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Battle of the Bulge
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  • Blu-Ray Review
    Another good Blu-Ray Transfer and it is better looking than the Dirty Dozen by far!...more info
  • Non-factual, but some great actors.
    Primarily, I enjoy war movies that provide factual recounts of the events or persons covered in the film. Not war movies for the sake of a war movie. The movie "Battle of the Bulge" does not provide much of anything historic, but uses the historic event to tell it's own "Hollywood-istic" story.

    There are some great actors in this film, though. It is they, in my simple opinon, who provide any redeeming value to this film.

    If you like action WWII war movies you will probably enjoy this. If you excpect some semblance of history this film will likely not impress you too much.

    It sure would be nice to have Hollywood do a "Battle of the Bulge" in "Tora, Tora, Tora" fashion ( my basis for judging all war movies ).

    ...more info
  • Good Action But Limited Relevance
    This movie, which I first saw as a [...], is only tangentially relevant to the actual Battle of the Bulge. The movie dwells on the seige of Ambleve and the capture of a fuel depot. There is nothing about the main part of the battle--the seige of Bastogne, its relief, and the ensuing behind-the-lines cutoff of the German advance (the "bulge"). Focus on Bastogne would have made for much more compelling action and relevance to the actual battle....more info
  • a fondly remembered movie from childhood,it doesn't stand the test of time
    i loved this one as a kid but now it shows it's age and it really gets the history wrong. part of the problem is that other than robert shaw's part the rest of the movies follows far to many people into far to many subplots and gets lost. the locations used don't show us the real winter conditions that were faced and even at the running time it has it moves far to slow and then just ends quickly. see battleground for a better take on this battle....more info
  • Blu-ray: PQ Quality has serious Lens Flare / Fogging Issues
    I purchased this Blu-Ray based on reviews on this forum and a professional review on another forum. Unfortunately I should've expanded my research to other sites. The overall PQ is good from a color, contrast and sense of depth perspective. However, there is a serious lens flare / fogging issue, these are terms other professional reviewers and users have used to describe the issue. It primarily occurs during indoor scenes but a great example of it is when the train is about to exit the tunnel at 1:37 into the movie. It also primarily occurs on the left side of the screen, I saw it numerous times in the lower left hand corner. It appears the image softens, flares, or fogs there on numerous occasions. I found it rather distracting and my eyes tended to look there for flaws which diminished the overall viewing pleasure of the movie. I deducted a full two stars for these flaws, they occur numerous times throughout the movie in varying degrees. This appears to an issue with the source since other users have seen this on the HD DVD version and regular DVD version. I do not recall seeing this on TV but then again that was in Pan and Scan 4:3 which would've have truncated the problem area. The issue is only a few inches in on the left side, the main center / majority of the image looks fantastic.

    The Audio quality was OK; I realize it is a 43 year movie so I gave it a fair rating all things considered. The rears and subwoofer are utilized on occasion but most of the sound stage is up front and center which is probably due to the fact that the original source was a mono track. ...more info
  • Very Entertaining Widescreen WWII Movie
    Very entertaining war movie with a big-name cast that can be enjoyed by all, especially when viewed in Blu-ray format on a 50-inch screen where the 2.76:1 widescreen format is sized to 17" x 44". Excellent BD picture quality and the tank battle scenes look very good in widescreen. The BD has some extras including a brief interview with Robert Shaw and some interesting shots of his wife and kids on the set.

