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  • it's all action...
    If pure action entertains you, then give this one a look. It's certainly not academy award material but lots of action and fun to watch!...more info
  • The Marine - Mini Review
    A group of diamond thieves kidnap the wife of a recently discharged marine who goes on a chase through the South Carolinian wilderness to retrieve her....more info
  • mammak
    the movie was in great condition and it arrived in a short period of time. I was very happy with the dealer....more info
  • worst/most unrealistic action movie ive ever seen - painful to watch
    this movie is an awful movie. the acting is horrible and the actors try to hard to try and be funny which just makes the movie painful. the main character, played by john cena, seems to have animal like reflexes and instincts, seeming to be able to track the bad guys down by stupid things like sniffing the air and following non-existent clues. Im not going to go into every stupid part of this movie, but ill just say its EXTREMELY unrealistic. its so bad, i think a 5 year old can point out the ridiculous things john cena "can" do. for example, hes able to practically fly and jump onto a moving truck from standing on the ground. he is also able to survive being inside a building that blows up and looks as though the atom bomb was dropped on it, yet somehow he still is alive. also, i might be crazy, but im pretty sure if you were holding onto a truck and being rammed through a building at fast speeds, you wouldnt live. also, not many people i know can run through walls and not be hurt. speaking of not being hurt, there is an instance in the movie while inside a burning building, john cena is hit by falling, burning wood and is unaffected. this movie is awful and i would recommend if your looking for an action movie, to look somewhere else. i cant believe people actually buy this movie and can watch it without wanting to cry. ...more info
  • lots of action~caution on the language
    This movie has a lot of action, and my husband loved it. I do, however, warn you about the language. I wouldn't have any underage viewers present if you watch, and the language even made me want to leave the room, but if your okay with that, the movie is very action-packed....more info
  • Discharged
    At least once a year, along comes a film that's so wrapped up in hype and promises of greatness that you know it can't be as good as its makers would want you to believe. The distinctive model of this for 2006 was "The Marine", the second feature of the newly-founded WWE Films, starring ex world champion John Cena. To state plainly, this is one godawful movie: a lame and poorly-written publicity project by Vince McMahon's sports entertainment empire that can't even be redeemed by placing it under the action/adventure genre. As a fan of both the WWE and action films, I was blown away by how uninteresting and unexciting the filmmakers could make this $23 million picture, considering that it was co-written by the same fellow who penned "Rapid Fire", "Spawn", and "Wrong Turn", and directed by a producer of WWE - a company that is built upon fast-paced action and excitement.

    Let's start with the focus of this debacle - the star, John Cena. Though I feel apathetic about him as a wrestler, John Cena is most definitely not up to being an action hero: lacking the talent of Sylvester Stallone and Harrison Ford, the personality of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the moves of Jean-Claude Van Dam, the humour of Jackie Chan, and even the sincerity of character of Steven Seagal or Dolph Lundgren, Cena looks woefully out of place and confused amidst the explosions, gunfights, and combat fatigues, and doesn't even have any decent one-liners to his credit to make up for his lack of presence. Essentially, he's as bland of an action star as they get.

    Mind you, this wouldn't really be that much of a problem if the film featured a strong enough supporting cast to make up for the star's deficiencies, but even here "The Marine" falls flat: Robert Patrick ("Terminator 2") as the film's wannabe-crazy villain and Kelly Carlson ("Player 5150") as Cena's spunky kidnapped wife are not really feeling the script at any point, and neither are the half-dozen or so supporting villains - including Anthony Ray Parker ("The Matrix") as a token black guy who alludes to being molested at summer camp for the sake of humour - most of whom kill each other before Cena can even prove himself by beating them up.

    Even if we were to completely ignore the shoddy acting, there is little in either the storyline (Cena is a discharged marine whose wife is kidnapped by jewel thieves) or the action sequences to hold our attention. While the film nicely portrays the depression and "lost" feeling of a soldier who has just returned home from combat, and the "man-saving-wife" premise holds some lingering potential, the vast majority of the plot descends quickly into mundaneness, and focuses mainly on the group of villains stabbing eachother in the back and the pursuing Cena having to fight off hillbillies. The action offers absolutely nothing new or innovative: though the chase scene with Cena in the police cruiser is cool, it's a dim highlight amidst mediocrity that features standard gunfights, no martial arts, and more explosions that one expects can occur in the swamps of South Carolina.

