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Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way
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Written with the same immense energy, wry humor and Hollywood skewering that filled the bestsellingIf Chins Could Kill, our hero gives his fans a follow-up they could not have expected-a laughout-loud novel starring (who else?) Bruce Campbell I n this autobiographical novel, the King of 'B' movie actors gives his legions of fans the inside view of his hilarious attempt to become an 'A' list actor-taking readers on a wild ride to nail the dream role. In this side-splitting send-up, Bruce imagines that he is cast in the big-budget film 'Let's Make Love,'where he plays a relationship guru/doorman opposite Richard Gere and Renee Zellwegger. Nervous that the star-studded cast will discover he's a grade below, Bruce embarks on a crash-course in method acting, regaling readers with stories of his exploits-including taking jobs as a wedding planner, private investigator, and Waldorf Astoria doorman. Along the way, he throws off tidbits of advice that his fans will find entertaining-but better not follow unless they want to stay single.

Customer Reviews:

  • Bruce Campbell Fans Looking For Fun Fiction
    If you're a fan of Bruce and his method of storytelling from his first book, "If Chins Could Kill...", then his fiction based on himself shouldn't disappoint. Sure it isn't really biographical like "Chins", but it is funny, and a good story of Hollywood fiction told from the experience of a working actor who knows what it's like. ...more info
  • as delightful as Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell--one of the hottest and funniest (but, I repeat myself) men on the planet--finally gets a starring role in an A movie (a romantic comedy). Bruce, in an attempt to do a good job as Foyl the doorman, researches every possible aspect of romance (from pick ups to divorce) and get into all sorts of witty Bruce Campbell-ventures. Slowly, things begin to go south as the film begins to slowly resemble a film where Bruce should feel at home. The book proves what we've all known for years, Bruce Campbell is god and should be a film legend. I mean, is a film legend. The book is just hilarious Bruce-Campbell-tastic! Grade: A...more info
  • good stuff
    Quite funny, easy to read, and to the point. I never imagined Richard Gere doing ninja kicks. thumbs up...more info
  • Laughed so hard, I scared the baby
    I spent the first few chapters of this book totally buying it, and then I spent the rest laughing so hard I could barely breathe. At first, I sighed over the invented movie central to the book's plot; now I'm sighing in the hope that *this book* could be made into a movie! It's a B-movie in book form, and I was in heaven. The last few chapters, especially, had me howling, filled with chases, fight scenes, and unbelievable but hysterical action.

    Thanks, Bruce. That's the best laugh I've had in a long time. More, please? ...more info
  • Very funny, and so silly
    This story is not a true tale, as was Bruce Campbell's first book, 'If Chins Could Kill,' rather, it tells a story that might happen, were Bruce to try to make an A-list film. Quirky highjinks and utter disasters occur as Bruce's B-movie 'curse' infests and destroys the whole production. Injected with a heavy dose of Campbell's off-beat humor, and helped along by a series of strange, definately photoshopped pictures, this book manages to be hilarious while, at the same time, nearly believable. This is a must for all Bruce Campbell fans, and those people who just want something entertainingly ridiculous to read on a plane....more info
  • groovy story
    Whoever complains that Mr. Campbell's new book is fiction instead of a "If Chins Could Kill Part Two" is missing the point. Mr. Campbell has made a living out of playing fictional characters in an industry that tries to make us believe that the fiction they sell us is reality. Who better to present a fictional moviemaking story than somebody that has been through real hollywood experiences that would compare or surpass the absurdity of the book's story. Whether you look at the book as a satire of hollywood and of the entertainment industry or simply as a wild zany story to fill your time while you're sitting in your lawn chair, screaming at the kids to be careful as they run through the sprinkler, waiting for your pizza to be delivered, let's just be thankful that Bruce Campbell is our coolest insider's guide to tinseltown... Groovy. ...more info
  • Why Bruce Why?
    Ugh. I wanted to like this book. I really did. I had high hopes for it after reading his thoroughly entertaining and interesting autobiography 'If Chins Could Kill.'

