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Swagman XC2 2-Bike Platform Hitch Rack
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Product Description

The Swagman? XTC2 platform-style bike rack attaches easily to your trailer hitch to accommodate nearly any style of bicycle. It fits children and adult bikes, downhill bikes, cruisers, full-suspension bikes, small BMX racers, Y frame designs, and much more. No need to remove the wheels; Swagman's? unique ratchet hooks hold the bike securely. The XYC2 model fits both 2" and 1 1/4" receiver hitches.

  • Capacity: 2 bikes
  • Mount: 2" and 1-1/4" hitch
  • Hitch: Class 1, 2, 3
  • Includes threaded hitch pin
  • Ratcheting hooks

Customer Reviews:

  • Great rack - fits Toyota FJ Cruiser
    The rack is easy to set up, although the initial set up will take a bit longer since you'll need to work out the best orientation for your bikes. Tip: put the smaller bike on the inside, and alternate the direction. It keeps the bikes locked down pretty good, and you can lock the ratchet and rack using standard receiver locks so nobody can mess with it. It's very easy to load and unload, and to disconnect from the receiver.

    I own a Toyota FJ Cruiser and was concerned that the rack might not have enough clearance behind the spare tire, but our mountain bikes fit with no problems. Of course anything back there will reduce your ground clearance, but on the FJ Cruiser with a factory 2" receiver, it's up high off the ground.

    A great value!...more info
  • Great Bike Rack
    We bought the Swagman XC Cross Country Hitch mount for our 1993 Mazda Miata. The Miata has a bolt on Curt Receiver. The rack works great and has sufficient ground clearance even on the Miata. Although others complain about the screw in hitch pin, the purpose of the screw in pin is to keep the rack from wobbling. Because of the screw in pin, it is a little more work to put on and take off, but the ease of putting a bike onto the carrier and the fact that you can still get in the truck of your vehicle while the hitch is in place, make this one great bike carrier....more info
  • Bike Rack Hitch Mount
    Fairly easy to mount and remove bicycles. I like the bikes' weight riding on the tires rather than on the center frame. The plastic adaptor for a 2" receiver did not provide adequate support for me, so I bought a metal adaptor. The included screw-in pin is difficult to quickly install and remove, would rather have a larger opening for a standard hitch lock....more info
  • Great value, very solid!
    This is absolutely the way to carry bikes. This rack is solid and the price is excellent for the value. I've had other racks where the bikes hang down from the top tubes, but they don't work for my full suspension mountain bike, and they allow the bikes to swing or the front wheels to turn and hit your paint! This rack, in contrast, keeps the bikes very solidly in place away from your paint, and it even allows the trunk on my MX-5 to open. I can't imagine what you're getting for 2x the price from the other brands....more info
  • Great Product!!
    I have used the Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Bike Rack many times. I feel it is a quality built product and also a very versatile mounting system for many frame styles and sizes. The bikes are securely mounted and the threaded bolt-style hitch pin make this a very rattle free and stable mounting system. Once you figure out the best mounting position for your bikes, they are then very quick and easy to load and unload. I considered many styles and brands of bike racks before I made this purchase. I also bought the Swagman 2 Bike add-on for this rack. Now I can have one 4/bike rack, or use it as 2 individual 2/bike racks. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this product....more info
  • A rack I would recommend to anyone!
    I have used the Swagman XC quite a few times already and it has impressed me with its ease of use and storage. When it comes time to mount my bike, it takes seconds instead of minutes. Put the bike in the wheel hoops and slide the frame grip arm down and I'm done! I even attach a lock to the frame grip arm for added security. When I'm done with the rack, the way it comes apart and folds, I store it in the back of my Jeep. I would even recommend this rack to my close friends, that's how much I like it!...more info
  • Just what I needed...
    I needed a bike rack that would work for my road bike and my wife's Schwinn cruiser that doesn't have a top bar. There are products that that attach to the bike to simulate a top bar so I can hang it but this Swagman bike rack takes care of the problem without the extra equipment. The rack takes some assembly but very easy in my opinion. The rack is not that heavy and attached right to my Yukon. When you set the bracket widths to your bike and snug the padded hook down, the bikes are nice and secure. The Schwinn was secure even with the low point of contact for the hook. I was very impressed with the functionality and ease of use. Would recommend for any bike but especially when you need to carry bikes without the top bar....more info
  • Won't clear external spare tires.
    Outstanding product for the money. But be careful of some other reviews raving about the great clearance of externally mounted spare tires. I knew what my hitch clearance required, but could find no specifications for this unit and decided to rely on product reviews. I have a RAV4 with a factory installed 2 inch hitch, and can't use it as-is. This bike rack seems so good that I am willing to go get a hitch extension. Also be aware that the pictures for the XC2 2-Bike platform show a straight hitch tube. The hitch tube for the unit I received with the XC2 label, looks like the pictures for the Swagman XTC rack and the Sportrack Universal Hitch Platform....more info
  • A Great Bike Rack!
    This is a great bike rack for SUVs with rear door mounted spare tires. I've got a Toyota FJ Cruiser with a 32"x11" mud tire mounted on the rear and this rack will easily clear this large tire.

