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Panasonic DMP-BD60 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player, Black
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Product Description

Panasonic has always been at the cutting edge of Blu-ray technology, but its latest range of players looks to push the boundaries even further. The DMP-BD60 is the entry-level player in the company's latest three-strong line-up - which also includes the step-up DMP-BD80 and the DMP-BD70V Blu-ray/VHS combi (no, really) - and the big breakthrough on these models is the inclusion of Viera Cast functionality, also found on the company's Z1, V10 and G15 NeoPDP TVs.

  • Amazon Movie download, Also Viera Cast connecting you with YouTube, Picasa, Weather.
  • BD-Live
  • SD Card Slot and USB slot
  • 1080P Upconvert
  • Film makers version with PHL Chip for accurate color

Customer Reviews:

  • OUTSTANDING picture/audio quality from BDs and DVDs
    I've had a DMP-BD55 in my front projection theater since Nov 08 - which is why I got this update of the BD35 for the family room LCD. I appreciate the fact that Panasonic does it's engineering in-house and makes it's own video processors instead of buying off the shelf.

    Pros: Amazing PQ, both from Blu Ray disks and upscaled DVDs. Same goes for the AQ. This is why I bought it - not for the BD-Live, or any of the streaming BS which, IMHO, are waaaay over hyped. No need for the cost of wireless LAN, I'll just plug a cable into my router for firmware updates. As far as load times - I get an extra 30 seconds to pop my popcorn vs: other BD players. WHY do reviewers continue to manufacture such "controversy" about a 1/2 minute load time delta? Much ado about nada... Paid $220 at Amazon... Did I mention the Amazing PQ and AQ?

    Cons: It doesn't serve coffee or scones. I... am... apoplectic...

    Other Thoughts: A note about the BD60/80 implementation of DTS-HD Master Audio Essential instead of the full blown DTS-HD Master Audio. Per Home Theater Mag: "In Blu-ray, the most frequent use of DTS is lossless Master Audio, and you'll get that under either the original MA logo or the Essential logo. Neo:6 is a matrixed process designed to convert two-channel signals to surround, so it's never used in movies and therefore not a factor in either Blu-ray or DVD. 96/24 is mainly for high-res DVD music releases, but not too many of them. The only concern for movie buffs might be the downconversion of ES and ES Matrix soundtracks, the 6.1- and 7.1-channel versions of old-school lossy DTS, in DVD. If you desire to playback the full DTS technology feature set with a DTS Master Audio Essential player for either high-def or standard-def content, you can simply change the audio setup mode in your player to stream out over HDMI and let your DTS-HD Master Audio receiver decode the DTS 96/24, ES, ES Matrix, and Neo: 6."...more info
    We have this unit for c.a. 3 weeks.
    I rate it 4.5 stars, so having no 4.5 choice I am giving it 4.
    It works great and movies are played with a very high quality.
    I love the pictures and all the other options. I only experienced one time freeze on this DVD, but then the movie resumed after a few seconds. However we did not test many B-R discs. We still mostly watch the DVDs, and now I read that freezing is an issue with other users.
    Another small draw back is that it takes a while to "warm up", when you first turn it on compared to traditional DVD players.
    The final area for improvement is the on-line option. You can only watch Youtube clips using this option, no other sites like etc.
    Taken together it is a great unit for a great price, but the newer models will be probably even better....more info
  • Excellent Blu-Ray player!
    After doing a ton of research into Blu-Ray players, I decided to go with this one and have not been disappointed. It was on sale here for ~ $250 and I feel like it was a great deal.

    I wanted a machine that would deliver excellent video quality to my TV and was not too concerned with all the latest "bells and whistles". Every Blu-Ray (Batman Begins, Taken, Enchanted, Iron Man, Bank Job) and standard DVD (Miracle) I have run thru it over the past couple weeks have looked and sounded fantastic!

    Running the firmware update was a snap. Downloaded the software, burned it to a disc and ran it in the machine. It took maybe 5-10 minutes and worked as advertised. I haven't hooked it up to the Internet yet and don't know if I will. Perhaps when I find some compelling BD-Live content, but otherwise I'm not in a rush to bother with that. The Amazon HD Video-On-Demand is supposed to be available soon, so that might tip the scale a bit. Have to see, I guess.

