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The Day the Earth Stood Still (Three-Disc Special Edition)
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 04/07/2009 Run time: 104 minutes Rating: Pg13

Impressive special effects are the key selling point for this big-budget remake of Robert Wise's classic 1951 science fiction parable about an alien visitor who delivers a chilling ultimatum to the leaders of the world. Keanu Reeves, who seemed ideal at first blush but ultimately turns into another case of miscasting, steps in for Michael Rennie as intergalactic watchdog Klaatu, who with his robot Gort (now super-sized), promises global destruction unless the powers that be unless drastic measures are undertaken regarding the Earth's environmental issues (or so one assumes). Jennifer Connelly is largely wasted in the Patricia Neal role of scientist/single mom assigned to study Klaatu, who offers a somewhat chilly father figure to her son (a grating Jaden Smith). Connelly isn't the only fine actor in the cast left standing idle while director Scott Derrickson's effects team constructs eye-popping scenes of wholesale mayhem; Mad Men's Jon Hamm, Kathy Bates, John Cleese and Rob Knepper are all adrift in the aimless script by David Scarpa, which never even fully explains why Klaatu is so bent on blowing us to smithereens. That lack of focus, as well as the B-movie quality of the dialogue (say what you will about the effects in the Wise version, but the film was polished from top to bottom), all help to cement what science fiction fans have been muttering about the film since its inception; the original film needed no high-tech updating --Paul Gaita

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Customer Reviews:

  • It could have been so much more....
    This could have been a terrific movie if only the story had more to bite into. I found the final scenes - where all of the electricity goes out, were about the most profound. I've been a fan of Keanu Reeves but losing respect for his acting abilities. He plays pretty much the same character he always plays - serious, deep, all-knowing and unmoved. Surely he can do something more challenging with his career!...more info
  • Only blu ray disks that WON'T play on my system
    I've bought two blu ray disks of "The day the earth stood still" that will not work on my new Samsung blu ray machine. Contrary to other reviewers I actually liked the movie, but have been unable to watch it at home. All of my attempts to get it replaced by Sony have failed. All three of the disks in the package don't work, even after downloading and installing new firmware from Samsung. The data version for use on the computer also failed because somebody had already used the license for it. This is the only blu ray disks (out of twenty or so) that won't work....more info
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still (2009) not quite as good as........
    the original with Rennie but an ok watch all the same. With the original movie the premise was a new concept that wove in and out of an era when nuclear decimation was a hot topic. This movie had the potential to be as good but did not focus enough time and resources on the movie's current hot topic of a potential over-dependence on technology and how that interacts with our current threats of terrorism and global violence that could easily spill out into the Universe if we perfected interstellar travel. In fact, the total loss of tech was thrown in at the end with little or no fan fare while focusing more on the pursuit of Klaatu and a bratty child rather than the reason that Klaatu and Gort came to Earth to begin with. While I don't need everything wrapped up in a pretty ribbon more focus on the potential impact of losing all technology and how the earth's population would cope with what would be a catastrophe of biblical proportions would have made the movie stronger and had a greater impact on the audience. What actually happened was people left the movie talking about Will Smith's son rather than the movie concept and what should have been a hot topic of conversation - the loss of all technology and how would we cope. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    A truly terrible movie. This movie had no plot, but merely showed a series of barely related events strung together. The protaganist decides to destroy humanity, but then he changes his mind after he has already set in motion the process of destruction. So he has to stop the process. But all that amounts to is that he has to get back to his spacecraft by driving through a checkpoint. Wow. Underwhelming.

