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  • Could have been better
    The film caught my attention right away and held my interest for a long time, mostly because of the character, Kym, brilliantly played by Ann Hathaway. The idea was good---the recovering drug addict going home on a weekend break from rehab for her sister's wedding only to face the demons that drove her into drugs in the first place.

    Kym is the girl everyone hates..the family Bad Girl...no matter what she does to extricate herself from the role, she just digs herself in deeper. At first I disliked her, just like everyone else (except her saintly dad) but as the film progressed she was the only one who had any credibility. I didn't find the character of Rachel to be very sympathetic. Yeh, it was her wedding and here was Kym trying to take over the show, but somehow I just couldn't warm up to her...maybe it was the actress, who had no looks, charm or charisma.

    Where the film lost me was the really long, overly shmaltzy rehersal dinner and the equally overly long, really shmaltzy wedding. Egad! At first the toasts to the beloved couple were charming and the reactions of the very colorful group were sweet. But a little of that goes a long way and this was really overdone. We were led to believe that the couple were the most wonderful people who ever decided to get married...but we were shown nothing at all to justify all of the hyperbole. The idea of having them be inter racial perhaps was the justification in the mind of the film maker for all the hoop-la, but I found the whole thing so overblown that it made me want to scream. Then the wedding was done in Hindu style and then there were Polynesian belly dancers or were they Aztec?--who knows, who cares. Oh yeah, a break dancer and don't forget the really nice Black guy with glasses who was home on leave from Iraq...But it was lovely and everyone ended up loving everyone, even the divorced parents and ....Well I could see why the poor girl took drugs in the first place.

    A good idea gone awry...someone needed to pare this film down to the basics and it might have been genuinely moving. Demme got carried away with the celebration and all the heartwarmingness....which just turned a whole lot of people off. For a film that tries so hard to show human emotion and the power of family love, it was curiously un-moving.

    I gave it three stars for the acting which was pretty good. Besides Hathaway, Debra Winger was excellent as her mother, and Bill Irwin (whom I fell in love with as the mute mime on Northern Exposure) was wonderful....more info
  • racial social engineering run amuck
    This movie is a terrifying specimin of early 21st century establishment sponsored racial mind control and social engineering. Something akin to the mental climate it engineers must have occured in 1930s Gerany. It smacks of soviet agitprop. The nominal subject of the movie is conflict between a narcisistic drug addled daughter just out of rehab and her yuppie family on the day of her sister's marriage. But the dominant subtext, pounded home ad nauseam and with ever accelerating blatency,is the dynamics of the pending black/white inter racial marriage, and the miraculous new age harmony between bride, groom, and both families, presumably newly met. The bride Rachel's family are wealthy Conneticut super wasps, "California perfect" people, NPR clones, full of family conflict but politically correct down to their toes. The black groom's family is a collection of positive p.c. cliches not to be believed. There's the clean cut brother soldier home from the war, the hip smart sister, the long suffering all wise matriarch, several obviously well placed employed males...on and on they go. There are smart witty gays at the wedding, there are smart witty asians. everyone is wittier than thou. There are no jews that i could identify, but one jewish family is there, the Rosenblatts. We dont get to meet them, but the father of the bride does mention them as he plans to seat them at the back of the room near the kitchen. He snidely states that they are not actually friends of the family, just neighbors that they've had to suffer for 20 years. Thus one ray of authenic Connecticut waspness penetrates this pc fantacy. Oddly, it's in harmony with the BBC/ NPR's increasing hostility to Isreal as it tries to defend itself from 2 million hostile and frequently murderous Muslims. What a seamless world is the American power elete. If anyone has'nt noticed that black American males now have open access to white females, the groom corrects that by kissing and fondling his intended bride with a frequency rarely seen outside bonobo troupes. Johnathan Demme directs this clap trap; that fact makes the whole thing that much scarrier as a phenominum of public mind control.

    Before the pc possee saddles up to come after me, I'd just like to state that I'm a card carrying environmentalist from 1950 on, hate Bush, love Carter, fought for equal civil rights under law before there was black power, etc etc. But i give this gobbler an F.
    ...more info
  • Mostly Boring, Poorly Filmed
    Ok, yes Hathaway did a good job with the character. However, the movie was incredibly boring at times. 20 mins is spent on speeches at the rehearsal dinner. Zzzzzz. Who cares? 15 mins were spent on a dishwasher loading discussion. Wow. We got to watch each person at the reception dance, over and over. The music was annoying. The camera bounces constantly and zings back and forth from character to character making the movie feel like an amateur filmed it.

    There are only moments in this movie that are ok. Certainly not enough to make me buy it or see it again....more info
  • A Family's Dysfunction: Raw Wounds Still Smoulder
    "Rachel Getting Married" is a story of masked-over family dysfunction. A young woman, Kym (Anne Hathaway) is released from Rehab to attend her sister Rachel's interracial, multi-cultural wedding, and during the course of wedding preparations, the rawness and bitterness of the family's wounds and resentments are torn open.