    In short, "The Marine" does not raise the bar at all above fellow panned WWE Films "See No Evil" and "The Condemned". If they want to be taken seriously in the realm of cinema, the writers of WWE will have to stop relying on clich¨¦-driven pictures and name-recognition to be successful. After all, Cena's flick failed to make back its budget, as did Steve Austin's "The Condemned". Think outside of the box, huh?...more info
  • Ha-Ha-Ha...
    If the cover for this low-brow action piece wasn't a hint, then you're probably one of the producers target audience. One of the things I think hurts hollywood is its irrepressible desire to shove the American flag down our throats by making these "patriotic" movies. We have the American flag, Iraq, marines... and wrestling!!! I guess if cow-tipping is a hobby you enjoy as much as practicing a suplex, then this movie is for you.

    As for a review, it stank. If you see it on the shelf of your local video store, leave it there.

    If you're a hollywood producer, please stop making movies starring wrestling "stars". If your name is Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, John Cena (The Rock is OK) please stick to your day jobs.

    ...more info
  • The Few, The Proud, The Marines
    Oh boy, it seems we have a wannabe Rambo in the house! Seriously this is one of those movies that you gotta watch to laugh at. The movie does have a lot of action scenes,stuff blowing up, people dodging bullets. and none of them are realistic. The good thing this movie boosts is that it doesn't take itself seriously. It has a few of lame one liners, it even breaks the third wall in one scene

    The movie tells the story of a recently discharged marine; he arrives home to begin a new life with his wife. They decide to take a road trip, have a good time together, but his wife gets kidnapped oh noo! Yeah so now Mr. Marine must save her. In the process he beats a lot of bad guys. Anyway it's an okay movie to watch when there's nothing on the teli

    ...more info
  • Rent it first - you've been warned.
    This movie is almost a joke. The beginning starts off quite nicely with our "Marine" taking down 9 terrorist with a machine gun and hand-to-hand combat, without even being touched. The problem is later in the movie our same "Marine" is knocked down with a fire extinguisher, a branch, and a bar. Apparently terrorists trained in the military with machine guns are much less capable than a man with a fire extinguisher.

    Second, the "Marine" was knocked unconscious by both the fire extinguisher and tree branch yet being punched hard multiple times tied to a chair, he is left un-phased.

    Third, our "Marine" seems to get punched a lot for being such a skilled fighter. Even going up against hill billies he gets thrown through a table. Which also shows hill billies are skilled in hand to hand combat, a reality this movie taught me.

    Fourth, no one seems to care that our well respected "Marine" leaves a wounded cop unattended and steals a cop car. Throughout the movie he causes hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage without being reprimanded.

    Fifth, a good portion of the movie consist of our "Marine" following people through the woods. That's it.... Wow.... Exciting.....

    Sixth, our marine jumps out of a flaming car over the edge of a cliff. 10 minutes later he is walking on land. Apparently it is left to our imagination how marines can fly.

    Seventh, When our "Marine" gives CPR its just pathetic. It looks funny to begin with because John Cena's arms are as big as his wifes body, but its even worse because he doesn't do CPR right to begin with.

    I'll be fair, there were good fight scenes. There was a girl-girl fight scene (which lasted about 1 minute) though it was much more entertaining than the WWE girl-girl "matches". This movie was not action packed, it had action, but was not action packed.
    ...more info
  • a MAN movie
    Basicly this story is about a retired marine whose whife gets kidnaped from a hostage situiation. Well it's definatly action packed...but not completly true to life. Lots of explosions and fight sceans that are unnecessary. But it is very fun to watch if you don't mind random cars blowing up all over the place....more info
  • Forget politics - switch your brain to "Commando" mode!
    You pays your money and you takes your choice. When you go to see a movie like this, you should know what you're in for. There's going to be a lot of bad guys, and they're going to be really bad. There's going to be a damsel in distress. There's going to be a surprise bad guy. And, last but not least, there's going to be a good guy who is good and tough beyond belief.

    John Triton (John Cena) is an heroic ex-marine whose wife, Kate (Kelly Carlson) is kidnapped by a brutal gang of jewel thieves led by Rome (Robert Patrick), who kills with glee and without remorse, which doesn't set him apart from his psychopathic gang members. John takes out after them. You get the feeling that John can take on anything up to the size of a platoon without much of a problem. While credibility might suffer during his chase, it's still fun. You will rarely see a human being with arms the size of Cena's.

    Written (Michelle Gallagher and Alan McElroy) and directed (John Bonito) with humor and pace, what surprised me about it was that the acting is uniformly good, including Cena. This is a tongue-in-cheek chase film with some absurdly unbelievable stunts and special effects, but it's all done on a level that nobody takes very seriously.