    The casting was absurd -- Kathy Bates as the Secretary of Defense? Are you kidding me? So we get to look at her ugly and offensive personage in a role that she can obviously never fit. And the son of the woman was also miscast. So the viewer has to constantly contend with the miscastings while trying to suspend belief for the sake of trying to enjoy a story. This was a horribly disappointing movie for a fan of either science fiction or Keanu Reeves.
    ...more info
    What a disappointment!
    I love Sci-Fi movies, have them all just about, and I really wanted to like this movie but it was terribly BORING.
    The acting sucked, the storyline was boring, just didn't grab my attention at all.
    The only good thing I can say about this horror is the few special effects scenes towards the end were not bad, but overall it was a waste of money.
    Although I try to keep an open mind,I should have listened to the other reviews. ...more info
  • Boring!!!!
    This movie (the remake - not the 1951 version) dragged so much I could barely stay awake. Finally stopped watching -- this DVD is a garage sale candidate....more info
  • green as Gore
    They had to put a reference to the destruction of earth by man in order to be Green as Gore. How stupid people are to accept this rubbish about man made global warming and pollution from the industral revolution.
    The useful idiots of Marxism at work again.
    "Yuri Besmenov, YouTube video."...more info
  • Could we re-name this Movie?
    This is NOT a remake of the classic "The day the earth stood still".
    After watching it, I'm not sure what it is, but it's really bad as a story.
    I'm sure Al Gore put his 2 cents worth in- "kill the people to save the planet. . . ." I wouldn't watch this a second time, ever, and if you haven't seen it, don't waste your time even if someone offers it free....more info
  • Worst Movie Ever
    This is probably one of the top 100 worst movies of all time. Minimal plot and a horrible ending that leaves you wondering if you could have spent the hour and 40 minutes doing something else much more worth while, such as staring at a wall or counting the number of fibers in your carpet....more info
  • A Lesson Learned
    After looking forward to the remake of one of my favorite films, I was totally disappointed. However, I did learn a valuable lesson. Newer is not always better, sometimes a lot worse. This movie was wanting in every aspect. From special effects that weren't really needed, limited dialogue, poor casting, etc., etc. If you must see it, try the library and spend your cash on something else. On the positive side, a copy of the original movie is included....more info
  • A waste of time
    This remake came to theaters in December. Due to the plethora of bad reviews, there was no way I was going to pay a lot of money to see this in a theater.

    I rented and watched the DVD recently.

    I was prepared for a bad movie, but I hoped to be pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, it was worse than I thought it would be.

    It sucks big time. The pacing is slow, the characters are shallow, and the story is lame and sloppily written. I would go into more detail, but it pains me to even talk about it. There are several excellent reviews here that do just that.

    It's an hour and forty minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

    If you paid to see this in the theater, you have my sympathy....more info
  • WOW!!!
    I may be too "old school" and still prefer the original movie, but I purchased this movie, having never seen it, and I am glad I did!! Out of this world good!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Utter rubbish... (Spoiler alert)
    There have been more than enough reviews that outline the lame ecofreak plot to this movie, but what I haven't seen are commentaries on the sheer logical fallacies that are mind bending in the level of their disconnection from one moment to the next. Here are just a very few of the unending string...

    A mysterious object is hurtling towards earth, and is calculated to hit Manhattan, so the government gathers up the best scientists it can to figure out a way to divert this object that is due to hit in 70 some odd minutes and whisks them off to.... Manhattan, right where this object is due to hit.

    After lowering GORT, (the 50' tall masculine humanoid robot,) into a deep hole, (missile silo, I guess,) the attempt to drill into it, (for some reason,) is thwarted when it shatters a diamond drill bit. We're told that another attempt can't be made for days until the bit is "robotically" repaired. Alas, speed is of the essence after the Klaatu escapes, and so they send in a guy with... a handy spare diamond drill bit.

    The utterly dispassionate Klaatu, determined that mankind must be wiped off the earth, kills a cop who is threatening him with a pistol by crushing him between two cars, flinging one into another just by touching the first, then rushes over and using magic gel and his fantastic alien abilities, revives the cop to full health.

    Caught in the path of the raging metal super locusts that devour everything in their path, Klaatu hauls the lady scientist and her brat kid to safety under... a short four lane highway bridge. By his statement, he is apparently somehow able to keep the little buggers out of that area, but is unable to protect himself from attack in his final dash to his spaceship, (though they don't swarm under that little bridge to eat up the idiotic scientist and her brat kid after he's left them behind,) where his touch to the ship sends and EMP that shuts them all down, (as well as every machine on earth,) and he disappears.

    The movie was a non-stop string of things that just made no sense like these throughout.

    As near as I can tell, this screen play was written by a group of ecofreaks while totally roasted on pot because the story ran pretty much like trying to have a conversation with someone in that condition who thinks they're being "deep" in their philosophizing.

    Don't buy it, (unless you want the 1951 original and can't find it elsewhere,), don't rent it, don't purchase the PPV, but instead, if you truly can't live without seeing it, wait for it to come out on regular cable. Otherwise you'll be kicking yourself for wasting your money, no matter how little you might spend on it.