    Anne Hathaway's stunning portrayal of a recovering drug addict responsible for her younger brother's death, is the highlight of the movie. Her luminosity jumps from the screen and who knew when she played those sweet Disney princesses that there was so much depth to her talent? Debra Winger as her cold and isolated mother also gives a memorable performance. But, the film itself is not memorable and at times it is irritating.

    There are too many gatherings of all the wedding party, sharing lame reminisces and nervous laughter. We are repeatedly stuck as viewers at their table or sharing their festivities and wishing that we could escape. The hand-held camera technique is annoying; it distracts from the story with jerkiness and looks amateurish, a la Robert Altman's worst moments. Overall disappointing, but it serves as a surprising vehicle for wonderful performances from Anne Hathaway and Debra Winger.
    ...more info
  • Interesting Insight WAY Overated and Low on Authenticity
    Watching this movie was difficult for me. On the one hand, it's interesting to see a 'take' on how a family copes with addiction and tragedy. I happen to know from personal experience.

    Some of the characters were o-kay for stereotypes, but as genuine reflections? Not so much.

    Especially Anne Hathaway's character.

    If you've EVER dealt with an addict or a recovering one (especially early on), they are no where near as 'thinking' as Hathway's character. While she did what she could as an actress, the way this character is written is poor.

    Honestly, I only really believed the father's character in the movie.

    And don't even get me started on the whole 'wedding'...way too 'fantastical' and it really diminished whatever punch the movie MIGHT have made without the extra 'window dressing'....more info
  • And you thought your family had problems?
    Wow, this movie is a revelation.

    This movie it's about a family trying to struggle against a tragedy that happened several years ago. And how the blame of that said tragedy lies on the shoulders of our lead character Kym, and how she seeks for attention and forgiveness the wrong way, which makes her create a catastrophe days before her sister's wedding.

    This movie was written so beautifully and the way it was directed and acted make it one great journey into their world, very personal; it felt like you were just another guest feeling awkward because they were trying to fix their issues with you watching.

    Last but not least, our leading lady; Anne Hathaway, God kid, way to blow people away; Anne was GREAT in this movie and everything I hoped she would be given that when watching brokeback mountain there was many hints to future greatness.

    I think she more than proved with Rachel Getting Married that she can be one of the great leading ladies of the next decade. That was not a simple performance. It was all kinds of layered, backstory suggestions, complicated mood constructions and quick wit.

    Best performance of 2008 hands down; kid you got robbed this past Oscars.

    Now if you excuse me I have to go order my own copy of this magical movie.
    ...more info
  • What a wonderful surprise
    I was hesitant to buy the movie. I missed seeing it on the big screen.
    Anne Hathaway was the main buzz about Rachel Getting Married, scoring an Academy Award nomination. And I am a big fan of Ms. Hathaway.
    As it turned out, Jonathan Demme's 'indie' movie was a huge and wonderful suprise. And Hathaway turns in a great performance. But it's not just her that is a relevation here - Rosemary DeWitt is her equal, as the title character, Rachel.
    This slice of life story grew on me, finally totally enveloping me in it's world.
    It's like listening to free form jazz...you aren't quiet sure where it's leading, but before too long, you find yourself tapping your foot to the rhythm, and marveling at the talent on display. And it was purposeful on Demme's part, commenting that he wanted the movie to feel like we were listening to jazz. It works completely.
    The talent behind Rachel Getting Married is big studio talent - Anne Hathaway, Jonathan Demme, Jenny Lumet (screenwriter, and daughter of the great Sidney Lumet), Rosemary DeWitt, Bill Irwin. Big studio talent that put a lot of love, and passion into this 'little' movie.
    In my humble opinion, Rachel Getting Married was one of the best movies, big stuido, or otherwise, to come out last year.
    ...more info
  • Long...boring...waste of time and money...
    I have loved Anne Hathaway in every movie I'd ever seen, so naturally I figured this one would be no different. However, I was HORRIBLY mistaken!! This has got to be the longest most boring movie I've ever seen. I actually skipped over most of the rehersal dinner and stopped it half way through to finish later. I had hoped the second half would be more worth while, but was not. I would have to say this is the most off-the-wall wedding I've ever seen. I think someone just took a bunch of fun ideas and smashed them all into one confusing mess of a movie. Parts of the movie would be interesting as a SMALL part of another movie. Quite seriously though, who has "dancers" at their reception? I can't imagine anything like that ever happening in reality.
    Anyway, I guess over all this was a huge let down. If you read this I hope you save your time and money by NOT watching it!...more info
  • A painful 5 stars
    Well, I should introduce myself as a recovering addict (we never really stop recovering do we?), and from that I base my entire review. There is a moment in this film when Hathaway wonders if the band of gypsies on the porch can stop playing for just five minutes; and I couldn't agree more. Funny thing is, I know why Demme put that violin there; from her first scene in the house, to the dish-loading scene...it keeps the tension up. You see, this whole film is from the freshly rehabed addict's point of view, and that's no fun place to be; as watching this film will show. I've been clean for 6 years now, and was shocked to find there were times I could hardly sit through the film. Demme does an amazing job of using every element at his disposal to push the envelope of the viewer's willingness to stick with this story; just as the main character is being pushed inexorably and unwillingly ahead. The celebration scene with the never-ending musical parade gets louder and amps up the energy way past when most filmmakers would cut the scene; that's absolutely true. But for me it was because we (the audience) are supposed to be in Hathaway's head; and the whole experience is just dancing on her raw nerves. This film reminded me more of PERMANENT MIDNIGHT, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM, 28 DAYS or CLEAN AND SOBER than any other film with WEDDING in the title. But of those, only REQUIEM further explores every technique at the director's disposal to push the audience into the same shoes as the main characters. Every addict should see this one. Five stars for sure; a very painful five. (It is always a pleasure to watch Debra Winger do what she does in front of a camera.)...more info
  • Hugely Disappointing
    From the excellent reviews and decent movie commercial I was expecting something magnificent....but I got possibly the most dull and irritating movie I have ever watched. To be honest I didn't even watch the last half hour..maybe it got better,though I doubt it. This movie nevertheless does have great actors who perform well - but the characters they are playing are so utterly boring and pretentious that it just became an unbearable viewing experience. Treat with caution....more info
  • Horrible, horrible, simply horrible
    The film is one of the worst ever. It certainly doesn't fall into the "Comedy" designation that Cablevision assigned to it. "Drama," or "Tragedy" would be more suitable.