    All in all, I am very pleased with the product and highly recommend it, especially for someone looking for great video who is not necessarily concerned with tons of other features....more info
  • magnificent player!!!!!!!
    Panasonic DMP BD 60 player is a magnificent player. It plays bluray

    titles very well than PS3 and upconverts sd dvd very good. And loading

    time is reasonable. highly recommendable!!!!!...more info
  • Quality, at a low price
    I do not have an HD TV, but I 'can' say that the BD60 delivers great picture and sound on even an older Mitsubishi 36" tube TV! I can only imagine, for now ;), how it would look on an HD display. I find this unit quite enjoyable. After hooking it up, I also connected a broad band (cable) hookup, did a firmware update (took about 10 minutes), spent a couple of hours watching YouTube videos, and watched a standard definition DVD.

    Want to watch mpegs on your tv? No problem, when using an SD card. Want to listen to your favorite mp3's? Just insert your USB memory device. Connect the unit to broad band, and watch YouTube, see your local weather (sites are configurable), read current stocks and news, and more. I guess that some computers can even be hooked up with this unit. I haven't tried that yet, but it sounds exciting.

    For it's ease of use (both remote and onscreen), ease of hookup, its sound and video quality, its ease of upgrading via the internet, and the internet features itself, I highly recommend the BD60 as a compliment to any current or future HD entertainment system. And as another has commented, there's not much difference between the BD60 and the BD80... other than the BD60 costs about $100-$150 less. That fact, and the resulting research, was what made me decide on the BD60. I'm happy that I did ;)....more info
  • More Than Blu
    With the BD60, Panasonic adds VIERA Cast online content access to their previous entry-level model, the DMP-BD35. You would think this makes an excellent Blu-ray Player even excellenter (yes, I know that's not a word), and it does. The BD60 excels in its Blu-ray Disc playback and is very good at DVD upconversion as well, passing difficult tests like the HQV benchmark discs with flying colors (as well as looking good on real movies). The BD60 can decode all of the latest surround codecs (including DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD) to PCM over HDMI or it can stream these to a compatible receiver in their native formats. Also, if past Panasonic players are any indication, the BD60 should prove to be among the best at disc compatibility, something which has plagued many players from other brands.

    But there are still a few drawbacks with the BD60 that keep it from getting 5 stars:

    * Speed: the BD60 is not quite as fast to load discs as the Samsung BD-P3600 or the LG BD300, though it is faster than last year's Samsung models.

    * Limited online content: YouTube on a Blu-ray player is cool, but it doesn't compare to Netflix online streaming in terms of quality and selection of content (Netflix is available on LG and Samsung players). Amazon's On-Demand streaming service has been announced for VIERA Cast but is not yet available. The good news is that VIERA Cast can be enhanced with more content over time without requiring the purchase of a new player.

    * Less than integrated operation: moving between Blu-ray and VIERA Cast online content is not as seamless as it could be. You have to completely stop playback and exit back to the Panasonic player's splash screen in order to get to the VIERA Cast "home screen" to access online content. And what's with that annoying BEEP when you go through the VIERA Cast menus?

    * SD card requirement: Like its predecessors, the BD60 lacks on-board storage so you'll need to add an SD or SDHC card to enjoy BD-Live content. Panasonic at least could have thrown in a 1GB or 2GB SD card in the box.

    Also, while the BD60 adds a USB port to the front panel, it does not support DivX or Xvid video playback so this limits the USB port's usefulness. A USB storage device connected to the BD60's USB port can only be used for playback of MP3 music files and viewing of JPEG digital images.

    If your primary goal is to get a reliable, high performance Blu-ray/DVD player then none of the above should really matter to you (except possibly the operation speed, which is really about average as far as the current players go) and you should strongly consider the BD60. But if you're more interested in viewing content online as well as on those shiny silver discs, then you might want to wait to see what else VIERA Cast has to offer over the coming months. Or get the best of all possible worlds by buying the BD60 for Blu-ray and DVD and picking up a Roku box just for online streaming.

    In terms of differences between the BD60 and the step-up DMP-BD80 model, the main enhancements in the BD80 are multi-channel analog output (for compatibility with older non-HDMI receivers), Divx playback, vibration isolating feet and "High Clarity Audio" which allows you to disable the analog video processing if you're using HDMI for the video signal, therby (theoretically at least) improving overall sound quality. If these features are not essential, then save yourself some money and get the BD60 instead. ...more info
  • This is pretty nice Blu Ray Player
    Well, I did a lot of research before buying the BD60 from Panasonic and I believe it was a good move. I cannot agree with the previous reviewer today who stated that the unit loads in very short time, because mine does not. However, load time is not a feature that means a hill o' beans to me for a movie player. If pauses were happening during playback, that would be another story.

    The video and sound quality are excellent, which is what I expected. I have to say that the remote is also pretty good. I've played everything under the sun on it from olllllllllllld DVDs to Blu Rays with no problems. I would recommend it and would buy it again if I had to do it over.