    Here's why I highly recommend this bike rack. First, it's CHEAP, well made and easy to put together and install. Second, there's a 19" hitch extender that's probably long enough to clear up to 35" spare tires mounted to a rear door. Third, the hitch extender is attached to your 2" hitch with a threaded hitch pin bolt that firmly secures the extender to the hitch, so that the extender doesn't move around. Fourth, there are also 2 large pinch bolts that securely attaches to the bottom of the rack at the other end of extender, so that the rack doesn't move around either; this setup is as "solid" as these things get. Fifth, you can choose to use the rack for one or 2 bikes, depending on your needs; ie., you don't have to install the extra hoops and locking mechanism for a 2nd bike if you only carry one bike like I do. Sixth, your bike(s) is (are) firmly attached to the rack and released with a simple padded ratchet mechanism; no need for tie downs for the wheels and/or handles. All you have to do is place the bike in the tire hoops (which are easily adjusted side to side with a tension nut) and then lower the ratchet mechanism on to the bike's cross bar until the bike is firmly secured and it doesn't matter if you have a straight or slanted cross bar, so no special crossbar attachments to the bike are required either. Seventh, you can get into the back of your SUV by removing the bikes and removing the pin in the center vertical locking bar which allows you to lower it to one side or the other. This isn't as convenient as the more expensive tilting or side arm set ups, but it's not as expensive as them either. Eighth, you don't have to lift and load the bikes up high on the car. The tire hoops are at the level of the hitch and aren't perched precariously high up on the roof or on the tire, which makes loading an unloading a breeze. Ninth, if you need to carry more than 2 bikes, there's an accessory that will allow you to carry 4. It doesn't get much better than this!

    BTW, I couldn't find a spare tire bike rack that would fit my 32x11" spare tire, so if you have a spare tire that large or larger don't even bother looking for a spare tire bike rack. There aren't any that will work for tires that large. They are for designed for regular passenger sized tires only.

    ...more info
  • Great value but I have a clearance issue
    I purchased this rack to carry two mountain bikes on my Ford minivan. As others have said on their review, this is a great value. My only issue with this rack is that once I installed the two bikes, the handlebar of the mountain bike installed closest to the car comes dangerously close to the glass (with only about 1/8" clearance of the glass on the rear trunk door. Needless to say, I'm concerned about hitting a bump on the road and shattering the glass. I don't know if the location of the hitch in my car is too far back, as I don't see others having this problem, they even mention having enough clearance installing it with a rear spare tire on their car. I could have used a longer receiver bar on mine. I'm keeping the rack because most of the time I'm going to be carrying just one bike which I will install on the outside, but when I have to carry two bikes I will have to place some kind of padding on the handle bar of the bike closest to the car, or purchase a longer receiver bar that will work.
    What I really like about this rack is that I can easily remove it and store it inside my car, it isn't extremely heavy or cumbersome and it will save me having to purchase the two locking pins needed to prevent theft of the rack. If you are planning to go on a long trip and leaving your bikes unattended you will not only need to purchase two locking pins for the rack, but also a set of 2 swagman locking knobs for the wheel trays of each bike and a cable bicycle lock to secure your bikes to the hook holders, this will prevent someone from lifting your bikes off the rack. Each hook holders has a hole on the side through which one can place a cable with a lock....more info
  • Great Quality, Very Pleased
    This bike rack far exceeded my expectations when it came to quality and ease of assembly.

