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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete [Blu-ray]
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Product Description

The question facing any viewer of the Japanese CG feature Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is: do you have to know the games on which it's based in order to understand the film? And the answer is: it certainly helps. But even complete novices (i.e., most parents) in the Final Fantasy world will find some entertainment in its wealth of fantasy-based action, and the animation never fails to astonish. Picking up two years after an epic battle between the forces of good (represented by brooding soldier Cloud) and evil (Cloud's former general, Sephiroth), FFVII opens in the devastated city of Midgard, whose youthful occupants suffer from a ghastly disease known as Geostigma. A trio of brothers arrives with what appears to be a cure for the plague, but their gesture conceals a more sinister purpose: to revive Sephiroth and bring about the end of the world. Cloud and his companions must once again rise to the occasion to stop the siblings and the revived Sephiroth from unleashing total destruction. Complex and self-referential to the point of occasional incomprehension, Final Fantasy VII will definitely be most appreciated by fans of the game series, but if others can look past the numbing dialogue and frenetic action (which is a bit too intense for very young children), the film offers a carefree and action-packed viewing experience. The two-disc set contains the original Japanese language version of the film as well as an English-dubbed edition (Rachel Leigh Cook and Christy Carlson Romano, among others, provide the vocal talent) and a version edited for the Venice Film Festival. A 30-minute featurette that recaps the Final Fantasy story up to VII, as well as a making-of documentary, deleted scenes, and promotions for future Final Fantasy VII games and products round out the extras. --Paul Gaita

Continuing the storyline based on the hit Playstation? game Final Fantasy VII, two years have passed since the ruins of Midgar stand as a testament to the sacrifices made in order to bring peace. However, the world will soon face a new menace. A mysterious illness is spreading fast. Old enemies are astir. And Cloud, who walked away from the life of a hero to live in solitude, must step forward yet again . . .

Customer Reviews:

    WOW grapphics are just wow! it was so great that they finally got to make a movie! it was a little bit short but very interesting to watch. it has two disc because you have to understand a bit where final fantasy comes from for those who never played the game. but dont worry you will catch up with what they made for you.
    Delivery very quick and factory sealed. brand new...more info
  • this is the best ff movie
    this is a great movie. good action and comedy. if u love the game u love the movie. i am big fan of ff7. really good graphics as well....more info
  • Last Order OVA Review
    There are already lots of great reviews here for Advent Children, so let me add my review for the half-hour OVA "Last Order," which is bundled in as an extra in this release and makes it more than worth buying:

    Let me start by saying this OVA... was perfect. Tetsuya Nomura has proved himself fifty times over as a fantastic director with this brief, poignant, and unbelievably powerful little 30-minute OVA. No overt sappiness, no slow-motion tears flying about, none of that. Cloud doesn't even comprehend what has happened. Nothing but grim reality with its edge of grittiness--and it is utterly devastating. I'm sitting here typing in tears and I think, even if I hadn't had the special fascination for this obscure, long-dead side character that I have had since playing FFVII, I still would have been moved to tears by this OVA's plaintive look at the last few hours of this man's life.

    It would have been so much easier for Zack to escape on his own; slowed down and strength sapped from carrying the nearly comatose Cloud, Zack could have traveled so much faster and less-conspicuously if he'd just abandoned him. With his strength and wits, he would have made it. It's a mark of what a wonderful person he is that he went so far as to shield Cloud with his own body---Cloud, this random, low-ranking soldier who was probably only an acquaintance before the Nibelheim incident, if at all (SOLDIER first class, the highest of the high, and Cloud, a common, faceless foot soldier!). He didn't owe him a thing, but he still valued this poor kid's life enough to protect him all the way to the end. That's why I'm so happy we have this OVA touching on the truly tragic and unfair fate dealt to such a wonderful person. Zack is such a minor character in the grand scheme of the original game (he's even dead long before it begins!), but still---if you're watching closely---you see, little by little, how much his deeds have effected the story.

    He starts out just as shock factor--you see the photo taken at Nibelheim the day Tifa led Sephiroth's party up to the Mako Reactor, and instead of our familiar, blonde-haired Cloud standing there as we expect, it is a taller, dark-haired stranger. From here, little by little, Zack's influence grows and discover slowly, rather painfully since you know of his sad fate, what sort of person it was who lost his life (and even identity) so that Cloud could take it. You discover that he was the wonderful boyfriend of Aerith's whom Cloud reminded her of, that he was the elite SOLDIER 1st class who was friendly even with the foot soldiers, that he went on his own to try to stop Sephiroth during the Nibelheim massacre, that he suffered side by side with Cloud in Hojo's laboratory for those five, long years of their imprisonment, and it was he, alone, who managed to break free and literally CARRIED Cloud back across two continents and was finally killed defending him when he fought alone against an entire squadron of Shinra soldiers. It hurts, doesn't it? And he did all that never knowing that his actions would give Cloud the strength, motivation, and will to save the world someday.