    Although there is a lot of violence, it's not graphic in the sense that we see people's heads being blown off. I was tired and sleepy when I attended the film, but never even felt a twinge of nodding off.

    Perfect for a saturday night with friends after a long week of work....more info
  • Run Cena Run!
    Thank god I borrowed this movie from my roommate. I doubt I would have ever even rented it if I was back in the states (I'm in Iraq right now). This is going to be a short review for a pretty bad movie.

    Before you read my review, please take not that I'm an action movie fan. Whether it's a good one with a pretty decent plot or a fun one where you can drink and laugh to it with its whack out plot and crazy actions scenes. This movie just fell short of anything fun or good.

    The beginning intro with Cena rescuing some marine buddies was action packed but choreographed horribly. It looked incredibly fake. My hopes for a decent movie faded quickly.

    One of the cooler parts of the movie was a bank heist that was led by Rome (Robert Patrick better known as T1000 from T2). If it wasn't for the horrible direction and script, Patrick would've pulled this character off in a very cool way. This scene gave me hope for an ok movie to maybe get a little drunk to and laugh at the over the top action scenes.

    Then comes the kidnapping. It felt like 40 minutes of the movie we watched Cena run and jump through the woods trying to rescue his girl from the bad guys. Pretty annoying.

    Then we see the bad guys take refuge in an abandoned bar in the middle of a swamp that the police were JUST in. Honestly I believe there would've been cops that would've stayed there JUST in case this exact scenario would have happened...but whatever... I dont expect common sense to happen in action movies... especially bad ones like this. So we have Cena taking out bad guy after bad guy here till the oh so predictable twist of the movie happens.

    If you like explosions, trust me about this, you'll see massive ones every 25 minutes of the movie it seems like.

    Also Kate (Kelly Carlson from Nip/Tuck) played a pretty good part for such a bad role. What really makes me irritated about her part though was that she gave the bad guys SUCH hell that there is no way they wouldn't have just killed her to get rid of the crap she was putting them through. Like I said earlier, I dont mind cheese in bad action movies, but this was just driving me nuts.

    I gave it 2 stars mainly for Robert Patrick. Like I said earlier, he played his part as well as he could for the craptastic script. I would love to see him with a similar role in a movie that's in better hands.
    ...more info
  • The Marine
    Being a John Cena fan you can never be sure that the charisma that he shows on the small screen will translate to the big screen, but after watching The Marine he does not have to worry about that. All the action in the movie keeps fans glued to the screens and wondering what could possibly happen next. Not a dull moment in the movie. Can't wait for it to come to the movies cinemas here in Australia in June 07 so we can watch him larger than life and in surround sound, will make a great movies even better. ...more info
  • action-packed and powerful!!!
    I really enjoyed watching this movie. It was action-packed and steady paced all the way through!!! John Cena rocked this movie!!!I would watch it over and over again!!!In fact,I DID!...more info
  • Fun to watch! . . . If you like sheer action & pure entertainment, it won't disappoint you. Guaranteed!
    Last night, I sat comfortably on the sofa at home to watch two action movies consecutively on Star Movies Channel.

    The two movies share one common feature: They were no-brainers! That is to say, they were pure entertainment, & best of all, you don't need a brain to figure out what the story in each movie was all about.

    Once in a while, I like to watch no-brainer movies, just for the fun of it. Sometimes, just for random stimuli. so to speak!

    The two movies were:

    - 'The Marine', starring John Cena & Robert Patrick;
    - 'Transporter 2', starring Jason Statham;

    The first movie was, to me, beautifully choreographed with fiery pyrotechnics & gun blazing actions all the way, from start to finish. There wasn't a dull moment.

    It had a very simple story plot: A gang of merciless diamond robbers on the run, kidnapped the wife of a recently discharged US marine from Iraq, who later went on a long chase through the marshland & wilderness of South Carolina to save her.

    At the onset, I did not realised that the movie was actually a promotional vehicle for the people behind those seemingly senseless head-banging & body-crushing wrestling tournaments on television. John Cena was one of those guys.

    Since I don't like to watch any of their televised wrestling matches, I got to see, at least in this action movie, a lot of his wrestling manoeuvres as he threw those robbers & some other bad guys who stood in his way.

    Acting-wise, John Cena was somewhat kayu (a colloquial term for 'wooden'), but he had quite a naturally likable disposition. He certainly reminds me of Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, the wrestling guy turned actor (e.g. 'The Scorpion King', 'Walking Tall', 'The Rundown', 'Doom', just to name a few), especially with the cheeky wink.