    My car has a 1 1/4" hitch and I bought the 2" > 1 1/4 hitch adapter at Wal Mart for $10. Works perfect....more info
    I found my Swagman to be a sturdy well designed bicycle rack that was easy to set up. It carries my bike securily with it's locking levers although to be even safer I use a cargo type rubber strap to secure bike to rack along with a locking cable. The 5/8" hitch lock offed by Amazon for purchase with it does not fit the drilled hole, which starts out 5/8" and steps down to 1/2", instead I used the locking pin furnished with the rack and the above mentioned lockable cable.
    I would recommend this hitch mount rack....more info
  • Great Item
    The Swagman XC Cross-Country bike carrier is excellent. My wife and I are in our mid 60's and it is easy to attach to our trailer hitch and load our 2 bikes on. It only takes a few minutes to get it adjusted for the bikes the first time and then you are ready anytime. It folds up and takes up very little space when not in use. We looked in several stores and at several different bike racks, none were as simple or strong as this one. Checking on line we found it cheaper including delivery than in the stores....more info
  • Great Design!
    This is a fantastic bike rack! I've owned it for a few years, and it has easily adjusted to accomodate every bike from my sons' tiny 16"-wheel first bikes up to full-size mountain bikes. It securely holds bikes with unconventional top bars w/o any special adapters, unlike the more typical carriers where the bikes "hang" from the carrier. It's well-made, and easy to install, easy to adjust, and easy to store. Another nice feature is the ability to quickly fold down the vertical bar so I can open the rear hatch of our SUV without having to remove the rack. The clevis pins have aircraft cable tethers so I never have to worry about losing them. Now that my daughter is learning to ride, I'll probably buy the 2-bike add-on extension. The fact it can be expanded is another huge plus! If it has any negative qualities, I can think of only one: you need to be careful when releasing and raising the vertical hooks ratchet adjusters or you can pinch your hand pretty bad. I quickly learned that you should always raise the upper hook first before raising the lower hook so your fingers won't get caught between them and make Daddy say some pretty naughty words while the kids are standing around waiting for their bikes to be unloaded....more info
  • Great Product
    Bought the Swagman XC Cross-Country 2 after searching bike hitch in the web and some stores. Besides the price was very good, I was particular on how to mount the bike on the rack. I want the flexibility that my wife can also mount the bike easily. I saw this bike hitch mount and immediately figure out that the bike will be very stable since it is holding the bike with the tires and the center frame. It eliminates the concern of mounting a bike with a different frame since the double or single bar post makes a bike frame for ladies difficult to mount. Showed it to my friends and they were quite impress the way the hitch was designed. ...more info
  • My favorite bike rack.
    Watch Video Here: I've owned and used many different style bike racks in the past. I highly, highly recommend this bike rack!

    +folds up quickly and can compactly stay mounted behind your car
    +extremely sturdy (weighs 33 lbs)
    +almost zero sway (includes threaded pin)
    +bikes don't move at all when driving at high speeds
    +very adjustable
    +sufficient clearance that bikes don't scrape car
    +very affordable

    -maybe don't pinch your fingers..? :-)
    -this 1.25" model can only hold 2 bikes -- no adapters to upgrade to 4 bikes.
    -given enough time a bike thief could disassemble this rack using wrenches. Locks would slow them down (see below) but not eliminate risk.

    I'm using this on a 2003 Honda Accord with a 1.25" Draw-Tite hitch receiver that I bought from [...]. (Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese are all made by the same parent company!)

    FYI- I believe Amazon has the wrong manufacturer part number (MFG P/N) listed for this item as of October 2008. The Swagman bike rack that Amazon is selling here is actually MFG P/N 64625... it only fits on a 1.25" hitch receiver. I just bought it, so I'm sure. It's not to be confused with MFG P/N 64670 (newer model that fits BOTH 1.25" and 2" hitch receivers but has different design and weighs about 34 lbs) or MFG P/N 64650 (fits 2" hitch receivers only).

    Again, this bike rack is the model that ONLY work on 1.25" hitch receivers.