    Page after page after page was so cringe-worthy that after a hundred pages I realized I was still waiting for it to get good - to get funny - to get entertaining. Well, a hundred pages is my limit Bruce. I just dont have that kind of time to waste.

    Bottomline: There's barely a coherent storyline. The laughs are nonexistant. And the writing style is along the lines of a Curious George story. I graduated college (and highschool duh) so maybe I don't fall within Bruce's target demographic.

    This book is perfect for an 8th grader who reads at a 6th grade level....more info
  • Truly funny
    A mate of mine lend me "Make Love" as an audiobook and said I had to hear it. And so I did.

    It is fantastic. The storyline is quite simple and the writing style is, fast, witty, and self depracating. It's not prize winning grand litterature, but my, it is entertaining. I've been listening to it when walking, and have therefore many a time been starred at because I've been laughing out loud in the street (for no apparant reason to the casual observer).

    I hadn't read any reviews of "Make Love", so I didn't have any expectations before getting ahold of it. I knew of Bruce Campbell before, I've seen the "Evil Dead" trilogy and the "Spiderman" movies, so I guess I thought it'd be amuzing. But it is funny. Thigh slapping almost at times.

    I think it'd be 'helpful' to be aquainted with Bruce Campbell before reading this book, but not strictly necessary. It's simply just good fun.

    Highest possible recommendation. ...more info
  • Bruce Campbell's smile-maker...buckle up and hold on tight!
    Witty, playful, and throroughly entertaining. Will make you laugh out loud, be glad you're alive (and that you're not Bruce Campbell). After you've read this book, you'll find yourself smiling especially when others ask you about it. ...more info
  • Entertaining, but confused
    I'm a casual fan of Bruce Campbell, meaning I'll see Bubba Ho-tep or Evil Dead II to watch his performance but draw the line at Mindwarp. I had high hopes for this book after If Chins Could Kill, Campbell's fun, optimistic memoirs reflecting on his B-movie life, which is actually on my top ten list of all time (and yes, I have read more than ten books). I also liked Man With a Screaming Brain, which Campbell wrote; in its own twisted Z-grade way, it was a fine example of good storytelling. I hesitate to say that I was disappointed, but I'm afraid I can't hold his first novel in the same esteem as the other two.

    The premise, just to get us started, is simple: Bruce, by chance, is cast as the third lead in a big-budget mainstream comedy, opposite Richard Gere and Renee Zellwegger, and helmed by Mike Nicols (best known as director of The Graduate). This is, of course, a dream role; as Mike explains, "This is the kind of role the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor was created for." The rest of the book follows Bruce as he, determined not to blow his one shot at an A-list rating, travels from one zany location to the next, meeting a variety of experts to nail down various aspects of his charcter, Floyd, the sagacious doorman. Meanwhile, as filming progresses, Campbell's creative input gives birth to a "B-movie virus", the side effects of which include gratuitous fight scenes, revealing costumes on the leading lady, and stilted dialogue.

    The main flaw of the novel is that it never quite decides what it's trying to be. With the plot, Campbell could have made a smart Hollywood satire in the vein of The Player or even Sunset Boulevard, but in the book's final stage that element is only half-conceived. Overlapping this is a rant/essay format, wherein Bruce grinds the plot to a halt to pontificate on the craft of acting or the role of communication in a relationship. This works in the loose, disjointed form of autobiography, since it's basically a series of loosely connected stories, but when one is trying to craft a single coherent storyline, it really disperses the focus. Another layer is that of the cheesy B-movie, which interjects itself from time to time in the most (intentionally) ridiculous ways, such as a random carchase, a stint undercover in disguise, and a grand finale shootout. If Bruce had singled out one of these approaches to drive the plot, he probably could have gotten away with using the others to give the book tone. By trying to give equal screen time, as it were, to all of them, he doesn't really cover any one in a satisfactory manner.

    The other problem is that Bruce doesn't really make the transition from film to prose in the most graceful manner. Being funny in a movie or in a conversation is leagues away from being funny in a book. The dialogue and slapstick might have worked extraordinarily well onscreen, but aren't that effective transcribed, verbatim, into printed form. Bruce probably should have read Mark Twain, Douglas Adams, or even Christopher Moore to learn more about what sort of humor works in a novel and what doesn't.

