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Fight for Love
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2009 sophomore album from the American Idol (Season 5) favorite. The album follows Yamin's 2007 gold debut Elliott Yamin, which is the highest Independent debut by a new artist in the history of the Billboard chart (#1 on the Independent Album chart, #2 on the R&B chart and #3 on the Top 200 chart). The new album spotlights a number of co-writes by Yamin, as well as writing and production by Johnta Austin, Stargate, Jermaine Dupri, Harvey Mason Jr., Eman, Midi Mafia and JR Rotem, among others.

Customer Reviews:

  • elliot yamin 'fight for love'cd
    Great CD - deserves recognition for producing this great collection of songs. Check out Billboard 200 - this CD peaked on May 26, 2009 - great for an indie album!...more info
  • Gorgeous voice
    Elliot Yamin's second CD is just as soulful and enjoyable as the first. His voice is beautiful as always. My only complaint is that this album sounds too much like the first. Shake it up, Elliot!...more info
  • Even Better Than the First
    I liked Elliott's first CD but I have to say this one is even better.
    Elliott is in great voice and he's lived up to our expectations. ...more info
  • it's so worth it
    His second effort, Fight For Love is another look into what is a very talented, yet underappreciated singer. AI connection aside this cd is all that and then some. Yes, his first one was off the hook. But this one is stronger in that he's writing more on the cd and you can feel the emotion and feeling each time he sings.

    Each and every song on this cd could be a very solid release to radio in general. More than that though "Fight For Love" is showing Elliott at his best with a voice that's drenched in soul and depth. No song is the same as he delves through each one like a pro of many years in the music business. It has upbeat dance style songs, soulful slow and midtempo songs. He covers all bases with this release.

    No question or debating about this one. It's more than worthy of your attention and many listens. It will get a lot of play on my ipod and my car as well. ...more info
  • Strong follow up effort!
    First, this is VERY good album! Elliot's vocal tone is like no other current singer: controlled, smooth raspiness, soulful, and he can do some absolutely amazing runs and improv phrasing. Song writing is unique and catchy. There are plenty of cool R&B drum grooves, with some nice guitar and piano accompaniments. Lyrics and subject matter could be more diverse. The biggest thing that holds this CD back is the tracks all start to run together, with nothing setting them apart. Many of the songs use that studio production technique where the vocals are digitally altered/enhanced. I was hoping for a bit more variety in the songs, perhaps a little more southern influence with some horns. Other than that, the overall sound and feel of the album will keep me listening over and over! ...more info
  • This Song Is In My Head!
    This song is GREAT! Love the voice - smooth yet raspy. And the beat is fantastic. I love how I keep singing it over and over in my head and never get tired of it! And from the samples the CD sounds Slammin! Can't wait to download the whole thing!...more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent CD; easy on the ears. I recommend this to anyone who appreciates great vocals....more info
  • Single - Fight for Love
    I have been listening to this single for a few weeks now and it doesn't get tired. It's the best that Pop R&B has to offer - and has a great sentiment. Elliott Yamin is so much more talented than he gets credit for! I am really looking forward to the entire CD that drops next week!...more info
  • Same Same Same
    First of all, this guy is the one who should have won American Idol and I think if he did, this would probably be a different album? I don't know, but after his first release, this one sounds so much of more of the same. I was so excited when I found out he had a new album too so even a bigger let-down. I'd much rather hear some southern r&b funk combination but the music is simple, lyrics are always about love and girls so it just plain doesn't appeal to me. Perhaps he's trying to appeal more to teenage girls? If that's the case then he's probably lost me as a fan for anything new. The kicker here is that if you are a normal person who buys a CD of his, you get 12 songs he did for this release (out of the 32 that he actually recorded for this CD). You want more? Buy it again from Target (2 bonus tracks), then again from Wal-Mart (2 bonus tracks), another bonus track is available from Amazon, 2 bonus tracks on the iTunes version and if you're really a fan to complete all of the songs from this CD you have to buy the import from Japan (1 bonus song) AND 1 more bonus song only available on Japan iTunes (I don't have that one 'cause I can't buy it from where I live) so there are actually 21 songs on this CD scattered throughout all the different releases. He did this with the first CD as well and the best songs IMO were the bonus songs but I did like most of that CD. And yet again, the best song on this CD is one of the bonus songs.

    Overall, on this CD I would have to say that A Little Elliott can go a LONG LONG way.. songs are so similar, once you've heard one, you might as well say you've heard them all.... (except the bonus tracks, of course)...more info
  • An almost perfect pop song
    "Fight for Love" is an outstanding single to follow Elliott Yamin's first successful outing, "Wait for You." The song improves with multiple listens, as Yamin has carefully layered the track with a number of vocal textures. The production is crisp throughout. The verses are nicely stripped down to the vocal, a synth-toy piano, and an infectious beat (including finger snaps). They complement the more musically energized chorus, which is one of the catchier ones that can be heard on Top 40 radio this year. (I personally love how the keyboards and vocal harmonies in the chorus gain intensity as Elliott croons about folks fighting and dying for love.)

    If there's one drawback, it's in some of the lyrical choices. While the words are chosen well for their sonic fit, they lack a certain specificity in relating to the listener the experience of struggling to find or maintain love. But the music production value and Elliott's vocal performance more than make up for the sometimes too abstract lyrics....more info
  • Fantastic CD
    If you like Elliott Yamin, you'll love this CD. It is NICE. I highly recommend it. My personal favorite is #8 "Apart From Me". ...more info
  • good sophomore album
    I downloaded Elliott's new album, Fight For Love, this morning. Definitely Elliott's best album so far in his career.

    Fight For Love continues with the R&B-pop style of Elliott's debut. Personally, I think this album is leaps and bounds above his debut. I wasn't too crazy about the material on his debut. Fight For Love, on the other hand, has a stronger set of songs and Elliott has improved vocally.

    If you enjoy some smooth R&B, this album is worth buying....more info
  • lives up to his promise
    elliott said he wanted his sophmore cd to be more in the genre he loves so much (r&b). well, he delivers and keeps his promise. i'm waiting for my cd to be delivered, but i listened to all the tracks, and i'm thrilled.
    he is still, and probably always will be my favorite idol!!!!!...more info
  • Amazing!!!!
    Loved the first CD,,,but this is amazing! It is the only thing I am currently listening to! I can't believe title track "Fight For Love" isn't number one on the charts! ...more info
  • Two Thumbs Up
    Fight For Love showcases Elliott Yamin's stellar vocals. Catchy melody with a great modern R&B vibe. This classic Yamin style track is sure to be a hit. ...more info
  • A little less soul, a tad more pop, but still very good!!
    I'd really give this album 4.5 stars if I could, just because this album wasn't love at first listen for me... but I have definitely grown to love this album after many listens. In comparison to his first album, this one is a bit less soulful and a bit more pop - not necessarily a bad thing. On first listen, a lot of the songs sounded the same. Some of the songs even have a similar lyrical theme, which can also make them hard to separate from each other. Yet, after many listens, I am hooked on this album! Even though I enjoy Elliott's soulful sound more, this album definitely is catchy and worth the money. BTW, track #7 is my favorite!
    ...more info
    Anxiously awaiting my pre-order! Elliott's voice just keeps getting better and better.
    Can't wait for his live tour to begin....more info