    That's why I love this OVA so much. Just like the cool, unassuming guy that Zack was, it doesn't come at you with this, "look at me, this is such a tragedy!!!" sort of "tragic epic" attitude. It's just "there was this cool guy, and this is what he did. He fought simply for a chance to live in freely, and died trying." It's just the way Zack would've wanted it, I think.

    Directiorally, it was very nice how the movie begins with Cloud (as we expect, Cloud being our cherished hero of FFVII). But all we see is his clouded, green, mako-tinged vision, and all we hear is his gasping breath. He doesn't actually speak a coherent line until much later in the story. In this way, we make the transition from Cloud, who IS FFVII, to Zack, who is (just as in the original game) our "hidden" hero. You realize long after the fact that Zack is the one we're actually focusing on (every time he enters a scene, it's in a rather unassuming way--the opening, and in the Nibelheim flashback, when he wanders in from the background in the midst of the disaster). All the things you wanted to see most happen--from some of the most AMAZING animated fight scenes I have ever seen (when Sephiroth elegantly slashed away Zack's sword strike, did your heart stop for a moment? Mine did...), to that beautiful moment when Tifa discovered that Cloud did keep his promise (though she later thinks she just hallucinated it... ^^; ), to the perfection that is animated Sephiroth whispering "Mother, come with me," to Cloud's truly incredible moment in the fight against Sephiroth. Wow, the power of this animation! (I love you, Mad House!!!!!) And let's not forget that quiet, last scene. Our esteem and affection for Zack is just growing and growing as he cheerfully (and somehow, fatalistically) expounds on the fortunes and adventures he'll have hereafter and then, his famous and haunting line, "We're friends, right?" to the man who will steal his entire life and identity later on... wow.

    Ah, the Turks. Now that was a truly clever touch! I love how they become a sort of sympathetic third party. Tseng's quiet sadness and contemplation of the pitiful fate that Zack and Cloud were dealt, even as he hunts them down, gives the audience solace. We know (as the Turks know) that their escape is futile, but the fact that the people who are actually tracking them down feel sorry for them as well is somehow soothing for us. I love how Tseng's sympathy, and his order to try to take them alive, gave me this wild, completely irrational hope that maybe--just maybe--they would make it through this impossible situation alive. In particular, that last scene when the Turks' helicopter is right there, rushing toward the scene and offering some sort of salvation (at least for their lives) for Zack and Cloud just at their fateful hour. But of course, they don't make it in time. History has already laid down its cold order, hasn't it? And anyway, Zack says it all in that one line--"I don't want assurances that my life will be spared. All I want is FREEDOM!" I guess for him, it was better to have died fighting of his own will than to return to Hojo's lab of horrors to live as a test subject to the end of his days, ne? But still... ;__;

    I love that we see the last moments of Zack's life back in Cloud's point of view. It is satisfying to know that, whatever he forgets or blocks out of his memory later on, he did bear witness to Zack's final sacrifice for him. But that grieving is for later. For now, I love that Cloud has no reaction, no sappy screaming, etc. Just silence and the haunting echo of the gunshot that ends it all. That shot is so devastating, so inevitable... just as we know from the moment we began watching this OVA that Zack would soon die despite all his efforts, that shot is so inevitable and heavy, and we (like Cloud) are so helpless to stop it. We don't even get to see it happen--just the sound signalling that it has been done somewhere beyond our reach and we are only hearing the declaration of its completion after the fact. It's wonderful and SO painful.

    Really, truly, hats off to Nomura-sensei and his entire crew. This OVA was everything I had hoped for. Thank you so much for it and for this incredibly well-deserved tribute to that nameless soldier who gave Cloud his life, his sword, and even his memories--and gave us one of the most memorable video game stories of all time....more info
  • For FF fans
    Well, I've played Crisis Core and now I'm playing FFVII in my PSP, and this movie helped me to feel all the drama. It's well done, but not for beginners or people who doesn't know the FF universe. ...more info
  • A Masterpiece
    I've been a Final Fantasy fan all the way back when my older brothers used to let me "play" the original NES Final Fantasy with an unplugged controller...i was 5 but even then i was in awe with each story told by a legion of warriors trying to save the world.

