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  • Tight direction, follows Ridley's formula
    Was definitely hesitant to buy this DVD. but got it since I'm a fan of Ridley Scott movies. And as it turns out it was a dark tension packed movie, I was pleasantly surprised. Little known, Mark Strong gave the best performance as Hani a corrupt head of Jordanian Intelligence. It appears most of low ratings were given by reviewers based on preconceptions before they watched the movie. Well thats too bad! Enjoy!...more info
  • Body of Lies
    Leonardo and Russell are, not suprisingly, stellar in this complex and believable film. A must watch.
    jimmy...more info
  • The eternal clash between pragmatism and theory!
    "Body of lies" is a powerful denounce, a realistic portrait between two agents. One of them (Di caprio) is assigned to infiltrate himself in order to get the location of a feared terrorist, the main chief of an organization disposed to punish and seek revenge against all of those who don't share the holy visions and doctrinal principles that support that distorted vision about the world; while the other one (Russell Crowe) is a bureaucratic agent whose avidness to get the minimum information is even able to screw up pacts and internal agreements established over the own battlefield.

    This growing lack of focus and clashes of approaches around what is priority and what is not, will lead them to an unavoidable breakthrough that eventually will collapse the main goal.

    These two visions (one from the same ground of the happenings and the other one based on theoretical principles) is nothing new. But it's a real pity the first-rate technology doesn't run parallel respect the multiple contradictions of the human behavior. This is the awful truth.

    Don't miss this rewarding and courageous film.
    ...more info
  • 4 stars
    Very well acted. Russell Crowe is fantastic. A great entertainment but as a statement on things it's pretty MOR... IE politically correct....more info
  • So-So Movie but Good Performances . . . Even from DiCaprio (I Know)!
    Like so many fine Americans, I once found Leonard DiCaprio pretty cringeworthy. He is one of dozens of manufactured stars in this Walmarty age, the result of a conspiracy between Hollywood agent and producer types to Manchurian Candidate us into unhealthy disregard for DiCaprio's straight-out-of-drama-club talent. Agonizingly, it worked on quite a few people, and the occasional fluke, such as his charming turn in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?", gave maddening rise to hope that he could, indeed, be the star we hallucinated he was. ("Leonardo DiCaprio is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most remarkable actor I've ever known in my life.") When he got shot in the face in "The Departed," though, I was torn -- I had been waiting to see such a moment with him (or Tom Cruise, or Will Smith, or the Jonas Brothers) most of my life, yet I could also see him now doing more than just showing up on set, babbling lines, and squinting. Could he, indeed, be a bonafide actor? Could I finally forgive him for "Titanic" and "The Man in the Iron Mask"? Well, I watched "Body of Lies" with optimism that DiCaprio might bring something worth two hours of my life to the screen. The good news is that he did. In fact, this is one of DiCaprio's better performances (which on one hand isn't saying much, but on the other suggests that after 30 or 40 films, he might finally be getting the hang of the acting thing). I wish I could say the same for Russell Crowe, a far more talented actor who seems relegated here to looking sinisterly paunchy, as though on an evil quest for his next breakfast burrito. It helps that he has an evil wardrobe courtesy of JCPenney. The problem with "Body of Lies" really isn't either actor, nor anyone else in a competent cast, but a script that wants to be John LeCarre when it's barely John Grisham -- mumbo-jumbo CIA dirty dealings in the Mideast. Ridley Scott, whose films frequently sacrifice narrative depth for what seem increasingly less impressive visuals, gets mileage out of a torture scene, but the rest of the film is like outtakes from "The Constant Gardener." It's worth checking out from the library, but plan on stretching viewings out over a couple of nights, as you will probably want to pause the film to attend to such urgencies as walking the dog or defrosting the refrigerator. One very bright spot is the stunning Golshifteh Farahani, who shines in every scene she is in and transports us back to a time when the movie industry looked for loveliness rather than marketability in female leads....more info
  • Solid, thought- provoking thriller!
    This is a solid thriller. I started watching it on a flight, expecting it to be the usual trashy, biased thriller full of stereotypes.

    In fact, it challenges many stereotypes. The remoteness of the ivory tower boss, the importance of the human factor in intelligence, the limitations of technology, the way common lives are ravaged, the importance of cultural sensitivity - the movie makes many points while holding your attention with slick (not over- the- top) action. It makes these points without heavy moralizing.

    What I specially liked was that it is mostly unpredictable. The Middle Eastern characters (Jordanian and Iranian) are very credible. ...more info
  • Widescreen Single Disc
    I saw this in theaters and bought the single disc. Beware: the single disc of this film has no special features. So if you're planning on buying it, it won't have a parred down version of the two disc features! It doesn't even have a special feature option on the menu, so you pay for the movie alone. Disappointed that the trailer wasn't even present....more info
    There are some good twists and suspenseful moments. Leonardo's acting is okay.
    There are also big logical holes. For example, Leonardo yelled and swore at the terrorist mastermind when he's going to be tortured. That won't happen in real life for sure.

