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How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 1)
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So what if he's a bit older and usually regards a human female as dinner, not a dinner date? Yes, Roman Draganesti is a vampire, but a vampire who lost one of his fangs sinking his teeth into something he shouldn't have. Now he has one night to find a dentist before his natural healing abilities close the wound, leaving him a lop–sided eater for all eternity.

Things aren't going well for Shanna Whelan either...After witnessing a gruesome murder by the Russian mafia, she's next on their hit list. And her career as a dentist appears to be on a downward spiral because she's afraid of blood. When Roman rescues her from an assassination attempt, she wonders if she's found the one man who can keep her alive. Though the attraction between them is immediate and hot, can Shanna conquer her fear of blood to fix Roman's fang? And if she does, what will prevent Roman from using his fangs on her...

Customer Reviews:

  • Catchy title, not so catchy storyline
    I wanted to like this book: I love paranormal romance and have read almost everything else. I was excited about a new author with fresh ideas. Unfortunately, the ideas aren't fresh, the heroine is whiny and immature and the book ends without resolving two very major issues.
    First, roman IS a vampire, yet Shanna refuses to entertain the idea of being bitten. Yes, he has another food source but is love not about accepting and sharing the most important aspects of your partner? We're not talking about liking sports or sharing tastes in music here.
    Second, her father clearly intends to kill Roman and all other vampires. Shanna's response is a flippant joke. This seems to underscore the whole problem with the book. Shanna is extremely self-oriented and responds to almost every situation childishly. How are we to believe a 545 year old man, who was once a monk, would be attracted to such a woman? ...more info
  • hilarious twist on paranormal romance
    This book is absolutely outstanding in its genre. I didn't expect it at all. If you think once you have read vampire romance you know them all - this will be a nice refreshing twist for you. The story is very well developed, the characters are believable and the dialogue a hoot, yet the romance is very real. And let me tell you - vamire sex the way it is in this book - yummy. The heroine is very believable, strong, not a whiner and even though the hero is the dark, sexy, powerful vampire - he is different than the usual hero.
    Anyway, if you like the Sookie Stackhouse novels, you will like this one even more. It is not as dark as the Dark Hunters or Carpathians.
    I enjoyed it a lot and highly recommend it....more info
  • Just Okay
    My first Kerrelyn Sparks book. Light, humorous quick reading. The style and tone are simple and matter-of-fact.

    A vampire, Roman Draganesti, loses one of his fangs by biting into a doll with synthetic blood and needs to find a dentist soon or he'll be a one fanged vamp for all eternity. He is already the millionaire creator of synthetic blood that saves humans and gives vampires a morally correct food source. The doll is a recent invention to give the vampires the feel of the bite while getting synthetic blood but the plastic she's made of is just a little bit TOO tough. The dentist he meets, Shanna, is unlike any mortal he's ever met and she needs his protection because she witnessed an earlier murder and the baddies are out to get her.

    Just okay--with so many good vamp series out there, I doubt i'll follow this one.

    ...more info
  • Hilarious!

    "The Roman Empire has fallen!"

    That line was stucked in my head through the story! I can't believe how unbelievably funny it was. The heroine has a quirky sense of humor that definitely appeals to the readers. It is seen why the hero loves her so much. Without her he'd still be in the black hole he was wallowing in. I still give it 5 stars even if the ending was a bit abrupt.

    I was hoping that the heroine would change her mind about being a mortal. I don't know how their relationship could go if she ends up old and pruny. I hope there would be more future books of hers are like this!...more info
  • Witty, funny, intriguing
    I loved this book! I was a little worried about getting it because it was supposed to be funny. I don't like books that don't take themselves seriously, but this was not one of those. Contrary to the book jacket, this book is not centered around a tooth. Sure, that is part of the plot, but there is more to the story than a tooth. The tooth is just the beginning. I thought the mafia hit on the main character would make the book strange, but it all fit perfectly. The plot is very believable and the characters are endearing! I'm not sure if I will continue this series, this books seems stand alone to me. One of the best in the many books I have read recently. A quick and fun ride, I highly suggest it....more info
  • Couldn't get into it.
    I just couldn't get into this book....While there were some funny parts, I was mostly let down. I bought this book after reading the back cover, thinking it would be one I coudn't put down. But after about the first chapter, I got bored. Finished it anyway, but most likely will donate it....more info
  • Wow! What a premise!
    Who would have ever thought of a vampire needing a dentist?? And a virgin vamp?! That's probably the most original premises yet!