    The best part of Make Love is probably the "graphic sarcasm" by Craig "Kif" Sanborn, which basically consists of funny pictures with sardonic captions reflecting whatever is going on in the story at that moment. Sad to say, I got more laughs out of these than in the text itself.

    I suppose I'm probably going to get bombarded with "not helpfuls" by defensive Campbell fans who can believe the man can do no wrong. I have a lot of respect for Bruce; I think he's one of the most talented and hardworking men in his field, and as a writer he at least has potential, if only he takes the time and care to develop it. I just think this one needed a few rewrites, that's all....more info
  • Great Book, Terrible Title
    Despite the title, this is a novel, not a how-to book. It purports to be the autobiographical adventures of Bruce Campbell, famous as a B-movie star. He is offered a major role in an A-list picture directed by Mike Nichols and starring Richard Gere and Renee Zellwegger. As things start falling to pieces on the set, he finds himself fighting not only for the role but for his professional reputation.

    This book gave me some good laughs and a sort of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas vibe, as if that book had been written by someone of a less excitable disposition than Hunter Thompson. Definitely not your run of the mill celebrity novel!...more info
  • Surest way to a cheap giggle.
    I love Bruce Campbell, no matter how horrible some of his movies are--he needs to keep making them. Or--books just like them, which is pretty much what this is. Its a B movie, in book format. Its a very fun read, great beach type, breezy page turner. I read the bulk of it in one day, the horrible photoshop renderings that are scattered on the pages keeping me very amused.

    He has been cast in a potential Oscar nod role in "Let's Make Love" with Richard Gere and Renee Zellwegger, Bruce wants very badly to move up in the acting world out of his Bolivian shooting schedule and need to do so many stunts. However, as the book/shooting of the 'film' continue his enthusiasim for the project seems to snowball everyone else around him into a B movie frenzie (this is all part of a pretty amusing part of the plot--but I shall say no more). Not only does the film turn into a B movie, but so does Bruce's life it appears, a car chase, a fist fight, many run ins with the law. All in all he keeps the narrative rolling, I was never bored while reading this. Only had a few problems with how it was edited ( a few of the graphics--actually tied in with the actual text and were misplaced by a few lines causing me to stumble a bit as I read, and a few typos that had me raising the old eyebrow)

    Essentially if you enjoy his movies, you will probably enjoy this book, if you like campy sort of silly fun this is a great book for you. Please don't read it expecting a book you can impress Harvard with though, this is not a dusty tome, treat it like the book it is and toss it in your duffle bag or beach bag and take it with you and enjoy it....more info
  • Let's Make Love
    I thoroughly enjoyed "Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way." This book was quite humorous and very engrossing. It was extremely difficult to put down since Bruce manages to get himself into all sorts of situations throughout the progression of the novel. I would recommend this book to any Bruce Campbell fan or anyone in search of an entertaining read....more info
  • Very funny, quick read
    This is very funny stuff. I intend to read "Chins" next, but stumbled upon this book first. The story is so over the top that it must be fiction, but how much exactly one never knows. How many people run into Colin Powell three times in one book? The dinner with Liz Taylor was charming, if somewhat stretching credibility. Overall the story, the approach, the wonderful graphics tossed in, make a great package. The internal design of the book was the oddest thing about it in that the margins were very small and the font was all sans serif. Who does that? Still, as distracting as that was, everything else was quite delightful. It's a very quick read. You'll enjoy it. If you got this far... hey, who reads 70+ reviews of a light comedy anyway? ...more info
  • I think some of you are nuts...
    First, let me get this off my chest- I haven't read IF CHINS COULD KILL. Sue me, I just never got around to it.

    I picked this book up on vacation last week and proceeded to laugh myself silly. In fact, I haven't laughed out loud reading a book so much since I last perused a P.G. Wodehouse paperback. Before that it was back in the eighties when I discovered Douglas Adams.

