Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA
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"For most Americans, the word NASA suggests a squeaky-clean image of technological infallibility. Yet the truth is that NASA was born in a lie, and has concealed the truths about its occult origins. Dark Mission documents this seemingly wild assertion. Why is the Bush administration intent on returning to the moon as quickly as possible? What are the reasons for the current -space race- with China, Russia, and India? Remarkable images reproduced within this book provided to author Richard C. Hoagland by disaffected NASA employees provide clues why, including information about suppressed lunar discoveries. Mystical organizations quietly dominate NASA, carrying out their own secret agendas behind the scenes. This is the story of men at the very fringes of rational thought and conventional wisdom, operating at the highest levels of our country. Their policies are far more aligned with ancient religions and secret mystery schools than the facade of rational science NASA has successfully promoted to the world for almost fifty years. Dark Mission is proof of the secret history of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the astonishing, seminal discoveries it has repeatedly suppressed for decades. Richard C. Hoagland is the former science advisor to CBS News, author of The Monuments of Mars, and a frequent guest on the popular radio programs Coast To Coast and The Art Bell Show. Mike Bara is a consulting engineer for Boeing aircraft. This is his first book."

Customer Reviews:

  • dark mission
    Very informitive, everyone could learn how not to trust our government agent leaders in all of the Dept. Our elected leaders have no idea what the life long people who set themselfs up as little "gods" who are not questioned by anyone. We need a government wide house cleaning and put in place a system that will keep it from happening again. NASA is just one of the example of how BAD non-elected people are. Great book. William D. Finch...more info
  • A job well done. A tale well told
    Michael and Richard,
    I hope you two gentlemen make some serious coin from this book.
    I found it interesting, entertaining and provocative.
    I read it on the road, picking it up every chance I got and not wanting it to end.
    Nicely done! Bravo!
    ...more info
  • Dark Mission by Richard Hoagland-More mysterious photos
    I have not read the entire book by Richard Hoagland but I have read about 1/3 of it and looked at all
    of the Black and white photos. Hoagland claims he can see where NASA has altered many of the photos
    and can see glass domes and tall glass like structures. I see very blurry -out of focus pictures that may
    be structures but I can't be sure as the photos are not clear at all. This was the same thing in his other
    book about Mars: "The Monuments of Mars". Lots of pictures of the "City" but is it a city or just a bunch
    of pyramid shaped hills? I need to see some close up sharp photos before I can say what is in these pics.

    The DARK MISSION is 545 pages long with lots of photographs and printed on good paper. The soft-
    cover book is in the larger format :6" x 9" and is 1 1/4" thick....more info
  • Research more , don't stop!
    I havent read this book, but i have read all the 1 star ratings and comments. I find it funny when people disregard a subject due to one read of one source of a topic. Hmm, maybe go to the the european space agency's site download some mars photos and look for yourself, or go to the nasa site, and look at the even more profound and very obvious smudging of lunar anomalies, and geometric shaped buildings. You don't need to read this book, YOU CAN LOOK For yourself! and not be another dumb F%$#&!$^ skeptic unwilling to research. wake up and smell the lies folks, peace... ( i set it as 5 star due to the fact that I have listened to hoagland many times and respect his opinion)...more info
  • Dark Mission
    This is a fascinating book, if you have a love of space exploration, a strong interest in science and a belief that government agencies are not always forthright and conspiratorial. Getting through the chapter on physics takes a bit of effort, but the background helps to get the idea that we have not been told the full story about our exploration of the moon and Mars. Intrigued about the possiblity that visitors from a different planet not within our solar system? This book lends credence to that likely hood. Or, are the geographic features on the lunar and martian landscape merely the result of meteoric impacts and misunderstood light refraction due to an airless environment. Dark Mission is a good read, but not a book for relaxation. A little conspiracy and scepticism is good for the scientific soul. KAMJr....more info
  • Honestly?
    If the reflection of the American flag in the astronaughts helmet on the cover of the book doesn't prove to you that it is a hoax, I don't know what will....more info
  • Excellent book! A real eye opener!
    I heartily recommend this book. Good reading, although it bogs a little in the front part with a lot of technical jargon.