    Roman is the typical rich, bored vamp you usually see in romances. But once he falls in love with the girl, he becomes desperate and mushy and looses some of that proud aloofness I think a vampire should have.

    Shanna wasn't really a likeable character for me. I couldn't see anything that would make anyone fall in love with her.

    Way too much time was spent on the Russian vampires. I realize that they had to be explored to set up a series, but more time should have been spent on the main characters. And Shanna's dad showing up really didn't fit at all. He must be there to set up a sequel, too.

    This book is definietly worth reading, but probably not a keeper....more info
  • Would recomend however would not read again.
    Its a once and done for me. I tend to rate books on how often I can stomach reading them.

    Once and done rating for this book. It had some good dialogue but lacked something. I just can't put my finger on what exactly it lacked but I'll know when I actually find a book that delivers.

    ...more info
  • Love at stake hooked
    I absolutly loved this book!! Ever since I read the Twilight series I have bein hooked on vampire stories. I think that Kerrelyn Sparks is an awesome writer because her romances aren't just sappy love stories, there's a plot to this series and it's interesting. I love romances but this one also has action and adventure and it keeps you hooked on wondering whats gonna happen with the story and with the couples romance in the story it's self! I totally recommond the whole series to everyone interested in romances with action!!! ...more info
  • Love At Stake - Worth A Read
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the following books in the series. Kerrelyn Sparks is a fantastic writer, she truly draws you into the world of these Vamps. I was thoroughly impressed with the characters, and although the series doesn't centre on one particular pair, each book is dedicated to one main Vamp who finds his true Love, it is a fantastic journey that i was more than happy to undertake, and i am thoroughly looking forward to any further books in the series....more info
  • Surprised me
    I picked up this book expecting a fluffy/vampire-hottie/kissing book. Well, there is kissing and a hot vampire, but there is much more.

    I truly enjoyed this book and was surprised at the great plot and great writing. I look forward to Ms. Sparks next offering....more info
  • Fun and fresh vamp story
    I'm a major romance reader and a major vampire fan. So when I read the synopsis on the back of this book at my local bookstore, I was a little hesitant. I mean, come on - vampire loses fang and has to find a dentist? Sounded kinda lame at first glance. But, seeing as she is a local writer here in Houston, I figured I'd support the cause and bought it anyway. I'm very glad I did! I enjoyed this book much, much more than I expected to.

    The story is fresh and original, which is tough with so many vamp stories out there. Her original vampire mythology makes sense, which, again, so many do not. And her characters are funny and lovable. Very quickly, I was drawn into the story, and engaged by the characters. The heroine is real and despite her extreme circumstances, is someone most of us can relate to. Unlike so many other authors, Ms. Sparks made her heroine right where I like them - not so gorgeously perfect and supermodel-like that I can have no relation to her, nor so flawed and down on herself that I want to slap her. This heroine is basically a smart, attractive person who, like most of us, is pretty attractive but still has a few things to work on.

    The hero is just vampirically gorgeous enough to make him interesting, while normal enough for us to believe that he's managed to survive in a human world for a few hundred years.