    Physically, John Cena was huge, but who cares, as long as he could fight & clobber the bad guys in the movie.

    I reckon the only actor who really stood out in the movie was Robert Patrick, who played the leader of the robbers. He had certainly put on a lot of weight, when compared to the first time I saw him in the second part of the Terminator trilogy, as model T1000. I also recall him as an FBI agent in the 'X-Files' television series.

    This movie actually reminds me of two two action movies I had watched before, namely, 'The Punisher', starring Thomas Jane as a DEA agent turned vigilante, Frank Castle, & 'The Mechanik', starring Dolph Lundgren as Nikolai Cherenko, an ex-operative from the Russian Special Forces.

    Together with 'The Marine', they shared one unique & yet common feature: It's all about the adventurous exploits of a one-man fighting &/or destruction machine!

    The second movie was actually a sequel to 'Transporter', also starring the same actor.

    Both 'Transporter' movies were apparently hemmed by the famous French action director, Luc Besson, famous for his action flicks, 'Taxi I to IV'.

    His other movie credits also included 'Nikita', 'The Professional', 'Kiss of the Dragon' (with Jet Li in starring role), 'Wasabi', 'Unleashed' (again with Jet Li in starring role) & 'Hitman' (which I had not yet watched);

    In both the 'Transporter' movies, Jason Statham played Frank Martin, a retired US Special Forces operative, now turned mercenary transporter of cargo & people, with no questions asked.

    In this particular one, he was unwittingly implicated in an engineered kidnap attempt of a young boy he was supposed to protect. The young boy was the son of a powerful US government official, involved in cross-border anti-narcotics policy making.

    The bad guys were the Colombian drug cartel, who had financed a team of rogues led by a real nut case, called Gianni, who had injected a deadly virus into our hero to force him to do all the dirty work.

    The rest of the movie centred on our hero fighting for his life, as he systematically tracked down & eventually neutralised all the bad guys, while also succeeding in getting the young boy out of harm's way. It was quite fun to watch our hero replicating some of Jackie Chan's signature fighting antics in the movie.

    I read that Jason Statham had some sort of martial arts background, which probably explained his physical prowess & agility, just like Jean Claude van Damme, in the fighting sequences.

    For me, the best action sequence in the movie was the segment, when our hero drove his beefed-up Audi up an incline to fly into the air, with an ingenious somersault manoeuvre to dislodge a time-bomb attached to the under portion of the car, with the timely aid of a large hook suspended from a harbour crane located nearby. Wow, that was really cool!

    Just like the first movie, there wasn't a dull moment in this one, as it was also beautifully choreographed with adrenalin-pumping action sequences throughout, from start to finish.

    Acting-wise, Jason Statham probably fared better than John Cena in my view. His many acting credits included 'Ghosts of Mars', 'The One' (with Jet Li), 'Italian Job', 'Cellular', 'Chaos', 'Crank' & latest 'Rogue Assassins' (with Jet Li, which I have yet to watch).

    The bottomline of my movie review: The two action movies, although seemingly no-brainers, have been real fun to watch, at least for me. If you like sheer action & pure entertainment, they won't disappoint you. Guaranteed!...more info
  • Trail of Bodies
    This film promised lots of action. It delivered. The numerous explosions made a great spectacle. Commercial director John Bonito helmed his first feature. He keeps the pacing going well. I had no clue who John Cena was, and wondered how he grabbed an action lead. After seeing the DVD extras of his wrestling career, I understand how he was cast and remembered him from channel surfing. His reactions are fairly wooden without many levels that we'd expect from a more experienced actor. But he gets an "A" for effort and completed many of his own stunts.

    Robert Patrick who was the bad guy in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and had a small part in Clint Eastwood's "Flags of Our Fathers" plays the bad guy Rome who engineers a bank heist. Patrick looks like he's smart enough to plan the caper, but has a screw loose enough to result in the chaos and trail of bodies.

    Kelly Carlson from "Nip & Tuck" and many appearances on "CSI" plays Kate Triton, the wife who gets abducted. The brief love scenes looked like both actors were having fun and convinced us of a romantic relationship, although there wasn't much more marital emotional depth beyond that. She looked great.

    Her female nemesis is played by Abigail Bianca who portrays the trigger happy gang moll with expertise. She excels at the action sequences. My favorite shot in the film is when she is flung through glass and diamonds are scattered, some of them red with blood.

