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Hotel for Dogs (Full Screen Edition)
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 04/28/2009 Run time: 100 minutes Rating: Pg

Everyone deserves a loving family, but foster kids Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin) have been placed with a flaky couple who care more for their aspiring rock careers than their foster children. Even though Andi and Bruce's mischievous tendencies repeatedly get them into trouble, the siblings are essentially good kids who care deeply for one another and their secretly adopted dog Friday. After a close call with the local pound, the kids end up searching for Friday in an abandoned old hotel where they find several stray dogs seeking shelter. The kids' compassion for the homeless dogs compels them to begin caring for the strays and they soon join forces with three other local kids to take in strays from across the city. Bruce is a clever inventor whose innovative gadgets ensure top-notch care and constant entertainment for all the dogs (as well as a multitude of laughs from the audience). Unfortunately, Bruce's and Andi's devotion to the dogs eventually causes them to pass up what may be their last chance for a better foster home. When the police storm the hotel and take all the dogs to the pound, the kids make a daring attempt to rescue the dogs that will likely land them in separate group homes. Can social worker Bernie (Don Cheadle) somehow convince the authorities, and perhaps a loving family, that the children were just doing what was right? Hotel for Dogs is a funny family film based on Lois Duncan's book of the same name and is appropriate for most ages 5 and older in spite of its PG rating for mild thematic elements, language, and some crude humor. --Tami Horiuchi

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Customer Reviews:

  • Hotel for Dogs
    The movie came earlier than promised and in perfect condition. My daughter loves it....more info
  • Great Kids Movie
    I took my granddaughter to see this movie in the theater...immediately following the show...she looked at me and said "we have to get this one on DVD". Enough said! ; o)...more info
  • An Awesome Film!!!
    I gave my mom this movie for Mother's day, and we both liked it! The dogs were awesome and cute! Andi and Bruce live with crappy foster parents and try to hide their dog, Friday. They soon find a rundown hotel and give stray dogs a place to eat and sleep. The more dogs they find, the more help they'll need from friends who work at a pet store, and a kid with a police scanner. It was very funny and I highly recommend you let your pet stay at the HOTEL FOR DOGS!!!...more info
  • Okay, but not great.
    Took my 14-year-old son, my 11-year old daughter and my [censored] year-old mother. (All three dog lovers.)

    My son was bored, my daughter and mom liked it.

    The movie had some cute moments, but it wasn't as good as some reviewers are giving it ... certainly not a classic.

    Definitely good for kids from 6-10. Nice to see a movie that doesn't have obscene/sexualized jokes.

    ...more info
  • DOGS RULE !!!!!
    what a warm and touching movie. if you don't love dogs then there is something wrong with you.every dog had his own special personality.have to give the pedagree people a big thumbs up for putting their money where their mouth is and giving something back.if we all did that,then this world would be a much better place....more info
  • If you love Dogs, then you'll like this movie
    First off let me say all of the dogs that are in this movie are really talented and so are the actors and actresses for working so amazingly well with the animals.

    With that being said Hotel for Dogs was a GREAT movie. I felt like I could really connect with the storyline as well as with ALL the cast. I have never read the book but I thought the movie was well scripted. This is definetely a movie that the entire family will enjoy especially if you are a dog lover like I am. There is no obscene gestures or language so that was a great plus. I just LOVE all of the different breeds of dogs they added into the movie.

    Short summary: Andi and Bruce are brother and sister being moved around from foster family to foster family. Through all of their moving around they still seem to keep their dog Friday a secret from all of their foster parents. Their new recent foster family doesn't care about anything but themselves (Kevin Dillion & Lisa Kudrow) so they decided to make their own "family". With the help of their newly found friends they run a secret hotel from dogs. The only problem is the dog catchers are after their dogs so they have a few run in's with them. See if Andi, Bruce, and their friends can save their dogs from the pound and save their hotel for dogs.

    Again this is a GREAT family movie. I loved every minute of it....more info
  • very good movie.
    hotel for dofs was a great movie. I thought the story was very good and funny also. the acting was exlent. the over all the movie was a+++.
    I would actuly rate this has 10 star movie....more info
  • Kid-Tested (from 4.5 to 11) and Mother Approved
    I took my son (4.5 years old), my daughter (10) and two other kids (11 and 8) to this movie over Spring Break. I didn't know much about it, but we all loved it.

    It's a good caper movie, featuring a teen girl and her brother's solution to keeping their dog in spite of living in a foster home.

    One thing I loved about it was the lack of crude humor (except a few dog bodily function jokes), and also the lack of romance. There was a little bit of romantic interest, but it was not the focus of the story, and I personally don't think that movies targeted to preschoolers on up need to feature a love story (but most of them, from Cinderella on up do)....more info
  • Hotel For Dogs is a top dog "Dog" movie by Ray Sipe
    Watch Video Here: ...more info
  • I'm ready to move in!
    Great movie for animal lovers - and anyone else! Very fun movie with a lot of action, humor, suspense and emotion. Freat feel-good movie for the whole family....more info
  • Warning Thematic Content
    (1.) You're warned at the start of the movie that it may not be appropriate because of thematic content. Puzzling at first since how can another feel good movie with trained dogs and a couple of kids trying to rescue them be so terrible. Well, since the kids are stealing, selling ripped off items to people, disobeying parents and police as well as any adult with responsibilities and lying for most of the movie I can see how most parents aren't going to find this movie the best role model. The kids good intentions and cute Rube Goldberg contraptions are not a justification for their methods. Additionally and unfortunately, foster homes again take another cruel hit in the movies. Having had to monitor the foster care of my students for many years I can say that 90% of those homes are a far more positive influence than the alternatives, and under challenging circumstances that only caring people can pull off.
    (2.) Acting was predictable, stereotypic, spiritless and dull. Dogs, however, were well trained and are a testament to positive reinforcement and treats. Props to the editor for melding the dogs scenes into a seamless and coherent story. ...more info
  • Hotel for Dogs
    This is an excellent movie! I am very happy we bought it. This a good movie for Children as well as Adults. It teaches them a lesson about caring for others even if you don't have much yourself....more info