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My Best Friend's Girl
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  • One star is one too many
    Well, I am not offended by vile language and chauvinism, but I am bored with it. At ninety minutes this film is two hours too long. Fortunately I walked away from it after about twenty minutes. I recommend others walk away from it before watching and see something else.

    Comedy is very difficult to do. The people who did this one tried hard, but it just does not work.
    ...more info
  • Funny and Clever
    You're going to either love this movie or hate it. I find Dane Cook's humor smart and creative, therefore I appreciate this movie. The premise is very funny and the dialogue is also fun and well thought out. Two thumbs up from me....more info
  • awesome movie
    My boyfriend and I saw this movie when it was in theatres and LOVED IT! We were both laughing the whole time, dane coook is great in this movie. It is pretty obscene, so certinly not recommended for kids, but i thought it was was a great date movie. Definatly worth the money and the xtra features on the DVD are pretty fun to watch too....more info
  • Funny Movie
    I for one thought this movie was funny, it kept me laughing and wanting to see more. i don't understand why people would just turn the movie off i mean might aswell give it a chance cause i do think it's a good movie. Far too many people judging this movie on Dane Cooks comedy..And for all the people offended by the movie all i say to them is: It's Dane in there go figure there's going to be crude humor involved.
    I would say great movie and i'm glad i saw it....more info
  • ?
    have not seen this film yet but heard it is funny.
    that said I find it sad when an obscene film is now a perfect 'date' film.
    that is its self says so much for why we are where we are in standards and morals...or lack of.......more info
  • Stupid and Dumb
    It is very seldom that Vesta and I don't finish a movie once we pop it into the DVD player as we've usually got a California Cab open between us and we're sitting in our recliners (boy how can you not love a recliner, we bought these by mistake thinking they were just chairs, but they're so much more, once you lay back in one, with a class of wine in your hand, you just don't wanna get up and we usually don't) and we were comfortable. But this movie was so bad, and I don't mean because it was crude, it was stupid, just plain stupid and I've seen the Sponge Bob movie all the way through, so I know stupid.

    We love Kate Hudson, Vesta and I, we love Alec Baldwin too, are great fans of 30 Rock (watch it on Hulu), but we got real sick real fast of this sick movie that I forced myself out of that recliner just as Kate was coming on the screen. Sorry Kate, you may have been good in this and we really like you and your mom too, but we couldn't take another second. We didn't even get to see Alec, was he funny? We'll never know. Jeez how does stuff like this get made?...more info
  • These actors together are too funny!
    I don't understand why this film got a 1/5 star review. It is a crude comedy with a love story twist. I laughed the entire time. I love Dane, Kate, and Jason. (Not a movie to watch with your kid's!)...more info
  • This movie was hilarious!!
    It was a really good romantic comedy; lots of laughs and even a lesson or two along the way. I was really surprised by the negative reviews for this film, professional critics taking themselves or the film too seriously perhaps??? ;-)...more info
  • This movie's not going to suck itself
    Whoa ho ho! Freakin raunchy, hilarious, offensive--just a great adult comedy. This was my favorite laugh-riot since SUPERBAD.

    Most of Dane Cook's movie's have been pretty abysmal. He comes through this time as the chauvanistic "closet romantic".
    He stars as Tank Turner, the dude that will go out with your ex-girlfriend and be a complete total prick. Theoretically make her realize how great she had it with her former partner. When he tries this technique with his best friend's girl, it backfires. He falls for her pretty hard (pun intended).

    Can't blame him when it's the hottie hot hot Kate Hudson. Tank has met his match, and this story is a prime example of how nice guys finish last.

    With all the derogatory insults and degrading acts toward women, this film won't appeal to many people. This does have a heartfelt message though. Plus it deals with friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, understanding--yes, it momentarily wavers torward chick flick material a tad, but not too much.

    It has plenty of profanity, some nudity, and plenty of great one-liners.
    Like this..."oh, she's a 2-bagger, you need a bag over her head, and yours in case one falls off". heh-heh, classic!
    Plenty of other crazy insults, definitely not a flick to watch with your kids.


    Just for comparison, I laughed more with this than STEP BROTHERS, ROLE MODELS, or ZACK & MIRI'S. That's just me though.
    ...more info
  • Nooooo~~~~~
    I should have known after only managing to watch half of Dane Cook's other superbly 'crude' movie "Good Luck Chuck" that this would be on the same level. I have an average tolerance for lewdness as I can stand to watch Sex and the City but this is probably on the level of a real bloke's lewdness. The vulgar language was also something to be grasped. May be all of that was part of the supposed charm of the movie but I was not convinced - all the comedic drama I can manage but the vulgarity of it all made me think - was that reaaaally necessary to the story? Not really. I had to 'chunk' the movie into manageable bits and watch a little bit at a time - as that was all I can manage - but I did survive the movie to finish it (unlike Good Luck Chuck...Bleh!!!) If you can manage to sift through all the vulgarity, there is a sweet story behind it all. Dane Cook plays a professional jerk who helps blokes get their girls back but ends up falling in love with one of'em. He also tries to do the right thing which was also a sweet touch. Kate Hudson is a force to be reckoned with as she is beautiful. But I think the terrible-ness of everything else kills the sweet story line. I must warn the ladies - this is NOT your conventional sweet romantic comedy. But I will say if you liked movies like "Good Luck Chuck" may be you'll enjoy this one. ...more info
  • Dane Cook's Best Role Yet, "Hitch" In Reverse!
    I didn't think Dane Cook could top "Good Luck Chuck," but I was wrong. This movie, he is an a-hole to give women dates of pure hell in order to make them realize that they made a huge mistake to leave their boyfriends, let alone date Cook. The points for me were the counting, or countdown of the worst moments of the date, especially the wedding scene. I say to you, if you like a-holes, or if this makes you think of a close friend or co-worker, get this movie!...more info
  • Scary...cause it's true...funny movie.
    Kate Hudson is certainly the highlight of this movie, along with the actress who plays her roomate. Dane Cook does a great job as "Tank" and you have "biggs" doing his typical character that you've seen in every film he's ever been in. The scary part of this romantic-comedy is how true to life it actually is and the fact a lot of guys who have horrible horrible luck with women for being these wonderful, respectful, nice guys that a woman would bring home to meet her parents can actually figure out from this movie why they have that kind of luck with women.

    Why do women always go for the jerk guys who don't give a crap about them and chase them and can't stand the nice guys. Yet women "say" they "really" want a nice, sweet, romantic, respectful guy. When they actually get one they lose interest faster than a Nascar Lap lol.

    That blend of cocky, funny and confident, jerk guy that women can't seem to get enough of. We've all known a guy like "Tank" and that's why the movie works so well. You gotta love the "mr right, but not right now" thing lol. The unrated version has a ton of stuff that wasn't in the theatrical release and some real "gems" in the deleted scenes, which probably should have stayed in like the extended ending. Kate Hudson is believable as Alexis and as a guy you can see why Tank totally falls for her.

    Alexis and her room mate are the highlight of this movie. I rented it and then bought it and don't regret it at all. Tank and Alexis's first date and her sisters wedding are the best part's of the whole movie....more info