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Limited edition 2CD includes extra CD of "dub" versions of the songs, specially produced and mixed by the acclaimed Xenomania.

Limited edition two CD version of the British Synth duo's 2009 album includes six bonus tracks. Yes is the 10th studio album by legendary Pet Shop Boys. Bestowed with the Outstanding Contribution to British Music Award at the 2009 Brit Awards, this is a timely reminder of the pair's subtle influence on British pop music. Featuring tracks produced by Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Sugababes), this is a wondrous and sumptuous record packed with enough surprises that will please fans and newcomers alike. Includes the single 'Love Etc.'.

Customer Reviews:

  • is good
    So i've always liked the PSB's, but they were never truly a favorite of mine and about 6 months ago, I rediscovered them and went back thru their catalog and was pleasantly surprised. I picked this up the same day Depeche Mode's new disc dropped as well, and I have to say that I can not stop listening to this album. From Love Etc, to The Way It Used to Be, they are all great. Did You See Me Coming?, More Than A Dream and Building A Wall are my favs though. I have to say too, that I am very surprised at how good this CD is. I was thinking that Depeche Mode was going to take my interest away from this but it has totally been the other way around. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Something Not Only to Hear, But Something to Listen to...
    Neil and Chris have kept me company for more than 20 years and this album continues to please. All of their lyrics are like poems and I like that when I listen to music. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • YES!! - The Boys are back, and in true form
    The Pet Shop Boys newest album "Yes" is amazing!!

    This is not going to be a very detailed review, so forgive me. But, if you liked the Pet Shop Boys back in the 80's and early 90's, then you're going to love this newest album "Yes". You know the sound, and you know the consistency of their lyrics, music, and messages throughout their songs from way back when. This album is all that and more.

    Just buy it, and enjoy it. It will take you back to a much better day, when music was just,

    Is it their best effort? Not really. But, it is very representative of what made the Pet Shop Boys so popular early in their career.

    I purchased the imported, bonus CD, and I highly recommend it as the additional song, as well as the dub remixes are fantastic, and I normally don't care for dub versions.

    In addition, make sure to purchase the "Love, Etc..." regular version single. It has 2 songs on it that aren't on any of the different versions of the "Yes" album. Both of these newer songs on the sinlge are superb....more info
  • Buy this CD! The PSB are back in prime form!
    After a couple of Pet Shop Boys albums in which I liked a song or two, this new CD brings them back to what they do best -- catchy tunes, witty lyrics, great beats and arrangements, tales of love and heartache. It's just a wonderful CD chock full of great songs. My enthusiasm for this album is almost giddy...I'm playing it over and over again from start to finish (something I haven't done for a new album since I can remember). Thank you Pet Shop Boys -- well done!...more info
  • Yes!!!
    Yes! They did it! Quintessential Pet Shop Boys in 2009. Very high quality album with everything a Pet Shop Boys fan may wish for. My favorite is "The way it used to be" - a really beautiful song, reminded me a little bit of nostalgic "Dreaming of the Queen" and "King's Cross" but with more beat. Definitely worth the money! ...more info
  • pet shop boys- yes
    The remixes are very nice. I like the '80's feel to the remixes. It is definitely worth purchasing. ...more info
  • Amazing (as always)!
    This is exactly what fans expect from PSB: a very solid album that you can listen to over and over again! Many are making a comparison to "Very" (which is by far one of my favorite PSB albums) and I feel that that comparison is not very far off. Thanks for all of the wonderful songs over the many years, Boys, and these are definitely no exception! :)

    Also, buy the Limited Edition version if you can, the second disc is well worth the [slightly] extra cost. ...more info
  • Wow, just WOW
    I have all of their albums.
    This becomes my first instinctly.
    My previous was 'Very'.
    This one is uncomparable to any of their previous works.
    I know they never stopped improving their sound, but this one was a real surprise.

    My best is 'Love etc' and 'King of Rome' and 'Pandemonium'.
    Oh, no.
    Actually all of the singles in this album.

