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The Day the Earth Stood Still (3-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 04/07/2009 Run time: 104 minutes Rating: Pg13

Impressive special effects are the key selling point for this big-budget remake of Robert Wise's classic 1951 science fiction parable about an alien visitor who delivers a chilling ultimatum to the leaders of the world. Keanu Reeves, who seemed ideal at first blush but ultimately turns into another case of miscasting, steps in for Michael Rennie as intergalactic watchdog Klaatu, who with his robot Gort (now super-sized), promises global destruction unless the powers that be unless drastic measures are undertaken regarding the Earth's environmental issues (or so one assumes). Jennifer Connelly is largely wasted in the Patricia Neal role of scientist/single mom assigned to study Klaatu, who offers a somewhat chilly father figure to her son (a grating Jaden Smith). Connelly isn't the only fine actor in the cast left standing idle while director Scott Derrickson's effects team constructs eye-popping scenes of wholesale mayhem; Mad Men's Jon Hamm, Kathy Bates, John Cleese and Rob Knepper are all adrift in the aimless script by David Scarpa, which never even fully explains why Klaatu is so bent on blowing us to smithereens. That lack of focus, as well as the B-movie quality of the dialogue (say what you will about the effects in the Wise version, but the film was polished from top to bottom), all help to cement what science fiction fans have been muttering about the film since its inception; the original film needed no high-tech updating --Paul Gaita

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Customer Reviews:

  • Bit of a bad rap
    While I understand why people find this movie inferior to the 1951 original, I think it has been given a bit of a bad rap. Sure, the plot is as full of holes as a swiss cheese, but when I watch a sci-fi action movie I'm not really looking for deep analysis of the human condition. This movie gets right on with the action and doesn't stop till the end of the film. It's not a good script, but things happen and keep on happening. Don't watch it to elevate your mind or gain new insights; watch it to see some amazing special effects, good camera work and non-stop action. On those terms, it's a three-star movie....more info
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still [Both 1951 & 2008 Versions]
    Both have Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. I already had the 1951 Version Digitally Remastered in Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround Sound. The picture [of the 1951 Version that comes in this package] is just as sharp and the sound is terrific! To get the full effect of the 2008 Version requires that you are familar with the 1951 version. I still don't think that the 2008 Version is as good as the original but it is much better than most of the other reviews indicate. Even if you DON'T LIKE the 2008 Version, the $14.99 price for just the 1951 Version is more than worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I rented this movie because it has three actors that I am a fan of - Keanu Reeves, Kathy Bates, and John Cleese. They will have a hard time living this one down....more info
  • Boring!!!!
    This movie (the remake - not the 1951 version) dragged so much I could barely stay awake. Finally stopped watching -- this DVD is a garage sale candidate....more info
  • Film is warning about enviromental movement
    This movie is about aliens arriving to Earth and demanding inhabitants (us humans) to comply with their rules (live a primitive life without energy consumption). If humans do not obey they will wholesale executed and anything that remains of human civilization will be wiped off the face of Earth. And only primitive animals (like snakes) will be spared to start evolution of life on the Earth from the scratch.

    Does it this scenario reminds you something? Like German Nazis or Russian Communists? Except that Nazis and Communists did not wholesale execute human race. I do not want to discuss art aspect of movie or actor's performance. I am more interested in what is the message film tries to convey.

    George Orwell was a socialist who wrote "1984" - the warning about how socialist future would be like if Western European population allows certain group of evil people take absolute power.

    New version of "The day when Earth stood still" is the warning about future not unlike Orwell's 1984. I highly recommend you watch this movie to be aware what harm to Humanity can be done if Western civilization allows certain group of people with seemingly good intention to acquire absolute power.

    This film is the allegory. "Aliens" in this film depict real western Environmental Nazi movement and try to demonstrate what would happen if Environmental Nazis possess absolute power to the point that they can take actions that even such a powerful force as US military can do nothing about.

    So they say to UN, US Government and to ordinary people in all countries around the world - you have two options - you either change in the way we want you to change or you will undergo horrible death. So what would you expect to happen? Terrified woman (a.k.a. astro-biologist even though she does not look like one) who accompanied alien a.k.a. Environmental Nazi party emissary agrees to do anything ("Yes we will change, we change", - she is screaming) to satisfy him just to stay alive another day.