    The very best performance in the film, however, is one of the gang members named Bennett. Creatively named, he is played by New Zealand actor Manu Bennett. He seems to be the one in the gang with intelligence and emotional realism. His fight scene with John Cena is excellent. I was sad to see him bite the dust.

    Overall, the film was about what I expected. Perhaps the acting wasn't quite as good as I'd anticipated. However, it picked me up in the action and carried me through swamps and explosions to the final frame. I enjoyed the DVD extra showing the film premiere at the military base with our fighting men and women. This is a good film for an evening's entertainment. Enjoy! ...more info
  • Action Packed Movie!
    This movie was the debut of wrestler John Cena. He is the many timed
    heavyweight champion of the WWE. He has proven to be entertaining as a wrestler. In this movie he saves the lives of some fellow marines in Iraq from some al-Quaidi terrorists. He is discharged for disobeying orders.
    He and his lovely wife Kate whos is played by Kelly Carlson decide to
    take a trip into the mountains. On their trip they drive into an altercation involving some dangerous jewel theives. His wife Kate is snatched and taken hostage. These jewel theives are led by a vicious
    villain played by Robert Patrick. He truly comes off as being evil. This
    kidnapping results in some nonstop action. Triton gets involved in high speed chases and many hand to hand situations. Triton even encounters crooked policemen. There are even explosions all during the chase scenes.
    Cena and John Patrick have a battle to the death to end the movie. There
    is also an exciting rescue scene. All in all this was a very entertaining movie....more info
  • We loved it!
    My family watched the movie and loved it. It was exactly what we were looking for.....John Cena action flick to escape reality for a little while. Can't wait til his new movie comes out in March....more info
  • OK
    so some of the effects were fake looking, but John Cena is hot. I loved the movie. ...more info
  • Maybe 2 1/2 stars.
    For Cena's first movie, it was okay. Lot's of explosives but I really wouldn't recommend the movie. Some okay jokes, and the story line was kind of weak. Typical ransom, give me back my wife type of movie. I recommend that you wait till the movie comes on television, and then decide if you want to buy it or not. ...more info
  • Marine Comedy
    This movie was not meant to be taken seriously....I think what they tried to do here is re-live the 80's action flick experience. If you watch this movie you are falsly lead to believe that you can be blown up and still survive, take a fire extinguisher to the face and get right back up, and can be shot at 100's of times and not take a hit. The dialouge is silly, however, the acting is pretty good. Sit back and enjoy/laugh....more info
    I never expected to be so thrilled and entertained by this almost tongue-in-cheek non-stop action thriller.
    Robert Patrick (The BAD Terminator, in Terminator 2) is perfect as a vicious killer, but still pokes fun at his own movie when one of his killer friends who is failing at getting "The Marine" off their back, comments: "This guy is worse than the Terminator!".
    The DVD and Blu-ray releases are crystal clear and fully color satutated. The spectacular stunts are supported by an incredibly potent DTS soundtrack....more info
  • Old-Fashioned Action Film That Needs a Better Director
    "The Marine" reminds me of the old-fashioned action films made in the 1980s like Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Commando." If you remember this film, our hero is a retired elite commando, single-handedly saves the kidnapped daughter, and kills all the bad guys. The story is incredible, I know, but fun nonetheless.

    In "The Marine" WWE's John Cena plays that hero John Triton, a marine discharged for disobeying the direct orders. The difference here is that the hero has to rescue his wife kidnapped by the diamond robbers and the gangs' leader is played by Robert Patrick. And watching "Commando" is more fun.

    Frankly I don't care the wooden acting of the cast and the predicable (and unrealistic) story as long as the film provides good actions. Actually I found John Cena is not that bad as critics say, and Kelly Carlson as his wife did a fine job. Also "The Marine" has one car chases with good stunt and one funny one-liner about Robert Patrick's career making role.

    But things start to look silly when these actions are drawn-out. There are scenes big explosions, but they only help lower the film's tension as the poorly-written storyline and choppy editing make it clear that none of these poses a danger to the protagonist who can easily survive and go to the next set-piece. Moreover, it's not exciting to see the baddies fighting among them more then once. It's not thrilling to watch them trudging through thick mud of the swamp, either.

    "The Marine" is an old-school action film that needs someone capable of handling the materials (themselves not bad) in a much better form....more info
  • made me ashamed to have served
    This is the first time that I've ever felt so compelled to write a review for a movie I thought was horrible. But this movie is that bad.

    I can't believe someone actually enjoyed this.

