Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition
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Product Description

Widely praised for its in–depth coverage of Drupal internals, bestselling Pro Drupal Development has been completely updated for Drupal 6 in this latest edition, and there are even more tricks of the trade to help you further yourself as a professional Drupal developer.

Assuming you already know how to install and bring a standard installation online, John K. VanDyk gives you everything else you need to customize your Drupal installation however you see fit. Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition delves deep into Drupal internals, showing you how to take full advantage of its powerful architecture.

What you’ll learn

  • Find out how to create your own modules, develop your own themes, and produce your own filters.
  • Learn the inner workings of each key part of Drupal, including user management, sessions, the node system, caching, and the various APIs available to you.
  • Discover how to optimize your Drupal installation to perform well under high–load situations.
  • Gain the knowledge needed to secure your Drupal installation and other best practice techniques.
  • Learn to integrate Ajax into and internationalize your Drupal web site.

Who is this book for?

Web developers maintaining and creating sites with Drupal. It is assumed that you already know the basics of Drupal and are able to install and bring up a basic installation. This book takes you deeper into the internals of Drupal and teaches how to tweak and modify it in order to create that perfect web site. Simply put, if you are working with Drupal, you need Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition.

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Customer Reviews:

  • (probably) the best book for Drupal (6) developers
    As a Drupal developer for more than 2 years now, I can tell that this is a very good book for any Drupal developer - from beginner to advanced. One could always benefit from it.
    Its coverage of material and the depth each chapter go into are excellent. Not too deep, not too shallow, and covering lots of aspect of Drupal.
    I've read also its predecessor book, covering almost the same stuff but for Drupal 5 and this book follows the footsteps of the previous book. I've also read some of "Drupal 6 module development" book (Learning Drupal 6 Module Development: A practical tutorial for creating your first Drupal 6 modules with PHP) but this book is simply better by showing both the bigger picture on how Drupal 6 works, and also in its coverage of materials and subjects.
    If you're a Drupal developer of any level, this book would fit you. I'm not sure this is the best buy for Drupal designer, administrator or content writer (etc.).

    Enjoy....more info
    The examples are way too small to be viewed properly on an iphone and you can't skip from chapter to chapter. ...more info
  • Great to make the step from newbie to ninja
    Having just cracked the basics of Drupal, this book (now covering Drupal 6) is fantastic both for reference and as a training manual to go to the next step. Some of the content is very advanced, but if you're looking to understand theming, nifty JS (jQuery) tricks and writing your own modules then this is definitely for you. With Drupal 7 threatening to appear in the next 6 months, I wouldn't hand around for another book - go for this and get stuck in.
    ...more info
  • If you build Drupal sites, you must own this book
    This book far exceeded my expectations. I've read the documentation on the forms and menu APIs for Drupal and it never sunk in. The explanations in Pro Drupal Dev are so clear, it really puts the pieces together.

    This is not a book for someone who is just trying to get a site up and running, or manage a site that's been built for you (obviously).

    But if you actually build sites and yet you're still confused by hook_form_alter() or simply have no idea what it is, you need this book. I can't believe I put off owning it for so long. ...more info
  • Good Module Developement book
    This book makes a lot of sense in some parts, but I found myself filling in some gaps with the Drupal API on I feel that is the reason to take away a star in the review: it should be gapless. Specifically, there was a very brief account on searching users that could be more clearly written.

    I had to create a custom view as 'scaffolding' upon which to build my query to reconcile this gap. It would have been helpful for this book to be a bit more thorough in covering these types of things, but after all, it's not a book for beginners and may have been too advanced for me at the time. I don't think you could use this book at all if you don't have a good bit of experience web programming in php, and it would be a very frustrating thing to try to learn php and drupal development concurrently, because of the complexity.

    Also, the book doesn't package solutions together, so in my experience you pretty much have to read it linearly from the beginning if you are new at module development....more info
  • Needs work
    I was very excited for this text, however after purchasing and reading, I was greatly disappoined and frustrated at the lack of validation done to the examples. Not only do they not work, they are often at odds with the other standards and suggestions from the drupal community. ...more info
  • Not for begginer
    I am completely new to Drupal and bought this book thinking that I could learn from it. Not a very good book for newbies on the Drupal platform.

    Definetely, I will have to return this one. The Pro really stand for Professional Drupal Developer....more info
  • The essential Drupal coding book
    If you're new to Drupal and just want to learn how to be an effective admin, this isn't for you.