    Hoagland has done his research very well and exposes NASA as another of those wonderful government branches which will LIE to the American people to further it's hidden goals.

    I always wondered what the true reason was behind the sudden stoppage of the Apollo missions in the Mid-70s.

    I leave the verbosity to the other reviewers here... as they seem to enjoy that! ;-)
    ...more info
  • Not for the average Joe
    I couldn't wait to read this book after listening to Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast Am. Hoagland explains his thoughts and ideas in a way that is easy to understand while on the radio, but the way the book is written is MUCH MUCH harder to understand. The reading is very laborious. I have only read the first 90 or so pages but I am not sure if I will finish the book as it seems to be more of a college Physics lesson in written form than a book written for the average Joe. To say that I am lost in what I have read so far is an understatement. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone without a background or education in astrophysics. I am hoping if I plow through another 30 or 40 pages the reading will be more about the subject of the book, which I thought was the different artificial structures that are possibly scattered around our solor system, and less about the different aspects of physics which up till now have caused me to want to either put it down or skip parts all together. ...more info
  • Unusual for sure!!
    The assumptions of the author are rhetorical in essence, but enough argumentative that they deserve further scientific consideration.
    It is a daring and inquisitive essay; controversial in its findings summary, nevertheless, documented and analytical....more info
  • Not seeing is not believing
    This book is overrated. The author talks about seeing objects in pictures provided. I tried my best to see something, anything, it was useless. Plus, he seems to be pro-Bush!! What kind of conspiracy expert would do such a thing? Maybe he needs to do some research on 9/11 attacks. Talks about Saddam Hussein as a geo-political foe for Bush, so that Bush 43 could complete his father's unfinished Mars program?! Such an idiot. I think he needs to read Global Conspiracy by David Icke. That will enlighten him....more info
  • Profound implications
    The book is equally entertaining and disturbing for those of us who are interested in matters beyond the ordinary and mundane. The authors and contributors richly deserve credit for bringing to our attention some intriguing and truly monumental issues. Their determination is especially gratifying given the harsh criticism, even downright ridicule, levelled at them by some very surprising sources, eg scientists whose natural curiosity seem to be inexplicably blunted when interesting revelations are made by people more courageous than themselves. At the very least the book is thought provoking, but it would be a grave injustice to term it as lightly. There are profound implications in the book's contents and they are revealed to us by the authors in a credible, coherent and user friendly manner....more info
  • This is a great book...
    I loved this book. This book is not just about space. The book confirms there was another shooter on that dark day in Dallas. A blown up picture shows what appears to be a crew cut policeman firing off the kill shot. This book is thoroughly documented. A book NASA will not want you to read. You will learn what the Apollo astronauts were really looking for on the Moon. There is even a chapter that explains why the Apollo astronauts don't remember much from the moon trip. A must read!...more info
  • Dark Mission speaks truth to America about NASA
    For years NASA has been a great deliverer of achievements for American pride in space accompishments...but there is a Dark Side to NASA that the authors authenticate with specific examples throughout the book. From the secret findings on our own Moon, and why we never went back, to the Viking controversery over the Cydonia "HEAD" image and all subsequent missions to Mars and Cydonia data specifically.

    This book is an historical document you will want to keep for your grandchildren so that they can read what REALLY went on behind the MEANSTREAM MEDIA headlines.