    Some of the enlightened folks that have written reviews say this book isn't funny. I say thee, NAY! This book is not only funny, it's "shoot milk from your nose" funny. The type of thing to make one incontinent on a hot day. Just the idea of Bruce and Richard Gere destroying, first Richard's apartment then Mike Nichols office is hilarious.

    Imagine Bruce (all 6' 1" of him) impersonating Bob Evans (all 5' 2" of him... Okay, maybe he's taller- I don't know). The idea is great. That he actually fools Evans old chum, Jack Nicholson, is extra funny.

    And a shakycam in a Mike Nichols film. Pshaw!

    My guess is that the folks that didn't find it hilarious don't know who some of these people are. There are lots of types of movie geeks, and not all of them know who Nichols, Evans, Tyrone Power and Zuckor are/were. That's okay, there isn't going to be a test. One of the things I loved about this book is that Bruce proves that he knows Hollywood- the history and the business. He may not have high regard for them but he doesn't need to plead ignorance.

    The graphics are ultra groovy too. Lots of great Hollywood gags.

    Now that I've finished MAKE LOVE, I'll check out his CHINS. If it really is even funnier than this book I know I'll be satisfied. As far as this book goes, it's aces!

    Gimme some sugar, baby....more info
  • Hilarious
    I read "Make Love!" cover to cover the day it arrived. I couldn't put it down. Every couple of pages was something that made me smile or laugh out loud. It's a great read! I recommend it for any Bruce Campbell fan or anyone looking for some light hearted entertainment....more info
  • A Most Entertaining Novel
    This novel by Bruce had me laughing out loud as I read it. Anyone who enjoys Bruce Campbell movies and who enjoyed reading "If Chins Could Kill" will love this book. While it is a fictional novel, there is a lot of the real Bruce in it. I recommend you read "If Chins Could Kill" first in order to better understand some references in "Make Love, The Bruce Campbell Way."...more info
  • Starts good, but just wanted it to end.
    I'm a huge Bruce fan, but I don't know how anyone can give this book a 5 star rating. It's just not very good. His other book, "Chins" was definitely a 5, but this one is far from that. The first 3rd of the book is good and kept my attention, but as the story progresses it just gets more and more absurd and, well, dumb. By the end I just wanted it to end so that I could continue with my life. Overall, it's not a bad book, but it's just not that great either....more info
  • What makes Ash run?
    An absurd, slapstick and self-deprecating fictional autobiographical account of the modern moviemaking process, this follows Bruce in his preparation for what's ultimately a bit part as a sagacious doorman in a prestigious romance film that quickly spirals out of control. It's hilarious to see how seriously Bruce takes his preparation for this part: he spends a day as a doorman...and ends up on the Terrorist Watch List after a mishap with Colin Powell's Secret Service retinue; he wrote his character's backstory as being southern, so he goes down to Richmond, Virginia to drink in the local color at a gentleman's club (i.e. not a strip joint)...and ends up getting challenged to a duel; his character is a matchmaker, so he goes to work for some wedding planners...and the redneck NASCAR stereotypes for the lucky couple and their families abound; he goes shopping for an appropriate midlife crisis car for Richard Gere's character...and the dealership blows up. At the same time, Bruce takes time to downplay his own image, such as how his whole ladies'-man image comes from the screenwriters and that he pretty much married the first woman who came onto him, that all the weapons training he received for his assorted roles didn't prepare him at all for dueling, and that Rat Pack swinger types who haven't gotten the message that Frank & Dino are long gone could've invested all of that time and effort spent on their techniques into other, more worthwhile hobbies and women would eventually find them. Plus there's a lot of hilarious pictures throughout it, such as joke movie posters based on whatever Bruce is commenting on at the time, an illustration of the difference between A- and B-movie actresses(...), and a lot of ancillary characters who bear a distinct resemblance to Bruce.