    If you're looking to customize Drupal by adding new functionality, new node types, advanced themeing the **you must get this book**.

    Clearly written. Useful examples. Accurate. Detailed backmatter for professional Drupal coding practices.

    I've used Drupal since v. 4.7, since 2005. My copy of this book's first edition is dogeared and well-thumbed. This second edition is even better, and I keep it right by my desk. It's helped me out of many a jam....more info
  • For developers ONLY! Not for business people.
    Since the description said this was a great introduction for beginniers I made the mistake of thinking it might help me - I'm a business person who owns a website. I'm looking for a platform that will enable me to manage my content.

    I needed to undersand how Drupal works at an application level. How would I control and update my content? How would I control who has access to the content? How can I enable some people to add/maintain content, others to administer technical details?

    The author could't wait to discuss his code, so there was a complete disconnect for me. ...more info
  • Does not cover Drupal 5
    This is an excellent book, covering significantly more material than its predecessor, which was for Drupal 5. Note, however, that it does not illustrate differences between Drupal 5 & 6, so if you are doing Drupal 5 development you have to get the first version as well. This wasn't clear to me before the purchase....more info
  • Overall Great Update, with Some Issues
    This is a review for the second edition, covering Drupal 6.

    I have read only the first 3 chapters, but did read the 1st edition cover-to-cover.

    The first thing to know is that while reading this, if you are working through the examples, you will want to have the Drupal API handy ( as there are infrequent calls to depreciated functions such as variable_delete() instead of the current variable_del() that may make the learning process more difficult for people in the novice to early-intermediate range that aren't familiar with the API pages. So far the only other complaint I can make is that VanDyk's adherence to Drupal coding standards is spotty. I won't mention and specific examples of this as they don't make or break any of the code, but being a person who (tries to) strictly adhere to a given set of standards, found that to be a little bit annoying. Overall, this title would have benefited from an extra proofing by the sort of person who would read it in the first place.

    This is the type of book in which a reader would benefit from an initial read-through before they would start coding. There are several front references that make more sense with better context.

    As stated in general terms, this is my second reading of this book and find the updated version to be an excellent primer on the core pieces of Drupal, building modules and the theme system and have and will recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about Drupal in spite of it's relatively few and small problems....more info
  • Very helpful book!
    Having almost no experience with Drupal, I had to create an entire database system using Drupal for the company I work for. I used this book to help me get acquainted with the inner workings of Drupal, and it helped me immensely. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • The best tech book I've bought since Programming Perl
    I don't like reading programming books. I've been developing software for over 20 years with a dozen different languages so I've no patience for wading through obligatory "Hello, world" exercises and elementary programming examples. But with Drupal having such a bizarre API I forced myself to start reading Pro Drupal Development from the beginning rather than cherry picking the data as I normally do.

    If you're an experienced developer, Pro Drupal Development is just what you're looking for. From the first chapter, Van Dyk immerses you in the myriad details of Drupal module development -- its hook architecture, the Forms API, content types and how to extend other modules. By the end of Chapter 1 you will have already created a pretty useful module. In fact, there are several very nice module projects in this book. By the time you turn the last page you will have a fairly in-depth knowledge of nearly every facet of Drupal development, from theming to caching to security to localization to JQuery.

    Beware: this isn't a book for novice developers nor those new to PHP and SQL. On the other hand, experienced developers are going to find themselves having to unlearn some habits and assumptions in order to make full use Drupal 6's heavyweight APIs.

    Thanks to this book and three months of spare time, I'm just now putting the final polish on a fairly complex Drupal 6 module for warehousing, searching and geolocating RSS feeds.

    My only criticism is that I originally bought the First Edition (for Drupal 5) about two weeks before Drupal 6 went into production release. So I had to buy the Second Edition as well and I read it cover to cover too. I suspect I'll be handing over the plastic when Drupal 7 is released as well.
    ...more info
  • Drupal!
    Drupal is a newer web language, it's constructed to increase web development speed! I bought it for another co-worker, she hasn't really done much with it! I think you'll be happy with it, a few more books on Drupal have some out since I bought this, you might want to check it out!...more info
  • Only for Version 5
    Seems to be a great book easy to follow - but it's for version 5 of Drupal. None of the examples work with Version 6. So if you up to date on your code, don't bother with this book....more info