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Fearless Fourteen (Stephanie Plum, No. 14)
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Product Description

Personal vendettas, hidden treasure, and a monkey named Carl will send bounty hunter Stephanie Plum on her most explosive adventure yet.

The Crime: Armed robbery to the tune of nine million dollars

Dom Rizzi robbed a bank, stashed the money, and did the time. His family couldn’t be more proud. He always was the smart one.

The Cousin: Joe Morelli

Joe Morelli, Dom Rizzi, and Dom’s sister, Loretta, are cousins. Morelli is a cop, Rizzi robs banks, and Loretta is a single mother waiting tables at the firehouse. The all-American family.

The Complications: Murder, kidnapping, destruction of personal property, and acid reflux

Less than a week after Dom’s release from prison, Joe Morelli has shadowy figures breaking into his house and dying in his basement. He’s getting threatening messages, Loretta is kidnapped, and Dom is missing.

The Catastrophe: Moonman

Morelli hires Walter “Mooner” Dunphy, stoner and “inventor” turned crime fighter, to protect his house. Morelli can’t afford a lot on a cop’s salary, and Mooner will work for potatoes.

The Cupcake: Stephanie Plum

Stephanie and Morelli have a long-standing relationship that involves sex, affection, and driving each other nuts. She’s a bond enforcement agent with more luck than talent, and she’s involved in this bank-robbery-gone-bad disaster from day one.

The Crisis: A favor for Ranger

Security expert Carlos Manoso, street name Ranger, has a job for Stephanie that will involve night work. Morelli has his own ideas regarding Stephanie’s evening activities.

The Conclusion: Only the fearless should read Fourteen.

Thrills, chills, and incontinence may result.

Customer Reviews:

    All Evanovich's books are great, and this one is no different. I have read all of her books in this series, and she is always true to her characters. You get to know them, and feel like you're in their inner circle. They become your friends, and you're always interested in their next exploits.
    If you're a first time reader of the Stephanie Plum books, don't be intimidated by the number in the tittle. You can jump in with any book. You don't have to start with the first of the series. I didn't, but I loved the characters so much, I did get, and read, all the previous books of the series, and enjoyed all of them. Now, I sit waiting, for the next book to come out and order it immediately.
    I listen to her books while driving in the car, and her characters are my true companions while driving.
    If you want lite, interesting reading with a lot of laughs, and flash-backs of your 20's, you won't be disappointed with this book....more info
    This series is my absolute favorite "relax and read". Such great characters and always makes me laugh- perhaps after 14 there are just so many high expectations that fans get overly critical. Every person I recommend this just adores Stephanie Plum. Keep em coming Evanovich- but hey can you throw us a bone and get Stephanie to pick Ranger? ...more info
  • good up to the end
    As much as I love her books in the number series /her endings always seem rushed. She also needs some progress with Morelli and Ranger . They are my favorite charactars but how long can they just keep hanging on? Plum wll be 90 yrs old and still bouncing between the two...more info
  • Missing pages!
    The copy of the book I received was missing about 30 pages and a different 30 pages were repeated in the book! Not such a bargain!!!...more info
  • LOL
    I have been reading all the Stephanie Plum stories. There is just a wonderful comic relief that occasionally has me rolling on the floor....more info
  • Great buy!!
    I went to the bookstore to get this book--just didn't want to pay $30.00 for it. I checked Amazon. I got the book used but like new for $9. It was a great buy!!!...more info
    Fearless Fourteen (Stephanie Plum, No. 14)
    This series of books offers great adventure and fun lovin'. Janet Evanovich has given these characters great personalities and fun storylines. This review is by my wife. She has read every book in this series and loves them....more info
  • Call the ASPCA!
    Call the ASPCA! Rex is being neglected! Call Evanovich's publisher! So are we! I hated this book.
    I have been a loyal fan since book "One...", even have a hand written thank-you note from her after I wrote praising it, but I am Plum-done with the series now. I couln't wait for the end of this slipshod piece of work, but mercifully it came.
    I picked up JA Jance's "Edge of Evil" next and felt I had gone from reading a comic book to one for big people.
    Bye, Steph. Bye, Grandma. Bye, Lula. Bye, Morelli , Ranger and Rex. All three of you can come live with me anyday.
    Bye, Janet. ...more info
  • Best Stephanie Plum book thus far!
    I have read all your Stephanie Plum books, enjoyed them all, but Fearless Fourteen is your best so far. These books are so entertaining but with this one, I laughed all the way through it. Please keep writing books about Stephanie Plum and her wacky friends and family....more info
  • Done counting on this series
    Thank goodness I read a library copy so I didn't have to think about the money or trees wasted on this novel. I spent an entire day reading this book, hoping I could finish it before sundown so I wouldn't have to turn on another light. This was not exactly boring, but I found myself asking if it was worth the time invested as I progressed from one chapter to the next. At times, the pacing was almost average, but for the most part, it felt like I was crawling along stuck in Beltway traffic and I couldn't exit for another several miles. I could have moved into another lane, but I hoped I was missing something between the lines/lanes. No character was fully developed, even Gary who had a lot of potential, and I found myself annoyed because of disappointing characters and events. The only thing I learned about Morelli is that he has a MacBook and his password is saved enabling Stephanie to read his emails. Now that could be interesting, but she simply received information and printed it out. The escapades were neither exciting nor well-written and the emotions I felt were akin to listening to elevator music or looking at the wallpaper on the walls....more info
  • Entertaining Fluff
    I found this book a lot better than the last few in the series and I'm glad! I was starting to feel like she was using the same outline for each book and just filling it in with different characters. This one was laugh out loud funny which I missed in the last few (squirrel bombs anyone???). There was lots of Lula in this book and she's always a riot. I do wish there was more Ranger though! Once again, not much of a plot, but it's fluff so there's not supposed to be. Overall, very entertaining. ...more info
  • Always funny!!
    Although not as funny as some of Janet's earlier books, I laughed my butt off!! I am hoping to see more of Ranger in future books, I mean seriously, Morelli has GOT to go! At least for a while, Ranger is to hot to ignore forever! Definately a must read for anyone who hasn't tried this author yet!...more info
  • What happened?
    So ... did a ghost writer pen this novel? I could barely tell it was a Stephanie Plum story. Where's all the GREAT descriptions and the hilarious situational comedy? I usually laugh out loud at Ms. Evanovich's books, more than once, sometimes laughing til I cry.
    It appeared as though someone else broke into her house and wrote the story.

