn't need firmware update.

    WD was packaged very well with cushion padding where as Seagate was packed really lousy. I had ordered 2 drives in each brand and one of the seagate boxes looked like it was opened already (may be it was human error while packaging; I didn't bother).

    Seagate is noisier than WD but it is much smoother than WD. Meaning, WD produced lot of hard clicking sounds that really irritated me (both drives; may be just the two I received were defective). Clicking sounds from Seagate felt normal to me (and it was muffled).

    Seagate got much hotter than WD. I figured WD didn't produce as much as heat because it uses "intelliseek" that runs the motor at optimal/slower speeds rather than the advertised 7200rpm.

    I couldn't compare speed as I was running WD in RAID1 and Seagate as Standard drives.

    Overall, I am very happy with Seagate mainly because of its much smoother operation and brand reputation.

    Hope this review helps!
    ...more info
  • for my HP home server
    I got these drives for my HP home server, what a breeze, installed them and the server configured them for extra storage... i was dreading having to install them in a separate pc and format them but turned out not to be the case.......more info
  • Great HDD
    Hey, whatz up, if you're looking foward to make a good buy this SEAGATE 1.5 TB HDD is the way to go. All I had to do was plug it and use it. Exellent performance, super fast and super cheap had it for about a month and it hasn't given me any problems. I recomend this product 100%... GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.........more info
  • Firmware update issue is a fix, but too much room for human error
    I have bought one of these and from all the reading of the reviews from many sites I am very skeptical, but have been a Seagate fan from the very start. I talked to Seagate customer support about the issue before I even used the drive to see what they had to say about it. They did tell me one thing that nobody had reported as an important step in the firmware update process. (I don't even think it was on Seagate's website instructions). The site does say you have to do a full shutdown of the computer, not a soft restart but a full OFF. But the tech told me the drives fully take in and close the firmware update when the drive losses all power. That means you either need to pull the power off the drive or unplug your computer and then press your case power button to get rid off all of the system power. I am sure many people didn't make sure this crucial step in no power to the drive after firmware update was taken correctly. My computer takes 20 seconds to loose all power even when I unplug it. The drives will say the firmware was installed but may not have been correctly taken in by the board if all was not totally cut off from the drives. I hope mine is not one to suffer the fate of others and I hope this helps others in realizing you need to follow the procedure to the T. Unfortunately even a users system can prevent them from doing this update correctly unknowingly.Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500 GB SATA 32 MB Cache Bulk/OEM Hard Drive ST3500320AS...more info
  • excellent
    The hard drive arrived just as expected, te package was really good, cero problems with the shipping. the seller stuck with the deal, i got what i paid for....more info
  • Good Drive
    When you get this drive just go to and pop in the serial number and it will tell you if your drive needs the firmware update or not. I received mine and was told by the seagate site I did not need it. So I installed, loaded OS, powered down a couple of times to test and everything works fine. Pretty fast write speeds as well. Btw I have purchased personally and for work Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital and Hitachi/IBM drives and all have at one point or another have failed. Yes the seagate issue is a special case just like the IBM "Deathstars" years ago. But to say one company makes drives that fail more than others is just bullcaca. ...more info
  • Works Great!
    I have no complaints about this hard drive. It works great no glitches. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Run For The Hills from Seagate
    A few years back, Seagate was the bomb on long term warranties and excellent drives. Just look at their reviews NOW and that has changed. Yes, you can get a warranty for 5 years. Heck of a lot of good it does you when it crashes.

    I had my 1.5 TB less than 6 months before it gave the "click of death". They sent a replacement, which they make REAL convenient for [...] bucks. Otherwise you can wait a week or two or more. Considering how many of these 1.5 drives crash, from people I know, my count: 4, this is a revenue stream in itself.

    I decided to pay more for and get a WD, which has better reviews of late, even if shorter warranties. My older Seagates from 5 years ago and WD's that survived are still going strong. But these new ones, THIS 1.5 TB drive, deserves a class-action lawsuit all it's own.

