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Vanity Fair (1-year automatic renewal)
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Product Description

Who Reads Vanity Fair?
Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, 2008
Smart, stylish, and voraciously interested in the world, Vanity Fair readers have an extraordinary ability to discern what is truly worth their time, attention, and money. It is essential for Vanity Fair readers to be conversant in a wide range of topics—from global issues, economics, and travel, to beauty, fashion, and entertainment—and they pursue the knowledge of these subjects with an unusual intensity. Vanity Fair readers actively seek out friends and colleagues with whom they share ideas and experiences, creating a diverse and eclectic network of peers. Known for its ability to "ignite a dinner party at 50 yards," Vanity Fair is meant for readers who enjoy expert-level knowledge and lively, spirited debate.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Fanfair: Vanity Fair’s monthly guide to truly unique and talked-about cultural events around the world, hot new CD’s, books, and films; groundbreaking art and design; exhibitions and theatrical events; fashion, beauty, and travel trends.
  • Fairground: The magazine brings its discriminating eye into the world’s most exclusive events, capturing candid snapshots of the culture’s rich, famous, and iconic. This pictorial feature goes around the world, one party at a time.
  • Columns: Insightful essays by distinguished writers, such as Dominick Dunne, James Wolcott, and Michael Wolff, cover the most relevant topics of the day. These investigations on crime, politics, business, society, the media, and current events are often touted on the cover and have a dedicated following.
  • Vanities: Short takes on today’s most compelling personalities, Vanities is a reader favorite, incorporating splashy graphics and quick wit.
  • Spotlight: Spotlight shines a light on the stars of the future. Former discoveries include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Gwyneth Paltrow, all before they made it big.
  • Proust Questionnaire: An update of the 19th-century parlor game, this classic Q&A features a different celebrity subject every month.
  • Features: In-depth, award-winning stories about entertainment, the arts, business, politics, fashion, design, and more, are at the heart of the magazine each month.
Past Issues:

With every issue, Vanity Fair allows its contributors the freedom to indulge in extraordinary storytelling, making it a destination for the world’s most renowned photographers and award-winning journalists, such as Marie Brenner, Bryan Burrough, Bob Colacello, Amy Fine Collins, Dominick Dunne, Christopher Hitchens, Sebastian Junger, William Langewiesche, Maureen Orth, Todd Purdum, James Wolcott, and Michael Wolff; and photographers such as Jonathan Becker, Harry Benson, Patrick Demarchelier, Todd Eberle, Larry Fink, Jonas Karlsson, Annie Leibovitz, Tim Hetherington, Norman Jean Roy, Mark Seliger, Mario Testino, and Bruce Weber.

Magazine Layout:
With a dynamic combination of big pictures and big stories, Vanity Fair delivers both bold, beautiful photography and the very best thought-provoking journalism in a clean, bold design that is simple yet sophisticated, minimal yet full of restrained energy. When it comes to visually expressing the passions of its stable of photographers, illustrators, writers, and editors, the magazine must look as smart and powerful as the topics it covers.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Vanity Fair June 1997
With a broad range of interesting subjects, Vanity Fair is a general interest magazine that captures the best of the best, from world affairs to entertainment, business to style, design to society. Vanity Fair is unique in its ability to act as a cultural catalyst—a magazine that provokes and drives the popular dialogue. No other magazine can match Vanity Fair's unique mix of stunning photography, in-depth reportage, and social commentary. Each month, Vanity Fair accelerates ideas and images to center stage, creating an unrivaled media event that attracts millions of modern, sophisticated readers.

Vanity Fair's advertisers are as eclectic as the editorial content. Fashion and retail advertisers are responsible for the majority of Vanity Fair's ad pages, but other advertising partners stem from a wide array of consumer categories, including automotive, financial institutions, not-for-profits, corporate entities, beauty, travel, entertainment/media, home furnishings, food, and wine and spirits. On average, a little more than half of the pages in Vanity Fair are devoted to advertising (56%).

  • The American Society of Magazine Editors has nominated Vanity Fair for 63 National Magazine Awards since 1984; the magazine has won 15 times
  • Winner of National Magazine Awards for Reporting and Photo Portfolio, 2008
  • Winner of National Magazine Award, Columns & Commentary 2007
  • Winner of National Magazine Award, Public Interest 2007
  • Winner of the 51st annual World Press Photo of the Year 2007
  • Gold Medal Award, Photography, Spread/Single Page, Society of Publication Designers’ 42nd Annual Competition 2007
  • Graydon Carter: The only two-time winner of Adweek magazine's Editor of the Year
  • 248 awards for design and photography since 1984
  • Included on Adweek’s Hot List nine times–more than any other magazine

Nobody knows more about star power than VANITY FAIR, where you get access to people, personalities and power like no other magazine. From unmasking Deep Throat to intimate interviews with Jennifer Aniston, Martha Stewart and Lindsay Lohan, VANITY FAIR scooped the competition and gave its readers the must-read exclusives everyone has been talking about. Your subscription includes must-see special issues like the Hollywood issue and the Music issue, and monthly coverage of the movers and shakers in entertainment, media, politics, business and the arts.

