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Racor Pro Folding Bike Rack
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  • Simple product but does the job
    This is a very simple product, just a metal rack to support your bike so there's nothing cutting edge about it. However, the finish is nice and it does fold in easily as stated. The fold-up is nice since you wont inadvertently wack your head against it when unloaded. My road bike is only 20 pounds so not that heavy, though I don't see issues if you put something very heavy as long as you are screwing into something solid such as a structural piece of wood rather than decorative boarding. Overall I'm satisfied as the price was right. Would buy again.
    ...more info
  • The garage is lookin' good
    I like the way the product works, but it feels a bit flimsier than I had thought it would. We bought 4 (one for each bike). I guess if they stand the test of time then I'll feel bad I didn't score them higher. It was a good price. They went up easily. I like the way they hold the bike and you can strap the helmet to the metal frame. I also like that you can fold them flat to the wall. I just don't like the way they bounce when I put up the bike. I keep thinking they are going to bend and drop the bike. Since that hasn't happened, I probably am worried for no good reason....more info
  • Rating for Racor PSB-2L
    It's probably great for guys' bikes, but doesn't work for me. I have 2 girls bikes and it was suggested to position them in the "V". There are cords in the V and so now I have to pay to return it. I think it should be noted in their ad materials that it doesn't work with all bikes....more info
  • Just what i needed
    Rack works great. I had a hard time getting the screws into the stud because I didn't have a posidrive screw driver. so i mangled the screws a little getting them in. The rubber coating on the arms is fragile too. I managed to damage it just with the weight of the bikes so i put some electricians tape over it to keep it from self-destructing. Other than that i love it. I put it up the wall enough to fit stuff under the bikes but not have to lift it too far to get the bike down. I'd recommend this to a friend but with reservations because of its minor failings. ...more info
  • Unstable, lacks durability.
    I had this rack for just about a month before returning it.

    I had it fixed into a brick wall - so had to buy new anchors because the ones that come with it are puny. Even with the new anchors it came off of my wall in a couple of weeks (had 2 bikes on it). The holes in the rack aren't really big enough to hold anchors much bigger, so I don't know what you'd do....

    In terms of fitting bikes on it - I had 2 on it, but the outside one wouldn't sit properly, it sat with the front slightly raised and off the arms because I just couldn't get enough clearance.....pedals would get in the way, or handlebars resting on seats. I got enough for them both to sit there, just not quite 100% flat on the arms.

    Then there's the arms.....they come coated in a nice rubbarized(?) black plastic. Within a week it had started splitting and by the end of the month it had completely came off one of the arms and was shredded on the other. That was the final straw, so I returned it....more info
  • Not entirely happy
    I have three of these racks in addition to several others from different makers. While I do use these, I only put one bike each on them and they're just not ideal for my purposes.

    First, I find that the "hump" in the holder, where you would typically put the first bike, is too far from the wall. All my bikes are drop-bar road bikes and if I put the bike here the wheel turns about 45 degrees from the wall and causes the wheel to stick out. I've personally addressed this by putting some padding over the "shelf" area of the rack and sliding my bike all the way in against the wall.

    As far as putting two bikes... with the first bike mounted all the way in as I've described above, I could mount two bikes. With the first bike mounted where it's "supposed" to go I cannot. First is the turned front wheel issue. Second, is the fact the bikes are too close together and end up touching.

    In summary, the rack isn't ideal for holding one or two bikes. I will concede that most racks of this kind aren't really suitable for holding two bikes without crowding, but the distance from the wall problem is worse than the other brands I own....more info
  • Much needed bike rack working out fine
    My husband and I both have bikes and were looking for an easy way to store them on our back porch. My husband found this one and we have been happy with it. The bikes are easy to get on and off, and the rack keeps the bike up off the porch.

    Only down side is the protective coating cracked and fell off within a few days. I don't think this hurts the bikes; I just didn't know why it wasn't made stronger.

    Overall, happy with this purchase. ...more info
  • Does the job
    This is an inexpensive, simple device to hang your bike on the wall. It does what it was designed to do, and is much, MUCH cheaper than a lot of the overpriced, over engineered storage racks that you see on the market. The simplest solution is usually the best, and this is it!...more info
  • works great!
    This is great for getting your bike off the floor, especially if you don't have a garage or other storage space for it. Only complaint is that the front wheel will swivel freely because there is nothing holding it still. Lock the front wheel to the pedal with your bicycle lock--this will prevent both the pedal and the wheel from moving around, hitting the wall, hitting a person, etc. It looks like a "magic" flying bicycle on the wall--especially if you put your helmet on the shelf it hides the rack, so all you see is the bike and the helmet. Very cool!...more info
  • Working well
    Have three of these holding bikes up in the garage. Have worked out well for us. Screws were a little tricky to get in all the way -- got hard to drive and the heads began to strip -- but it worked out. At first they appear to bend too much. Made me nervous the bikes would fall on the car. Monitored them for a few days and all was good. Since then have taken the bikes on and off regularly in the warm months and all remains good....more info
  • Bike Rack
    We are very happy with the two racks we received. They are exactly as described....more info
  • Great bike rack!
    Item arrived on time..Great bike rack! Holds 2 different kind of bikes with no problem. Would purchase this product again....more info