    I myself from Russia so I know from the first hand what are the consequences of good intentions with absolute power. My farther told me horror stories about people being arrested in their own apartments at night by secret police and tortured to death if they did not agree to change their behavior. But even if they agreed to change - they were sent to Gulag to die slowly. But at least they had the chance to survive until communist movement collapsed in the middle of 1950s when main culprit Josef Stalin died.

    George Orwell's novel "1984" still offers hope that you will not be killed immediately and the future may bring a change (as it did in USSR in real 1984). But in this film the whole human race is destined being instantaneously wiped out for non-obedience with no future and no chance.

    Still there is a glimmer of hope in the end of film. Dissident alien goes against the will of his party to save human race (at least temporarily) at last moment. But it comes with price - all energy is taken out - computers and etc are shut down what will ensure chaos and mutual conflict not unlike Mad Max world. But at least humanity has a chance to organize and fight against new despots in name of freedom. Freedom never dies and no despotic regime can fully suppress human's love for freedom, not even Environmental Nazis with their super-power and blind faith. There is always weak link in any totalitarian movement and it will be broken sooner or later, as it happen in Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, and in this film.

    And another glimmer of hope in this film - the alien spy who lived on Earth for 70 years became movement's detractor and was ready to die for freedom - not unlike former Soviet KGB agents who lived in the West and could not resist attraction and charm of freedom.

    But film is weak I have to say, that's why I gave it only one star. It lack true Orwellian power. But still recommend to rent and watch because there was nothing like that before....more info
  • Only blu ray disks that WON'T play on my system
    I've bought two blu ray disks of "The day the earth stood still" that will not work on my new Samsung blu ray machine. Contrary to other reviewers I actually liked the movie, but have been unable to watch it at home. All of my attempts to get it replaced by Sony have failed. All three of the disks in the package don't work, even after downloading and installing new firmware from Samsung. The data version for use on the computer also failed because somebody had already used the license for it. This is the only blu ray disks (out of twenty or so) that won't work....more info
  • Politially correct mishmash of garbage
    I'm a Keanu Reeves fan but he can't save this mess. Bad casting (Connolly is dreadful) and the p.c. preaching chases me away. I've walked out of a number of movies but dislike wasting the $$ so I see a lot fewer in the theatre. Gave up on this DVD before the end. Don't waste your $$; re-watch a Matrix movie instead.

    ...more info
  • Can't Hold Still for This! Fair Interpretation of a Classic!
    OK, listen to it.

    This movie should not be compared to the original 1951 version since much of its purpose and message is different. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    I don't think the negative reviews this film have been receiving are totally fair but at the same time there is much, much room for improvement. But dammit, the US Army made up a name for the robot and it's an acronym: G.O.R.T.! I could'a cried!! But I digress:

    1928 India, we see a human in a snow storm, assume the Himalayas. Hey, it's Klaatu. Or at least a man. And this guy gets a piece of himself sucked into the sphere.

    We jump to 2008 (present day, that is) and here comes the panic. Jennifer Connelly, terribly miscast, as Dr. Helen Benson, one of several scientists who find out that a space body is coming to the earth at incredible speed.

    Rather than impact the earth and turn it into powder, the sphere lands in Central Park. And just like in the original, the military over-reacts and shoots the alien (Reeves).

    The military throughout this film is hell bent on destruction.

    The US government is hell bent on keeping everything a secret and creating a cover-up.

    Helen's boy, the little brat played by Will Smith's son, is very, very bad. It is not made clear until near the end of the movie where this kid's hatred and insolence comes from. He is like a microcosm for the planet's woes, really. Or rather Mankind's attitudes.

    Kill, kill. No, let's make a dialogue. No. let's kill anyway. Must destroy.

    The specialists in the beginning are not played well into the film at all. In fact, they disappear completely. They were the voice of reason, then they were shut down in favor of military might.

    Good things:

    The escape from the military facility was good. Klaatu pours on the power, takes a guy's suit and makes his move.

    The metal termite invasion: Clouds of these things disintegrate all they touch, even humans.

    The spheres; taking with them what life remains.

    Bad: Gosh, where do I start?

    I have read critics' view of the film having an environmental message. Not totally true. Per Klaatu, there are only a handful of planets that support life. Man is killing this planet. It does not belong to Man, Man is the caretaker and he's doing a very poor job.

    In the original, Man was on the brink of nuclear holocaust. Frankly, with more countries having the atom bomb today than in 1951, that may still be the case, but I digress.

