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Repo! The Genetic Opera
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  • Love! this movie.
    I saw this movie back in November and knew within the first five minutes that I HAD to purchase it. It was a bit unfortunate that it did not get a widespread release. Luckily, it's out on DVD now and anyone who thought about seeing it can. I 100% recommend buying this movie. The songs are all well written and the performances by everyone on cast were right on target. This is definitely one of those movies that you can watch again and again....more info
  • Surprisingly good!
    I really enjoyed the music. I've been a Sarah Brightman fan for years, but was surprised at the performance given by Paris Hilton. Good role for her. I liked the plot and how intertwined everyone was. Overall great show!...more info
  • Incedible...but watch the trailer first!
    This is simple; if you liked the trailer, then you will love the movie. This movie stuck with me for quite a while. How I wish I could have seen it in theaters! When I shut it off (DVD at home) I was thinking "Meh. Good enough," but it stuck with me and has grown on me! The only other movie to impact me the same way was The Princess Bride...not bad company for a metal-goth opera!

    Do yourself a favor and watch the commentaries, as well. Great insight and info in the extras on this DVD...

    Here's hoping they made enough money for the sequel and prequel mentioned in the extras!!!...more info
  • Being a Sarah Brightman fan, not what I expected.
    Being a Sarah Brightman fan, it was not at all what I expected. I started watching the video and disappointed. Also the music is too "new" for me. But we all have to try something new from time to time....more info
  • great rock opera!
    i saw this movie once and i new i had to buy it!
    I love horror/gory/bloody movies and i also love musical, so it was the perfect movie for me!
    I think it's the best rock opera i've ever seen, very original and the music is amazing!...more info
  • repo! rock opera
    If you like gore (or maybe can simply stomach it - no pun intended) and if you dig movies that are eccentric and weird and dark and musical, check out Repo! The Genetic Opera.
    This film is amazing. It's the most original piece of work to come from a Hollywood director in nearly a decade. Darren Bousman is the director - a man of sequels and low-budget gross-out horror flicks. I hated the SAW films and I was a little apprehensive going into Repo! because I didn't know if I could handle the gore. But Repo! is an entirely different monster. It couples gore with absurd sound effects (kazoos, rubber bands snapping, comic-like effects) and musical numbers that are either moving or equally ridiculous. The lyrics, though somewhat awkward at moments, are THE movie's dialogue - they help move the story forward. Let me reiterate: THE LYRICS -ARE- THE DIALOGUE. This is an opera! Every word is basically sung, true to opera form.
    You can thank creators Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich, who envisioned a macabre opera about the underbelly of a society plagued with the need for plastic surgeries to perfect themselves and replace their dying organs - thanks to Neuro Overstimulation Syndrome, for this unique film.
    It started as a stage play and while much of the story is lost on translation to film due to budget limitations, it's a decent beginning to what will hopefully have more pieces put into the puzzle. The comic-book style panels are entrancing and help move the story along, giving the viewer a sort of auditory intermission. They help make up for what couldn't be filmed - again, due to limitations - and provide the film with another unique aspect.
    With players such as Paul Sorvino and Paris Hilton, one can only wonder what the hell Darren was thinking making this film. HOWEVER, these two names are NOT the star players in the film! Paris has only 12 minutes of actual screen time and Paul is merely a key background player, the villian of the story, a scorned lover bent on revenge. The real stars are Alexa Vega of "Spy Kids" fame, who lends her voice to many different styles of singing (punk rock, lamentation, jazz, etc) throughout the movie and holds her own as Shilo Wallace and Terrance Zdunich who plays the Graverobber and narrator. Graverobber has far too little screen time; much of the mid-story narration came only after filming was wrapped and added in to the film post-production. His vocals, while incredibly impressive, leave something desired if you've heard his stage play renditions of songs like "21st Century Cure." He doesn't display his vocal talent to it's full potential, but he does a fantastic job nonetheless holding his own against seasoned actors like Bill Moseley and Anthony Stewart Head.
    There won't be another film like this one unless it gets a real fan base going, so if you see it and want to see more, tell your friends to check out the DVD or blu-ray. Get the word out! Let's see more original films and less remakes....more info
  • Goth Opera, Rock Opera, Straight Opera...Who Cares When It's Great Opera!
    I loved this movie. Why I waited so long to see it is a mystery to me. I have to admit, I haven't watched an opera in many years. And the idea of rock opera in general is usually hit or miss. The exceptions being Jesus Christ Superstar, Tommy, and Quadrophenia. That said, this is one fine story. It's got it all. Death, lies, lost love, wayward children, and redemption. Alexa Vega is great as Shilo. Loved her in the Spy Kids movies and she was great in State's Evidence. She is a very strong character in this film. Anthony Head as Nathan, her father, is also very good. His change from father to Repo Man in just one sentence is chilling. Paul Sorvino as Rotti Largo was a revelation. What a great voice. Even Paris Hilton showed more than just a one dimensional character. As Amber Sweet, I even felt compassion for her at one point, and contempt for her the rest of the time. Also nice to see Bill Moseley in a part that seemed to be, pardon the pun, tailor made for him. The crowing glory was seeing and hearing Sarah Brightman as Blind Mag. What a voice, not just beautiful, but she has complete control of it. She owns it. Yes it is somewhat gory, but it just shows what most operas describe. After all, isn't good opera about almost everyone dying at the end? It was even left open ended, so there could be a sequel. But there doesn't really need to be. Highly recommended to all who love a good story, good music, good acting, and entertaining visuals....more info
  • dark musicals need work
    The imagery and ambiance was wonderful but the music left me disappointed. With so many great musicians all in one film, I guess I expected more, but they still don't seem to know how to make "dark" musicals sound good rather than cheesy....more info
  • Good premise, disappointing plot
    I loved most of the songs, the style of the city and the costumes of the more outrageous characters. The setting and the main premise are wonderful, the idea is brilliant and world is a dark, industrial delight.

