Boston Legal: Season Five
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 05/05/2009 Run time: 607 minutes Rating: Nr

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  • Lucky Last
    One of my favorite shows and will be missed. Resplendant with both subtle and not so subtle humour, and often wonderful performances from bit players. Another feature of BL was the scripts often made reference to current political events in an amusing fashion. Whilst the domestic political references were very American, the humour still works. ...more info
  • The End
    This is the premature end of a really great series. It was probably the best on TV since The West Wing. Like the WW it had a great cast, strong writers and great directing. The only real problem with Boston Legal globally was besides the 3 main characters, the continuous change in the secondary characters between all seasons. This led to the loss of mainly some great female characters that were indispensable. This was in line with Ally McBeal where characters disappeared between seasons without much explanation. This has been the main problem with the series since it has not permitted continuity. Otherwise the series has been perfect. The acting from Shatner, spade and Bergen is simply wonderful. The series does end in a slightly weird manner but weird episodes was a recurrent phenomenon in thie series as well as in Ally McBeal. All I can say is may they all live happey together but we will miss them....more info
  • Boston Legal - Pure Genius
    The genius that is David E Kelly and Boston Legal. There have been a handful of shows that I consider to be the very best of what television has to offer and Boston Legal is at the very top of the list.

    At the centre of the show is the relationship between Alan Shore and Denny Crane. These charachers have so richly been brought to life by the remarkable talents of James Spader and William Shatner.

    Who would have thought William Shatner of all people would go on to play one of the truly wonderful and eccentric characters on TV. You never know where the character is going to go, but you know you're in for one unbelieveable ride!

    He is equally matched and more so in my eyes by that of James Spader. He continues to amaze me as to how he delivers superlative performances episode after episode. It's just staggering to watch his talent at work and it has been an absolute plesure to watched him in all his Alan Shore glory. During the 5 year run, he was at the very best of his game and not many could truly match him in this regard.

    The relationship between the two is what makes the show truly great. Having watched the characters develop over the years, starting with "The Practice" has been pure joy and something that doesn't come along often.

    I have also enjoyed watching the other characters througout it's run. It's great to see Candice Bergen display her wonderful talents yet again on the small screen. She gets better as she gets older! Her first episode on the show, "Schmidt Happens" is still one of my favourites and the banter between Bergen and Spader is one to behold.

    Christian Clemenson and Tara Summers both deserve a special mention for both drawing out and making the characters of Jerry and Katie all their own. I could so easily watch both of them in their own spin-off!

    And finally, the show would not be what it is without the glorious writing talents of David E Kelly. I just marvel at the writing and without it, there would be no Boston Legal.

    As much as I hate to see the show disappear from the small screen so soon, it is better to get out on top and that is where it will always be!...more info
  • Thanks, it was a great ride!
    Thanks for a wonderful ride, David E. Kelley. Of all your wonderful shows "Boston Legal" has been my favorite. In fact this is my favorite show ever on TV. The combination of laugh out loud humor and topical issues was orchestrated like a beautiful symphony. Enough cannot be said about the writing and production values associated with this show...superb!

    But all of the great writing and slick presentation would have gone to waste without a very talented corps of actors. Mr. Kelley chose very wisely when he cast this show. James Spader WAS Alan Shore. I cannot think of another actor who would have been so right for this role. He needed to be slimy and smug and still be likeable with a good dose of charisma. Those long end of show closings would probably not have been written if it were not for the fact that Mr. Spader has an unbelievable memory for dialog. William Shatner was a total revelation as Denny Crane. He brought charisma and pathos to this very politically incorrect and crass character. The two leads together were the perfect combination. Their chemistry was off the charts. The love they spoke of for each other was palpable and we as an audience cared about them. This was not an easy thing to have happen considering neither character had the most endearing qualities. Candice Bergen was elegant and strong in her role of Shirley Schmidt. She was the perfect stabilizing character to keep Denny and Alan in check; or at least as much in check as anyone could at Crane, Poole & Schmidt. In the final season we also saw John Larroquette as Carl Sack, Christian Clemenson as Jerry Espenson and Tara Summers as Katie Lloyd. Each of these actors did a wonderful job creating people we cared about for this last season and for the previous season.