    On the plus side, you will burn calories with the extensive eye rolling you'll be doing throughout with all aspects, plot, acting, special effects, logical disconnects, music, etc....more info
  • Eligible for Worst Movie of all Time
    This is undoubtedly the worst remake of a movie in history. The original literally was a science fiction masterpiece but this one just did not have any redeeming features. whoever made this movie. Terrible, terrible...........more info
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
    The first movie was way better then this one.I have told friends not to buy
    it.I'll let watch my DVD.Save your dollars....more info
  • The day the Earth stood still
    Unfortunately for some lame reason I decided to purchase the new remake of The day the Earth stood still with Keana Reeves as the STAR? Hollywood could never possibly do a remake of a great Sci-fy classic if their life depended on it. Never I have I been as disgusted while trying to injest who was in this movie,where it was going,what sense this was making. I strongly urge or is that regurge,save your money and avoid this pitiful excuse of a movie? ...more info
  • Great concept that went downward
    I don't want to say this is a completely bad movie, because it is watchable. Jennifer Connolly and Kathy Bates are as great as they can be with what they're given. Keanu Reeves is...well Keanu Reeves, difficult to believe he's some kind of alien being that goes to Earth to assist in saving it by destroying man. Great concept as I don't think many find the human race worth saving these days. Man does a great job in assisting in the demise of Earth, that is apparent, and therefore the concept of this movie is an interesting one that the filmmakers did nothing with. Lousy plot and script that can't be taken seriously no matter how much special and visual effects are put into this, which is a hell of a lot. They should've focused on writing a killer script, and left the redundant overly used effects out of this, but too late....more info
  • Disappointing And Forgettable.
    It is a sequence of scenes, some have good CGI's, other do not. But it does not add up to a story, or a good movie. My consolation is that I only spend a single $1 rental fee.
    What a shame!

    ...more info
  • it's different but still good
    I am a great fan of the original movie, it was made a couple of years before I was born, and it was the movie that hooked me on science fiction. I've watched it at least 50 times over the years. I went to the second one thinking it could never be as good. They could never top the original. But I was nicely surprised that they tried to make it different in a way so it wasn't really in competition. Yes, the basic theme was the same, - alien comes to earth with a message to mankind to improve or else. However, I thought it has a bit of a twist on the original, with a different meaning of "the day the earth stood still" which I thought was cool. It still had impressive special effects. I heard complaints that Keanu Reeves did not get very emotional. Actually I thought he did a pretty good job of acting like an alien, he wasn't supposed to act just like an earthling. Overall I still thought it was a pretty good movie, and people just have to get over the fact that the film was not exactly the same, it WAS trying to be different. Which I think saved it. I only have one complaint, I wish we saw more of Clatuu and Gort....more info
  • What a politically correct jumble of a movie!
    I watched the newest version first and then the 1951 version right afterward. The 1951 version was so much better!! What a waste of film this was.
    ugh....more info
  • Keanu finally plays an alien, irony!
    The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly is not great but it's not horrible either. The reviews for this film were pretty harsh and of course everyone is comparing this one to the original so it's hard to give an accurate criticism. I am not a fan of Jaden Smith, that kid just ruined this movie for me. Connelly is the only actor worth watching, her performance is honest and intriguing. The special effects are cool but the writing is somewhat contrived. It's a mixed bag for me....more info
  • Gort is bigger and badder than ever.
    I don't care for remakes much, but I enjoy some science fantasy so had to check this out. I was pleasantly surprised, partly because I didn't expect the remake to be a copy of the original.

    I enjoyed both Reeves and Connelly's performances. I think a reviewer here asked why aliens are always speaking in such passive grammar. Perhaps because it is to make them look alien? Go the other way in behavior, grammar and inflection and all you get is Robin Williams playing Mork!

    Anyway, Jaden Smith played an interesting role that we don't really appreciate until later when we see the precipice the character arrives at. I thought the Secretary of Defense and Nobel professor characters were poorly written. Cardboard cutouts perhaps? Ham fisted bureaucrat and know-it-all egghead? I love Bates and Cleese and this was a disappointment.

    But there were some imaginative and some fun bits in this: the arrival of Klaatu in the lab at the beginning, the scene with James Hong, the aha moment when we see the purpose of the orbs (the Sec. of Def. spelling it out later almost ruined it though), the comment about the source of "intel" regarding the orbs.

    And Gort was... no other way to say it without spoilers... pretty cool.

    The movie has flaws, big logic/plot holes and the ending is too abrupt. I just think this has enough to make it fun. Whatever the intentions of author and director were, there is no way this comes off as thoughtful as the classic. But why does it have to?