    An interminable wedding rehearsal scene is outdone by an interminable wedding.

    The film is 113 minutes L O N G. They should have cut at least 90% of it, and it still would have been 10% too long....more info
  • A surprise performance by Anne Hathaway
    Anne deserved her best actress nomination this year in a good yet slightly confusing movie, but I expect that Miss Hathaway will become a major star from this picture...go try it out.....more info
  • Demme's home movies must stink
    Jonathan Demme said he wanted this film to be like a home movie. He succeeds on many levels...scenes with no point (lots of shots of the musicians that never stop playing...perhaps it is a running gag), scenes that go on for too long (rehearsal dinner scene), too many characters with whom one cannot make a connection (the "happy couple" had zero chemistry in my opinion), lots of handheld (intimacy and immediacy) shots like you are spying on everything. To be sure, everyone does an excellent job of portraying someone in some stage of uncomfortableness (Hathaway excels as the consummate button pushing, attention demanding recovering addict). As a result, the audience is uncomfortable most of the time. If Demme had this in mind, then he succeeded in creating the ultimate home movie/documentary that everyone would go home talking about how pathetic and sad that family was...full of misery, sarcasm and self-pity. Personally, it would take a lot of guts to show a home movie like this. Which begs the question...why would you? And can someone explain to me WHY a Hindu-style wedding? Did I miss something? And the seemingly acid trip induced post wedding dance with all the colors, sounds and cuts...interesting mixture of film styles, but certainly not indicative of a home movie....more info
  • "Real life" doesn't make for good drama
    The producers of this film make the assumption that simulating real time and real life makes for more interesting drama than a structured screenplay that filters out banal conversation and everyday occurrences. Performances are wonderful, but an episode of Intervention delivers more drama than this film attempts to do. If you want to watch the cameras roll in real time as you listen to every attendee give a yawn-inducing speech at a wedding rehearsal dinner, repeatedly wander through the house as you overhear wedding prep conversation, and witness a dishwasher loading contest between two family members, this film is for you. Ultimately, despite some emotionally riveting moments with the actors, this is not a film. It is a bloated, self-serving tribute to angst with little regard for dramatic structure. If you have a dysfunctional family, just set up a video camcorder, hit play, and carry the camera around for a few days. Watch it real time, without edits, and see how much you can stand it. That will duplicate this film and save you the rental fee. ...more info
  • A Multi-Culti Mess!
    We rented the dvd last Sunday and sat in stunned disbelief at what unfolded, or rather, what DIDN'T unfold, i.e, the plot, the characters reasons for their behavior, etc. We fast-forwarded through 75% of the movie. That would be the seventyfive percent without dialogue or first second and third acts. Its no surprise to me that Debra Winger's character left her husband. What a closet case! Or that the older daughter married a non-white male; her white father was certainly no role model. Who did she have left to turn to? Notice how Debra Winger's husband in the movie doesn't say a word? That's because the people who made this dreck can't bring themselves to believe that a strong straight white man might have something positive to say. About anything!