    The book includes lots of well developed and interesting side characters as well, and I will look forward to seeing some sequels that flesh them out. But even if those don't appear, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the next Kerrelyn Sparks novel, whatever it may be....more info
  • Good Start To A Great Series
    This is a book I read after getting addicted tot he Twilight Series. It is geared for adults but is defintly worth the read. It's a good intro to characters that will come up later in the series. If you love vampires and scottish highlanders in kilts look no further! Don't decide to not read it if that doesn't sound like your cup of tea. I think some of the supporting characters you meet and learn more about later will appeal to the masses.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful
    This book was simply wonderful! This book is absoluetly amazing it has just the right touch of humor and a great plot. All I can say is that I can't wait to buy the next book in the series! This book is simply one of a kinf in the supernatural world! ...more info
  • I love this book...gotta have it..
    I don't care about people saying that this book is not a keeper. I love it. And better get working on the series to this novel fast. I am dying to read more about Roman's future. I want to read about their kids, and most of all i want to know about Gregori and the harem..but it looks like Simone is his favorite..But in regards about this book. I love it.. I reread it to the point where i have this whole book memorized front to back. Yes true, the ending was kind of disappointing because we want to know more. It should have like a "epilogue" or something letting us know about what happened a couple of years later..but hey.. you have your own reasons why.. But i give this book a two thumbs up..5 stars for me.....whoo-hoo..go on with your bad self..hahaha...more info
  • Made me laugh
    I won't go into the plot of the book as it has been given away already and I don't think that is fair to the reader who hasn't read it. I loved the book. The last half of the book I stayed up late to finish. It made me laugh and the vampire sex scene was great especially when she found out why he had been interupted twice during it. Poor Roman. I am looking forward to a book about Gregori and his harem of female vamps. I am also interested to know if vampires can have children. That ought to be funny. Can you just see little johnny getting picked on at school and him say I'll sick my daddy on you. How do you get the kids to keep daddy's little secret? This is a first book for this author and I can't wait to read more by her as she will just keep getting better and better....more info
  • Cute and Funny
    I enjoyed this novel very much and I'm looking forward to reading more of this authors books. It had a cute romance, not better than D.N. Simmons or Sherry Kenyon, but still pretty entertaining. I would recommend readind the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles for sure, great series!...more info
  • How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire
    I am currently in the middle of this book but so far I love it. I love the humor and the characters. There is nothing I love better than a book that can make me laugh out loud and this one does. This is the first book by this author that I have read and I will read more....more info
  • One star story
    I thought it was going to be a new refreshing story and I was completely wrong. I thought that the high rating (I'm definitely wondering about the level of intellect of the people who gave this a good rating) would be indicative of a good story, I could not have been anymore wrong. I utterly despised the heroine, she is childish, whiny (every other line was "A tear rolled down her cheek"), and she is a complete ditz. I was not moved by this book or the heroine in the least.

    I also thought it was very unrealistic of the heroine to expect so much in a "relationship" with a guy she had only met night before. They had only spent about all of 5 or 6 hours together and a bit of that she was in a trance and you want me to believe that is enough for some form of commitment between the two? I mean she's running out like this man had cheated on her. Please, let's be serious for a second. He owes her nothing and she owes him nothing as well, the expectations that they build up for each other, well more so the expectations stupid Shanna had for Roman were completely unreasonable.

    And the more I think about it, the more I think the premise of the story is stupid and I'm stupid for thinking it interesting of enough to purchase. This just wasn't the book for me, I tend to not like the whiny simpering thoughtless bimbo heroines....more info
  • Needs Alot More Sensual Romance!!!!
    I gave this book 3 stars because it has a good story line and good characters, BUT it falls way short on the romance and their are very little sensual encounters between the main characters Roman Draganesti the rich handsome vampire and Shanna Whelan a dentist. Vampires should be strong and romantic in their sensual prowess and seductions of mortals but this was weak and it ends abruptly without settling the new couple into their new lives togather, Its just not developed enough!!!!! ...more info
  • A fun lighthearted story. . . . Don't miss this one!
    I'm not much for longwinded reviews, but this book was really fun to read. I enjoyed the witty reparte and the story line was a lot of fun. Not too intense and in no way boring, this is one I'll keep on my shelf to read again....more info
  • Dont let the corny title fool you...
    The title of this book really through me off. After reading some of the other reviews I put the cheesy title aside and ordered it. I am really glad I did, this book was great.