    UPDATE February 2009: As far as security goes...
    (1) Swagman makes a 1/2" diameter threaded hitch receiver lock (MFG P/N 64029) that will lock this bike rack to your hitch.
    (2) You will also want to purchase 2 regular padlocks to lock your bikes to the bike rack -- your local hardware store will have these.
    (3) You will probably also want to purchase a 1/2" diameter NON-threaded hitch receiver lock for this bike rack -- you can't tell from the Amazon picture, but there is a 2nd quick release bolt at the bottom of the rack that could allow bike thieves quick access. I purchased Master Lock Receiver Hitch Lock 1/2" (MFG P/N 1472DAT "Barbell Series") for about $15 at my local hitch store. Note that this is in addition to the item I mentioned in #1 above. The newer Swagman model (64670) has a different design and probably won't need this....more info
  • Love this bike rack
    I use this rack with a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with a large tire mounted on the back and this rack fits just perfectly behind it. The rack is very sturdy and locks my two bikes securely to the vehicle while making stops at restaurants etc. along the way to my destination....more info
  • Works as expected
    No problems so far with this product. Very pleased. The screw in hitch pin works just fine and secures the bike rack very well. No sway, rattle, or vibration. Better security against theft would be nice. I use a cable lock to secure the bike to the hitch and a very small regular lock on the hitch pin where a cotter pin would normally go. I would also feel better if the pins securing the arms of the rack in place used cotter pins.

    But the price is great, and these minor issues are easily worked out. ...more info
  • Swagman Bike Rack
    This item is very easy to use.You do not have to pick the bike up real high to get it on or off the rack. This makes it easy for my wife to get her bike on and off the rack by herself.It is easy to lock the bike down, you don't need straps to hold your bike to the rack, you just slide one bar up or down to lock or unlock your bike....more info
  • nice rack, but design has changed for the worse
    I just purchased one of these along with the locking 5/8 hitch pin in what I thought was a nice package. However, now that I've actually received the rack the combination is useless. They have changed the design of the attachment to the hitch. Instead of a standard 5/8 pin, it uses a proprietary threaded bolt which is too small to allow the use of a hitch pin. The advantage is that the rack can be attached tightly to the hitch. The (major) disadvantage is that it now requires a wrench to install and remove. Had I known this I probably would have bought a different model, and definitely not bought the locking pin. When I called Swagman to complain they tried to blame Amazon for having outdated information. However, Swagman's own support website has the old design in the instructions, which do not match the product I received. The representative tried to convince me it was an improvement, I don't agree.