    Also in the film, we see riots in the streets and destruction. Man seems to be doing a pretty good job of wiping himself out without alien interference.

    Jacob, the kid, is such a prick. Hard to feel any sympathy for the guy.

    Self-sacrifice and the motivation to survive in the midst of destruction, these were attempted to be played up and they did fairly well in putting this point across.

    But Jennifer Connelly, sorry. "We can change, we can change!" Klaatu: "We've hoped you could."

    Why does the Secretary of Defense have so much power? Why does she refuse to let Klaatu speak before the U.N.?

    Interesting points:

    Alien spy among us, talks to Klaatu in Chinese at a McDonalds restaurant (wow, the commercial money for that must'a been great). Alien spy has lived among us for 70 years and though he knows we are a violent destructive race, he loves us and would rather die with us than return to space.

    This theme of self-destruction and rising from it was a fair point.

    Just, darn it, not done well enough. The ending fell flat for me.

    I felt the Earth was quite still at that point!

    Better to see:

    The Day the Earth Stood Still & Other Sf Classics
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
    Forbidden Planet (Two-Disc Special Edition)...more info
  • Last time I do unbox, This is A garbage service.
    I have had nothing but problems with this thing from the beginning. After not being able to uninstall it or upgrade it or watch my movies I gave up about a year ago. Today, after a long day of headaches and problems at work I thought I would do something easy...haha. I decided to rent this movie and watch it. I have since built a new computer so I had re download unbox, then rented it but hey, it doesn't show up. I can't see it in my library and have no way to actually watch the movie I paid 4 dollars in rent to watch. So, my headache is bigger and I am as fed up with the claims of unbox as it gets. I will never use UNBOX EVER AGAIN....more info
  • At Least the 1951 Version is Included
    THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL is a classic that never should have been re-made. This re-make bears very little resemblance to the original 1951 Robert Wise film. Going one step further, even if this film had no advertised links to the original it still would have been bad. The only redeeming feature in buying this DVD is that the original version of the film was included on disk 2. Granted that the special effects in the 2008 movie surpass anything that could be imagined in 1951, the original film has two things the new version will never have: a good story and credible acting. As such it is easy to forgive some of the dated faux pas of the original, such as the fast motion panicked crowd dispersing scene and visible wires assisting GORT in carrying actress Patricia Neal. The original GORT and the alien spacecraft are still cool by 21st century standards.

    Let us not forget that Robert Wise, later of THE SOUND OF MUSIC and STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE fame, directed the superb 1951 movie.

    What do we find in the 2008 version? For starters there is an indifferent Keanu Reeves, ala CONSTANTINE, in yet another sci-fi fantasy film. About the only thing Reeves has in common with the original Klaatu is that the actor's first name has matching first and last letters with that of the alien's name. I give the film credit for explaining the reason for Klaatu's human appearance based on a stolen DNA sample. This is something that was never explored in the original film. On the other hand there was no need to do so in the 1950s movie. Michael Rennie had a commanding presence. Rennie's Klaatu was open to all possibilities. Despite being shot twice and killed once Klaatu tried to save humanity.

    Reeves' Klaatu is indifferent to the human race. From beginning to very near the end, the new Klaatu is of the opinion that mankind is an infestation and must be wiped out. Toward the end of the film he inexplicably changes his mind, though his change of heart is not convincing, and spares the Earth.

    One significant difference between the two films is the very title of the movie. In the original film the title referred to the hour or so that all electricity and machinery abruptly halted as a harmless demonstration of alien power. In the concluding moments of the 2008 film technology is fried by a massive electro-magnetic pulse sent out to neutralize the trillions of nano-bot insects set loose to consume everything on the planet.

    Both films maintain unrealistic themes of how rudely an intergalactic visitor is treated on the planet. Remember that in the first film Klaatu is fired on, understandably so, when he walks toward the crowd and pulls a strange device from his spacesuit. Later Rennie's Klaatu is virtually imprisoned at the hospital while the military attempts to drill and torch their way into the dormant robot and saucer. Having witnessed the destructive power of GORT the military would more likely have cordoned off the area rather than risking additional retaliation. On the other hand the military and government's response to the uninvited visitor were results of 1950s Cold War paranoia. The feeling at the time was that if something or someone did not originate from America then it was not to be trusted. Reeves' Klaatu is similarly treated to a less than neighborly interrogation after he too is shot for extending a hand to one of the scientists. The military then has the nerve to cart off his robot.