    The one liners, and that whole rock candy thing??? What was that all about? Was that supposed to be funny?

    Who wrote this anyway? He should be tried in a criminal court for waisting my money and my time.

    The acting was also some of the worst I've seen. I will never be able to watch Terminator 2 again.

    Oh, the explosions were impressive. Maybe if you took away everything but the explosions it wouldn't be too bad.

    Thanks. I feel a little "dumber" for having sat through the whole thing....more info
  • "I don't want to see any eye contact. I have severe intimacy issues...and a gun."
    Pro wrestler John Cena flexes his acting muscles and discovers that, alas, when it comes to cinema, he's a 98 pound sissy. Having said that, THE MARINE is not the most abysmal of B-movies. It doesn't pretend to be anything more than what it is: a modest actioner sponging off the quasi-hot commodity that is John Cena. I quite enjoyed the deliberate tongue-in-cheek, off-the-wall tone in some parts of the flick, which was a respite from all the uninspired swamp chasing and the mind-numbing, been there, done that heroics and explosions. Truth to tell, this picture is worth watching most for Robert Patrick's wiggy bad guy performance. Now this cat was having fun.

    The plot: Ex-sergeant John Triton (John Cena) may have been dishonorably discharged, but he still considers himself a marine at heart. Back in the civilian world, he becomes a rent-a-cop and, on his first day on the job, gets promptly sacked. As a consolation prize, he's talked into getting away from it all and ventures on a road trip with his beautiful wife Kate (Kelly Carlson). But this ends up being one of the most heinous of holidays ever as the Tritons bump into a gang of diamond thieves at a gas station, which then becomes the site of a shoot-out and results in Kate being kidnapped. What happens next is Triton channeling his inner marine, stolidly trekking thru the messy portions of South Carolina, and semper-fying the crap out of the hooligans and knuckleheads what done him wrong.

    Thespian newbie John Cena is earnest, I'll give him that, and must've graduated with honors from the School of Posing Heroically and Surviving Big Kabooms. No, Cena doesn't really distinguish himself from all the other would-be heir to Schwarzenegger's kingdom (the Rock, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham). In fact, he's not even as good as the action stars in the parentheses. If this was still the '90s, he'd be *ouch* Brian Bosworth. Now, maybe that last one's a bit too harsh. Cena is adequate, if torpid, in his first picture outing and even threatens to show niggling bits of potential. But, when one thug comments, "This guy's like the Terminator.", well, no, he's not. Think what you will about Ah-nuld's acting, part of his box office clout was due to his self-deprecating sense of humor. In future films (should there be any), Cena needs to loosen up a bit. Or a lot. Even Jason Bourne thinks this guy's too impassive. On the positive side, John Cena is ripped like crazy. Even his Adam's apple is cut.

    So just how much fun was Robert Patrick having in this flick? He steals all the scenes, along with the diamonds, and delivers his lines with such obvious relish. His quirky and amusing take on his role is what kept me watching up until the end, where, as one reviewer pointed out, Cena administered a very dubious brand of CPR. Kelly Carlson also makes a good showing as the not-quite-hapless hostage and all around hottie, although she could've grieved just a bit more for her hubbie when he's first assumed dead over a cliff. I'm always up for a girl on girl brawl, and Kelly has several with equally tasty bad girl (naughty girl?) Abigail Bianca. By the way, it says something about the charisma-challenged Cena that even the henchmen end up being more interesting. One gets the feeling that, when not pulling bank heists, this motley crew of crooks puts in some massive down time in deep therapy. For real, they've got issues.

    Action sequences and stunts? So-so. With both having a wrestling background, it's only natural, I guess, that Cena and the Rock are studied under the same light. But it's not even close as Cena hands down pales in that comparison. The Rock just seems to be more kinetic and just more...aware. He knows how to play to his movie audience. Cena is still learning the Hollywood ropes. And it doesn't serve him at all that his fight scenes are boringly choreographed and that the car chase and explosions are run-of-the-mill. Was there even a real sense of jeopardy at any point in the film?