    I contacted Swagman again about my concerns and they sent me an old style connector bar for free. Kudos to them for great customer service, if I could I would add another star to my rating. However, my concerns above about the new design are still an issue. As I mentioned, it now requires a wrench to install/remove. Also, as mentioned in another review the threads on the hitch pin don't seem to operate smoothly out of the box. If they were to become damaged (seems quite possible) then you would not be able to use the rack at all. I understand what they were trying for with the new design, but it seems like change for the sake of change rather than a true improvement....more info
  • Great Bike Carrier
    My old carrier suspended bikes from the crossbar. I got a semi-recumbent and my wife got a woman's step through style. Neither would work well on the old carrier. This hitch mount rack is sufficiently adjustable to accommodate both with security. I love it. ...more info
  • Best Buy
    This is the best bike rack out there for a hitch, period. Very well engineered, easy to assemble, and easy to adjust for any bike size. The center bar swings down so you can open the tailgate. Most important, it does not matter where the top frame tube is on your bike. Racks that use a hang system don't work well with most bikes because the top tube is not level.
    It folds to a neat package; I bought a duffel bag to stow it when not in use.
    drawbacks?-it is a bit heavier than the hanging type racks....more info
  • Bike rack
    Works good, after I got a longer 2" tube section. When I mounted to back of our fifth wheel trailer it was too close so bike would hit trailer. Problem was that my hitch on trailer was mounted under trailer too far....more info
  • Not as advertised
    Was really looking forward to receiving this rack. Got home from a business trip and opened the box to find that this is a 1 1/4" receiver model with a plastic adapter for a 2" hitch. Why do you click to choose the 1 1/4" model or 2" model if they are the same? The picture on Amazon shows a 2" straight receiver model but I got a 1 1/4" step up model with an adapter. Have already printed the return slips and will find a seller that ships what they advertise....more info
  • The perfect ride
    Well I can't add more to the very large positive reviews. This rack is excellent and very well made. I purchased the locked threaded pin (Amazon does not sell it) for added security and some locking pins to secure the ratchets bars. At the first time I was very afraid to use it in the city where I live, our roads are full of holes and bumps, but it hold the bikes very well. I think this rack is better than the newer models, it lets you add two more bikes when you want, so if one day you want to ride alone, you don't have to carry a four bike rack with just one bike. ...more info
  • Great rack, could use better finish
    I recently had a hitch mounted to my new Honda Civic. I had a Yakima roof rack on my old car, but no longer wanted to bother with lifting the bikes ont the roof of the car. After reading many reviews, I decided to give the Swagman XC a try. It took me all of 20 minutes to open the box and mount to my car. I did notice that there were already some nicks in the paint. I read that they have improved the finish on the new XCT2 platform rack, so I'm sure that they received complaints about the finish on the XC. I need to paint the nicks, as they are already rusting. All in all, it's a great rack for ease of use. I store it in my trunk when I'm not hauling bikes. I do recommend the Swagman hitch lock, as it would be easy to steal the entire rack without it. Also, the arms should be removed and stored in the vehicle while you are riding your bike. They slip right off, and there is no good way to lock them onto the rack....more info
  • Swagman hitch mount bike rack
    This bike rack is simple to assemble, and easy to use with a hitch mount receiver. I especially like the way you can secure your bike into the rack within seconds. I use this to transport my bike around town, and wanted something that was rugged for short quick trips. This is it, and Amazon had the best price on the Internet....more info
  • pleasantly pleased
    I am extremely pleased with the swagman bike rack. It was so easy to install, lightweight enough for me to handle alone and secures the bike extremely well. This is a great product for the price and I will use it for a long time.I drive an '07 toyota 4 runner and this bike rack keeps my bike very stable. I would buy it again!
    Sandra...more info
  • bad desigh change
    I ordered this item, the Swagman XC2 2-Bike Platform Hitch Rack for a 2 inch Receiver. What was shipped was the Swagman XC 2-Bike Rack with what they called an "universal foot". That is a tube for the 1 1/4 inch receiver with a two piece adapter to fit a 2 inch receiver. The 1 1/4 inch tube has no where the strength of a 2 inch tube.

    If this had been shown on this catalog cut or called out in the description, I would not have ordered this bike rack. And thus I would not be writing this review. To make a design change in the product and not up date the catalog to reflect the change makes for an unacceptable product.

    Amazon, and I give them great credit for this, promptly replaced the bike carrier unfortunately it was replace with the same incorrect item. Amazon, once again I give them great credit for this, then refunded the purchase price. Great service from Amazon but their supplier did them wrong on this item....more info
  • Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Rack Hitch Mount Rack
    Great Rack. Easy to assemble. Easy to load bikes. No unwanted movement once mated to receiver and holds one or two bikes securely when traveling.
    Nicest feature is that it folds up for storage when not in use.

    The only problem I had was with the nuts in the hardware kit for securing the wheel mount brackets. They cannot be tightened enough to securely hold the wheel brackets in place. Best to go to your local hardware store and get four replacement 3/8x1.25" carriage bolts with matching nuts and lock washers BEFORE you put this rack together. It'll save you a lot of frustration and wasted time.
    ...more info
  • Great rack
    I've been been through 8-10 bike racks over the last 40 years, and most of them have been good at accommodating bikes with the traditional crossbar design.As my wife and I have gotten "old" and adapt to various joint "issues", we have gravitated to bikes with designs that allow more comfort. My wife rides a beach cruiser with a "girls" frame, and I ride an extended length bike with a more curved support frame. Neither of these bikes work well with the traditional hanger type rack that fits into the 2"hich receiver on our van.The Swagman XCountry solves this problem. The bike wheels are supported in wheel wells rather than hanging by their frames, so it doesn't matter what kind of frame the bike has. The Swagman is easy on, easy off, and easy store. I've been very satisfied. I have one suggestion, though. When you puchase the Swagman, call the manufacturer and order a locking threaded hitch pin for about $25. The threaded hitch pin that comes with the unit is really good at preventing the rack from wobbling,but it doesn't lock the draw bar to the hitch receiver....more info
  • SOLID...but
    Very solid way to mount bikes but you may have to make a couple of changes to carry two bikes of greatly different sizes. I ride a 61cm frame road bike. My wife rides a small frame hybrid. I had to install the wheel holding loops upside down in order to fit the larger bike. (Got this idea from another review of the same rack). I also replaced the plastic adjusting knobs with hex bolts in order to tighten the loops securely. I cut a small length of foam pipe insulation to protect the frame where the hooks touch...just a precaution.