    And I think they missed some other opportunities. For example I do not understand how they could not include a little theremin music - just as a fun homage to the original....more info
  • It leaves you wanting....
    Well, it wasn't your tipical Reeves's movie. I think it was missing a lot more action for his type of movies. I think he's going soft. I know it was a remake of an older version, yet, since they changed the sorry, might as well, change it completely and add more action to it....more info
  • The day political correctness destroyed a classic
    This movie was a remake that shares little with the original, except that both movies came in the same box. The alien (Klaatu, played by Reeves) has come to Earth to destroy humanity for not taking care of the planet. (Can you say eco-terrorism?) He is made to change his mind by seeing the black child and his white step mother (Connelly) cry when faced with death. Talk about political correctness- aside from the whole interracial family, the father died in the Gulf war, and the government was absurdly war like.

    The only thing that kept me from being totally disgusted was the fact that this movie came with the original classic in the same box.

    Bleh....more info
  • Very good movie!
    I noticed a lot of negative reviews but I'm going out on a limb to say that this movie was good. I've seen both the original version which came out in 1951 and the remake in 2008. Both were good. I'd honestly recommend buying both versions.

    The special effects. The robot in this movie looked 10x better than the original 1951 movie.

    When the inhabitants of Earth leared about the landing of the alien ship or orbs which contained an a humanoid and a robot, the way the panic and preparation was showed was very good. For example, mobilizing prominent scientists for expert assessment of the issue, the military preparation. That was a very good job reflecting how our planet as a whole would likely react if we ever were visited by aliens and in clear view.

    There were other positives as well but I'll just stop where I left off.

    The only negative I saw was that Klaatu (Keanu Reeves) did not play his part as good as the Klaatu (Michael Rennie) from the 1951 version. Keanu seemed a little too withdrawn like he really didn't step into his part 100%.

    Helen Benson (jennifer Connelly) step son was a bit too annoying. I found out that that was Jaden Smith, Will Smith son I believe. In the movie his name was Jacob but again, he could have played a lesser role or at least make him to where he's less annoying.

    Other than that, I'd rate this movie as being good....more info
  • Can't Hold Still for This! Fair Interpretation of a Classic!
    OK, listen to it.

    This movie should not be compared to the original 1951 version since much of its purpose and message is different. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    I don't think the negative reviews this film have been receiving are totally fair but at the same time there is much, much room for improvement. But dammit, the US Army made up a name for the robot and it's an acronym: G.O.R.T.! I could'a cried!! But I digress:

    1928 India, we see a human in a snow storm, assume the Himalayas. Hey, it's Klaatu. Or at least a man. And this guy gets a piece of himself sucked into the sphere.

    We jump to 2008 (present day, that is) and here comes the panic. Jennifer Connelly, terribly miscast, as Dr. Helen Benson, one of several scientists who find out that a space body is coming to the earth at incredible speed.

    Rather than impact the earth and turn it into powder, the sphere lands in Central Park. And just like in the original, the military over-reacts and shoots the alien (Reeves).

    The military throughout this film is hell bent on destruction.

    The US government is hell bent on keeping everything a secret and creating a cover-up.

    Helen's boy, the little brat played by Will Smith's son, is very, very bad. It is not made clear until near the end of the movie where this kid's hatred and insolence comes from. He is like a microcosm for the planet's woes, really. Or rather Mankind's attitudes.

    Kill, kill. No, let's make a dialogue. No. let's kill anyway. Must destroy.

    The specialists in the beginning are not played well into the film at all. In fact, they disappear completely. They were the voice of reason, then they were shut down in favor of military might.

    Good things:

    The escape from the military facility was good. Klaatu pours on the power, takes a guy's suit and makes his move.

    The metal termite invasion: Clouds of these things disintegrate all they touch, even humans.

    The spheres; taking with them what life remains.

    Bad: Gosh, where do I start?

    I have read critics' view of the film having an environmental message. Not totally true. Per Klaatu, there are only a handful of planets that support life. Man is killing this planet. It does not belong to Man, Man is the caretaker and he's doing a very poor job.

    In the original, Man was on the brink of nuclear holocaust. Frankly, with more countries having the atom bomb today than in 1951, that may still be the case, but I digress.

    Also in the film, we see riots in the streets and destruction. Man seems to be doing a pretty good job of wiping himself out without alien interference.

    Jacob, the kid, is such a prick. Hard to feel any sympathy for the guy.