    It's worth watching once.
    ...more info
  • Good Suspense Thriller
    "This Movie was really good I really enjoyed watching this Movie it was awesome and I didn't see this movie in Theaters and I don't go to the movie Theater much I mainly Just wait for the movies I want to see to come out on DVD and when they come out I buy them because it's a lot cheaper than going to the Theater to see them instead of paying $16.00 or more at a movie Theater I Just buy them but overall this movie is awesome and I liked it....more info
  • One of the best!
    Not only an current issue, it is a real excellent performance of DiCaprio, who performs in a mixture of "The Departed" and "Blood Diamond". Those who like "Syriana" and "Kingdom" will go for it because of the topic, those who liked DiCaprio in the movies mentioned above will be highly satisfied....more info
  • Leo Fan
    I was disappointed with this movie. It is not the quality of movie that I am used to seeing Leonardo Dicaprio in. It was kind of hard to follow. ...more info
  • 3 and 1/2 stars
    I was excited to see this simply because Ridley Scott makes movies I really, really like. Black Hawk Down is probably the greatest war action movie ever FOR ME, so expectations were high for this one. Scott always seems to combine plausible, well thought out and executed stories with great action and Body of Lies is right there, maybe a notch or two below his best stuff, but still very entertaining. The topical plot weaved an interesting story with twists and turns and was a believable slice of CIA operations in the middle east. I was at first a little put off by the sort of mini 'plots within plots' way DiCaprio's character went from one mission to the seemed a bit disappointing to know the entire movie wasn't about a singular blockbuster CIA plot/plan ,etc.. but everything does eventually tie in , sort of , to Jordanian intelligence bailing him out in the end. The action was not on par with Black Hawk Down (nothing is), but it's still exciting and suspenseful. Crowe and DiCaprio performed well, though I'm not sure if I fully bought DiCaprio as a hotshot CIA agent. Another winner for Scott, though not his best, definitely rentable....more info
  • Intense Leo.
    Enjoyable romp, if somewhat unbelieveable at times, hard to think the Jordanian secret service is more effective than the CIA, but may be it is! Russell Crowe is brilliant at the seedy off the wall CIA controller, Leo is a bit over the top and basically appears to be reprising his Blood Diamond role. ...more info
  • Excellent...
    I missed "Body of Lies" in theaters, but finally watched it on dvd!

    Excellent! DiCaprio and Crowe were excellent together in this CIA thriller! The movie is set in Jordan, where DiCaprio is the man on the ground, hunting a radical cleric.

    Leo DiCaprio was on top of his game as undercover CIA agent Roger Ferris, his roles are always believable and in my opinion he's one of the best actors making movies right now. His last several movies have been outstanding: "Blood Diamond" (06), "The Departed" (06) and "Catch Me If You Can" (02).

    Russell Crowe plays Ed Hoffman, DiCaprio's (Ferris) CIA eyes and ears in Langley, Virginia. The role seemed a little out of place for Crowe, but he played it really well. Love him or hate him, Russell Crowe has only made blockbusters since 2000 - "American Gangster" (07), "3:10 to Yuma" (07), "Cinderella Man" (05), "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" (03), "A Beautiful Mind" (01) and "Gladiator" (00).

    The movie moves along at a fast paced, is thrilling and has a few twists and turns.

    If you liked "The Kingdom", "Vantage Point" and / or "Charlie Wilson's War", you'll love "Body of Lies"~...more info
  • Gripping and Gritty Thrill Ride of US-Middle East Intrigue
    Body of Lies is a very strong title for this movie, however, you are trying to sift through the action to find out whom is lying to whom.

    We are taken to Iraq, Jordan, Dubai and elsewhere as we see DiCaprio, a CIA operative working for Russel Crowe who is operating from the US and is the head of Middle East operations. It is as if we are on the ground with the front line of offence and intelligence in the War on Terror.

    DiCaprio at one point asks a Muslim about his hatred for the Crusaders. What is poinant about that is that few movies and news stories use that word, which extremists use to stir up anger at the West. Where Scotts 'Blackhaw Down' focused on a battle and was more of macro view of a battle and a micro view of the fighters, Body of Lies is an even closer micro look from a day to day, individual level of what he sees as the War on Terror.

    Crowe has a southern twang, gained weight for this role and looks like he was having fun mocking an uncaring character. DiCaprio is very involved and you get the feeling he is in this work for all the right reasons.

    I really enjoyed the interplay between DiCaprio and the Jordanians and Crowe. I have visited Jordan in the past and they are very friendly towards Americans and America in general. However, there is a powerplay of sorts going on as the US attempts to find the mastermind and influence behind bombings in the West.

    Well worth the time to view and own. Get 'Body of Lies' for your DVD library....more info
  • A search for truth...
    "Body of Lies" is a tantalizing film, a microcosm of the war on terrorism anywhere, any time, to anyone. Leonardo DiCaprio is magnificent as Roger Ferris, CIA operative extraordinaire in the Middle East, in this case seeking the most dangerous leader of the most dangerous cell.