    Not even one song is useless!!!!...more info
  • Best cd since Nightlife
    Astounding new sounds from PSB. Usually I need to listen to a new cd at least two or three times before I can make a determination whether it is to my liking. Upon my first listen of YES I knew that it would be a cd I would listen to over and over again. It immediately became my favorite cd of the year....more info
  • Pet Shop Men: still FAB, with a little bit o' flab
    This latest album of Pet Shop Boys, which, like all the others, I bought with the greatest of expectations, is typical of their more recent collections: a few delicious gems in the midst of some cuts that are usually interesting in some way, but faintly tedious. Their last record found them sounding unnerved by the state of the world,but boasted the gorgeous track "Luna Park." This one has "All Over the World" and the undeniably catchy "Love etc." Unlike some other fans, I don't like my "boys" too cheery, frankly, as in "pop-cheery," for many other bands can do that.The cuts sound good, just overly familiar. I love it when they surprise me with wry lyrics, big dramatic chord changes,and a sort of Broadway-goes-disco sensibility.I don't mind political themes, long as the music moves me.This review is an initial reaction only.As many Pet Shop Boys fans may already know, their songs have a tendency to delightfully morph with repeated listenings so far all I know I may yet fall in love with a few more cuts on this album. Certainly "Vulnerable" is a candidate. These guys are always worth it;I don't think twice about buying whatever they put out, including their so called B sides, which are sometimes incredible and too numerous to mention here. ...more info
  • pet shop boys yes is poppy fun
    The Pet Shop Boys newest album is fun,bubbly and harmonically catchy.This actually kinda sounds like Al Stewart sped up about 50 mph.I have listened to these guys growing up in the eighties and forgot what they sounded like.Great to have you guys back! Hey Spandau Ballet where are you?...more info
  • intelligent electronic music
    an immensely joyous, upbeat and intelligent work of electronic pop music that consistently satisfies. Like Depeche Mode, they have managed to keep the juices flowing and are able to continually and effectively craft songs with soul and real energy.

    Electronic music is alive and well and is exemplified by albums such as this: ones that bring out so much humanity and substance with an entertaining beat.

    May the boys keep putting out these neural jubilees....more info
  • Yes I love it
    This album speaks to the heart and is melodious, complex, and meaningful. Some of the songs grow on you on further listening, others strike as amazing and touch you from the very first listen. My favorites so far - "Love etc.", "The way it used to be", "King of Rome".
    The album has a distinct feel to it and each song is somehow in harmony with the whole.

    What a pleasant surprise. Thank you Pet Shop Boys for producing another great album....more info
  • Where have they been?
    Got the album today on special order at my local HMV in Montreal, after discovering the domestic instore release of it in Quebec & probably most of Canada too, has been delayed twice. No word as to when the stores will actually have it. My CD is the glossy black limited edition digipak, which was made in Holland.

    The album is beautiful, sexy and is exactly what I was expecting. "Release" and "Fundamental" didn't work well with my likes, although, at times, there were some good moments. Where have these guys been? I'm glad they're back with a new album instead of remixing & re-releasing old stuff. Am I right?

    The fresh new sound, mixed with many remnants of their fabulous orchestral arrangements, sexy, sweeping & rolling presented in a brilliant double album. What a treat! "Yes, etc" is definitely NOT a waste of money. Neil's voice is crystal clear and he sounds good as ever.
    Chris Lowe's keyboard & programming is and always be outstanding. This album is definitely an Essential gem & addition to your PSB collection, hands down. Glad to know Johnny Marr is back with them, on guitars. Goes to show how excellent work can be created when collaborating with the right minds.

    Sound quality is excellent and the Xenomania remixes are perfect. I'm familiar with some of Xenomania's work when they remixed Sarah Brightman's "Who Wants To Live Forever". Of course, since then, his remixing has progressed, and it's a real treat to see how well PSB's sexy sound has been integrated into his remixing brilliance.