    Self-sacrifice and the motivation to survive in the midst of destruction, these were attempted to be played up and they did fairly well in putting this point across.

    But Jennifer Connelly, sorry. "We can change, we can change!" Klaatu: "We've hoped you could."

    Why does the Secretary of Defense have so much power? Why does she refuse to let Klaatu speak before the U.N.?

    Interesting points:

    Alien spy among us, talks to Klaatu in Chinese at a McDonalds restaurant (wow, the commercial money for that must'a been great). Alien spy has lived among us for 70 years and though he knows we are a violent destructive race, he loves us and would rather die with us than return to space.

    This theme of self-destruction and rising from it was a fair point.

    Just, darn it, not done well enough. The ending fell flat for me.

    I felt the Earth was quite still at that point!

    Better to see:

    The Day the Earth Stood Still & Other Sf Classics
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
    Forbidden Planet (Two-Disc Special Edition)...more info
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
    Keanu Reeves' acting is wooden, the story is not nearly as coherent as the 50's original. I felt no sympathy for the characters or any sense that Klatu was on a benevolent mission. If it weren't for the inclusion of that excellent original, I would have considered this DVD a waste of my money. I recently saw 'Knowing' and found that one much more worthwhile....more info
  • Last time I do unbox, This is A garbage service.
    I have had nothing but problems with this thing from the beginning. After not being able to uninstall it or upgrade it or watch my movies I gave up about a year ago. Today, after a long day of headaches and problems at work I thought I would do something easy...haha. I decided to rent this movie and watch it. I have since built a new computer so I had re download unbox, then rented it but hey, it doesn't show up. I can't see it in my library and have no way to actually watch the movie I paid 4 dollars in rent to watch. So, my headache is bigger and I am as fed up with the claims of unbox as it gets. I will never use UNBOX EVER AGAIN....more info
  • I thought it was worth renting
    I never saw the original so I can't compare it to the original. I'm a fan of Sci-fi and doomsday scenarios so the concept of the movie appeals to me.
    It's true - Keanu's performance is familiar but at the same time I think it fits the character he's playing - so I had no problem with it.
    I went into it it with low expectations due to the reviews but I was pleasantly surprised.
    For me - the story was good and the performance/effects, adequate....more info
  • must see
    this is a great movie, with the EXTRAS. worth every penny.the bonus disk writes the mivie to a MO4 player, so you can watch on the GO. GREAT......more info
  • Reeves channels Serling
    After being a fan of the original, I was really looking forward to seeing how the re-make would turn out. And as I expected they should have left well enough alone. I had hoped to see more of Jon Hamm in this movie after seeing what he is capable of in Mad Men but he disappeared into the background. And Reeves... Lord. He is right up there with Jeff Goldblum in the category of actors who can't act but nonetheless get parts where they emote and recite their lines the same time and time again. He sounded to me like someone who was attempting to immitate Rod Serling's opening monologue from an episode of Twilight Zone. Aside from his acting and the bratty kid character the whole SAVE THE PLANET from the dreaded humans story line was insipid at best. How many more movies are we going to subjected to where humans are the culprits and villains? Get over this plot already. Maybe all the tree huggers out there will stand up and applaud these filmmakers and if it is their accolades they want, they are welcome to it....more info
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
    This could have been a great remake. Everyone has pointed his or her finger at Keanu Reeves's acting as the failure of this film. Wrong! He is supposed to be an alien sent to Earth to do a last minute assessment. Kind of the old school thumbs up or down on exterminating life on earth. His blank face, calm demeanor and indifference to human beings despite his pretty boy looks were in my opinion on the mark. No his acting while not Oscar material was not the problem with this film.
    The original had all the basics this remake lacked. Solid plot, good character development, a natural pace, a great story that made sense and made you think. Hollywood ran the ads - Keanu's face in lights with cherry picked scenes splashing the message we all got. Hollywood was doing a first rate retell of this Sci-Fi classic. However, what we got was a cheaply made --- lets make a quick buck dog of a remake. The special effects were the cheesiest CG I have seen in any film with a mainstream budget. Even the original special effects were better. Don't blame Keanu for this dog. Blame the folks who neatly packaged this cheap excuse for a film in pursuit of a quick buck and cheated the public out of their hard earned paychecks. Worst of all they cheated the Sci-Fi groupies out of what should have been an incredible film. Lets all hope some one comes along and does justice to this iconic film with the remake it deserves.