    Robert H Williams
    Mooers NY...more info
  • My money's gone, but there's still a chance for you to keep yours!
    A book by Richard C. Hoagland about Richard C. Hoagland that constantly refers to Richard C. Hoagland. His ego is bigger than all of space. The pictures are of such low quality that they're worthless. I was so anxious to buy this book-- so excited then and so disappointed now. Where's my money, Richard C. Hoagland? I'm so sad that you, Richard C. Hoagland, have it in your pocket and that I do not....more info
  • Dark mission
    One very impressive and dense book, that makes you think. I am going to look for other Hoagland works. Future will say if he is right or wrong....more info
  • SPOT ON, i.e., RIGHT ON!!!!
    Ordered four(4)more copies to 'pass-around', i.e., to share in the TRUTH of this matter. There is no conspiracy theory promoted by the Author(s), but there certainly appears to be a conspiracy going on within N.A.S.A., and the rest of the government agencies involved in the cover-up..,and that is NO THEORY, but as factual as the facts shown in the book about the DARK MISSION that is going on all around us! TAKE A PLUNGE INTO REALITY and read this book, the facts are checkable, so, do so, and be sure to have your family member(s), friend(s), etc., read this book! For those who have both; claimed to have read this book, (which I doubt), and have dis-credited it and the Authors, all I can say is that they are part of the problem, i.e., treacherous in their allegations, and wouldn't know a fact if they saw one, or if it bit 'em in the butt! This book has basically proven that NASA, et-al, have committed multiple fraudulent actions that indicate a failure to reveal what was really found on Earth's Moon, and on the Planet Mars, and the deep connection our most earliest civilizations had with this here-to-before hidden history. We can 'evolve' from destructive war oriented economics and instead elicit constructive cosmic oriented economics IF we can get an honest handle on this subject. First, WE the PEOPLE, as the Soverign American Nation, must get together on the same page and DEMAND an inquiry of the evidence, (facts found in this book), which will undenialably prove to be absoulutely true of a gross cover-up. If we can give illegal aliens amnesty, then we can give NASA amnesty. Secondly, then get to work, creating jobs, infrastructure, etc., at exploring on and off world of that evidence found. OR..,IF NOT, then we might just find ourselves continuing on in a war torn world..,business as usual. Consider the options. The lie, or the Truth! The last words in this book ought to wake up every red-blooded American..,and if it does not, then you need to take a hard look in a mirror. ...more info
  • Dark Mission Nasa
    I don't believe this book was written for the layman, there are chapters that are very complicated with higher math and subject matter.But if you can struggle through the first two or three chapters,it gets very exciting,incredable information and pictures,outstanding subject matter....more info
  • Words fail me....
    The authors would have us believe that NASA is run based on mysticism, secret politics, and global conspiracies to suppress space discoveries. Oh, and Freemasons. And Nazis. The evidence? Unproven claims (like the destruction of Apollo 11 photos) layered onto crank theories like torsion fields and hyperdimensional physics, leavened with numerology drawn from the simple fact that patterns and connections can be found by anyone, from any selectively massaged group of numbers and dates.
    If this was all being suppressed on such a global scale, how would the authors be free to publish on it? Surely anyone who can silence thousands of NASA employees and kill JFK could "neutralize" a couple of authors.
    I have written space history, and this, gentlemen, is not space history. Nor is it science. ...more info
  • Oh my!
    They didn't even include the information about the pod people and reptilians! I mean, there are so many alien races in charge of piloting our space ships with their mind rays ... and there are witches involved too -- freemasons and the Illuminati ...

    Conspiracist nonsense. They just sell you this crap so you won't look at all of the horrible things that they actually have done. Want to read some scary history? Pick up a copy of "Killing Hope" by William Blum -- read about the U.S. torturing and murdering millions of innocent people here in reality-land. Reality is way scarier than any of the idiocy that they air on coast-to-coast....more info
  • Very Interesting-especially if you are new to this subject.
    I found this book to be a very interesting read. The authors offered some unique theories about things found on the Moon and what may some day be found on Mars. I did find some parts of the book bogged down with technical descriptions and explanations that, at times, was hard to follow-unless you are a NASA scientist. I was also a little disappointed in the quality of some of the photos as many were presented in low quality black and white. However, I definitely enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone interested in conspiracy theories about space. It really makes you wonder just what they did find up there....more info
  • Interesting
    I'd like to know the backgrounds of previous reviewers, both postive vs. negative. What kind of a total loser would spend every day online just to attack positive reviews the minute they are posted. Have they no real lives? And if that is not the reason then why not do what members of the real science community do when presented with a proposal that does not seem likely--they IGNORE it until it goes away, as a bad idea always does.

