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The Spirit (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy and BD Live) [Blu-ray]
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Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 04/14/2009 Run time: 108 minutes Rating: Pg13

Above shadowy, crime-infested streets a masked avenger watches. Denny Colt (Gabriel Macht) was one of Central City’s finest cops until a gangster’s bullet ended his life. Now Fate has brought him back from the beyond as The Spirit, a street-hardened hero who faces off against seductive foes like the voluptuous Sand Saref (Eva Mendes) and the alluring Silken Floss (Scarlett Johansson). Then, of course, there’s his evil archenemy, The Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson), with a mission to wipe out Spirit’s beloved city as he pursues his own version of immortality in this graphic action-thriller.

Beyond The Spirit on DVD

Customer Reviews:

  • Not Sin City or even 300, by any means
    Frank Miller writing and directing and a big time cast -- what's not to like? Pretty much everything, sadly.

    I really love the movie Sin City and found The 300 quite enjoyable the first few times I watched it, so I have been waiting for this on Blu Ray for some time.

    Let's start with the positives, because sadly there are few of them. We have a generally first class ensemble of actors, all of who have done credible work in their careers. Given the provenance of this movie, who among them didn't tell their agents to do whatever it took to get them in this movie, because it should have been formidable. We have a rehash of the same animation techniques that were so riveting and plot enhancing in Sin City. Sadly that's about it.

    Frank Miller does not seem to understand Directing 101 -- the art of putting a point of interest in the frame and keeping it there. He does not seem to be able to communicate what he wants to his good cast.

    We learn at the beginning our hero really loves "his city"; and at the end, we learn he really loves his city . . . and he's 'the Spirit' of the city. What that means or why he loves it, I haven't a clue, nor is it apparent why he no longer either loves his former wife and current doctor (how does it work out that she sews him up? does she still think he's dead? does the simple mask keep her from telling?) We never can be sure in this muddle. And what about the childhood sweetheart who abandoned our young hero for the fast life of big time theft and multiple marriages? Does our hero still love her? All we know is he loves his city.

    This is a movie which simply can't decide whether it's a stylish film noir drama or camp. The characters are constantly interrupted by having to say or react to lines that are clumsy and exactly opposite the emotion the movie has spent the previous 5 minutes laboriously trying to establish. We have a bad guy who dissolves white persian kittens -- how bad is that? In fact, my dog did like the fact there were some many cats in the movie, and she retained her interest better than the rest of the family. Samuel L. Jackson as a Nazi -- what an incredibly far-fetched and bad idea -- with no satisfactory explanation. "He is what he is."

    Lines are bad, and self-contradicting dialog is sprayed like submachine gun fire. There are ideas which must have been an attempt at parody, but one is too confused and distracted to get them, because one is obsessed ferociously tryng to understand who is doing what to whom and why one should care. To give you an idea of the emotional chasms we are trying to navigate here, imagine Adam West as the Batman in the original Godfather, while Smokey and the Bandit run through it.

    While the animation and sets were usefully dark and foreboding in Sin City, in this movie they are ludicrous . . . more like "The Spy Who Shagged Me", filmed in black, pitch black, dark black, charcoal gray and white. Sin City was actually much more effective in my opinion as animation.

    I'm sure there are worse "big budget" movies in the past, but it's so hard for me to remember one at the moment. My advice is unless you really know the original material (comic books), take a pass on this film. It's a couple of hours of confusion interrupted by boredom. ...more info
  • Very good movie and very underappreciated
    I think the movie, "The Spirit", which was a comic series created by Will Eisner and premiered in 1940, catches the spirit of the original series. I can see how people would be disappointed if they expected to see another Sin City or 300 and I expect as much from main-stream society. Blame it on Hollywood for promoting this as a "from the makers' of Sin City and 300" movie.

    On the other hand, most dedicated comic book fans will at least like this movie if not love it. It is over the top, cheesy, and never takes itself too seriously which means they nailed it. It was exactly what it was supposed to be and I'm proud of them for making it that way instead of selling out to the majority.

    If you love comic books and realize that movies are often books before they are movies, then you will likely enjoy the Spirit. Otherwise, go to Starbucks and download America's Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest to your I-Phone because that is who you are and Ryan loves you. ...more info
  • So bad, yet I was entertained
    The Spirit is full of bad acting and writing, but I have to admit that I was never bored. I just couldn't wait to see how this mess could get any worse. Believe it or not I didn't hate this movie nearly as much as I thought I would. The eye candy from all the beautiful ladies sure helped, but at least this flick didn't take itself too seriously (whoa Sam Jackson), like the even larger pile of garbage called Max Payne. On the plus side, the visuals while nothing new after Sin City, are quite good. Just sit back and prepare to have a ton of unintentional laughs. Good times. ...more info
  • Pseudo-entertaining
    I saw Sin City. I loved it. I saw 300. I loved it. Naturally when I saw another film from from the same minds coming out I thought, "How could this miss?"