    Lamar...more info
  • Superb blu ray player - great price
    This Panasonic DMP-BD60 blu ray player is amazing and a part of their new series of blu ray players. Finally, a quality blu ray player at a reasonable price. Seems the long wait of inflated costs for a player is settling down. Here you pay a reasonable price for high quality.

    Just last November I purchased my first blu ray player. I have a high end tv - 37" hd LD and a high end receiver - Sony STR-DG920. I wanted to get a player at an adequate price so I could explore and see if blu ray was for me. i bought the Memorex MVBD2510. The first 5 movies I played were ok but the machine was big and clunky, took minutes to load and was very difficult to maneuver with the remote. Then discs wouldn't play for I needed a firmware upgrade. Got one 12/18 - very difficult process. Some movies played and then all the latest blu ray releases would say I needed another firmware update and Memorex did not have one. My machine was useless. But at least I did see that I loved blu ray when I was able to view it.

    So I started my research and ended up with the new Panasonic machines. I read excellent reviews by consumers and critics alike and checked their past pattern with firm upgrades, customer service and overall quality with reviews of their previous players. Seemed Panasonic was the way to go. Again, I am thrilled with this player. Finally I can play all blu ray discs and the loading time for all seems to be under 10 seconds. The picture quality is also so much better than the video I got with the Memorex player. This player is small, sleek and impressive looking and does a superb job all around.

    The remote is ever so simple to use, the set up of the machine took a few mere minutes. The player also comes with an actual easy to read instruction manual rather than just providing a cd like many modern electronics do. To hook it up to my computer was so easy and BD Live works flawlessly. Also the machine manually checks for updates every time I turn it on. When a put a disc in I can sit back, relax and not wait minutes for the disc to load or watch a YOU NEED AN UPGRADE screen appear.

    I also think it is very important when reviewing a blu ray platyer and its capabilities to remember that the player is only as good as the other equipment you have. The better hd television you have, the better the picture quality. The better receiver, the better video and audio you will have. I found the upconversion of standard dvds here to be amazing. Dvds that were faint and difficult to watch with the Memorex player took on a whole new life here. Finally I don't mind watching regular dvds. The manual says how it will upconvert to 1080p or whatever the highest option is but the piece of equipment the player is hooked to must also be able to display such options or you will not get the quality. My receiver upgrades to all the same levels that the Panasionic player does so I am guaranteed the best video and audio all the time. Also, all my hookups are done simply with HDMI cables and this guaranrtees the highest quality and performance from your equipment. (I just want to again note that if you feel this player does not work as well for you that you take a look at the quality of your other equipoment.)

    Blu ray is an investment but now is a great time to build up a high quality home theatre system. Here we have a high end blu ray player with all the whistles and capablities at a great price. It is now possible to get blu ray movies at much more reasonable prices as well and more and more films come out on blu ray every week. I find that a true blu ray experience is better than seeing a film at the movies. The picture clarity is astounding and the audio with all the tru and lossless options on all discs now make the films more than come to life. Even dialogue driven films sound amazing. This Panasonic player also delivers video with great color contrast, crisp detail and a great line between blacks and whites. Audio again is impeccable.

    I have only the highest praise for this player and also Panasonic themselves. I has to call them for one question I had and I was on hold only 1 minute and got the most helpful person. Everytime I called Memorex it included at least a 20 minute wait. Here is a blu ray player of the highest quality that will perform for you and it is available at a price that won't break your wallet.

    Highly recommend....more info
  • DMP-BD60 - excellent Blu-Ray player
    The Panasonic DMP-BD60 is an excellent Blu-Ray player - previous reviewers have also sung its praises - add mine to the list - fairly inexpensive and well worth the price...more info
  • Excellent Blu Ray Disc Player loaded with options.
    The Panasonic DMP-BD60K Blu Ray DVD player is an excellent DVD player. It raises the bar on Blu Ray players that other manufactures will have to surpass in order to be able to compete on quality and price. The Panasonic BD60K player features a PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus Digital Video processor. (According to Panasonic website this processor produces crisp, natural colors that are extremely faithful to the original movie and features the advanced encoding and authoring technologies developed by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) in collaboration with film industry professionals.) The beautiful images are complemented by an accurate sound achieved leading-edge audio technologies such as Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. The player outputs 1080p/24fps. The remote has an excellent layout and easy to use interface.