    But do the negative reviewers do that? No, they attack. Which says a lot psychologically. There is secondary gain--look it up in a medical textbook if you don't understand, boys! (1) they are jealous of the authors having a best-selling book (2) they have no life, as previously stated, or (3) they are on the government payroll.

    Having a science background and 9 years of college taught me how to sift through piles of material and find a few pearls. I found a few here, although I cannot agree with all that is said--perhaps due to a lack of technical background in photographic analysis?

    While I agree with a lot of the history contained in this book--and was suspicious of motivations at the time, having been born a long time ago--I can't really see much in the photos that are included. However, the photos are a very small part of what this man actually has to say.

    No, I have not been abducted by aliens. Nor have I seen Bigfoot or Nessie. But I was raised to keep my eyes open and observe, then question. Every citizen of planet earth should read this book--all the way through. And keep an open mind.
    ...more info
  • Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA
    This is Richard Hoagland's best book ever and also confirms what I had suspected for many years. As a retired USAF Colonel, I have heard and seen many things of great "interest". As a pilot for 44 years, I have also heard and seen many things of even greater interest. This books gives me more solid evidence that I have not been a bit "crazy" over all of these years. The book lets us know that our tax dollars for NASA are going to "covert" and "black" ops programs and to keep the world ignorant of the truth of what has been found on the earth, the moon, and Mars. ...more info
  • Sorry, just plain unconvincing.
    I picked up this book solely to see the much touted pictoral "evidence" of structures on the moon, etc.... and I have to say, the bulk of the images (as with other books on this topic I've seen in the past) are still very unconvincing. A few of the images are marginally interesting, but it's hard to say if what you're seeing is 'something' or just image compression/wishful thinking/the standard digital artifacts you get when messing with filters and contrast in photoshop, etc.

    Don't get me wrong - I find this genre vastly entertaining, own a large library of similar titles, and I enjoyed some of the other material in the book (notably the improbably hysterical level of animosity aimed at NASA - very funny stuff)... but the images in this volume do not make it worth the price of purchase, in my opinion. I gave my copy away immediately... deemed not keepable as a reference.

    Of disappointing note was how much time was wasted playing the martyr card and slagging other writers in this field... a common trait in alternative literature, unfortunately. This comes off as mean-spirited and nakedly paranoid. Note to authors - just resist that temptation. It doesn't help your case. Ever.

    Overall, I'd advise anyone who is not already convinced on this topic to get this one from a library. ...more info
  • Dark Mission is a Must Read
    Well Richard C. Hoagland has done it again! As with "The Monuments of Mars," Hoagland has painstakingly studied volumes of NASA photographs, even comparing copies of the same picture from several sources, and finding some to be "doctored". While I find his association of Freemasonry, with NASA, L. Ron Hubbard, and the Nazi SS a stretch, I think he has adequately demonstrated that NASA has not been exactly forthcoming with the people who write their checks. I have been a Freemason for over 40 years, I am a 32 degree Mason, and have never heard, seen, or read anything that would indicate that the Masonic Order controls any government agency, business, or anything else other than itself. Most successful men are not Freemasons, but most Freemasons are successful men, so it stands to reason you will find a few Freemasons in high positions in government and industry. I doubt that there is anymore Freemasons in NASA than any other big organization. Hoagland and Bara are obviously not Freemasons or they would not make such claims.

    The book contains a lot of excellent pictures. Maybe it's because the pictures have lost some resolution by having been reprinted in the book, but I fail to see some of the detail Richard and Bara claim to see, but there is still plenty that you can see.

    The book grabbed my attention with the exception of the discussions of Hyperdimensional Physics, which I had to struggle through. Hoagland and Bara review the face on mars, the city and other anomalies on mars, political developments and crystal towers on the moon before getting into Hoagland's somewhat bizarre conspiracy theories. They then discuss new images of mars taken by Mars Global Surveyor the Rovers Spirit and Opportunity and other current NASA programs, what they are discovering, and what NASA is not telling us.