    That was until i played my first pc game in 3d, Final Fantasy 7. I had grown with that mystique around me, with those out of this world moments that you just can see in your mind but can't explain with words. And if i ever had a glimpse of a vision of what those moments would look like, i can honestly say they never looked this good.

    Advent Children is by far the best CG Motion Picture created from a game, it's the way a sequel is meant to be when put into a film and taking the whole world of Final Fantasy as the canvas to your story telling. It's a complex movie that tries to push the envelope real hard but that in the end sums up what every Final Fantasy game had and involved everyone of us when we played it, a story about honor, courage, valor, ultimately unveiling the power that makes this world survive and keeping a wish to retain all hope and saving it within a fantasy we all have seen.

    Great movie
    ...more info
  • Must have for every FF7 fan
    The only thing that would be better is, if the movie were on a BlueRay-Disc and not on a DVD....more info
  • Super sweet!
    Loved it! The Limited Edition comes with Last Order, which is a 30 min. anime of Cloud and Zack running from Shinra, FF7 Advent Children script, FF7 Advent Children Novel (it tells about what the gang has been up to in between FF7 the game and FF7 Advent Children. Specifically Barret, Tifa, and Denzel), and some sweet scans of some of the main characters. Super awesome!...more info
  • Another Good Movie.
    This is another good animated movie. Not quite as good an the first Final Fantasy movie, but close. It helps if you've ever played the Final Fantasy games, but even if you haven't, you should like this movie....more info
  • Advent Children Review
    This moview was amazing, any action fan and ANY Final Fantasy fan will love this move....more info
    AWESOME, is the only word to discribe this movie. The animation is beautiful, the fight seens are action packed. If your a fan of the Final Fantasy series or an anime fan-GET THIS MOVIE!...more info
  • it's so awesome!!!
    this DVD is great~~ I can't believe it has Chinese subtitle on there~~ It's so cool!!!...more info
  • Excellent
    This is an excellent movie. its a direct continuation of the Final Fantasy VII story. It is set 2 years after the end of the game. The filmmakers made sure to include all the main characters of the video game, and introduce new characters well.

    The special features are cool. There is a nice behind the scenes look at the film making process. They also include the trailers that were shown at the Venice Film Festival. Plus, there are previews of Final Fantasy VII games.

    This movie is a must have for any FF7 fan. If you loved the game, you will love the movie. If you didn't play the game, you will still love the movie....more info
  • Magnificently Surpasses the Theatrical Cut!
    As a rabid fan of FF7 I had eagerly awaited the release of Advent Children in theaters and when that didn't happen (except for a single screening in Hollywood) I eagerly awaited the DVD. When it finally was released I tore open the packaging and started the disc spinning and to my disappointment I was only mildly diverted. There was something missing. Yeah my favorite characters were there, the battle scenes (while difficult to follow) were dynamic and epic, and it all looked pretty. But the soul of my FF7 experience was missing. So I shrugged, chalked it up to over-anticipation, and played through the game again to get my fix.

    Then Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete was announced. Skeptical but hopeful at the idea of 30 extra minutes I sought out more information. There wasn't much to be had except the odd trailer here and there. Then I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the April 16 Japanese release.

    I was blown away.

    Advent Children Complete is everything the original cut should have been and so much more. The 30 additional minutes not only add depth and soul to the story but improve the pacing and the structure overall. The characters have room to breathe, the humor is well timed, the action is breathtaking, and the 1080p resolution must be seen to be believed.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, because of this release I'm buying a PS3 so that I can purchase the American Version when it is released this summer (plus of course FF13!).

    This is the Final Fantasy movie we all have been waiting for!...more info
  • Final Fantasy Advent Children
    I'm very pleased with my selction that I made, even though postal workers could be a little more careful with the packages that they handle. Thee edge's on the item that i purchased where banged up. Thank you though it's the item that I wanted...more info
  • The Truth Must Be Told!
    Sigh. I loved FF7. I still play it even today. It's one of my most cherished games. Imagine my excitement when I first heard about a movie sequel to one of my favorite games. I kept my eye on the forums for every scrap of information about the movie before it came out. I was excited. So, why the 2-star review? Well, that would be because of the major dissapointment that this movie really is. When I first watched it I thought it was a great movie, I loved it; it was awesome, then I watched it a second time and actually felt bored and disinterested. I could barely sit through it. Then it dawned on me; if this movie were actually good, I wouldn't be having such a hard time sitting through it.

    WARNING! Spoilers be ahead!!!!!