    I hated the plot, which was predictably comfortable at best, banal at worst, and the characterisation, which was painfully 2D and made it hard to enjoy and empathise with Nate, Shilo, and the Largo family, who were an otherwise interesting cast.

    But in the end, I've watched it over 10 times since it arrived, and will watch it some more, because despite it's flaws it's a fun -very, very bloody- musical, and there's something irresistible about Repo! that I can watch over and over....more info
  • Repo! A Genetic Opera
    I thought this movie was awesome. It has some really great songs in it. Paris Hilton playing a junkie was hilarious....more info
  • Awesome and Refreshingly different, yet "I can't feel nothing at all!"
    OMG I went and saw this at the theater on a whim, had no idea what I was in for but I heard the names Anthony Head and Sarah Brightman, then heard Paris was in it and I was unsure. I fell in love and pre-ordered it the very next day along with the sound track. Well I am sure of this with all the talent in it even Paris can shine. Personally I think she found her nitch, sure she was essentially playing herself. Anthony surprised me again he's ability to change character was awesome. What can I say about Sarah she is stunning and I melt everytime I hear her sing. I hope they make the sequel and the prequel I have faith they can do it again. ...more info
  • A Surprisingly Great Movie
    I rented this the other day and was apprehensive at first. But by the end of the movie I was totally into it and now I can't get the music out of my head. Seriously try this one out; even Paris Hilton was tolerable (but then again she was playing a socialite from hell, so not much of a stretch there haha.) I definitely give it five stars and I can't wait to buy myself a copy!...more info
  • Is it the next Rocky horror? Maybe, maybe not
    Paris Hilton, Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sarah Brightman. Yeah, those are three people I never expected to see together for any purpose.

    The movie itself was ok. The plot was pretty standard - and even had some pretty major holes, but the overall quality of the film was excellent. The songs are infectious and leaves you wanting more (kind of like Zydrate).