    Forgive my ranting. There is certainly more wrong with this movie than what's right. But this is what you get when you believe that yours is the only point of view that matters. Just as young liberals in the seventies would laughingly dismiss John Wayne's movies as fascistic right-wing propaganda, we've finally arrived at the moment in our culture when the reverse can be said of them. Rachel Getting Married is fascistic left-wing propaganda. Add it to the list that includes The Pineapple Express, Across the Universe, The Brave One, and *Christ Jesus* close your eyes and point at the movie listings in your local paper!...more info
  • Well written and acted
    My husband refused to watch this after the first few minutes. He doesn't like the way the camera moves around, and assumed it was a chick flick. After I finished watching I told him that it was wonderful, and he said he was sure it was (sarcasm here). So I was very interested to see the high ratings with men's names, who said that at first they thought it would be a film girls would like, but that they liked it, also. Given the part of the story that happened prior to the film, that you find out as the film progresses, it is fascinating to see how people act, and how believable it is. And I loved all of the "mundane" things that went on during the preparation, rehearsal dinner and wedding. It made it so real. I wish I could do a better job of describing this film, because I think anyone who watches it will be very glad that they did. ...more info
    This was the worst movie ever. I was very disappointed and didn't expect it since Anne Hathaway starred in. She's the only reason I wanted to watch it. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone. It was very random and had no point. ...more info
  • A Big Snoozefest
    Get a bad haircut and then read all the bad (one star)reviews of this poor excuse for a movie out loud in front of a mirror for 2 hours and have someone use a shaky handheld video camera to record it and that's what watching this dreck was like. Negative 1 star is what it deserves as a rating. ...more info
  • A Stinker.
    Despite the fine acting by Ann Hathaway, Jonathan Demme manages to destroy this movie ( I cannot bring myself to call it a film ) with his sad moviemaker's indulgence towards his characters and his story. His attempts to manipulate the viewer are laughably transparent and fall flat. There is a scene with the family watching a character load the dishwasher that is about as bad as a scene can be. What was Demme smoking when he made this? Bleech.
    ...more info
  • "I'm Shiva the destroyer, and I am your harbinger of doom for the evening ...!!" (says Rachel's sister Kym).
    I usually don't go out of my way to see a film with the word "wedding" in the title. I have absolutely nothing against weddings. I just don't enjoy the typical, cliched family dramas surrounding nuptials. There are exceptions. I really loved "Four Weddings and A Funeral," and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." When I saw that "Rachel's Getting Married" had come out in rentals, I took a chance. I had heard so many good things about the film. So, I figured, why not? I must say I am not sorry at all. This is a really good, and most unconventional movie.

    Yes, it involves a dysfunctional family, (don't they all?), but there's lots of edgy humor, a cast which includes people of almost every ethnicity on earth, and extraordinary music - world music, jazz, rock, heavy metal, Brazilian sambas, and a few cuts which are impossible to categorize. The eclectic musical score suits, as the bride, Rachel, (played by Rosemarie DeWitt), a Caucasian, is marrying Sidney, (Tunde Adebimpe), an African American musician and record producer, and the wedding theme is Indian, with the bride and her court dressed in saris. Jenny Lumet wrote the screenplay, and director Jonathan Demme, ("The Silence of the Lambs"), obviously encouraged his cast to be spontaneous. Apparently, he chose not to plan shots in advance to add to the spontaneity. I am sure there is much ad libbing involved, especially during scenes from the rehearsal dinner, a myriad of speeches and toasts to bride and groom, (some rather bizarre), and the dancing at the wedding reception. Cinematographer Declan Quinn effectively shoots the movie with a handheld digital camera, which bobs through the partially improvised scenes, lending a sense of chaos and the realism of a homemade movie.

    Anne Hathaway, as Kym, plays a recovering addict who, after nine months in rehab, returns to her Connecticut home for her sister Rachel's wedding. Ms. Hathaway's wonderful performance earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. The chain-smoking, self-absorbed Kym, complains, after a few hours back in the family fold, "Everyone in the house is looking at me like I am a sociopath!" "What do they expect me to do, burn the house down?" Well yeah...maybe. Kym has a long and tragic history of unfortunate accidents while under the influence of - you name it. With her short, choppy hair cut, and black eyeliner, she throws frequent tantrums. During one, she demands that her sister's best friend step down as maid of honor and cede the place to her. Her wedding toast to the happy couple begins with: "I'm Shiva the destroyer, and I am your harbinger of doom for the evening ...!!" Oy!!! But, this is Rachel's time in the sun. The focus should be on the her and not the disturbed younger sister. It takes a while for the viewer to realize just how disturbed and damaged Kym is.