    ...more info
  • What Happened to the Last Act?
    I'm sorry to see that this remake took such a rating hit. While I am an avid fan of the original, I thought that the special effects in this production were, of course, superior given our current technology. I also thought that Keanu Reeves was the perfect choice for Klaatu. He was excellent as the alien observer. Sometimes he can be so androgynous which added to his appearing to be of the earth, of us and yet not. Alien!

    I was disappointed with the ending. They could have done so much more with the remake. Given us more of a picture of the intergalactic council and the worlds beyond.

    Also, the argument for the continued existence of humanity fell short. Had I been Klaatu, I would not have been convinced.

    It is mainly for this reason that I felt they ended the movie too soon. Ended it at the 2/3 mark. I enjoyed it as far as it went, it carried me right along until it fell flat in the last 20 minutes and left me wanting. It felt as if the director suddenly got tired of the project and said enough, let's end it here.

    For this reason I could only give it three stars....more info
  • Late arrival
    Works well, but did not receive initial item. Waited 3 weeks, then called Amazon about the problem, to which they promptly issued me a new copy and sent it on its way....more info
  • Politially correct mishmash of garbage
    I'm a Keanu Reeves fan but he can't save this mess. Bad casting (Connolly is dreadful) and the p.c. preaching chases me away. I've walked out of a number of movies but dislike wasting the $$ so I see a lot fewer in the theatre. Gave up on this DVD before the end. Don't waste your $$; re-watch a Matrix movie instead.

    ...more info
  • Not the best, or the worst, but definitely dark
    After so much disagreement I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. I was actually surprised by what this film IS and what it ISN'T.
    It is NOT a remake of the original film, it's not even trying to be. The original TDTESS was a Cold War paean to common sense and decency, at a time when people couldn't really understand what all the suspicions in the world were about.. WW2 was over, things were good.. weren't they? Except that 2 nations had nuclear weapons and it seemed at some point down the road a conflict might be in the offing. Klaatu brings to the world a warning that there is a price for bringing our violence out into the universe with us. It is a memorable film not only for it's message, but because it is a snapshot of a young culture with some dangerous notions searching for itself...
    This film is alot darker and unforgiving, the relationships are uncomfortable and strained, the scientists seem to have no better ideas of what to do than the military, panic and rioting are in full swing over the news of an invasion threat, ***SPOILER*** and the game is over because Klaatu has come to trigger the end of humanity, because we will destroy the Earth and larger concerns won't allow it.
    I was expecting a much more moralizing, political tone given the plot device, but found none... if anything, it was more romantically Old Testament in it's feeling of wrath coming down from "the heavens".
    In a nutshell, TDTESS'08 IS a snapshot of a more jaded commercial culture with alot more dangerous notions and alot more anxiety, that HAS found itself, but doesn't want to accept it...
    A word about product placements - If the character goes to McDonalds but doesn't eat anything, that's not a product placement, nor is a kid playing Warcraft, a person driving a Honda, a military PC screen with a Windows logo...
    It's a product placement when someone starts talking about how delicious McDonalds food is and eats something, when someone comments on the Honda's fuel efficiency, when the kid tells mom about about 15% off his Warcraft subscription, etc... anyway... just pointing out there was alot of negative commentary about product placements, and like the "green" message or Keanu Reeves "unemotional" performance, I found none of it offensive. And I love the original.
    It could be a worthwhile flick for fans of an older, more stately (and gothic) science fiction film, the people who like to go back and watch it one more time... it definitely looks and sounds terrific despite it's shortcomings, and the inclusion of the original film is a nice bonus. ...more info
  • Aliens came to earth...
    ...and brought us Keanu Reeves. We should have known right then there'd be trouble.

    Like all the other reviewers, I have to comment on the special effects of the movie. I thought they were pretty impressive, but strip them away and you aren't really left with anything.

    Keanu is his usual drab dry self. Nothing new there.

    The overall "save the world" theme becomes a bit preachy after awhile. There's even a cool scene where a trucker and his cab are consumed by the alien with huge smoke stacks in the background filling the air with pollution. I half expected to see Al Gore make a guest appearance.

    On top of this, we have a female protagonist with a stubborn black stepson (Jurassic Park II, anyone?) in tow, and she's supposed to convince Keanu to call it off. "We can change!"

    Lots of lose scenes tied together, probably due to poor editing. Lots of big special effects, as I already stated. And lots of let down. Skip this one and see the original instead....more info