    And yes, although Morelli is "ok", sorry but I'm a Ranger fan. Why should Stephanie end up like her mother? Why should she turn out to be just some cop's wife in Trenton, taking care of a passel of kids? Obviously she's more than that. I disagree that Ranger is not a "keeper", that's silly. Any man is a keeper when the woman warrants it, inspires it ... and Stephanie does.

    But it looks like Ms. Evanovich has Morelli firmly in mind for her heroine, which I think is predictable and stale. I'll be thinking twice before buying Fifteen.

    Thanks for reading. ...more info
  • Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich
    As always Janet Evanovich gives you many opportunities to laugh out loud. Outragous characters and situations....more info
  • Fearless Fourteen
    I waited to get this installment of the Stephanie Plum series because I thought the last one was abysmal, so I was afraid this one wouldn't be any better, and I must admit that I liked it better than I thought I would. I still have my main criticism of her last couple of books, and that is that the characters Stephanie, Ranger, and Morelli don't evolve. Specifically the love triangle - she needs to make a choice. I don't know why they allow her to lead them around by the nose. That goes against everything we have ever known about Ranger and Morelli. At this point, I don't think she deserves to be with either of them. Hopefully this series will wrap with the next book.

    Brenda's side story was an interesting twist, and that brought some humor. Her character was over the top, but what do you expect from an aging diva? We also got to see a lighter side of Ranger with him in something other than his commando gear. Although he didn't play a huge role in this book, it was nice to get a glimpse of something a little different.