    The sisters, who obviously love each other very much, fight over the attention of their nurturing, peacekeeping father, (Bill Irwin), and their distant mother Abby, (Debra Winger, who is outstanding in the part). There is an exceptional scene between Hathaway and Winger, which is one of the best and most explosive mother daughter interactions I have seen on film or in the theater. The parents are divorced and both have remarried, which adds more tension to the mix.

    The ensemble cast gives performances of the highest caliber. The characters they play become people we care about. The viewer sees these people at their worst and at their best. This is an exceptionally good, rich family drama. A must see, especially for those who enjoy edgy Indies.
    Jana Perskie...more info
  • Not my kind of movie.
    In the era of reality shows, this movie keeps up with the modern ages but, if I want to see people talking to each other non-stop and at the same time, I could watch the Bill O'Reilly Show on the Fox News Channel instead. It takes less time.

    Just call me old-fashioned....more info
  • The worst!
    This movie was awful. I watched 40 min of it and then shut it off. The whole idea of anne hathaway coming home and being thrown into this huge family event was promising. But it failed miserably. Why were all those people making toasts at the rehearsal dinner? Hathaway's went on and on bringly and then other people got up said stuff. ENOUGH. The music and hoopla was annoying and the whole interracial thing just seemed odd and forced.

    I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona the other night and wondered how Cruz could've won for best supporting actress because she was hardly in the movie that much. So when I sat down to watch Rachel Getting Married I was sure that perhaps Hathaway was robbed of the Oscar. Well, definitely NOT after watching this train wreck!...more info
  • the perfect wedding, with imperfect people
    Rachel is getting married, but the unfortunate center of attention is her sister Kym (Anne Hathaway). Kym has a weekend pass from her residential rehab program, and when she comes home she ignites the flames of family dysfunctions--sarcasm and sibling rivalry, manipulation and negotiation, control and co-dependence, shame and blame, fight and flight, and most everyone spinning their best: "Everything's going to be perfect," Rachel's mother Abby (Debra Winger) assures her. It's not, of course, far from it, but as the movie evolves we begin to realize that's okay. Two very long scenes add a deeply human touch to the film--the rehearsal dinner with corny jokes, heartfelt stories and well-wishing by a mix of families and friends that only a wedding can muster, and then the wedding itself on a rainy day that can't dampen the genuine celebration. Natural lighting, the absence of any music track, and hand held cameras give the film the feel of a wedding home movie that might easily be about our very own families....more info
  • I am Shiva the destroyer, your harbinger of doom this evening
    Anne Hathaway has come a long way, baby, since The Princess Diaries. In Havoc, though not a very good movie, she really stood out, revealing a lot of... emotional depth. I knew that she had a lot of talent the moment I saw her. She has since proved it by holding her own against a devilish Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, and as Agent 99 in the movie based on the TV Show, Get Smart, where she showed off her considerable comedy chops.

    In Rachel Getting Married she does heavy drama, with just the right light touch of humor for comic relief. She creates a great character, really annoying and unsympathetic. She would almost be likeable, with her sharp wit and good looks, were it not for the fact that she has more baggage than the luggage carousel at LAX on the day before Xmas, and her annoying little habit of making everything about her. She is released from rehab for her sister Rachel's marriage. She sees it as a great opportunity for mayhem. Oh well. At least the people from her hometown are glad to see her:

    Counter Girl: [Kym walks into the convenience store] Hey! Didn't I see you on Cops?

    Did you know that 12 Step meetings are a great way to meet people and hook up? The hook ups are referred to by the 12 Steppers as the 13th step. Kiernan and Kym (Hathaway) 'meet cute' at the meeting. Later she finds that Kiernan is going to be the best man. She has been demoted to bridesmaid due to her unreliability, but demands that the Maid of Honor step down, because sister trumps best friend. Isn't that cute? The Best Man and Maid of Honor met at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. She quickly discerns that Kiernan is a lawyer.

    Kym: You're a lawyer?
    Kieran: Was. For about five minutes.
    Kym: Say something Legal.
    Kieran: Tort.

    You can bet she has a clever retort for that. But getting back to her most annoying habit, you HAVE to see her wedding toast. After a long line of really inappropriate toasts that everyone takes in stride, this being a marriage between two people whose families are involved in music and tolerant to a fault, you can hear the whole room grind to a halt while she does her stand up rehab routine. Of course she has broken the cardinal rule of toasts, that while you may recall embarrassing incidents from your collective pasts, the toasts should be about the people getting married, not just about yourself. For Kym, it is always about her. Later, she gets annoyed that her sister Rachel has ended their argument with the news that she is expecting.

    Kym: [Upon learning her sister is pregnant]
    Kym: That is so unfair!