Customer Reviews:

  • LOVE Vanity Fair!!!
    I just can't rave enough about this magazine. The articles are incredibly well written, fascinating, and cover such a wide range of topics from politics and world affairs (current and past) to society scandals. My favorite magazine of all time. A 'must' for the well-educated, open-minded individual....more info
  • One of the better glossy magazines out there in the world of make believe
    I don't normally like glossy magazines that think too much of themselves, I think that they were invented to be dumped on coffee tables to look good when you have visitors around for coffee but if you want a really good and intelligent read, buy TIME or Newsweek.

    However I will make an exception in the case of Vanity Fair, I actually subscribe to it which came about after I read a really good article in it about racism. I was quite impressed, it was well written and quite unbiased, rare in a magazine that is known for its skinny models/actors/musicians who lounge elegantly as they give interviews whilst looking the camera and say in hot sultry voices, "Darling, I'm an artist, it's my passion, my love, that's why I do it!"

    I won't say that Vanity Fair has given me too much food for thought but it has been enough for me to take out a year's subscription to see if they can come up with anything else that is remotely intelligent and thoughtful and they haven't done too badly up to now.

    If you really want to get a glossy coffee table magazine then get this, it will serve two purposes, one it will look good on your table and two you might just find someting interesting in it to read whilst you are flicking through it....more info
  • My Favorite Magazine
    Vanity Fair is my favorite Magazine. I enjoy the editorial features as well as fashion, entertainment and so much more. It smells better than other piece of mail in my mailbox....more info
  • I have tried to cancel this, but all I get is a return button
    I have found that the person I bought this for already had a subscription. When I tried to cancel this, I only had a (return) button. Now I assume this means nothing and it has not been cancelled. That leaves me a good deal dissatisfied.

    ...more info
  • A Formulaic Magazine that Always Entertains
    VANITY FAIR is a highly recommended monthly magazine for people who enjoy reading. Packed with lengthy articles, gorgeous photography and blurby information, it never fails to entertain the reader. It is the perfect companion for a lazy afternoon at the beach or on quiet plane ride across country.

    The VANITY FAIR forumla is simple: slap a photo of a celebrity on the cover and inside offer a wide variety of articles, including Hollywood puff pieces, Domenick Dunne's true crime accounts, in-depth articles about international scandals, Christopher Hitchens essays and profiles of colorful, unknown characters.

    Though this formula has changed little since the magazine was revived in the 1980s by its now legendary editrix Tina Brown, the magazine's new editor, Canadian-born Graydon Carter, has succeeded in putting his own personal stamp on VANITY FAIR. In virtually every issue Carter uses his Letter from the Editor to bash US President Bush.

    Though I do not begrudge Carter his right to speak his mind, after months of reading Carter's criticism, I get bored with these relentless rants.

    Still I highly recommend a VANITY FAIR subcription to anyone who enjoys reading.

    -- Regina McMenamin...more info
  • Vanity Fair
    Have read this publication for many years. Outstanding exposes and timely information! The ratio of ads to "real content" is high but what magazine isn't. They pay the bills and keep subscription prices reasonable! At least through Amazon.. ;-)...more info
  • Liked it when she got it
    Ordered my wife a subscription last christmas.
    Recieved 2 issues, never got the rest of them.
    I'll never order magazines through Amazon again.
    ...more info
  • Life reflected in pulp. Dreams written on paper. Imagination come to life.
    Vanity Fair embodies the very essence of what it means to be an informed, modern American. It provides insights from every aspect of life from around the world. Interesting and articulate, entertaining and informative. In a single issue you are guaranteed something to make you think, smile, reflect, and feel alive.
    When you enjoy an issue of Vanity Fair, it is one of the most relaxing ways you can spend your time without feeling you've wasted a moment. ...more info
  • People Plus Equals 3 Stars.
    This is a magazine for those enthralled with celebrities. Without the fine writing of Christopher Hitchens I rarely would read it. The last article I enjoyed was on the eccentric Howard Hughes. I like the high quality photos, but it is basically a deeper version of "People." It has the same shallow slant that overglamorizes celebrities, luxury, consumption, & encourages narcicism. Why they have to have articles on advertising when two-thirds of the mag are ads is overkill? The first forty pages are ads, then you reach the contents page.