    As far as the cast, all top notch. Anthony Stewart Head really shows how good of an actor he has become. And here's a stretch - Paris Hilton plays a spoiled heiress addicted to plastic surgery. Imagine that!...more info
  • Repo The Most Unique Opera
    Repo is a one of a kind experience.
    It is not for people that can not handle some gore...
    The story is captivating, and the songs will be stuck in your head.
    Repo! The Genetic Opera...more info
  • "Genetic Perfection" Taken to a whole new level!
    So I'm one to notice that alot of users review the movie and not the product, I am not one of these users. As far as Repo! The Genetic Opera goes, I loved it. The soundtrack was top notch (Singing "Night Surgeon" right now), the Acting (Especially on Nathan/ Repo Mans part. Thanks Mr. Head.)was really good. Gore was placed well and needed, and overall the feel was very original. I love this F***ing Rock Opera!

    Now the product. Repo BD does alot more than its DVD counterpart ever would think about doing. first visually, its stunning, Clear picture, details are shown easily, and effects glow off the screen. Sound is incredble. Perfectly synced (unlike a few tiny parts in the DVD) and with 5.1 its like your actually watching a theatre opera. The special features are impressive, and there are much more on the BD then the DVD. Sing alongs, commentaries, making of, stories behind scenes, and deleted scenes. Yes you finally get to see whats going on in "Needle Through a Bug"! (although if your like me you'll probably be more confused)

    Heres my Prognosis, will this BD live? Without a Doubt!

    ...more info
  • Re-Pwn!
    I bought this movie on a whim and I'm so glad I did. The cleverly scripted graverobber sets the plot with a very catchy opening song in this goth&gore-filled musical. All preformers did a wonderful job; I especially enjoyed watching the Repo Man sing as he "operates" on his patients. The story moves along with no boring parts. There is this one song, very teeny-bopper wannabe rock-ish that threw off the tone of the movie, but I think it was meant to piss you off because the little ingrate singing it gets shown their place. I had hoped for a bit more killing, but it's ok because the bloody scenes were executed with power and brilliance! If you're deciding between DVD or Blu-ray, go with Blu-ray, the price difference is small and the jump in quality is worth it for this movie....more info
  • Feeling Dizzy
    The music is spectacular. The design is beyond amazing. I do have a couple of problems with this though... The shots were all way too fast. Out of the entire movie, the longest shot was 26 seconds. It didn't stay on anyone long enough to capture their emotions. My other problem is with the girl playing Shilo. She can sing but was made to sing a little flat the entire movie for the sake of sounding punkish. Her part would've been so much better. A notable performance in this is that of Anthony Steward Head. He switches completely between his two personalities flawlessly....more info
  • amazing
    This is probably one of the best movies i have seen in my life i bought it 3 weeks ago and havent gone one day without watching it i like it so much i went out and bought the soundtrack

    ...more info
  • Bloody Opera Fun!
    The songs- some are mediocre, some are well written. Sarah Brightman is fantastic, as is Terrence, Anthony Head and Alexis. Paris is even tolerable but she looks very uncomfortable in her own skin (which is ironic). I loved the story, I loved the gore, and it is visual eyecandy for fans of Saw, The Crow, Sin City, Dark City, Bladerunner, and anyone who loves seeing the world gone to hell in a handbasket.