    The most revealing line is made by the head of the Jordanian secret police. Before he agrees to work with Ferris in locating this cell leader, he tells him: "Do not lie to me." So, at the still point of this film lies truth: What is it? Does it exist? Can a man's word be trusted?

    The viewer learns that the war on terrorism thwarts clear sight, black washes the brain, and adds chaos and confusion at every step. If there is a truth, it is ephemeral. Russell Crow, as head of operations situated at Langley thousands of miles away, adds to the confusion and chaos. Is his word good? Does he contribute to the Body of Lies?

    Director Ridley Scott's bottom line is that there can be no trust or truth in the war on terrorism. Methods used in pre-terrorist wars are not effective in the Middle East.

    Except in the age-old story of love. Ferris begins a lovely and honest relationship with a half-Iranian nurse, a modern woman steeped in traditional Islamic values. A fluent speaker of Arabic, Ferris can fit into the Middle East milieu. Much like Hemingway's Lt. Henry in A Farewell To Arms, Ferris finds a pocket of truth, of love amidst the chaos of war. This addition to the film is a stroke of genius by Scott to show that, even amidst the ugliness of clandestine, often cruel operations of war, life continues its natural flow. Even a ultimately hardened CIA operative can find the deepest and most tender of feelings during taut, adrenalin-fueled operations of the hunt for a major terrorist. This love story portends hope.

    The open ending, itself, is intentionally vague, meant, I think, to reflect the time and place, the result of a devastating and constantly changing, amorphous war.

    "Body of Lies" is highly recommended for its unflinching examination of the war on terrorism on Islamic grounds, for Islamic threat to bring the war to European and American soil, for revelation of torture apparently inherent in such war, and the horrific, negative effects on the souls of men, but in most cases, whose hearts are kept tender by love commitments. This last point is so subtle, it may pass by you if you don't look for it....more info
  • Watch it once
    I purchased this movie solely based on the previews I'd seen and two actors. I enjoy Russell and Leonardo in just about all their films. However, I didn't really care for this movie. I think my favorite character was Hani, played by Mark Strong. He fit this role perfectly. I was surprised at how many times Roger was `forgiven' for the doings of his boss. First he's told to leave Jordan, and then invited back. His would-be girlfriend is taken and he's tortured. There's a lot of action in this film and Russell's role is how I'd expect the boss in the states barking orders to the undercover guys. He spent most of this movie eating and watching his kids while barking orders. There wasn't one thing I didn't like and there wasn't one thing that made me want to see this movie again. It was ok....more info
  • worth the rental price for sure
    great movie, and great performances by Crowe, Leonardo and Jordanian head of intelligence. There were a few very predictable parts of the story line, but overall a great movie with lots of intense action and dialogue. I wish the ending hadn't been so hollywood, but still very entertaining and great to watch. ...more info
  • Can We Say "Stereotypes for Money" Again
    I was hoping for something interesting from Scott but what I got was a production by an assorted lot of actors, writers, producers and so forth that have probably spent their lives doing nothing more eventful than shopping the boutiques of Hollywood. And, enhanced by their other primary source for knowledge of the affairs of the world - newspapers, they have created another CIA/Middle East fantasy full of stereotypes. Specifically:
    (1.) A couple of cheaply done market street explosions; a couple of cheaply & boring car and foot chases with a few wild gun shots for effect; a couple of tortures or mock (pun?) tortures; desert scene and spy satellite images. That's the backdrop.
    (2.) CIA is typically ideological and dumb; terrorists are stereotypically ideological and slightly less dumb. However, CIA always wins in the end because they have one person who is smarter/tougher. Oh, and have better technology/weapons - simplistic. Dialogue - made up by writers who have no clue as to how conversations actually take place at that level. One smart CIA operative is always smarter than everyone above him and always at odds.
    (3.) Another rerun of every spy movie ever made. ...more info
  • Meh. Could Have Been Good, but Stumbles Badly
    The easiest way to summarize it is not smart enough to be Syrianna and the action didn't compare to The Kingdom.

    It sort of attempts to do both and comes up neither.

    That, and a muddled storyline don't help. I'm not sure what to make of it other than the so-what ideas that: a) there's plenty of jihadists that hate us and will kill us no matter what and b) we've done plenty throughout history to incite this kind of behavior. Not exactly a newsflash.

    What is also completely distracting is Crowe's first peformance ever where I didn't buy it. He's so completely superficial and they pound home the point that Leo's in the desert getting shot at while Crowe shuttles his kids to school plays, conducting war via cellphone. Not exactly subtle.

    DiCaprio is solid but hardly able to save this mess. Far more superior are the aforemetioned Syriana or The Kingdom, if you want to see DiCaprio in a political action thriller that does hit on all cylinders, try Blood Diamond....more info