    Maybe it was high hopes. Maybe I was expecting something that clearly this film was not. I am willing to accept that, on some ground, the failure of this film was my fault. However, this is a film struggling to find itself. It shows us a gritty, Sin-City-esque exterior with all the flair of its predecessors, yet manages to go like a bat out of hell in the other direction. It reminded me of a take on Evil Dead 2. A movie with the heart of a horror, but was really intended to be a comedy. It is the only excuse I can find for the inane babble that simply detracts from the overall story and ultimately loses you. Yet it is the odd costumes and odder characters that makes someone look at the screen in stunned horror. Clones with their names on their shirts? Check. Samuel L Jackson in a fur coat and a pimp hat smashing a toilet over our heros head? Check. A full zoot suit with Keds? Check.

    I realize in the end that movies are an art form and frankly, what appeals to one will not appeal to another. However, that being said, this film fell flat in the first ten minutes and never really rose again. In the end this film should be rented with caution. It is either a film you will get or you won't. And if you don't, no stylish camera work or art work will save it. ...more info
  • Awful script sinks film
    I have to say that I've been a fan of The Spirit and artist Will Eisner for a long time. I bought a lot of reissues of The Spirit and I've read most of Eisner's graphic novels. This is not Will Eisner's Spirit. This film is Frank Miller's updated version of The Spirit. I say this because the only people who seem to like this film are fans of the original comic, but I am one who did not like the film.

    On the positive side, the look of the film is great. Miller has accurately captured the look of Eisner's comics. Gabriel Macht (the Spirit) and Sarah Paulson (Ellen Dolan) are well cast. The special effects are mostly excellent, with the exception of the opening credit sequence, which to me was completely unbelievable and unrealistic. Louis Lombard is likable as the cloned idiot helper to The Octopus and Silken Floss. I liked Eva Mendes as Sand Saref, although I appear to have a minority opinion on that.

    The mediocre - Sam Jackson as The Octopus. Jackson gives a typical over the top cartoony performance just like he does in every film. This either works for you or it doesn't. A more nuanced actor like Laurence Fishburne would have been a better choice, but Jackson does bring some real menace to the role and it's not his fault that the film is bad. However, a different approach certainly could have helped to elevate the film a little, but given the film's many flaws, that wouldn't have saved it. Miller's constant use of snow as a motif didn't work for me. Rain can work well in films. Snow is not as good.

    The bad - Pretty much everything else, especially the script. The production company's eyes no doubt lit up when Miller expressed an interest in doing the film. After hitting home runs with 300 and Sin City, this had to look like money in the bank. Miller was a big fan of Eisner and he seemed to everyone, including me, to be the perfect choice. His direction is mostly fine, but the script, which he wrote, is just awful. Miller makes people say things that are completely out of character, to me as a long time fan, with how things were in the comic. His approach seems to simply be to have everyone cuss a lot to make it "modern". Some of the dialog is just laughably bad. It's clear that nobody associated with the production had the good sense to demand a re-write of the script prior to filming as that might have saved the film. Want to play a drinking game? Take a drink every time Commissioner Dolan (played by Dan Lauria) says the same curse word and you'll be drunk by the time the film is over. Dolan's dialog is so bad, frankly it stood out the few times he didn't say curse. Lauria was given trash material to work with, no doubt, but he does nothing to elevate himself above it. Miller's script also introduces too many female characters from the comics who simply detract from the film. Lorelei Rox and Plaster Of Paris add little to the film, although that's not the fault of the actresses. Scarlett Johansson seems miscast and gives a weak performance as Silken Floss. At some point before filming started somebody should have said that there were too many characters and too much bad dialog in the script, but they didn't and this mess is what you see.

    I have believed for years that The Spirit has the potential to be a great movie, but it's going to take someone else to make that happen, if it ever does. If Eisner were alive, I do not think he would be pleased with this. I give it 2 stars only because the visuals work and Gabriel Macht is fine as The Spirit. Some people seem to think that this may be the worst film ever made and while I would not go that far, I can understand why they think so. The script is that bad....more info
  • Better than expected...Not the greatest
    I am not a fan of anything Frank Miller has done. All of his movies seem full of over the top violence and failing story lines. Even his comics that I have read have fallen short of standards I have set based on other writers. Having said that, I was not expecting much out of this movie at all, but being a comic book fan I rented it. With low expectations I actually like it, and after I watched it I found myself thinking about the movie more and more so I watched it again before I returned it. Well I liked the cheesy dialog and the over the top acting so I bought it to add to my collection. Reading other reviews I totally understand why so many didn't like it. They all seemed to have high expectations for it and were disappointed. Since I was expecting it to be bad it actually turned out to be enjoyable.

    I would recommend renting this first so you can see for yourself if it is worth the purchase otherwise I hope you didn't feel like you wasted a few bucks on the rental. I will say this, I am still not a fan of Frank Miller and this didn't make me want to change my mind. ...more info
  • Disappointment
    I have never read the original comic but if it was anything like the movie, I haven't missed out on very much. The whole thing was kind of reminded me of the batman and robin tv show from back in the 60's. Just way too campy. The dialog, the plot, it was all pretty sad. The only saving grace was the beautiful women cast for this movie. ...more info