    They also have two annoying habits. Bashing non mainstream media like attacking "Fox News," has become a sport by their competition who are clearly losing the ratings war. The constant articles on England's royal family seem repetitive & archaic. Is it not the twenty first century? ...more info
  • substance as well as style
    I think V.F. has sometimes been unfairly dismissed as a lightweight Hollywood or "chick" magazine. Well OK, the cover story (and photo) is usually in the entertainment field, and the publisher's media kit states that the readership is 79 percent female. What's gender got to do with it? Most of the stories are serious and intelligent enough to be worthy of anyone's attention. Consider, for example, some of the topics of recent articles: the background behind the financial meltdown at Lehman Brothers; the $3 trillion cost of the Iraq war; Vladimir Putin's power grab in Russia; real estate woes in the Hamptons and at the Plaza Hotel; Rupert Murdoch's media empire; Bobby Kennedy's ill-fated 1968 presidential name just a few. The depth and sophistication of these stories, and the quality of the writing, is certainly equal to anything you'd find in the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic Magazine, The New Yorker, and similar "serious" publications. Even the movie star subjects, such as the recent cover story on Marilyn Monroe, generally have a weightier slant to them. Don't confuse this with the mindless junk you'd find in supermarket tabloids. As for those "shocking" photos of Miley Cyrus....well, the whole controversy seemed to be almost a satire of how a puritanical public can become outraged about nothing. At any rate, I would not have wanted to miss what the outcry was all about. I find that every month there is always something worth reading, and I learn a few things as well as being entertained. So why four stars instead of five? Well, while depth and details are good, I find that some of the articles tend to be a little too long, and about halfway through I'm tempted to start skimming. Also, Graydon's Carter's Bush-bashing editorials month after month can get a little tiresome. I'm not a big admirer of Bush myself, but it's long past time to "give it a rest".
    These small complaints aside, I recommend this as a very worthwhile publication. A word about price: the promotional rates at Amazon are typically better that those on the postcards inserted in the magazine, plus you avoid that ridiculous "postage and handling" fee. Twenty bucks total for two years (at Amazon), which is about the cost of a mere four copies purchased individually at the newsstand, seems too good a deal to pass up. ...more info
  • Vanity Fair
    Don't know the history of this magazine. Thought we would try it for a year. Have been getting "The New Yorker" this is quite different. We think it's too heavily based on appealing to those who might want to aspire to the pictures. But it's name is true....vanity. Writing is ok....more self perpetuating....nothing that lifts beyond the realm of materialism....more info
  • Disappointing
    I used to be a fan of Vanity Fair, until I finally, after months of trying to ignore it, got fed up with the liberal ramblings of Graydon Carter. Why can't he figure out that we're just not that interested in his personal political opinions? He has taken a revered magazine and used his position to further his personal beliefs; mostly ranting and blathering on and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON about the evil conservative forces in Washington. Graydon--SHUT IT!! I'm sad, because I so dearly miss Dominick Dunne's brilliant writing and the genuinely interesting articles that can usually be found in each issue, but I won't subscribe again till Graydon is gone. I hope I don't have to wait too long. ...more info
  • It's Alright
    If you want a magazine for fashion, buy Vogue. If you want a magazine for news or current events buy Time or Newsweek. This magazine seems a bit schizophrenic. It just doesn't know its genre. Not bad, but because it is so unfocused it also fails to be great. However, it did arrive in a timely fashion, and as far as light entertainment goes, it's fine....more info
  • Can't live without Vanity Fair
    I don't remember when I first started reading Vanity Fair, but it was many years ago and I have continued to read this great publication, as well as save the issues for the longest time. I find it to be the most complete magazine for me and I'm always looking forward to the next issue. Thank you, Vanity Fair, and keep up the great work....more info
  • Vanity Fair
    Received April 2009 issue, but no May although it has been on newsstands for some time. Sent email to Conde Nast via their website with no response....more info
  • The Magazine Diva Says........
    This is the intelligent fashion magazine that doesn't treat fashion lovers like idiots! Great in depth articles on screenplays, celebs, charities, politics, and of course - FASHION. Duh! ...more info
  • A Must-Have
    Don't be fooled by the pretty faces on the cover. This is one of the savviest newsmagazines around. Read it and love it for the crackling writing, the grown-up humor, and the inside story. Then treat yourself to the dish about the sins of the rich (who are usually NOT the people in the tabloids, but mysterious financiers who live offshore and have dark and shady pasts...) and a brief interview with the cover celeb. It's one of the best monthlies available.
    ...more info