    Oh, and don't call him "Ash." He prefers "Foyl."...more info
  • A let down after Bruce's forst book was so great...
    This book is akin to really bad fanfic, with the author inserting himself into fictional events that just don't gel. I slogged through this snore fest for about a third of the way before I just gave up. It was NOT funny. Bruce's life, career, and his experience in the business are fascinating. He lampoons that in this book to poor effect. A serious let down....more info
  • Riff on Hollywood the B-Actor Way
    Bruce Campbell's novel is every bit as strange as the B pictures he's starred in. Indeed, this is kind of "Bubba Ho-tep Meets Norma Desmond." Campbell bite the hand that more or less feeds him as Campbell imagines himself encountering the A-list -- Mike Nichols, Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger, Elizabeth Taylor -- and turning their movie by increments into "Evil Dead 23." Although his prose sometimes cut corners, the episodes in this book are routinely hilarious, particularly in Campbell's repeated, unfortunate series of events involving Colin Powell. A real sleeper, complete with a chuckle-filled chase through the Paramount backlot. The illustrations are as funny as the book; what did Doug Coupland start?...more info
  • Awesome
    I got this for my brother in law for his birthday, if you are a fan then this book is for you....more info
  • Enjoyed it through and through
    This is just a delightfully absurd romp through Hollywood with our main man, Bruce Campbell. Mike Nichols is directing a new comedy starring Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger, and Bruce has been cast as a key supporting player. Unfortunately, dark forces are conspiring against him. Namely, Hollywood Producers, Sex Education Video directors, studio security guards, ecoterrorists, and of course, the United States Federal Government. I laughed pretty much the whole way through. Highly recommended....more info
  • A massive chin, tells a great story.
    Bruce Campbell is offically a author, sure he wrote a massive autobiography, but this is his first piece of fictional literature. After reading the back of the book, I knew I had to pick this one up. The story is so well written, at times I thought it actually happened. Bruce Campbell, while he may be unknown to most people, is a B-movie actor 1st, and a writer 2nd. He hasn't done anything memoriable in a long time, but this book was sure memoriable....more info
  • Bruce all the way...
    The story line is great. For the first portion of the book you wouldn't know it was fiction without a label, but it quickly spirals into the absurd making for tons of laughs in a fantastic story that could have happened in a parallel universe. Bruce's 'research' for his A movie role lands him in all kinds of situations including a reoccurring 'bump in' with the secretary of state. His portrayal of a relationship with Richard Gere is hysterical. Especially when Richard asks Bruce for advice on picking up women. Another highlight is Bruce's dinner with Liz Taylor where he interviews her about her many loves.
    I received the audio book version of this from my wish list on Amazon, unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available anymore. The audio version was amazing! I felt like I was in the scenes with the characters. It was created using different voices for each character and tons of sound effects, plus it was read by the author. I think it's the best audio book I have. ...more info
  • Great Fun
    First let me say that I loved If Chins Could Kill. This is not autobiographical, but is screamingly funny. Campbell has a nice twisted sense of humor, which means it's twisted funny but not humiliating to anyone - except maybe himself. Maybe he wasn't meant to be an actor - maybe he's really a writer in disguise. The title is bad though - I amost didn't read the book because it really was one of those how to get girls books....more info
  • Not As Fun In Fiction
    I am quite a fan of Bruce Campbell. He is one of those ubiquitous actors who turns up in supporting roles all over the place. In fact, he has made a name for himself as one of the great B movie actors. His last book, the autobiographical If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor, was a fun romp through the strange world of TV and movie-making by someone who isn't a star. So, when his new book came out, I decided to give it a try.

    In this novel, Mr. Campbell imagines himself getting a meaty role in an A picture directed by Mike Nichols and starring Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger. Much of the novel centers around Mr. Campbell trying to do an A-list job while not getting fired. However, as a carrier of the "B movie virus," Mr. Campbell infects his new picture and starts to drag down the sensibilities of his A-list cohorts. Along the way, he is able to poke a lot of fun at big Hollywood as well as himself.

    The problem with this book is that, as a novel, it simply doesn't pack the punch that his autobiography does. This book is in many ways as funny and ridiculous as If Chins Could Kill but with the knowledge that it didn't really happen it doesn't have the sublime hilarity of the earlier book....more info