    As good as Anne Hathaway is, she gets a lot of competition from Debra Winger, playing her mother, who is a bit of a diva. When Winger arrives, fashionably late, everyone holds their breath. They both adore and are exasperated by her, as she seems to hold everyone at an emotional distance. Later, it is revealed that there is a lot of guilt and stress and blame and heartache between the mother and daughter. A tragic event haunts them both. It takes a very accomplished actress to pull off the emotional centerpiece of the film, given her relatively short amount of screen time. Rosemarie DeWitt also deserves praise as Rachel, just as determined to not let Kym spoil her wedding as Kym seems determined to wreck it.

    Jonathan Demme did a great job of directing this film, orchestrating the drama, letting the preparations for the wedding, the endless rehearsals by the musicians (these families really must know a lot of musicians) build, fanning the tension to a fever pitch; until the wedding, and the news of the upcoming bundle of joy brings everyone together. Demme is really immersed as much in the music world as the film world, having made films with Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, and The Talking Heads, and he really brings that experience to bear on Rachel Getting Married. The musical interludes at the wedding are a delight. The groom even sings his vows, and believe it or not, it sounded great.


    Get Smart (Single-Disc Widescreen Edition) (2008) .... Agent 99
    The Devil Wears Prada (2006) .... Andy Sachs
    Brokeback Mountain (Widescreen Edition) (2005) .... Lureen Newsome
    Havoc (Unrated Version) (2005) .... Allison Lang
    The Princess Diaries (Widescreen Edition) (2001) .... Mia Thermopolis


    The Sheltering Sky (1990) .... Kit Moresby
    Terms of Endearment (1983) .... Emma Horton
    An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) .... Paula Pokrifki
    Cannery Row (1982) .... Suzy DeSoto
    Urban Cowboy (1980) .... Sissy

    Kym: I am Shiva the destroyer, your harbinger of doom this evening.
    =====================...more info
    This was the worst movie ever. I was very disappointed and didn't expect it since Anne Hathaway starred in. She's the only reason I wanted to watch it. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone. It was very random and had no point. ...more info
  • Absolutely Horrible.
    This is the worst movie I've seen in years, but I did force myself to watch it through. Unbelievably bad....more info
  • Intense, moving, powerful movie
    This is one you will remember. I don't usually write reviews, but came across a lot of negative ones for this film, so I wanted to put in my two cents.