    As for the packaging....well, the discs are subject to scratches & wear, for there aren't any sleeves to put them in prior to sliding 'em in and out of the digipak. So, just be careful & find some way of protecting them without marking the playing surfaces beyond playability. With that said, I still think this special edition digipak is much more attractive than the standard 1-disc, white jewel-case version. Regardless which edition you get, buy the album and you'll enjoy it without a doubt....more info
  • Great collection op pop songs
    Van het nieuwe album Yes van het poppy synthpopduo Pet Shop Boys heb ik de luxe versie met de bonus disc Etc. gekocht. In 2003 had ik de Pop-Art-Mix 3CD set gekocht als een compilatie van hits en voorbije jaren, niet met de verwachting, dat Neil Tennant en Chris Lowe anno 2009 zouden terugkeren met een kanjer van een popalbum. Herkenbare tunes, zoals in de opener en eerste single Love Etc., het dansbare All Over The World, dat speelt met de Notenkraker van Tchaikovsky. Love Etc gaat over de leegte van een materieel ingesteld leven zonder liefde. Genoeg herkenning voor de 80's minded, zoals in de discotrack Did You See Me Coming?, Beautiful People en Vulnerable. Hoewel Brian Higgins / Xenomania (Sugababes, Girls Aloud) voor de samenwerking was gezocht en drie songs samen werden geschreven, klinken Pet Shop Boys en niet als onnodig modern opgepoetst. More Than A Dream start wat meer electro, maar kickt door in een lekkere dans/klap ritme, dat overigens wel uitnodigt om te mixen al dan niet in een hoger tempo. Na het vette Building a Wall is het mid-tempo King of Rome absoluut indrukwekkend. Het als eerste song voor dit album geschreven Pandemonium is weer up-tempo, terwijl The Way It Used To Be een perfecte synthpop song is met vocale inbreng van Carla Marie Williams. Met Legacy (aan alles komt een eind, je moet ermee leren leven) sluit deze krachtige come-back af. Op de bonus disc staat n nieuwe song, het electronica getinte This used to be the future, waarop Philip Oakey (The Human League) meezingt. Met de dubmixen van de hand van Xenomenia en Pet Shop Boys van nummers van Yes vormt dit een aantrekkelijk aanbod om de 'gewone' albumversie te laten liggen: een funky versie van More Than a Dream, electronica varianten van Pandemonium en be the future en The way it used to be. De Notenkraker komt uitgebreid aan bod in de This is a dub versie van All Over The World. Ook de Public Eye dub van Vulnerable en de Beautiful Dub van Love etc. mogen er zijn. "A group of quite poppy songs", zoals de heren zelf in de online bonus area vertellen....more info
  • True To Form
    What can I say? This latest outing by the Pet Shop Boys deserves more than 5 stars. "Yes" is true pop perfection at its finest, and the Boys haven't lost their touch in over 20 years.

    You know, it amazes me how these guys continuously put out excellent music. They are probably one of the few bands out there who remain consistent and true to their roots. Unlike other artists (Morrissey and Depeche Mode come to mind), the PSB never forgot where they came from.

    I am in total awe over this album, and it really should be the Album of The Year. "Love Etc." is just a perfect single. What a way to begin this Magnum Opus...a melodious hook, great echoing chorus, and just a nice beat. The political undertones that the PSB are famous for evoking are ever-present on this awesome track. The remainder of the album just synchronously flows, never losing its touch. Exceptional stand-outs include "Did You See Me Coming," "Vulnerable," "More Than A Dream," and "Pandemonium." Although "Legacy" is the least dancey of all the tracks, it works as a great closer.

    Oh, and I HIGHLY recommend buying the Limited Edition 2-Disc set. "This Used To Be The Future" is a great track, featuring Philip Oakey from The Human League. The PSB made such an intelligent choice for collaborating with this pioneer of synth pop. Awesome voice from another seminal band, and I hope they come out with a new album also. In my opinion, the "All Over The World" mix on that second CD takes the cake. What a pulsing rhythm! You gotta buy this album. I can't praise it enough, and the PSB totally deserved the 2009 Brit Award.

    As evidenced on this album, the Pet Shop Boys are definitely not done yet. They're still adding to their legacy. Let's hope for many more years of great music from these Boys! YES!...more info
  • vintage PSB sounds
    What an affirmative return to the splendour of synth pop that Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have spent the last 20 odd years cultivating...

    While their previous album 'Fundamental' sounded darker and met with mixed reactions from fans, 'Yes' boasts the best of the vintage PSB sounds that are decidedly more upbeat and positive, with their underlying ironic wit on love and its failings invariably intact.