    Some old favorites provided many light moments. Mooner is always good for comic relief, and always has something priceless to say. One thing we really appreciate is that he stays the same. It is expected. Grandma Mazur was pretty much absent from this story, and I like her. It was a shame she wasn't used much in this book. She has had me crying in the past from laughing so hard....more info
  • Missing pages!
    The copy of the book I received was missing about 30 pages and a different 30 pages were repeated in the book! Not such a bargain!!!...more info
  • Foolish Fourteen
    I have read all of the Plum numbered series, and this was by far the silliest book Evanovich has ever written. The last few Plum books have been wearing thin, but this one was so ridiculous that I spent half of my reading time just rolling my eyes and giving irritated sighs. Lula conniving an engagement and then getting a pre-nuptial, Stephanie blowing off Ranger constantly when Morelli was about as interesting as a drugged turtle, Ranger barely being in the book, Grandma becoming a Gothic wizardry-gamer, these were all hard pills to swallow over the course of the book, but the part that pushed me over was the bounty hunter reality series with Brenda. It all just kept getting sillier and not in a funny way either. Due to the last few books in the series slipping downhill, I had the fortunate foresight to borrow this one from the library. Hopefully, the next one will be better, or I won't be reading anymore from this series. ...more info
  • Good Entry! Not Great, but it IS #14...
    I polished this one off in two days/ three sittings... It moves quicker than many of the previous entries, and I noticed the chapters are getting shorter. No Problemo/ This is still good stuff. Great? Not so much, but overall very entertaining. The usual suspects are back, along with a few new characters that only Evanovich could dream up. Is the series runing out of steam? Nope, although I thought that might be the case before finally reading this. It may be treading water, but for something fun and lightweight, I have no qualms with that.
    Keep churning 'em out, and I'll keep reading. That goes for the Plum series. The Motor Mouth ones, not so much......more info
  • Very disappointed
    Fearless Fourteen (Stephanie Plum, No. 14)
    I have read most of the Stephanie Plum books and enjoyed them immensely, finding myself laughing out loud at times. I had a difficult time even finishing this book as I was so bored. Story lines were foolish, character development was nonsensical. Big waste of time and money....more info
  • As Great As Ever!
    This latest book in the Plum series is great! I can't wait to get Plum Spooky. I laughed and laughed just like I always do with all the Plum books and Lorelei King is still the best reader for the series. She has the characters down to a t and just like I hear them when reading them. I love CJ Critt reading other things, but Lorelei is the master at the Plum series. If you haven't ever listened to the books please go back and listen to all the ones Lorelei has read and you will laugh even harder than reading them. This one is great and I can't wait for Finger Lickin' Fifteen! Yay..Evanovich and the Plum series! Keep up the great work! ...more info
  • Loved it!
    I actually loved this latest glimpse into the life of Stephanie Plum. It made me laugh out loud on several occassions! It was very comforting in that nothing changed in Stephanie's relationship dynamics -- I love Joe, Ranger, Grandma Mazur and Stephanie's mother just the way they are, and I am happy to get a chance to visit with them every time a new book comes out. The Lula characterization is over-the-top silly, but still I enjoyed reading about her. I think the Plum books are a fun distraction, and I am loking forward to number fifteen....more info
  • Fearless Fourteen
    Excellent book. It was nice to learn about Joe's family. It was nice that Ranger took a back seat in this book. Sometimes the conflict over the 2 men gets long. She needs to pick Joe and move on....more info
  • Fearless Fourteen
    I read this as my first Stephanie Plum book so I had no expectations. My sister had told me how funny the books were and I admit to laughing out loud. Then I order Vol. 1-13. After reading the others, I can see where this one might be a disappointment but I will optimistically pre-order 15. I can't wait!...more info
  • End of the road for me
    I couldn't even make it halfway through this book. I'm so sick of Stephanie Plum making the same mistakes over and over again. I feel like I've read this book six times already. If you're going to read Janet Evanovich I would not recommend reading her Plum Series....more info
  • Fearless Fourteen
    This #14 by Evanovich is not to be missed. It's a blast! Sometimes it takes me 3 or 4 times of reading to get to the next sentence, I'll be laughing so hard....more info
  • Loved it!!
    Great book and a lot of fun. The narrator on this series does an excellent job with the different characters (my favorite is Lula). I laughed out loud. I love this author and this series. (I see a lot of negative reviews - this book is meant to be light-hearted. It's not 'serious literature'. If that is what you are looking for - might not be for you. Otherwise, entertaining, well-written, good narration.) ...more info
  • Plum lovin it as usual
    another fun Stephanie Plum mystery with all her crazy friends, wild adventures, insane tactics, and a little bit of sizzle with that Morelli and Ranger! IF you read the others you HAVE to read this. If you haven't read the others--the plots are similar. You can still read it and know what's going on. ...more info