    Two and a half stars for THE MARINE, with a special shout out going to Robert Patrick for his just-a-wee-bit-mental performance.
    ...more info
  • Who needs reality?
    Welcome to the world of The Marine where John Cena unconvincingly plays a discharged marine who's wife is kidnapped by a bunch of ignoble diamond thieves. Welcome to the world of The Marine where our "hero" escapes death by fire not once, not twice but three times! Welcome to the world of The Marine where a woman can come between a hairsbreadth of escaping the clutches of the bumbling idiots who hold her captive AND STILL GETS CAUGHT! Welcome to the world of The Marine where men take punches that would knock Suge Knight out(what, too soon?) Welcome to the world of The Marine where stereotypical black men run around saying cliches like yep, you guessed it,"why it always gotta be a brother?". Welcome to the world of The Marine where bad guys couldn't hit the broadside of a barnyard with semi-automatic weapons. Welcome to the world of The Marine where our "hero" can get shot at and not get hit. Welcome to the world of The Marine where monosyllabic hillbillies with an irrational fear of cops reside in the bayou. Welcome to the World of The Marine where a women can get submerged under water for seven minutes and STILL LIVE! Welcome the the world of The Marine where cheesy one-liners run wild and a distinguished actor like Robert Patrick is at his worst. You get the drift.
    The plot is weak, the action scenes are a joke and John Cena shouldn't be within a 3000 mile radius of a camera(he looks so constipated). This is the type of movie that The Last Action Hero made fun of. Ridiculous action scenes that defy all logic and the corny one-liners spouted in this movie makes the one-liners in Batman and Robin seem hip. Dont waste precious time on this movie. We're talking 92 minutes of pain and suffering. Your eyeballs will roll out of you head because you rolled your eyes so much at the sheer absurdity of this schlocky action flick. John Cena is right when he says that nobody cant see him. Nobody cant see him being a good actor after seeing unfunny action flick. Malibu's Most Unwanted should stick to wrestling. This is the worst WWE film ever made point blank period. ...more info
  • Cinematic History
    The first 15 minutes of this brilliant film are probably the best 15 minutes ever captured. The rest of the movie is dull and a bit annoying in an awesome action that doesn't make any sense with terrible acting sort of way. But those first 15 minutes I seriously watched twice because I was laughing so hard I cried the first time through. Watch this movie because it has by far and away the best opening scene any film could aspire to achieve. ...more info
  • Just a wanna be Rambo
    If you are looking for a movie with bad acting-cliche lines-and never gonna happen action sequences this is the movie for you! Otherwise, I wouldn't even waste a Netflix rental on it. ...more info
  • :0( BOOO!
    first the acting was so so so bad the movie, this is what i have to say ?
    but they get E for effort....more info
  • what a waste
    john cena has to be the worst actor in history, wiht corny quote and stare one after another, it just shows how fargone the world of film has become, i honestly cant belive how people can pay for this. not only is john cena annoying his acting is unbearable, its worse then wacthing george bush's innauguration...dont buy it, your waisting your money, its a joke, i honestly dont get how someone could watch him unless ypu think he attractive, which unless you like people who act what their not, then he's ur type john cena is the worst thing to happen to wrestling...more info
  • Non-stop action from beginning to end!
    I was skeptical of this movie featuring a WWE wrestler (WWE wrestlers are notoriously bad actors) and because the movie was produced by the WWE rather a than a major motion picture company. However I was wrong. The movie was full of action and special effects. John Cena did a respectable job acting. The theme and plot were very entertaining, not cheesey or bogus. If you like action movies such as "Arnold" movies or Rambo movies then you will very much enjoy this movie!...more info
  • Bad Movie By A Bad Wrestler
    Do not bother! Cena does not have the potential of the Rock or even Kane for that matter. They are just trying to make more money off of the uneducated wrestling fan!...more info
  • doesn't take itself seriously
    After seeing advertisements that made this film look extremely cool with serious hardcore action, I was hoping for a movie that would turn out to be pretty cool altogether. Unfortunately, there is way too much corny humor that fails to be funny, and hurts the seriousness of the film. While Robert Patrick usually portrays a decent villain (specifically in Terminator 2), his character fails to come off as a tough one, thanks to the corny lines and attempt at humor the script forces him to serve. The same goes for the rest of his gang in the film.

    The story doesn't get any simpler than the one in the Marine. If you are looking for a movie with some plot and story, this is definetly not it. Its so simple that the only reason the main charcaters - John Triton (John Cena) and his wife Kate become entangled with the bad guys is simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. John's wife is kidnapped about 1/3 of the way through the film, and the last 2/3 of the film is set looking for her and killing off the bad guys one by one.

    The Marine is basically action to the extreme, nothing more and nothing less. There are unbelievable amounts of explosions in this one, a really good car chase, and some great Cena fist-pounding one on one's. Cena even gets to fight Patrick in the end, which was a bit of a surprise, seeing that Patrick has obviously aged since his T2 days. The fight actually is pretty even, thanks to numerous items to be used as weapons at Patrick's disposal.