    From the 60s wah-wah sounds of 'Beautiful People' to the electro-robotic 'This Used To Be The Future' featuring Phil Oakey's trademark Human League-speak (on the bonus disc), to the sugar-coated `Did you See Me Coming?', the Boys sound as buoyant yet scornfully-jaded as during their `West End Girls' days.

    It would not be a complete Pet Shop Boys album without some flamboyant chic in `All Over The World' which layers Tchaikovsky's `Nutcracker' over techno-beats - with arguably novel results (Naysayers may regard this track as muzak from the 'Hooked On Classics' era).

    Nonetheless, totally enjoyable.
    ...more info
  • OMG! This CD is awesome!!
    YES! I wholeheatedly agree it is their best CD since Nightlife. I won't compare it to the greatness that is Very, but since Nightlife is my 2nd fave after Very, I'll use that as my reference point. I'll throw Bilingual in their since no one has mentioned what a strong CD it is.
    Anyway, to say Yes is a soild CD is putting it lightly. Unlike "Release" and "Fundamental", there is not one, single "iffy" song on this one! It is already one of the best CDs so far this year and will remain there when this year comes to a close. It's hard to pick a favorite after just a couple listens, but I right now it's "More Than A Dream". They have to release this song!! I really can't say anything else that hasn't been said so far, except go buy this CD immediately. ...more info
  • My favorite album of 2009!
    This is easily the best PSB album of the decade. "Release" was a hit and miss affair, while "Fundamental" brought back the esscence of their earlier material from the 80s/90s. The new album takes the best bits of "Fundamental" and throws them into a mix of "Very" and "Behaviour", which some argue to be their best albums to date. With that being said, you can not go wrong with purchasing "Yes".

    Every track on this disk is a winner in it's own way, but my favorites are:

    Vulnerable (very 80's and very good!)
    More than a dream (Disco for 2009)
    Building a wall (If only history classes were this interesting..)
    King of Rome (May induce tears)
    The way it used to be (Reminds me of "Please", which is awesome!)
    Legacy (Think: "It couldn't happen here", from "Actually".)

    The pacing is very good on "Yes", and you can listen to it all the way through without getting bored. Even though "Yes" will probably be their last proper album for a while, it will always be a vibrant ending to a dismal decade....more info
  • Classic PSB
    Yet again the PSB's have delivered another great album! Classic! Can't wait to see them in concert....more info
  • "Yes?"...maybe more like "No"
    I love the Pet Shop Boys, so this review is a hard one for me to write. But after listening to the new album I have concluded that the Pets have made a serious misstep with is passionless and mediocre. In their quest to remain relevant, they have enlisted a production team ("hit-makers" Xenomania) that has hindered, and in some cases completely buried, the energy and essence traditionally found in Pet Shop Boys songs. There are too many songs that are almost indistinguishable from one another and for this I lay blame solely on the Boys. They teamed up with Xenomania and even co-wrote many of the songs with them. Bad idea. Neil even admitted that the songwriting process with them was strange and that he and Chris were both intimidated. Ultimately, he said he thought this process worked. I adamantly disagree (and I believe he will probably be reevaluating the results of their collaboration as the reviews start coming in). I contend that Xenomania's influence was detrimental to the overall quality of the album as there are many songs that Neil and Chris would have NEVER put out if it was up to them alone. Where are the surging highs and melancholy lows that we are so used to? (Maybe someone should have woken Chris up?) But seriously, why put out an album that almost never wavers from the same monochromatic tone? I'm frustrated as I know the boys are much more capable songwriters than this pedestrian offering.
    Also, Neil's lyrics (usually a highlight for me) are pretentious and awkward. We all know he likes to write about obscure historical references and he uses non-traditional words at times, and generally he pulls it off flawlessly. But on "Yes" the lyrics seemed forced instead of clever, repetitive instead of meaningful. (And apparently listening to the line..."We're building a wall, a fine wall" over and over again can really grate on one's nerves).
    Personally, I am very disappointed. I love the Pets and the last album was consistently good throughout. But I am not one of those fans that will give them a glowing review merely because they put an album out.
    So, back to the drawing board Boys! I look forward to the next album (if there is a next album) as I don't think "Yes" will be seeing any serious rotation in my listening schedule....more info
  • The Definition Of POP!
    I have had this CD since its UK/Canadian release, which is for a little over a month. Since I played it for the very first time, I loved it. It's very up-beat and happy album. It makes you wanna jump and move non-stop. It's so POP and up-beat from its start to finish. Even though the album has that instant appeal, there is still edge to it and depth about some songs. I love the fact that it's so catchy and happy, right-in-your-face with all that. It's almost shocking that someone of their caliber would make an album sounding like this. I personally think PSB hit the spot with this album. I also feel that this is the best album pop album that came out in years. I hope they get some attention for it. Hat's off to Pet Shop Boys!

