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NECA Resident Evil 5 Series 1 Action Figure Chris Redfield
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Product Description

Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) and game protagonist Chris Redfield features 25 points of articulation and comes with a shotgun, and a pistol and knife that fit into a functional holder and sheath!

  • Fully poseable figure with accessories!

Customer Reviews:

  • resident evil 5 figures
    I really liked the resident evil figure line. Looking forward to possably seeing Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine added to it.Neca has come along way to making their figure line very detailed and accurate, only I wish they would go back to putting foot peg stands with them. But overall their products are outstanding....more info
  • Resident Evil 5 Chris Redfield
    This figure is a great buy. Great detail, and great articulation. The accesories are awesome. The only drawbacks are: the durability of the paint( paint will scratch off if handled too much), and the machete does not fit in any of his hands....more info
  • Solid Display Figure
    This series is a far improvement over the other Resident Evil figures, and its not too shabby compared to other action figures. Although prices are a little steep for them, I would still suggest this figure (and Sheva) to any fan of the game or series....more info
  • Chris Redfield
    I have collected alot of action figures in my days and a majority of them retain the likeness to whom they were created.. However this figure does not..I own the game Resident Evil 5 and this figure looks nothing like Chris from the game.. Mostly in the face, well, all in the face..I was dissapointed but all in all the figure is very well articulated.. ...more info
  • Finally a RE5 Chris Redfield You Can Display
    If you were unlucky enough to feel the disappointment of opening up your RE5 CE and gazing upon the included micro Chirs Redfield figure, you were not alone. However, you can now redeem that mistake by picking up this incredible NECA figure.

    The first line of RE5 figs included Chris, Sheva, and the Executioner majini. As you may know, NECA holds the majority of the videogame licenses and is one of the best in the industry in creating highly accurate, detailed figures for a mass production company. Their figures have gotten better by the year, and now they have released their most articualte figure yet.

    If you bought the RE4 figs, you knew they were pretty static and while they looked good and were solid, they didn't do much outside of their sculpt. Now Chris here can do all sorts of poses, and looks good doing all of them. The paint application is solid overall, although there is some spotty work, but noticed only up close. Unlike NECA's 12" figures, these won't break when you move them. They are a bit stiff out out of the box, but they loosen up in a few minutes.

    The figure iteself is sculpted very well and looks just like Chris. His machete is removable, and he comes with a shotgun and handgun. The uniform is nicely detailed, and the BSAA logo is awesome. The earpiece is also painted, and a nice touch, as is his stubble.

    Basically if you are a fan of the series, make sure to pick this one up. After a few months, NECA ceases production and the prices skyrocket, like in the case of the RE4 figs. After being disappointed by the CE figure, and even the Hot Toys ($150) figure doesn't look as great. For under $20, it's a must have. Be sure to see the extra Customer pics I uploaded....more info