    In spite of not buying the Masonic stuff, I loved this book! If half of what Hoagland and Bara claim, and offer proof of, is true, we are due for a revolution in this county to expose NASA for what it is. If the truth is ever officially acknowledged, people will never believe a word our government tells us again.
    ...more info
  • Poor quality writing and argument
    If you can "tolerate" 500 pages of constant "conspiracy" theory ramblings with "every" fifth word in quotes and every tenth word italicized, then "this" book may be for you. Otherwise it has over the top, unsupported theories with absurd conclusions. The fact the US abruptly ended moon exploration implies conspiracy, but then again, so does the fact the US is revisiting moon exploration. NASA is darned if does and darned if it doesn't on everything the way these authors analyze things. And...you guessed it...the JFK assassination is part of the aliens on the Moon and Mars conspiracy theory. If the fact that the US evaluation of Werner Von Braun was done on the same calendar date as the founding of modern masonry means anything to you other than that these authors discredit themselves from the first chapter, then enjoy. ...more info
  • Dishonest, but unintentionally funny
    This book is a masterpiece of all things conspiracy theory: bad data, photoshopped images, random kookiness, you name it. This book has it all. Here's a few tidbits:

    * The cover, which purports to be a picture of Armstrong holding a Masonic flag on the moon, its immediately obvious that there is dishonesty going on: they forgot to photoshop out the US flag reflection from the Astronaut's visor! Maybe the next edition will fix that.

    * It only takes 5 pages to get to the "Kennedy knew to much and had to be assassinated". That was quick! With poorly photocopied and zoomed pictures of the second gunman on the grassy knoll!

    * Very scratchy and poorly photocopied images purporting to be glass structures on the moon. Man, if you're going to copy a photo, don't use the office photocopier!

    * Lots of "So what?" moments throughout the book. So what if Arthur C Clark used a memo indicating that evidence of alien life should be suppressed when he was writing 2001?

    * A thorough debunking of the Moon Landing Hoax theory, to make sure that those "crazy" conspiracy theories don't contaminate the legitimate ones...such as this one!

    It is really sad that this book even made it to print, let alone that there are some people out there that think its worth reading for its "science"...more info
  • Dark Mission - Dark Obsession
    In Dark Mission, the authors cover the U.S. government's space initiatives, the inner workings of NASA, and the missions to the Moon and Mars, over the last 50 years. They find conspiracy at work everywhere and conclude that:
    1. The Brookings Report essentially defines the government's strategy to space exploration, which is to cover up any evidence of extraterrestrials.
    2. NASA consists of not one, but three, secret cabals - Magicians, Masons, and Nazis - each with their own hidden agenda for space exploration. With respect to the Masons, it is specifically the 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemasons who hold the most influence and include a number of mission directors and astronauts as members.
    3. NASA and its space missions are heavily influenced by Egyptian and Greek mythology, Masonic rituals, and Nazi idealism. The special numbers 19.5 and 33 are frequently manifested in space missions as star alignments, landing coordinates, tetrahedral angles, planetary anomaly orbits, etc.
    4. The Moon is literally covered with the remains of immense glass domes.
    5. The Cydonia area of Mars has artificial surface structures that correspond to ancient cities, tetrahedral pyramids, and one structure that resembles a human/alien face. In addition, the ruins at Cydonia embody/encode the mathematics of hyperdimensional physics.
    6. Key mission images made publicly available by NASA, JPL, etc. have been "doctored" to hide their real contents.
    7. JFK was assassinated because he wanted to join with Russia in the race for the Moon.

    Dark Mission is an interesting book although it is written in a tedious and repetitive style. The author's conclusions that artificial artifacts can be observed on the Moon and Mars are based solely on their scientific analysis of mission images which they have digitally manipulated (or corrected in some cases) to achieve the desired result. Unfortunately, they don't seem to apply the "scientific method" in their overall approach, which is to look for supporting evidence apart from the images, or consider alternative theories for their findings, or to assume that science on Earth automatically applies on other planets. The authors simply have not provided sufficient evidence to support their conclusions of artificial/alien artifacts on the Moon and Mars.