    How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire reminded me of a "Twilight, Sookie Stackhouse" combo. Kerrelyn Sparks captured the romance that we loved so much in Twilight and the fun, edge of your seat suspense and mystery of the Sookie Stackhouse series. If you enjoyed those two series, you should enjoy this one as well. It had everything, fun likeable characters, a heart melting romance/love connection, and an interesting story line.

    The only negative I have was the climax was built up and over with too fast. This book could have easily had an additional 20 pages devoted to the climactic ending.

    ...more info
  • This is how a vampire romance should be done!
    Wow! Just yesterday I posted a review of "High Stakes" a tale of a human girl who meets and falls in love with a rich vampire. Although the story claimed to be laugh out loud funny, it wasn't. Imagine my delight when I dove straight into "How to Marry A Millionaire Vampire" to find out it had a similar plot with a much better drawn plot and characters. I thought for sure that this was going to be another vampire chick lit story but it was so much more! Shanna is a dentist in the Witness Protection Program after testifying in court against Russian mob members who have killed her friend. They are still after her and during an attack on her dental clinic, Roman shows up and rescues her. Roman is a weathly scientist vampire. He has formulated and produced a synthetic blood that has saved millions of human lives. During a recent product 'testing' he lost one of his fangs. If he doesn't want to be permanently lopsided, he must convice his dentist on the lam to fix his tooth. This story has so much adventure that it is hard for me to classify it simply as a Paranormal Romance. The romance, while definitely there, supplements rather than overwhelms this story. There are several sex scenes and actually that was a scene or two more than I need in my books, but I really feel like I witnessed the love grown between the two characters. (Another point seriously lacking in the previous book I mentioned). One thing that seems to make or break a book for me is the cast of supporting characters. I adored most of these characters. Roman's cast of security guards, the Highlanders are an absolute delight. They brought humor to the story as well as a special sensitivity. Roman's harem was another fun side bar to the story, and brought out a lot of Shanna's insecurities. This book is certainly not laughable chick lit, but I admit to one scene in particular that did have me actually laugh out loud! Only because a five for me is AMAZING do I give this book a super well deserved four. This little gem is better than similar series such as the before mentioned "Vegas Vampires" and Lyndsay Sand's Argeneau vampire romances. I can't believe I almost missed this one, I had it on my wish list for ages before I stumbled upon a copy and picked it up. I encourage you not to wait as long as I did. This is a seriously fun winner....more info
  • The Kindred meets Buffy or something like that.
    Shanna lives a boring life except being in the witness protection program for seeing a serial killer. Except her time has run out and she's been found by the bad guys. But she's also been discovered to be a mortal with mental talents by the "good" vampires.

    Roman is the Alpha male hero in the story, former priest and healer, vampire and bio-engineer, whoes artificial blood has freed most vampires, those that are willing, from having to hunt humans.

    Shanna and Roman make a decent couple but all in all their not really all that exciting, both are a little straight laced and repressed.

    The author does a credable job in writing, but I just wasn't thrilled to tell the truth. Though I will read the next one to see what happens. More of a Take it or Leave it... in my opinion....more info
  • Mildly entertaining premise - horrible writing
    I really could not get into this book because of the constant use of "Sheesh" and "Jeez" by the female protagonist and endless "God's Blood" by the main Vampire character. The extremely cliched use of what the author presumes to be a Scottish brogue also did not help. The clincher was when the over 500 year old Vampire discloses that he is really a virgin and has only ever had mind sex. Honestly ! ...more info
  • Great book
    This is a great story. Wonderful characters and lots of romance and action. Get your copy wont be sorry....more info
  • Glad I Read It
    I believe this was one of the best vampire books i've read. Funny, charming and dangerous all at the same time. Especially with the fight Shanna has with dealing with her father. Very good plotline....more info