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Death of a Witch
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Product Description

Returning from a foreign holiday, Hamish Macbeth is worried because he senses a dark cloud of evil hanging over the Highland village of Lochdubh. He learns that a newcomer, Catriona Beldame, is regarded as a witch and various men have been seen visiting her. Hamish himself is charmed by her until he finds out she has been supplying dangerous potions. At first the villagers won't listen to him, saying that the loveless Hamish has turned against all women. He threatens to kill her so that when she is found murdered, he must clear his name and then work to solve yet another murder to bring peace and quiet back to his beloved village. His investigations are complicated by a romance with a female forensic expert. Perhaps he'll get married at last!

Customer Reviews:

  • Terrible
    that's it. just terrible. a very lousy crummy
    terrible book. if it was the first of the series I had
    read, I would not have read the entire series. it is now
    the LAST of the series I will read. one more time for
    emphasis, it was a TERRIBLE book. one star is too good....more info
  • HA! HA!
    From Booklist: "Lochdubh has a ridiculously high homicide rate for a tiny village, but it provides readers with a great deal of atmospheric fun." Too funny, but true. This M.C. Beaton does not disappoint. I have not read them in series, but about six of them, and some are better than others. Can't be easy to keep coming up with new plots in the same setting. I love all things Scottish and have discovered another Scots sleuth, Rex Graves from Edinburgh who solves cases in different places, one at a nudist resort in the Carribean of all places ;). Link here Murder in the Raw: A Rex Graves Mystery (Rex Graves Mystery)...more info
  • Death of a Witch
    This is either the 24th or the 25th book in the Hamish Macbeth mystery series. Macbeth is a constable in the sleepy Scottish village of Lochdubh. He lives in the police station along with his pet dog and cat, and is content with his situation. He has no ambition to be promoted. Macbeth returns from a boring vacation in Spain to learn that a newcomer to the village wants to buy his car. Then he starts hearing rumors about the woman and she turns up dead. Other murders follow. Are they connected? Is a serial killer on the loose? In addition to solving the crime, Hamish has romantic complications. This is one of the better books in this long series of British cozies. They are an entertaining read on a rainy day or on a lazy Sunday afternoon....more info
  • "Take a trip to Lochdubh"
    Hamish Macbeth comes back from vacation to find that there is a "witch" in town. The men flock to her. What is the witch doing to attract the men? Then, she and another woman are murdered. Are the murders connected?
    This is the first M.C. Beaton book I have read. It took me a few pages to get connect to Hamish. The characters are full of quirks, and the dialogue is in Highland Brogue. I have to admit that the author made me long to go to Scotland to the point that I googled the country.
    My overall description of this book is that it is a one-of-a-kind mystery. It is a fast read. It does not get bogged down in the details like so many other mysteries do. If you want a light mystery, this is a great book for you.
    ...more info
  • A Great Installment in a Great Series
    Hamish is always interesting but this book is extra good and entertaining. Too often a series will get weaker, and certainly book 25 is well into the series, but M.C. Beaton has proved with this book that she has no intention of resting on her laurels.

    Now I am waiting very impatiently for the next book in this series. It is certainly a strong writer who can continue a series for this many books and continue to do such a good job of new ideas, great old and new characters, and all the twists and turns that make a book hard to put down....more info
  • Another Great Book in the Macbeth Series
    Hamish Macbeth is the constable of what is surely the most murder-prone village in Scotland. The books in this series are quick reads; just the thing for a rainy weekend. With well written descriptions of the Scottish Highlands, quirky characters, and plots that keep you guessing, this series is always enjoyable. Death of a Witch follows admirably in the tradition....more info
  • Come visit the village of Lochdubh
    Hamish the village constable, does it again. Makes me want to visit all of the nosy neighbors and crazy villagers who live in Lochdubh.
    There is a new person in town who they call a "witch".
    For some reason, the women hate her and the men seem to find reasons to visit this woman.
    Hamish feels uneasy with this new villager. No good can come of this newcomer, Catriona, living among the village.
    Sure enough, trouble abounds, and Hamish is desperate to help solve the murder quickly.
    With three women chasing him, he has his work cut out for him.
    But, of course, this is our Hamish we are talking about.
    He has an uncanny way of getting to the heart of the crime.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery and will have to wait a whole year to find out how Hamish and the villagers are doing. Bummer.
    Do read the book and enjoy your time in Lochdubh. A good cozy book.
    ...more info