    Once set up, bikes are easy to load and unload. There is NO movement while driving. If you have a pickup and are carrying two bikes with straight handle bars (mountain bikes), there maybe a clearance issue with the bike closest to the truck. There is a longer bar available in that case. SUV's should have no problem. ...more info
  • Best rack for the price, maybe the best at any price!
    This rack is simple, solid, and easy to use. Folds up on the hitch, removed with a single bolt. I can mount my bikes --no-slip solid-- in less than one minute. The ingenious hold-down hooks use the pressure of the tires to keep a little tension on, keeping everything from loosening up. Great design....more info
  • well made and easy to use at a reasonable price!!!
    i actually read many of these reviews to aid in my decision before making my purchase,well it really paid off.this rack is easy to assemble,strong enough to carry two bikes with ease and folds up nicely for storage when not in use.the rack supports the weight while the ratcheting foam covered hooks secure the bikes.this design works very well and the bikes never touch each other...what a concept! you can really zip the bikes on and off quickly without any problems.a good choice!!! ...more info
  • Good value!
    For the money I don't know how you beat this rack. Very easy to use, holds the bikes very stable, and folds up to be very compact. All at under half the cost of any Thule or Yakima similar racks.

    I love this rack! The only thing I worry about on it is the "teeth" on the verticle support post becomming worn. They are just cut into the bar. When loading the bikes I hold the red button in so that it doesn't ratchet down on the teeth, hopefully this well keep them from wearing out. ...more info
  • Very good product... but few drawbacks
    I bought this product few weeks ago, after spending a lot of time reading the reviews here and there.

    Why I bought this one ?
    I've got a Jeep Grand Cherokee so it comes with a hitch. And the roof rack would be too high. A lot of hitch mount holds the bike by the frame. It doesn't prevent the bike to oscillate while driving. So you need to fix the bike or buy a no-sway (which may remove the bike's paint). You also have to fix the pedal / wheels.
    I found that the only way to fix the bike was a rack like the Swagman XC. And Amazon sell it for a very good price !

    About the product :
    Very easy to install (10-15min), looks strong, but a little bit heavy.
    The arms can be folded so it's very convenient to load / unload bikes.
    Once the rack is attached to the hitch (with the screw), the rack won't move.

    Drawbacks (that's why I only put 4 stars) :
    - if you plan to carry 2 large bike (> 55cm) you'll have troubles, because the parts which lock the bikes' frame wont be inside the "teeth". As described in a previous review, you'll have to reverse the wheels' support.
    - about the safety, all the parts can be taken apart (with a wrench). So to fully secure your rack, you should buy a lock for the hitch, for the arms (3x), and the wheels support (4x).

    About the hitch lock. Amazon doesn't sell the threaded one, but it will prevent the rack to move. And be aware that if you buy the 2" rack, you will receive the 1.25" with an adapter to fit the 2". So when you buy the lock, be sure it's the 1.25".

    I made the mistake to buy the 2", but Swagman replaced it for me, for free ! Great customer service.
    ...more info
  • Great bike rack!
    I needed a bike rack that I could use without assistance. I am able to mount this rack onto the hitch and remove it without help. It is low enough to the ground that even this weak old lady can lift her bike up onto the rack with minimal difficulty. The bracket that secures the bike is easy to adjust and I don't need any extra bars, straps etc. for my bike to fit securely. I only wish I had bought the locking pin to go with it. I highly recommend the Swagman bike rack to everyone, especially those with women's bikes....more info