    The most recent version takes on a Noah's Ark theme as smaller versions of Klaatu's spherical ship appear all over the globe and collect examples of wildlife. Clearly the alien plan is to destroy mankind and reseed the Earth with non humanoid wildlife. Ultimately Klaatu appears to have the final say with regard to the disposition of humanity. By the end of the film we cannot even be sure that he is acting against orders or not. As the credits role we only know that the world is now without working technology and that large swaths of the Earths surface have been scoured clean by the Nano-bots.

    I am glad I did not pay to see this film in the theater. The one thing that made this DVD worth buying was that after watching the 2008 re-make I immediately played the in the 1951 version. What really did in the 2008 film was that there were so many things about the original Robert Wise film that made it iconic. The music of the original was superb. The soundtrack was so good it reappeared throughout the 1960s in Irwin Allen television shows. As already mentioned, Klaatu's saucer is something that, from the outside, is still absolutely modern. The saucer and original GORT were even used as a backdrop for a 1970s Ringo Starr record album cover. Speaking of GORT, the CGI monster created for the 2008 film pales in comparison to the death ray beaming robot from 1951.

    I am sure die hard Keanu Reeves fans will adore the contemporary film. So be it. Everyone deserves a hero. In terms of the movie the only film deserving of the title is the original 1951 THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.
    ...more info
  • Late arrival
    Works well, but did not receive initial item. Waited 3 weeks, then called Amazon about the problem, to which they promptly issued me a new copy and sent it on its way....more info
  • It could have been so much more....
    This could have been a terrific movie if only the story had more to bite into. I found the final scenes - where all of the electricity goes out, were about the most profound. I've been a fan of Keanu Reeves but losing respect for his acting abilities. He plays pretty much the same character he always plays - serious, deep, all-knowing and unmoved. Surely he can do something more challenging with his career!...more info
  • Day the Earth Stood Still 2009
    I was disappointed. Remakes rarely do a good job.
    The new War of the Worlds is another examples.
    These are two of my old favorites, both ruined.
    ...more info
  • Eh........Just Eh
    Ok, my two cents, for what it's worth pretty much is an homage to the other poor people who sat through and have reviewed this film.

    This film is a relatively solid two star movie. It has some great saving graces (namely special effects), but not nearly enough to make this film "buy-worthy".

    As far a Keanu Reeves goes, his acting was, well, typical. He has always been a rather wooden actor. His talent comes from placing himself in movies with a strong enough cast that they carry his weaknesses and pull the movie along. Ironically, he is the best actor in the film, namely because of great casting. He is what you would expect an alien with little knowledge of human emotion to act. Jennifer was horrible. Melodramatic does not begin to describe the travesty she did with this film and Will Smith's kid was such a pain in the a$$ that I found myself praying the Earth WOULD be destroyed (oddly enough, it seems to be his demeanor in real life too so not much of a stretch in his acting department). Poor John Cleese. That man has been in some pretty bad films, but at least they were SUPPOSED to be bad. I hope he gets another role or two to wash this bad taste from the audience's mouth. Yes, this film's political correctness is about as blatant as a modern day school text book. The only thing they could have done more is to make Klaatu a "handi-capable" Chinese woman with GORT played by an Iranian. Of course they probably thought of this, but then scrapped it since they are technically the villains and God knows we can't piss off the Chinese and Iranians for portraying them as "villainous". I once read a book about screen-writing and it mentioned that a person should avoid making their script too "preachy". I wish the writer of this adaptation had read the same book.......or at least the production crew. The preachiness is about as obvious and in your face as, well, a giant orb in the middle of Central Park.

    In short this is a great film to show off your blu-ray player and hi-def tv, but not necessarily your taste in films. If you absolutely must see it, rent it. But I strongly urge against it. And for the record I have not seen the original, so no I am not an "Original Fan-boy". Although after reading some other reviews, they have to be right........there is no way the original could have been worse than this....more info
  • Bottom Line - One of the worst movies ever.
    Here's the deal. This movie blows. Keanu Reeves seems like the Shaun Alexander of movie stars. While he had a couple good, decent movies (Bill and Teds, then the first Matrix) his performance is predictably 'whoaaaaaaaaaaa'

    Snoozer of a film filled with greenie-weenie bs about the climate and how man sucks.