    As an action movie, its great for the action scenes, but everything else is below par. The villains are not impressive, and Cena is not used to what I think could be his fullest. There is no story and the corny humor basically ruins everything. The only funny line I found was when one of the guys says that Cena is like "The Terminator" in the presence of Robert Patrick. Turns out ot be less of a movie than I, and probably many were expecting....more info
  • Action Movie

    The Marine DVD

    It's interesting to see Vince McMahan and the WWE going into another form of "scripted entertainment", i.e., diversifying. Smart business move.

    This is in fact a terrific action/adventure movie in the mold of the Rambo or Schwarzenegger films (e.g. "Commando") or the Indiana Jones series. The violence is not accurate in depiction of results, but neither is it in any movie where female stars takes full-power strikes and come bouncing back. If reality counted in the movies, there would be no girl-star action movies.

    The violence is actually toned down in favor of action. For example, Sgt. Triton chooses to takes out two very tough villains in exciting brawls when he has a good fighting knife with him. Reality would have been different .... and much bloodier. Not much gore or blood in this picture, however, and you can safely take your pre-teen or teen son. Or yourself. My wife liked it, too, for that matter.

    Don't be surprised to see the knife on the market soon, ala Rambo.

    The acting was top-drawer within the context of the plot. I never heard of John Cena,so I can't be considered biased. Triton was seen first in front of his commanding officer, then interacting with his wife. He was supposed to be emotionally restrained with his commander, and strong but a little reflective with his wife. He was. Then The Marine had a mission. He had to complete it, not emote and burst into tears. After the adrenalin high wore off, he'd probably start shaking, but while things were going on, he didn't have time to be upset. Man, haven't the sweetie-boys who have panned his acting ever been in a fight? I never heard of the star,but he turned in a very believable good performance for the part. The excellent-looking wife did a fine job as well. No nudity in this movie. Unfortunately.

    In sum, a fine example of its type and highly recommended for all. It requires some suspension of belief, but most action movies do.

    Recommended for fans of John Cena, the WWE, and Arnold and Rambo for that matter.


    Gunner December, 2007
    ...more info
    John Cena - never heard of him -- but man, did he turn in a great performance.
    Silly humor, great action, [no one did handle that snake].
    A movie that will definitely stay on my shelf.

    And boy do I agree - the female characters that bounce back [especially from being back handed] yeah! right! dream on sucker!

    No barn-yard or [you know-what]illiterate language [that I remember]
    Great entertainment - great color - worth another watch.

    Definitely Recommended +++++++++...more info
  • An insult to marines
    As soon as this movie started and I saw "WWE" on my TV screen I said "This is gonna suck." And it didn't disappoint. This movie sucked! Bad! It was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. The story didn't make a lick of sense. You got these bad guys who kidnap a random woman whose husband turns out to be Rambo. The marine chases after these guys, killing them one by one. You'd think they'd just give him back his wife. She means nothing to them. Give her back and they can go on with their criminal business. But no. They hold on to her.

    The marine runs/jumps in slow motion away from explosions at least 4 times in this movie. This movie is filled with every single action movie clich¨¦ and it didn't thrill in the slightest. It wasn't even bad enough to be good. It was just bad. It stunk....more info
  • Lots of Explosions But Still Dull
    THE MARINE proves yet again that an action movie needs to have the focus on the hero and his motivation. When a film like this one has some truly outstanding fiery explosions to maintain a viewer's interest, that attention span will last only for as long as do the FX, and even with that there are diminishing returns. John Cena, the WWE wrestler, is John Triton, an ex-Marine discharged from the Corps only because he disobeyed orders to save the lives of three fellow marines. You would think his commanding officer would have understood. He takes a job as a security officer and gets fired immediately, again for just doing his job. The primary problem with THE MARINE is the expectation that one has in terms of why one sees this film. I choose to see action movies that have a hard to achieve balance between the exploits of the action star and the believability of the plot. Stallone had no problem doing that in any of his RAMBO films. Cena has a long way to go to find this happy medium.

    Robert Patrick is the Bad Guy. He mugs, makes unwelcome advances to Cena's wife, and generally conducts a criminal campaign on the fly. You know that an action film is off kilter when the Bad Guy by default becomes the focus of interest. Cena does little more than take beatings, give beatings, narrowly escape death in fiery car crashes, and scowl on cue. If Cena has a future in acting, that future is probably in the ring as a wrestler. ...more info