    What led me to buy this player over other players was the Ethernet capability, USB port & SD card slots, Viera Cast and 1080p up-conversion. Some of these features are available in other players but to my knowledge not all are available in one single player as is the case with BD60K. The Viera Cast currently lets one access You Tube videos and Picasa Web albums. Panasonic has announced that Amazon VOD (video on demand) will soon be available on Viera cast. In my experience both the Picasa web albums and the You Tube videos worked very well. The pictures on Picasa website are very crisp and in high resolution (but accompanied every time by the same background music that gets annoying to listen to over and over again). You Tube videos look okay (but grainy when expanded to cover the screen). One cool feature is the ability to continually play videos through your search one after the other. The Amazon VOD is not available yet so I can't comment on it, but I am eagerly expecting its launch through Viera Cast.

    I upgraded the player to 1.5 version of firmware using the Ethernet port and I had absolutely no problems after upgrading the firmware. I am using the Panasonic Blu Ray player with the Onkyo 805 receiver and a 1080p overhead Mitsubishi LCD projector (HC4900) on a Carada Precision Series 106" projection screen and the Blu Ray picture quality (PQ) is absolutely stunning. The PQ for standard definition DVD is bearable on a projection screen and not the same quality as the Blu Ray DVD. I also played this DVD player through a 42" Panasonic Plasma TV (720P) and the PQ for standard definition DVD or Blu Ray DVD is outstanding. There can be no guarantee for technological obsolescence in today's fast changing world but the Panasonic BDP-BD60K holds promise.
    ...more info
  • Great Blu Ray quality, pretty good DVD upconversion
    I immediately ran into a technical difficulty the first time I hooked up this player to my receiver (Onkyo TX-SR604 with HDMI 1.1). I had the player hooked up through an HDMI switcher, XtremeMac HD. The receiver couldn't detect the signal. I hooked up the cable directly to the receiver. Again, the receiver couldn't detect the signal. Maybe I need a newer receiver that has HDMI 1.3 inputs, I don't know. This is an issue to consider for those who have TVs with only one HDMI input and one or more HDMI components (like XBOX 360, Tivo HD, etc). Thinking that perhaps I needed to update the firmware, I ran a update setup and found that I had version 1.1 and could update to 1.5. It took, maybe, about 3-4 minutes to update, using ethernet.

    I was hoping that the update would fix the HDMI issue. But, it didn't. In any case, in worked perfectly fine when I hooked up the HDMI cable directly to my TV (Samsung PN-50A55 plasma) . I had to hook up a Toslink/Optical audio cable to the receiver for sound. Out of the box settings were fine for the most part--I tweaked the front light to be dimmer, set the resolution from "auto" to 1080p, set the 24p output to ON, and HDMI RGB output range to enhanced. I popped in a Blu Ray Disc (Sunshine) to test; It took around 40 second to get to the main menu. The quality is, as expected excellent and is better than 1080i HD TV broadcast (I have Comcast). I was actually surprised to find that the sound quality was amazing for both BR and DVD.

    Now, what I was really concerned was how well it would upconvert DVD discs. I wanted it to be as good as my Oppo 981HD DVD player so I could sell it. I didn't want too many components. Panasonic upconversion is quite good but not as great as the Oppo. What I saw in Panasonic which I hadn't seen in the Oppo player was, 1) occasional jaggies in fast motion scenes, 2) the images were slightly softer and black levels could only be adjusted to high and low. That said, I was still very happy with the result and would have no problem giving up the Oppo player to minimize the setup.

    Finally, I tried the Viera link option--currently available are YouTube, Picassa, Weather and Stock. I wasn't impressed. I have Tivo HD which has YouTube, Netflix, and more. Weather graphics were pretty amazing, though. But I really don't care for it.

    All in all, I am pretty happy with it. I picked it over the new Samsung BD-P1600 because I read everywhere that the DVD upconversion was better. I am now kind of curious to try out the Samsung....more info
  • Freezes like it's in the Arctic
    I purchased one of these from Amazon, but was experiencing random freezing in Blu-ray discs. The disc would simply stop playing for approximately 10 seconds, and then resume as if there was no problem. I tried to replay over spots where I encountered the freeze, but was never able to duplicate it. After my 4th movie that froze, I returned the unit to Amazon and got a replacement. Even the replacement unit had this problem, so I shipped that one back too. The official forum thread for the DMP-BD60 on is riddled with people complaining about this problem. So far, Panasonic has not issued any kind of statement or even acknowledged that this is a problem. I would highly recommend people look elsewhere for their player. I am highly disappointed, because this player had the potential to be a great, yet affordable, unit....more info
  • Great Product
    Just what I would expect from Panasonic. A great Blu-Ray player at a reasonable price. Almost no functions on the unit itself, but remote is large and easy to use. This is not compatible with Netflix new streaming video service, which would have been a bonus. I buy Panasonic for reliability and solid performance. This does not disappoint....more info