    I won't be buying Seagate until I see dramatic improvement in their drive quality....more info
  • Excellent Seagate SATA HDD
    If you need a good HDD, Seagate is the brand. I have others Seagate HDD and all of them are excellent. For this item, the only note is that it is a little noisy (when data is being read or written). However, it is not very disturbing....more info
  • dependable Seagate hard drive
    This drive performs without fail. I have seven of these 1 GB hard drives and all have been excellent. I use these formatted with a Mac so I can speak only for Mac performance....more info
  • Very good product
    This hard drive was received in good shape and has worked in my NAS box in a RAID-1 configuration. I have not profiled it for performance, but it is working flawlessly alongside another 1TB Seagate in the RAID-1 configuration....more info
  • Seagate 1.5TB Hard Drive
    I have other Seagate hard drives and they are great. They preform well and last long. I love this one because I needed some large storage space and this filled my bill. I also like the warentee that comes with it.
    I would highly recomend this brand to anyone who is looking for an extra HD for storage. Also doing business with was a pleasure. Thanks...more info
  • Faulty Firmware, Hard drive will die on you
    I bought this hard drive on Dec 2008 and it die on January 2009. This model has been known to have a faulty firmware that will kill the hard drive. Their return policy is bad also. I waste my shipping fee to have Seagate fix it but they shipped back to me unfix. I will never trust this company ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you data is important, don't buy this drive and anything from this lousy company. ...more info
  • Excellent Drive - Works Great In Mac Pro
    I have had four of these drives for a month now and all have worked flawlessly in my first generation Mac Pro running 10.5.6 . An excellent drive with good speed and at a good price. I checked the serial numbers of the drives before I installed in the Mac and none were affected by the firmware problems early versions had....more info
  • Cost-effective and works well
    My 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 installed effortlessly and works well on my Windows XP system. I am buying a second one for backup purposes. This is a cost-effective solution for backups and 1.5TB is enough for all of my digital photographs, MP4 files, and the like.

    I did not experience any of the firmware issues referenced elsewhere. Highly recommended....more info
  • Gobs and Gobs of storage
    Well, I am using 2 of these drives in RAID mirror for my My Documents folder (yes you can assign the My Documents folder to specific hard drives, just rt click and go into the properties). This way anything in My Documents is 'backed up' due to redundancy. The drives just work. They are speedy enough, and there is an extravagent amount of storage. I also have 2 250 GB drives in RAID stripping mode for speed, and that gives me just under 1/2 TB on my C drive and 1.5 Tb of storage, total almost 2 TB storage. That is a LOT of space. Fully recommended....more info
  • Think before you buy it
    I really read about this model, about its good performance and capacity, but also read about lots of DOAs, or deaths of drives in 1 or 2 monhts. I gave it a try and bought 2 of these for making a 1TB RAID0 array. But it wasn't the best bet, the array failed in 2 weeks, but because I used linux, even that the array was failed I could still read it (using sata_sil driver suse11). I hurried to buy a WD drive, and backed up all my data to this hard drive. The array failed because the drive started to present errors (SMART), so I don't trust this drives anymore, now I have them in a RAID1 array just to be sure. This was a big dissapointment, these days Seagate has bad quality SATA drives. Think before you buy them. low reliability. ...more info
  • Solid Drives, Make Sure You Update Firmware Though
    I have been using Seagates now for awhile, and pretty much have been buying only Seagates for the couple of years.

    Usually they are rock solid, no failures or drops outs, and I have 2 of these. One went bad, and it was one that did not have the firmware update when I looked at the Seagate site and checked the serial numbers.

    The other one has been fine. It is a pain to update the firmware, but once done it works. The drives are otherwise quiet and run fairly cool. The ones that work deserve 5 stars and the firmware issue is pretty poor. (I use these to back up my computer and rotate them, so nothing lost fortunately.) The firmware should be fine on the newer ones, but keep it in mind....more info
  • Awesome Drive
    I purchased this drive for my Drobo. Now going on 90 days without a problem. Limited noise comes from 4 of these drives that populate my Drobo. Once thing is how hot these drives run. I have resorted to placing my Drobo in a ventilated rack system to maximize the cooling of the 4 closely positioned drives....more info
  • Great drives so far
    I bought two drives to RAID together in a NAS to allow redundancy and easy access from multiple computers. Both drives were placed in the D-Link DNS-321 and connected to my Gigabit wired home LAN. So far, I'm quite happy with my purchase....more info
  • Mass Storage at a Great Price!
    I love my new drives. They have worked well in my mac pro for over a month now (mirrored). They are noisier than my previous smaller drives, but that hasn't affected their operation. I checked the serial numbers with the website and found they are not affected by the firmware issue. My main disappointment is with the way Amazon shipped them. Their packing job reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they couldn't spare a square. The two drives arrived in two small boxes that were in one larger box. Each small box had one small sheet of small bubble wrap (completely pointless). Each drive rattled around in the small box. The small boxes then rattled around in the big box. I really hope that all that rattling didn't decrease their life expectancy! These drives came directly from amazon according to the box labels (not a 3rd party). ...more info
  • Even after the firmware upgrade they're nothing but problems.
    I bought 18 of these and I wish I hadn't. Of the 18, two didn't even accept the firmware update and had to be swapped... of the remaining, two couldn't make it through a format and no longer respond, and three keep dropping out of raid configurations... they work for a while, then they quit. It would be one thing if they failed from the start, but this has taken place over three months. What do I have to expect in the next three months? They never should have shipped.
    Now I'm getting drives with Firmware CC1G as replacements for the SD1B ones that don't work properly. Guess what, the CC1G are working properly and they have yet another firmware update I'm suppposed to do.