    This film is terrific, and not just because of Hathaway's performance. It feels real on so many levels, and there is much to talk about days after seeing it. If you are looking for a light film, obviously this is not it. But if you're looking for a fantastic film that will stay with you a long time, this is it....more info
  • Pretentious waste of time
    What a stupid piece of garbage. The hand-held cameras make me so sick I had to leave the theatre. What a waste of my precious time and money....more info
  • Disturbingly realistic
    As an addiction professional, watching this movie wasn't entertaining...it was WORK! The setting was a weekend pass from an institutional long term drug rehab to attend a family wedding. The movie accurately depicts the hurt, pain, caretaking, misunderstanding, self centeredness, brokeness, and general dysfunction of the entire family system. The family carries past hurts and lives out their dramas in spades through the intensity of coming together for a family wedding. The addict in early recovery role of Anne Hathaway demonstrates the negative impact of family entanglement on recovery. She also role models many behaviors to be avoided in recovery, and how not to 'work the steps'.
    Do not expect a light comedy. There is nothing funny about addiction and its insidious and systematic destruction of family. If you want a glimpse of how families are negatively impacted by addiction, it's informative. If you are working a program of recovery and you need a reminder of pitfalls to avoid, it's a good reminder. If you are in early recovery, make sure you talk with your sponsor. There is a lot to be learned, but be careful to not make the same mistakes.
    John Derry, A Home Away Addiction Recovery Retreat
    ...more info
  • one of the best movies of the year
    I was terribly surprised and saddened to see all of the negative reviews that have been written up for this movie. After skimming quite a few of them, I realized that many of the reviewers seemed to have missed the point of the film.
    Rachel Getting Married is certainly not an action film. There are no explosions, guns, dead bodies, ghosts, or slimy monsters. Nor is it a romantic comedy. I think perhaps the attention from the academy- whose selections are often more conventional and showy- might have caused many people to have false expectations for the film. Fans of other academy favorites, like "A Beautiful Mind," or "Gladiator," might be disappointed with this movie.
    I also noticed that one reviewer mentioned that he/she could not enjoy the film because he/she found Anne Hathaway's character to be so unlikeable. I have to wonder if that viewer watched the movie all the way through. Rachel Getting Married is a portrait of a family faced with the seemingly insurmountable challenge of forgiveness. The director shows us who this woman is through the relationships she has, rather then through her actions. In the beginning of the film I also despised this character- she appears to be a narcissistic, selfish woman obsessed with her own flaws, greedily feeding off of the attention of everyone around her. As the movie progresses, however, the director mercilessly peels off layer after layer of the recovering addict- and as the minutes tick by, the viewers get swept up into the emotional turmoil of the film. To my own surprise, I found myself empathizing with the character, and loving her despite her tremendous flaws. Once the film had ended, I realized why it was necessary to react violently to her in the beginning.
    I believe that the director was trying to remind the audience what it truly means to be a family, and how difficult it can be to forgive someone you love, even when you know that they are still punishing themselves. Rachel Getting Married is hard to watch, perhaps because many viewers must have people in their life that they cannot bring themselves to forgive- including themselves. How many of us have had a brother, and uncle, a parent, who did something so despicable, so terrible, that we could not look at them without being reminded of it? How many of us have known addicts who have done terrible, terrible things? How many of us avoid these people, not trusting them, not trusting ourselves, because the love we feel for them is involuntary, and leaves us vulnerable to their potential future mistakes? Rachel Getting Married forces us to examine this relationship- to experience it throughout the course of Rachel's wedding.
    As far as the movie being pretentious- I thought that it actually took a few shots at the pretentious, liberal, intellectual family (the unexplained cultural theme of the wedding itself, for example, I thought particularly funny). This film is not for everyone, but I thought it a beautiful and skillful portrait of a woman- not as an individual, but as a daughter and a sister. As a person whose actions effect those around her- as a person who desperately wants to be forgiven. The performances are especially breathtaking, and the overall message is relevant. I loved it....more info
  • Hathaway is pitch perfect, but the movie is pretty decent
    A drama about a dysfunctional family wedding that forgets to put the fun back into the dysfunctional. The wedding itself is interesting to watch, with it's intimate portrait of two uniting families; particularly, watching the rehearsal dinner is like being a voyeur - it's like crashing a private party without being invited to it. Anne Hathaway is very effective in her role as a recovering junkie who committed an accidental crime too horrendous for the family to bear. Hathaway manages to get the audience on her side and we feel not only sympathetic towards her, but we feel protective and defensive on her behalf. Unfortunately, the movie tends to drag a bit too long and one earns more for Hathaway's screen time than the rest of the movie....more info
  • A beautiful, powerful movie...
    A beautifully made movie about a family in pain and how they deal with it. Each person's performance is wonderful and Anne Hathaway is par excellence. It was a pleasant surprise to discover this new dimension in her performance where her good looks are incidental and not the mainstay.

    The direction is superb. One becomes a part of the family on screen and that feeling stays for quite some time even after the movie ends. For me this is more than I can say about most movies.

    Another thing I love about the movie is the mature way it embraces the multi racial, and to some extent even the multi cultural, aspects. It does it quietly, without giving it undue importance. It is just there and is a non-issue.