    This movie was completed after an 8-month shoot. Former German general Von Lashert (something like that), an actual participant in the battle, was a major advisor on the film and helped to ensure the authenticity of uniforms and equipment. I've seen some reviews here that criticize the authenticity of the tanks but, if true, it certainly does not detract from the movie; after all much in the way of spare parts and left-over equipment was needed to assemble the tanks. ...more info
  • very good
    Thank you very much for such great service. this dvd was great no problems what so ever!...more info
  • Inaccurate and contrived - but still a little fun to be had
    Infamous as the war movie denounced by Eisenhower for its woeful inaccuracies, anyone approaching this movie should be well aware of its pitfalls. However, if you can overlook them or at least partake with a generous pinch of salt, there are still some treats to appreciate.
    The battle of the bulge was set in one of the bitterest winters on record in 1944, when the Germans used the bad weather to confound the Allies air superiority to launch a massive all out attack designed to splinter the Allies and change the course of the war. As the disclaimer at the end of the movie says, this film is a highly compressed, fictionalized version of that, with all the characters merged and renamed.. in other words, it is a fictional version of what happened - and it shows.
    The bitterest Winter is hinted at in a few moments of the movie as during the initial battles we see some pockets of snow and men stamping their feet to keep warm - however, as the movie progresses, the films actual shooting location in Spain becomes more apparent as we see dusty desert and sweaty men. Worse, the two environments are poorly spliced together leading to woeful continuity, and almost the entire movie is plagued by incongruously sunny weather. The tanks bear no resemblance to those used, and the grimness of war is covered over, with death conveyed in the old fashioned `throw-up-your-hands-in-the-air-and-fall-down-dead' approach to moviemaking. Now that the movie is over, I am hard pressed to remember a single moment that actually showed blood. One would think that having directed on `The Longest Day' (a far superior film) Ken Annakin would have learned some lessons in the importance of historical accuracy, and how it can bring an audience in. Here, the contrivances which have Henry Fonda almost single handedly figure out the whole sequence of events and be in all of the major battle scenes, serve to disengage the viewer.
    So that's the bad out the way - but in fact, from a one star movie, a sort of watchable movie is rescued thanks to two things - Firstly, the cinematography - shot in Ultra-Panavision, a process designed to give an epic widescreen image, enough to project onto Cinerama (a process which used 3 curved screens, and in its true form, 3 synchronized projectors, to create an all encompassing experience). This movie has clearly been made with this process in mind, as scenes of trains hurtling along tracks and cars weaving down slippery roads are shown at some length from point-of-view angles... the end result is rather like watching a movie shot in 3D in its 2D form - the action seems contrived. However, the aerial, crane and dolly shots in this magnificently restored version use the widescreen to dramatic and exciting effect, and should only be watched in widescreen...the reputation of this movie has suffered greatly from too many years in pan-and-scan format designed for the TV screen.
    And secondly, the magnificent performance of Robert Shaw as the fictionalized panzer commander, based on Colonel Peiper - the youngest man to reach full Colonel in the German army. His is a complex character, showing humanity to his aide, and passion for the process of war - and yet disdain for the hierarchy that sends him to battle.
    Apart from Shaw, there are a few other moments which attempt to add some humanity to the proceedings, with heroism being forged from tragedy, such as the young lieutenant who survives the infamous (and historically accurate) massacre of prisoners at Malmedy, and becomes galvanized to lead the fight as a result. However, the pluses are outweighed by the clumsy script, inaccuracy and dusty desert filling in for frozen Belgium. The unlikely ending at the fuel dump serves as the nail in the coffin.
    Has a certain boys-own appeal perhaps, or to watch to enjoy the incredible amount of Franco's hardware on display...but in this day of Saving Private Ryan and other of its ilk, an audience should expect much more. Worth a rent perhaps, but not one to watch twice.
    ...more info
  • Battle of the Bulge
    This movie was entertaining,however they used fictional characters in the rolls. I think they should have been more historically accurate and the movie may have been better,just knowing this. The German seige on Bastogne should have been given more attention, since it was indeed an amazing spectacle of American courage and endurance....more info
  • Should Be Entitled "Battle of the Bull" Just as poor now as it was in 1965.
    Sorry to be the voice of doom, but when I watch what is supposed to be a movie about a historical military event, I expect at least some amount of history. There are lots of explosions and decent acting, but the only thing historically accurate about this movie is that the Germans lost and the Americans won. Other than that, it's pure fantasy. "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" is more historically accurate - and believable. There are so many fantastic true stories about the Ardennes Offensive that could've been told with this movie, but instead, they made up a complete fantasy story, filled with innacuracies from one end to the other. Unlike other war movies of the period like "Patton" or "Tora, Tora, Tora!" or "The Longest Day", where film makers actually portrayed true events, this movie is over two hours of nonsense wrapped around tired cliches. I've seen this movie a dozen times or more and every time it just serves to impress upon me what an opportunity they wasted in making the movie. A lot of time, money, and resources went into making a movie which is just plain fiction and downright stupid in how it deals with the actions of both the Americans and Germans. As entertainment, it's not horrible, but as history, it's trash. ...more info
  • Screen
    I have a 36" tv at home, Movie quality is good but I can't see the movie full screen because of it's blacked out 3" above & below the movie. Why?...more info
  • Battle of the Bulge
    I am very interested in WWII movies and find this one to be one of the best out....more info
  • Excellent but...
    The overall quality is outstanding, with one exception. About 1/8 of the left side of the screen, at least on my panasonic Blu-Ray player, is faded, especially on the lower left corner. And now that I'm watching it as I write this, it also happens occasionally on the right side....more info
  • an ok war movie ,but not as good as "the longest day"
    "battle of the bulge" is one of those war movies that plays better on t.v. with all the ads in them, by this i mean that some of the scenes are very exciteing and very good but some are just slow and really hold the picture back. as history it misses the mark also.i enjoy it but it's not the great war movie it could have been....more info
  • One of the best WW2 epics, beautifully restored
    Battle of the Bulge is probably the least accurate but most enjoyable of the spot-the-star WW2 roadshow epics. When Samuel Bronston's Spanish production empire crashed, his head of story Philip Yordan teamed up with former combat photographer Milton Sperling and picked up the slack with a slew of Spanish-lensed epics of his own backed with blocked US funds - Custer of the West, The Royal Hunt of the Sun and this lavishly mounted affair that took full advantage of all that WW2 Nazi hardware that found its way into Franco's possession. It's dominated by Robert Shaw's disillusioned but still fanatical eternal warrior with the rest of the characters fairly standard issue, although the individual scenes are far better written than is the norm in the likes of Anzio or Midway. Like the Bronston films, the script is a surprisingly intelligent affair, establishing an interesting set of battle lines, with Germany reduced to rubble, its people vanished and its armies living underground while the over-confident Americans are virtual tourists in liberated territories, more interested in the menu for Christmas dinner than intelligence reports of a possible offensive. Not that it is without problems: the geography, like the `history,' is more than somewhat suspect. Indeed, you can even catch a glimpse of the Forum Romanum set from The Fall of the Roman Empire in the background of the "It can be done!" scene as Shaw inspects the tanks. Add to that the fact that the production was plagued by good weather, so sequences are prone to go from blizzard to parched, and the result should be a mess, but it works well both as widescreen spectacle - especially the incredibly impressive final shot of hundreds of abandoned tanks - and as an archetypal Hollywood war movie.