    The fifth and final season brought to a close the story of these fascinating litigators and the firm that employed them. The final 13 shows did much to tie together as many loose ends as possible and to bring all of these six main characters lives into a sort of balance. To my mind the show ended as it should have with the various marriages and couplings, but I would give my eye teeth to see what happens to each of these couples in the future. So, although it had an honest to goodness ending I still want there to be more of Alan and Denny on TV. I feel sure there won't be a third show for these wonderful characters and the actors who portrayed them, but I sure can hope!

    ...more info
  • Boston Legal
    This is defenetelly my favorit series of all. This is a fun series which hides an incredible deep look in to humanity, political views, and how the caracters, played with the most inteligent dialogs, resolve extreme situations. I recomend it for those who like fun with an enormos dose of inteligens....more info
  • All Good Things...
    This is the final season of Boston Legal, one of the most intelligent and funny shows ever to air. It will be sorely missed by those desiring tv shows with actual substance, but judging by the continued popularity of dreck such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars those people are few and far between.

    The fifth season is wonderful, albeit short. Aside from the slightly awkward "Thanksgiving" there is not a weak episode to be found. I highly recommend this and all other seasons of Boston Legal. ...more info
  • Great in season one - lost it by five with its political agenda
    My wife and I loved to sit and watch Boston Legal for its clever wit and story lines. We enjoyed the humor when it mocked all political parties and their members.

    I enjoyed the show so much that I bought seasons 1-3 on DVD. Sadly we became steadily uncomfortable by the left wing political messages that were being forced down our necks by season 4 and 5. The humor became very partisan with the right being touted as gun swinging religious zealots with mental impairment and the left as intelligent, caring and thoughtful human beings. There seemed to be nothing in between.

    The worst episode for me was on the eve of the presidential election when Denny admitted to voting for the Democrats, the whole episode was nothing more than an outrageous play to swing viewers votes firmly to the left.

    This show is supposed to be light hearted entertainment and should have been presented as such. But it actually became nothing more than a party political broadcast on behalf of the Democratic party. Actually it was less than that, it became a party political broadcast on behalf of the Democratic party disguised as entertainment. A subliminal parley to get your vote without you even realizing.

    I am pleased the series is now over, I would have not watched another episode.

    This is why I give this show one star.
    ...more info
  • What a finish!
    Boston Legal is a must see series. If you were a fan of Ally McBeal, you'll love this mature version. David E, Kelly scripts the conversations that this country is avoiding. Debate the issues fairly and openly. He reminds us how this is done. Hopefully this will lead us away from the eight years of Bush's "My way or the highway" and "If you don't agree with me on issues, I don't want to talk with you". Both sides of the issues are well argued. Very refreshing show to watch. Don't miss it....more info
  • excellent, so sorry it has to end.
    The best legal series ever.
    and funny...
    I do love Shatner's 'Denny Crane'....and David Kelley : He's The Man...
    ...more info
  • Previews Should Be Left Out
    We bought seasons 1 through 4 of Boston Legal and when season 5 came out, we added it to our collection. Seasons 1 through 4 had no trailers or ads for other programs or movies, however, season 5 contained trailers and ads for programs other than Boston Legal. We did not buy the season 5 series to see previews or ads for other programs or movies. It was wrong for these to be included....more info
  • Boston Legal Never Fails to Entertain!
    We were never able to watch Boston Legal on television because it was opposite a show we enjoyed very much. When I saw the series' DVDs on Amazon, I ordered them for my husband. We completed the first four seasons and enjoyed every minute of them. It was an amazing show! When Season Five came on the market, we purchased it as fast as possible. We haven't finished watching the entire season, but so far they live up to the first four seasons. Season Five is terrific and extremely entertaining. We're only sorry that the show has been cancelled! What a shame....more info
  • disappointing
    i have all 5 seasons and this last one had just a few laughs and was to political and a real disapointment...more info
  • Previews Should Be Left Out
    We bought seasons 1 through 4 of Boston Legal and when season 5 came out, we added it to our collection. Seasons 1 through 4 had no trailers or ads for other programs or movies, however, season 5 contained trailers and ads for programs other than Boston Legal. We did not buy the season 5 series to see previews or ads for other programs or movies. It was wrong for these to be included....more info
  • Time to go
    Enjoyed the first two seasons but then the writers began using the show to push every left wing agenda they could think of. If I want liberal political commentary then I'll watch MSNBC. Keep it out of a formerly good comedy/drama...more info
  • Boston Legal Season Five
    Maybe the best TV series of the last ten years. Certainly the best thing on television currently. I was deeply saddened that this was the end of Denny and Alan. They were trully unique characters....more info
  • James Spader Rocks on Boston Legal
    Boston Legal to me is the best TV series ever - witty, intelligent, sexy, informative, politically charged (even though I do not agree with most of DEK's liberal views)and best acted series. James Spader immortalized Alan Shore.