    First of all, the plot is a mess. I've overplayed FF7 (as you should know from what I said earlier), I understand what the references in the movie meant. I don't need to be told who "mother" is or the significant of Sephiroth's return. I understand these things. So, my dislike of the plot is not based on my ignorance of in-game references, it's based on the fact that the plot stinks. I mean why would there suddenly be all these new Sephiroth clones? Didn't the resurrection of Sephiroth seem forced? Rufus really should've stayed dead. Speaking of which, did anyone notice that Aeris (who should've been completely dead and returned to the planet) became a sort of Deus ex Machina that completely resolved all plot problems at the end? Overall, the entire movie ended with me feeling that nothing significant took place at all. I don't really feel that this movie added to the story of the game; it feels more like a tacked-on money-making excuse to exploit FF7 fans. Should've called it "Final Fantasy VII: Advent of the Money-Making Sequel".

    Furthermore, what happened to all my beloved characters?! Cloud is strangely guilty about Aeris's death when he gave no indication of this feeling in the game. He was sad (appropriately) but not guilty. Also, they turned Tifa into a nagging wench. Why? I used to like her (still do in the game). All she does the entire movie is nag Cloud about this and that--you'd think that saving the world ought to merit you some free time, but no, Tifa demands he do all the things she wants. As for the other characters, you barely see them at all. Not to mention, that ridiculous scene where they all take turns throwing each other upward is laughable. Speaking of which, the battle scenes are riduculously full of slow-motion and gravity-defying nonsense. I can stand a couple unrealistically high jumps, but the only one who should be able to fly is Vincent.

    The only real high point to this movie is the beautiful graphics (that's what earns this 2 stars). They are stunning, and lend themselves to making excellent computer wallpapers. But honestly, given the quality of the rest of this movie, Square-Enix really should have just released a software bundle of some fancy wallpapers and screensavers for all the FF7 fans out there.
    ...more info
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Review
    Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    This movie is awesome and worth watching. It is completely computer animated and is very Japanese Style. The movie is based off of the Game, Final Fantasy VII and so is rather confusing with out some Final Fantasy background. However, it is still a great, exciting watch....more info
  • Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children (Limited Edition Collector's Set)
    It comes with some freebies which is not bad...and the little novel that came with was one of the reason I like it...even though its not the complete novel...more info
    Best movie ever, the only movies that come close are Lord of the Rings and Narnia... anyways, I want to start by saying the description is wrong, the movie starts in the city of Edge near midgar... Midgar is toxic and no one lives there any more (not since Meteorfall) except Cloud, who is hiding from his former friends and allies (and some enemies who have changed to the good side), because he is sick with Geostigma. Working as a delivery boy, former enemy Rufus Shinra and two turks Reno and Rude try to hire him as 'muscle'. Remnants of his old enemy Sephiroth are attempting to bring him back, and Rufus is trying to prevent that from happening by keeping the still-living head of Sephiroth's alien 'mother', Jenova, from the remnants. Although shinra and Cloud's gang enter an uneasy alliance, they find themselves fighting side by side as the remnants attempt to receive cells from their 'mother,'
    therefore becoming sephiroth. The story is lax compared to the game, but the last half of the movie is not-stop action and the first half does have some plot points mixed in with action. i look forward to the blu ray version....more info
  • Extremely entertaining for fans with extras!
    Well if you haven't already seen the movie then definitely watch it if you played the Play Station game. If you already have, this box set has some pretty nifty extras. The script isn't really too interesting, but the post cards can be nice collectibles. Looks great on the shelf....more info
  • Amazing if you liked the movie
    My husband is a Final Fantasy fanatic so he LOVES this. The box & contents are really high quality (which is not common, even in limited editions!). The postcards are very good quality printing and my husband said that the content on the DVDs is great. ...more info
  • disappointed
    To be honest, I was disappointed by this "collector's edition" and should've stayed happy with the original I got. I will not comment on the movie because it is decent; however, all the extra stuff that come with this edition are a big disappointment.

    Why do people love anime and japanese RPGs? In my opinion, fantastic artwork's gotta be the answer. However, the two booklets (novel and script) contain page after page of text, and the only "artwork" in these are the FFVII logos on the cover.

    Then these postcards. I don't know about you, but the character that I like the most is Aerith, and Red XIII is cool as well. But no sire, there is no Aerith!!!! (WTF???) Nor is there Red XIII on the postcards. Its all about cloud, sephiroth, barret, and those shinra weirdos whose names I don't even care to remember... who gives a damn about them??? What about Tifa, you ask? Well, yes, she has her postcard alright, but she looks so depressed, as if she were the evil twin of the Tifa from FF7 the game.

    There goes my $30+......more info