    ...more info
  • Exceeds the expectations
    This is an incredible CD! If you are even passingly familiar with the Pet Shop Boys you must add this CD to your list. They have exceeded the expectation with this work. It is excellent!...more info
  • Poptastic!
    The Pet Shop Boys new album "Yes" is fantastic. Full of lush sounds, and clever lyrics, one can't help but be inspired to "dance like no one's watching" and sing along to their toe tapping tunes. I want to say that this is a return to form, as this is pure pop excellence, but that would suggest that the Pet Shop Boys have been gone - when in truth they are one of the handful of groups that I have been following and listening to for years. They have upped the ante, as almost every track on this album stays with you long after you have moved onto something else. "Yes" should expose PSB to a new generation of fans and this album is pure joy! ...more info
  • Awful production
    Very good record as far as music is concerned. The sound is really bad. One of the worst I've heard from Pet shop boys

    Music *****
    Sound *...more info
  • Great if you're a Pet Shop Boys fan
    If you love the Pet Shop Boys then you are going to love this new album. It is full of great songs. Some of my favorites are Love etc., Did you see me coming?, Vulnerable, More than a dream, Pandemonium and The way it used to be. It's rare that you can find an album these days that has more than a couple of great songs on it. Usually it's just the one song you hear on the radio. This one is full of great songs. I enjoy all of the songs and listen to it non-stop! Great buy....more info
  • Strangely sterile and uninspiring in spite of lush production
    To sum up my thoughts on this record - I thought the production was excellent, but the songwriting was mediocre. Much of the album is made up of lush ambient synth stylings which seem to be delivered without a whole lot of personality or passion.

    There is very little variety in what's here, and even less to suggest a group which is still growing. I've heard better from PSP, so I admit my expectations were probably high. Some of the corny psycho-babble lyrics don't really help either, but I'm not about to throw away a good album over some bad poetry.

    The album starts out with an ambient pop number set to a 3/4 swing beat and morphs into the strutting upbeat pop of "All Over the World". Lots of lush electronic orchestration expertly produced, as one would expect from this group. The uplifting picturesque mood is maintained through "Beautiful people", which speeds things up to mid-tempo, has a nice chorus - picking up still more even in the clubby "Did You See Me Coming". Unfortunately, the whole affair so far seems a bit sterile in it's emotive grandiosity. There was obviously a lot of work put into the production, but the melodies are simplistic and there's very little that hits you between the eyes. I can't say why really. It's just my initial reaction.

    "Vulnerable" takes us right back into the Euro-pop territory - which is to say mid-tempo lite pop with a simple mediocre melody and computer-tech beat. The world does not need any more of that thank you.

    More than a dream is another up-tempo dance-pop piece. Has a nice hook and some nice breaks. Helps to recover a bit from the mediocre "Vulnerable".

    "Building a Wall" has a corny hook that sabotages it to a point and almost wrecks the song. Reminds me a bit of the 80s new wave social commentary tracks where members of the band shout things to demonstrate their passion - "Detection... Prevention... " - please.

    "King of Rome" I can only describe as a typical Pet Shop Boys slow-song, but without the passion of some of their better slow-songs.

    "Pandemonium" has a "Personal Jesus" style beat, but set to the same simple melodies and lush synths.

    The whole album to this point is just - respectable, nothing more.

    "The Way It Used To Be" - goes back to ambient-lite bouncy synth-pop. However, unlike the album to this point, this song actually seemed more atmospheric and relaxed and drew me in more than the previous tracks. The spartan vocals play well in this song to the lush panarama in the background. This leads into the most interesting song on the record by far - "Legacy". This is a full-on ambient track in the most definitive sense - lots of Depeche Mode stylings in here, which is a compliment.

    ...more info