    Rachel Getting Married [Blu-ray]
    ...more info
  • Dysfunctional, without much fun
    Don't be offset by this innocent sounding title. This chamber drama simmers in a horrid realm of darkness, reminding me of the bleak tone set in films like Requiem for a Dream or 21 grams. The kind of vicious character study that I usually find strangely captivating.
    It's the unsettling story of Kym, played brilliantly by Anne Hathaway. She is released from rehab to attend her sister Rachel's wedding.
    There was a horrible tragedy that Kym was responsible for. That dark cloud hangs over the family and the festivities. From some things we can never recover.
    This movie does an excellent job exploring the life of a recovering addict. Plus the elements of a dysfunctional family, interracial marriage, and sibling rivalry. Director Demme(Silence of the Lambs) actually injects compassion into this sad tale that gives it an uncomfortable realism.
    My main problem was toward the end. This film gets seriously sidetracked with the wedding events themselves that totally drained my interest.
    3.5 stars....more info
  • The Best Movie of 2008!
    This is quite possibly my favorite movie of 2008. Directed by Jonathan Demme and written by Jenny Lumet (Yep that's Sidney Lumet's daughter), Rachel Getting Married is a triumphant film full of wonderful characters and performances. Anne Hathaway plays Kym, a troubled young girl returning home from rehab to attend the marriage of her sister Rachel. Kym is followed by a long history of personal tragedy which reemerges with her arrival. Demme chose to shoot the film using a handheld, home movie style which looks beautifully rich and believable (I dont agree with those saying its annoying. Its not shaky or anything, much like a documentary film, and much less distracting than the fast, over-cutting and 30 angles per shot of a movie like Slumdog Millionaire). The characters of Rachel Getting Married are highly entertaining in their own right and make for a fascinatingly diverse set of personalities. Its almost a joy to see the conflict between this family because the emotion feels so powerful and real. Much of this should be attributed to the magnificent performance given by Hathaway. It is rare that a viewer can so easily buy into character being played by such a well known actress. The supporting cast is equally fantastic as I never found myself thinking about acting or questioning the legitimacy of anyone on film. I accepted that what I was watching was a documentary of sorts about a real place and a real family. That is a very real accomplishment in this day of special effects and over budgeted Hollywood dribble. Rachel Getting Married is the kind of all around gorgeous and ultimately uplifting film that doesn't come around often but should be savored to the fullest when it appears....more info
  • Jonathan Demme's "A Wedding"
    With an affectionate nod to Robert Altman, director Jonathan Demme has crafted a leisurely paced drama of dysfunctional intimacy. Despite its handheld-camera overkill, the voyeuristic style of "Rachel Getting Married" works surprisingly well. Unfortunately, Anne Hathaway is miscast as a recovering addict and avowed narcissist - lacking the necessary emotional depth to pull off this complex role. (Imagine how much better the film would have been if Ellen Page had played the lead character.) The truly stellar performances belong to Rosemarie DeWitt and Debra Winger, yet they were denied the Oscar nod that Hathaway inexplicably received. An uneven family affair, "Rachel Getting Married" benefits from Jenny Lumet's incisive screenplay and a fine supporting cast....more info
  • Big Mess
    Where did I get the idea that this was a good movie? I was expecting another family wedding story with maybe a little humor amidst the angst but I guess I should have known better just by looking at Anne Hathaway. She looked like a refugee from a bad acid trip and was just about as appealing. In fact, by the time I struggled through this conglomeration of unattractive characters of the rainbow coalition, melodramatic plot, dreadful and constant wailing, whining music and boringly Bohemian touches, I was ready to gag. The wedding party (pre, post and during)scenes went on forever and the speeches were excrutiatingly boring, as were the people giving them. This is a dismal film. Save your time and money--rent "Wedding Date" or "Sweet Home Alabama".
    ...more info
  • "The Most Beautiful Home Movie Ever Made" That Doesn't Tell Much about the Characters
    Jonathan Demme's "Rachel Getting Married" follows a dysfunctional family whose member Rachel is getting married. But here Rachel is not the center of the story. It is Kym, Rachel's sister, returning home from rehab for weekend.

    Anne Hathaway plays Kym. I like Anne Hathaway, but I didn't like Kym. No, it's worse because I really didn't care who Kym is or what this troubled girl does. About 15 minutes in, I started to think: "OK, her acting is not bad, but what's the point of the film anyway?"

    "Rachel Getting Married" soon becomes like someone's wedding video, which is occasionally interesting, but ultimately boring with never-ending footage of someone singing and speaking about people we are not even interested in.

    Perhaps Jonathan Demme takes the easy way out - lazy filmmaking in the name of documentary style. His eternally shaky camera chases the actors pretending the wedding guests, recording their dialogues that are not particularly interesting. Today YouTube offers much better home videos that tells something about much interesting people.

    Sometimes the director remembers that he has to further the thin story, so he randomly employs clich¨¦ after clich¨¦ - an AA meeting, a tragedy in the past, a slap in the face, a car crash, etc. The list goes on in Jenny Lumet's script, but there is nothing remotely emotional or insightful about the badly edited film.

    But perhaps the tedious, rambling narrative, or my uncomfortable feeling watching uninteresting characters yelling and musing, is exactly the point the film is trying to make. Maybe we should stop complaining and watch these professional and non-professional actors (including Demme's mentor Roger Corman) doing what they can do.

    They are not to be faulted - they did good job. Anne Hathaway, who is nominated for Oscar for her turn in this film, is certainly riveting though her acting tends to be one-noted. Sadly we are not allowed to learn about her character except a few obvious things. In fact I couldn't figure out why all these family members should be behaving like that, or why we should care for that matter.

    ...more info
  • boring
    long, boring, depressing, and not worth time to watch. i had to as it had been a gift that i was going to be asked about!...more info
  • Rachel getting married..
    A movie that looks like a documentary. It was an interesting movie and I am glad to have watched it but I can't really recommend it to any one. There is a LOT of bad language but the story is a good one....more info
  • Rachel Getting Boring
    This is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen, and I have seen many horrible movies.

    The film is pretty much a home movie gone wrong. It doesn;t move like a real movie; everything happens so slowly that you just lose interest. I couldn't even bring myself to finish it.
    Now I know many will probably think I don't know movies or something like that but I appreciate well made movies, even those stuffy Oscar ones. But this was just too much. It was plain depressing. The dysfunctional family thing is cool, but when it happens in realtime it just sucks. For example, the whole wedding rehearsal dinner thing took up like a whole 20 minutes...SO BORING...even my grandmother couldn't take it!

    Anyways, don't buy this if you want a fun movie. Take your money elsewhere. Hathaway is much more delightful in a film like Devil wears Prada...this was AWFUL....more info