    They just aren't reliable so beware and so far I'm not getting any warm fuzzies from Seagate about resolving the issue....more info
  • NO SATA Cable provided
    This does not include SATA cables and they dropped the price a day after I ordered one. The local computer store is charging $8 for the cable but I need to get this operational....more info
  • Worse Hard Drive Ever!
    It was working for a month, then it started having hardware errors.

    1. Linux would re-mount it as read only after hardware error.
    2. After the reboot it may or may not work at all.
    3. After a reboot some directories were completely lost.
    4. The drive would mount fine but stop working after a minute or two.

    Do not waste your time on this junk. It is far worse than throwing your money away. The only reason to spend money on this hard drive is to pay someone to remove it from your computer.
    ...more info
  • Packaged very securely
    Perhaps Amazon has done some retraining of their warehouse crew since the earlier complaints were posted? My 1TB OEM Seagate Barracuda was packaged very securely inside of foam padding similar to what is found in the packaging for retail Seagate drives.

    This box was then placed inside of a second box for shipping.

    It only took 4 business days to arrive via USPS! Thumbs up to Amazon for their care in packaging of this drive for shipment....more info
  • So far so good
    This drive gives you a lot of space for the money. So far I have had no issues with this drive and it has performed well. However, there are some known faults with this drive that cause it stop working. There is a firmware update available to fix the issue but the update process has also caused the drives to stop working. I suggest doing some research on the issue before deciding to buy....more info
  • Awful, Awful, Drive.
    After having this drive for a short time, it just quit working. It makes an incessant, slight buzzing sound like it is hung up. I had personal info on it and did not want to take it back to the store. Now I am just out of my money. ...more info
  • 1 tb drive that worked
    I have not had it in the machine for very long, only a month so I can't attest to it's long term reliability. So far in use it's a tad faster than the 500 gig seagates and WD's that it replaced.

    Before I formatted or used the drive I did check the firmware version and it seems amazon is shipping the latest drives so thats a good thing.

    So it's a decent speed 1 tb drive at a decent price so no complaints

    giving it a 4 as some of the previous 1tb drives gave me problems and I'm still a bit jaded....more info
  • Very good item
    Well, the disk it self i very good one, almost not noise and not too heavy. The only thing that i dislike is that in Vista(professional) at least 32bits, i did not find yet drivers in order to make it work as just one disk and not have to partitioned it. I think is going to be release in near future. I don't use it in RAID and works great...more info
  • Great packaging, Works so far
    I ordered two of these. One came before the other. Both came in the proper drive packaging that is suitable for Seagate warrantee return requirements so you want to save this packaging. It's perfect. I installed them in on Intel's mini ITX Atom based board that has two SATA ports but does not support RAID. I decided to try Fedora Core 10's software RAID 1 configuration and is my NAS. It has been online since Feb 3, 2009 and the hard drives are working perfectly so far....more info
  • works, no surprises
    Plugged into a P4 machine, created a partition, and formatted to EXT3 then loaded it with stuff that needed some organization. Went to Seagate's site with model and serial numbers, found it had a firmware update, applied the update as per instruction, then when back to shoveling files around. The hot plugged into a NAS and set it up for more storage there. Works, no surprises....more info
  • Cheap Drives
    These are the worst drives I have ever owned. I purchased 2 of them and both have started to fail. Please not that these are newer drives and the firmware mentiond does not apply.

    The drive cause my machine (does not matter which machine) to freeze up for 30 seconds or so at random intervals. Also one of the drives started to create a clicking sound.

    Both are under waranty but on is only a week old so its going back to the store the other is going to Seagate for repair.

    Warning! Warning! Warning!
    Do not buy these drives they have a very high failure rate. Im sorry Seagate but you have gone down hill. Of the 20 or so drives I have for various computers (some are quite Old) The Seagate Baracuda drives are the ones I have the most problems with.

    I will never purchase anothe Seagate drive again....more info
  • It's work very well
    As an OEM, did not bring the installation program. I had downloaded from the Seagate's site to install it....more info