    If you check the Cydonia face images in the Epilogue of the book, and look at them upside down, you will see what appears to be the face of a "grey alien". Interestingly, one has to wonder how the authors could have missed this, even if it is due to anomalous lighting effects....more info
  • Stardreams
    For years NASA has acted strangely and made questionable decisions and seemed to focus on probes for exploration. They continue to deny that something's up and that their hiding things from everyone. I remember when the face on mars first came out and all the massive details that were presented to the public, then official denile and silence. Now we know why. Hoagland and Bara present their evidence in clear and detailed manner that an open-minded individual could understand if their willing. Read it for yourself and make up your own mind. Don't be afraid to learn something new, even if it's likely to change your views on things. That's part of life's fun....more info
  • Chilling, Thrilling....
    Richard Hoagland has been my hero for many a year, and it is breathtaking to see all this information at last in writing. The disparity between what we're told, and the Truth about Space will make you Gasp. Then it will make you Mad. From statements from the Astronauts, to true history from NASA insiders; from retouched and blurred photos from NASA, to the REAL pics of the moon and mars. What is out there is our right to know, and to demand our rights, and soon, is an urgent necessity. There's Big Plans going on for our Solar System, and they don't seem to include Us....more info
  • Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA
    This is not a history of NASA at all. Hoagland is a conspiracy theorist who sees shadows behind trees, saying they must be ghosts. ("What else could they be?") He takes "it must be" and molds it, through convoluted logic, into "fact". He has difficulty distinguishing between coincidence, opinion and fact. Don't waste your time or money on this book.
    Gary Stevens Las Cruces, New Mexico June 5, 2008...more info
  • The Government tells lies?
    That's ridiculous. Why do you think we're dismantling all those WMD laboratories in Iraq? Somebody had to ignore the rest of the world and take control of the situation. We might all have anthrax right now.
    Well, any fool can tell the Apollo missions were a fraud. The lunar surface photos taken by the 'astronauts' are obvious fakes, the space-craft looks like a pile of garbage assembled by blind children and, last but not least, the odds of having six successful lunar missions would be like rolling a hundred 7's in a row. The Van Allen Belts would fry anything not encased in three inches of lead. The surface temperature of the moon would fry you or freeze you unless you had some kind of lead-lined asbestos suit (not cotten/blend costumes). Buzz Aldrin had a nervous breakdown when his conscience began to over-ride his brainwashing, and Neil Armstrong has pulled a Howard Hughes. Of course there are strange, artificial things on the moon, astronomers have observed them for hundreds of years. Flashes of light. Mysterious white clouds. Shifting 'craters'. The Moon could never have developed it's perfect symbiotic relationship with our Earth if it had not been carefully positioned exactly where it is. The odds against it's natural occurence are... astronomical....more info
  • Very Important Information!!
    I have been a fan of Richard Hoagland and his findings for some time now and this new book is just another example of his commitment to his work and humanity. The information contained within is essential for anyone who has a thirst for the truth. It reaches beyond the mere cover up that NASA (and others) have perpetuated for over 50 years, to the very core of existence. Who are we?; Where did we come from? and ultimately, where could we be going? A fascinating read, highly recommended!!...more info
  • Very in depth
    This is a very in depth book that goes in to triginometry and hyperdimensional physics. It is very thorough in backing up its claims with evidence and information. Good book but not a light quick read....more info
  • Dark Mission is the most detailed and fact driven book I have read on this subject!
    Hoagland deserves 6 stars for this book, A-1 to the point and provides limitless details/facts.

    I have now read this book twice because of the well written, educated format of this book.

    Top 5 books I have read in my lifetime. I have read well over 1,000 books....more info
  • Conspiracy theory
    Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA Interesting if far-fetched examination of a purported conspiracy among NASA executives, ex-Nazis and Masons to honor the ancient gods of Egypt throughout the U.S. space program....more info