    If I could rate this LESS than 1 star, I would. ...more info
  • I don't Get It.
    This movie could have been so much better. I hate to say it but even when you know what it was about, it left you wondering what did you expect mankind to do when a apperantly hostile force invades Earth. I don't think the people of Earth saw the frist movie. It just left me wondering, are we that bad to our planet, excuse me his planet ?? I give it 2 Klaatus for nice effects....more info
  • Keanu finally plays an alien, irony!
    The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly is not great but it's not horrible either. The reviews for this film were pretty harsh and of course everyone is comparing this one to the original so it's hard to give an accurate criticism. I am not a fan of Jaden Smith, that kid just ruined this movie for me. Connelly is the only actor worth watching, her performance is honest and intriguing. The special effects are cool but the writing is somewhat contrived. It's a mixed bag for me....more info
  • A waste of time
    This remake came to theaters in December. Due to the plethora of bad reviews, there was no way I was going to pay a lot of money to see this in a theater.

    I rented and watched the DVD recently.

    I was prepared for a bad movie, but I hoped to be pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, it was worse than I thought it would be.

    It sucks big time. The pacing is slow, the characters are shallow, and the story is lame and sloppily written. I would go into more detail, but it pains me to even talk about it. There are several excellent reviews here that do just that.

    It's an hour and forty minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

    If you paid to see this in the theater, you have my sympathy....more info
  • By The End of the Movie, I Was Wanting The Aliens To Destroy The Earth
    At times The Day the Earth Stood Still is an interesting sci-fi, and at other times it's like shaving yourself with a cheese grater. The story is an after-thought at best, the action is few and far between, and the by the end I did not find myself attached to any of the characters, except for the fact that I liked the actors themselves i.e. Jon Hamm. But wait, SPOILER WARNING -- Jon Hamm dies for no particular reason -- SPOILERS ENDED!

    However, by far the worst element of the film is the sheer annoyingness of Kathy Bates and Jaden Smith's characters. These characters darn near ruined the film with their sheer unbelievability, irrationality, and especially in the case of the kid, the endless whining! URRGHHH! Keanu Reeves is good, but he's playing an emotionless character... Take that comment how you like.

    What do I blame this poor quality on? The lack of experience of the director/writer, whose only credits are The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Last Castle. WTH? The studio heads entrusted such a huge movie to a director with little prior experience, and no real foreseeable talent? The result is a movie that's best reduced down to the trailer, because the movie is mostly a time waster. Why does it get two stars? Gort's the best part of the movie, and pretty darn cool... Even though he sets the end of the world in motion...

    Did I also mention that the reason humanity apparently deserves this fate in the eyes of the aliens is because we didn't take care of the environment, and the only reason we're spared is based on the promise that we'll change? Yeah, it's pretty bad....more info
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
    This could have been a great remake. Everyone has pointed his or her finger at Keanu Reeves's acting as the failure of this film. Wrong! He is supposed to be an alien sent to Earth to do a last minute assessment. Kind of the old school thumbs up or down on exterminating life on earth. His blank face, calm demeanor and indifference to human beings despite his pretty boy looks were in my opinion on the mark. No his acting while not Oscar material was not the problem with this film.
    The original had all the basics this remake lacked. Solid plot, good character development, a natural pace, a great story that made sense and made you think. Hollywood ran the ads - Keanu's face in lights with cherry picked scenes splashing the message we all got. Hollywood was doing a first rate retell of this Sci-Fi classic. However, what we got was a cheaply made --- lets make a quick buck dog of a remake. The special effects were the cheesiest CG I have seen in any film with a mainstream budget. Even the original special effects were better. Don't blame Keanu for this dog. Blame the folks who neatly packaged this cheap excuse for a film in pursuit of a quick buck and cheated the public out of their hard earned paychecks. Worst of all they cheated the Sci-Fi groupies out of what should have been an incredible film. Lets all hope some one comes along and does justice to this iconic film with the remake it deserves.

    ...more info
  • What can anyone say?
    Why are there no negative stars?

    Makes you deeply yearn for a "colorized" version of the original.

    Hollywood propaganda to be for the choir....more info
  • Only redeeming feature...the original version is included.
    This movie is a crapfest of epic proportions. Wow, it is bad. The only good thing about this release is the inclusion of the original film. So watch the original version and forget the Keanu Reeves version was ever created. How sad, because I love Jennifer Connely. ...more info