    Unlike the previous video and laser disc releases, this DVD is fully restored to its original roadshow length, and also features the original trailer, featurette and 1965 interviews with Robert Shaw and Milton Sperling. The striking overture and entr'acte from Benjamin Frankel's excellent score are also included.
    ...more info
  • See a documentary or read a book on the subject
    Wide-screen is the only way to see this movie, but you better have a front projector or a really big TV as the 2.76 aspect ratio of this ponderous production will look like a band-aid on your television. Not much good history and the staging is so old fashioned that you may want to just run this film in the background while you do something else. The real Battle of the Bulge is exciting history, but you would not know it from this film. Unless you are older or just like looking at a few older movie stars (that most young people will not recognize), I would check out a good documentary or watch the Bulge episode of BAND OF BROTHERS....more info
  • Battle of the What?
    I think the major concern with this movie is its non relevance to the actual battle of the bulge - the historical connection is slight at best. Perhaps a different title may have been appropriate.
    If you can put that negative aspect aside, the entertainment value is well above average with plenty of action and a great cast delivering several brilliant roles (Telly Savalas imparticular)
    I was pleased to see the uncut version on DVD for the first time recently with a few questions answered at long last.
    All in all the movie is a classic and remains high in my list of WW2 movies....more info
  • 2 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Turgid, overlong, simplistic, and certainly not historically accurate, Battle of the Bulge is a chore to watch and definitely not a rewarding one--there are very few reasons to see it but a whole host of reasons why not to. ...more info
  • A good war movie but it doesn't do the battle justice
    This movie is set during the December 1944 German offensive in the west which came to be known as the Battle of the Bulge. The Germans put together a huge army and hurled it against four American divisions holding the Ardennes, a hilly area not believed to be passable to tanks in great numbers. American tenacity, as well as a timely counterattack by Patton's 3rd Army and the British-led army to the north allowed the offensive to grind to a halt.

    In this production it seems as if the producers tried to find the least Bastogne-like terrain they could find. Also, the thick snow which caused enormous misery on both sides is nowhere to be seen in this film. However, the Battle of the Bulge does have some good acting and some interesting parts to it. The English-speaking agents were actually used by the Germans to disrupt communications and sow chaos (the ones who were captured were later shot, an surprising act of ruthlessness on the U.S. Army's part). But unlike the film version the battle did not end in bang, but rather in a whimper.
    ...more info
  • Battle of the Bulge
    Great stuff. Sustain action through out the film and keeps you on the edge of your seat to find out what will be the outcome of this great battle. Another great movie....more info
  • An Audiophile Viewer
    Robert Shaw's performance was superb. His act and face was very close to the panzer commander Sepp Dietrich. The only pity was that the film producer did not use Tiger Tanks which has lost its accuracy. Hope a new reissue of film to be released with the latest technology soon. As good as directed by Steven Spielberg ??...more info