    The story line on the male bonding between Alan Shore (Spader) & Denny Crane (Shatner)is unique & brilliant. The writers touched on every possible scenario of a true bromance - their honest soul baring conversations, their intelligent repartes on issues, their being there for each other in the best & worst of times, their sleepovers and also their disagreements & arguments. My favorite scenes are always when Alan indulges Denny's crazy ideas but also when he 'chastises' him for his misdemeanors.

    I was so totally amused by a Special Feature in the Season 5 DVD called Denny's Daughter. In one scene, when Alan was trying to convince Denny he is right for his daughter - Denny's reply was a summation of how well Alan has bared his soul to him all throughout the series. At one point he said, 'but you are a pervert Alan'. And Shatner delivered that dialogue well - it came out serious but funny. Oh, I totally miss this show!...more info
  • What's Not to Love Amout BL Season 5?
    Boston Legal season 5 is excellent, just as season 4 was. I'm disappointed that the show ended, though. They shouldn't have ended it. Again, one can't help but feel close to the characters. I really liked Alan Shore... he may have questionable morals, but I understand him. His character is someone who I can identify with... so it is a pity to see this end.

    And the show hadn't started to do the downhill slide that all shows at some point, sooner or later, do. Maybe that was the right thing to do......more info
  • Boston Legal Season five
    Season 5, had the same good quality of all the other seasons. The story lines were current, the writing was excellentand they stayed within their characters. They set up the finally several episodes before hand and although they may have "jumped the shark" I think they pulled it off. It was a fine closure to a brillant series....more info
  • Season Five -- Liberals will love it.
    I am a big fan of the series, which I watched exclusively on DVD. Seasons 1-3 were simply great. Season 4 drifted into liberal politics. Season 5, which I just finished watching, was much different than the previous seasons. First, the chemistry was lost. It is still there but choppy and nowhere near as eloquent as earlier seasons. But, this season was completely dominated by a strong liberal agenda - even Denny couldn't vote Republican. When the groups tried to say a Thanksgiving prayer before dinner it never happened since it turned into a heated debate. Shirley, after defending a client tried to cut off the judge as she was ruling in an attempt to influence the judge to rule against her client's wishes since it did not meld with hers. Isn't the lawyer supposed to be a hired gun that is 100% for the client, not their own agenda? Her actions, though arguably moral were also grounds to get disbarred. They also tried to sue television since there is little to watch for those over 50 - this may be true but do we want to gov't deciding our programming in addition to the cars we must buy/drive?

    Here's the thing, if you are a fan of the show and missed this season on television as I did, then you must get this simply because you are fan. If you are a liberal and believe we are all victims, then you will love this season. If you have conservative values you will likely get offended more often than you will get enjoyment in this final season. This seasons is all about pushing liberal politics --- there is even a show where person gets fired for claiming to vote for McCain. And talk about bashing Sara Palin... I loved the first three years and I now wish I never watched the final season as is taints my memories of an otherwise first rate show. Almost every episode had me cringe and the final two hour episode was really an excuse to bash China. They should have ended it with Season 4, or even better Season 3 and left us wanting more
    ...more info
  • David Kellys best till date
    Boston Legal did start of to a spectacular start , and as all good law serials do did falter and loose grit in the middle, which a creator like David Kelly resolved quickly and closed the season to a grand finale. Yes fans would defnietly have liked to see a lot of more action and loose ends closed but when we have loved this serial for the last 4 seasons i am sure fans will have a worthy collection at their end and hopefully we will see a new idea and a new venture comming up from David Kelly...more info