    I don't recomend seeing this in theaters due to the fans have turned it into the next Rocky Horror Picture show and it's really annoying. But if you have a home projector, it's best on a larger screen!...more info
  • You've never seen anything like this
    I got this film expecting it to be a really really bad movie. I was wrong. While it's not a great cinematic masterpiece, it is a very unique entry into the rock opera genre. One that is worth seeing.
    Sure like a lot of rock operas, the majority of lyrics make little sense as a song because they are ment to convey the dialouge of the film but the music that accompany those lyrics is excellent.
    What is really surprising is the cast and sets. They seem to preform their roles well. The cast amazed me by their singing talents for the most part. They seem to make the roles their own. Sets were done on a shoestring budget but look a lot more elaberate than most would expect.
    This film was a labor of love for the two creators and unlike most films looked at like this, they pulled it off where it would be entertaining.
    Set roughly 50 years in the future, organ replacements have become a fashion statement. They can be financed like you would a home or car. And like anything financed, if you miss your payments, they become subject for reposession. The company responsible for providing these financed organs is GeneCo owned by the Largo family. However the head of that Largo family is dying and feels his children are not suitable to inherit his company.
    Enter Shilo Wallace, a young 17 year-old girl who has a blood disease and her doctor father, Nathan. Nathan has cared for Shilo since birth, after her mother passed away in child birth. However Nathan has a few dark secrets he is keeping from Shilo. The biggest is that his real job is the feared Repoman for GeneCo.
    Then there is Blind Mag, a gifted singer who is known as the voice of GeneCo. She wants out of her contract with GeneCo however there is a high price for her to pay if she leaves. One that can cost her everything.
    Find out how the tapsetry of these people's lives weave together with the final threads being sown together at the Genetic Opera.
    Who will inherit GeneCo, will Shilo find out Nathan's secrets, and will Blind Mag manage to get out of her contract? All these will be answered at the opera tonight....more info
  • Very interesting
    A rock opera for the new millenium. A horror movie/musical. Overall this movie falls a little flat in terms of the story. It's somewhat silly and obviously just an excuse to show a lot of blood/guts/and violence. So Be forewarned. With that said, 'Repo' is still quite an entertaining movie. The music, the style, the costumes, sets , cinematography, editing, and the acting (with a few exceptions)all come together beautifully to keep the movie moving along nicely. And what a treat to see the great Sarah Brightman in a supporting role. If you break the movie down, 'Repo' has many wonderful scenes, and a few absolutely amazing scenes. And the music is pretty great too for the most part. Might not be to everyones taste, but if you keep an open mind and crave something unique, give it a go. ...more info
  • Really under rated movie
    This movie is full of stars and is almost unknown! What other movie do you get to watch Paris Hilton's face fall off in? It's a fun movie to watch when you're looking for something eccentric. The vocals are amazing and the songs are very catchy. Highly suggest it to anyone who liked Rocky Horror, I feel that this is way better than it. For a blu-ray less than 20 bucks? Check it out, you'll probably like it. ...more info
  • Goth musical worth every penny!
    Simply put, Repo:The Genetic Opera is a musical created for the Goth subculture. Great acting, fun songs, crazy plot, violent images, creepy lighting, excelent make-up....a verry entertaining film. For fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Sweeney Todd:The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street....more info
  • I'm infected
    This movie, my goodness. I love it so much. I haven't been able to get the music out of my head since the first time I saw it and I've watched it so many times since buying it. Yes, this movie is a little different. It's not for everyone, but it is truly amazing. What I wouldn't give to see this movie done live Rocky Horror Picture style......more info
  • dark,but amazing!
    i didn't know if i would like this movie,(director of SAW !)but i LOVED IT!when i heard it was coming out on dvd,i had to have it.i have watched it twice now,and i will watch it over and over again. i did not like the character,shilo,weak ,whiny etc.but the rest of the movie was a classic.a great movie!the songs get stuck in my mind,every time i watch this movie....more info
  • Wonderful!
    This movie is worth a watch if you like music and don't mind a little blood. It' very good. And the music is amazing! It's so great! I love this movie!...more info
  • Not For The Squeamish!
    "Repo! The Genetic Opera", is an excellent horror film in the musical format of an opera! Many people will try to compare this to the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in the same way non-Epicureans will describe new food encounters by saying "it tastes like chicken." When everybody knows that even turkey doesn't taste like chicken. But due to inexperience, we have nothing else to compare it to.
    This is not a movie you would want to watch with the children. The violence is not implied, It is very graphic, with copious quantities of blood and gore. There are also scenes of partial frontal nudity and in certain scenes the lyrics are unrestrained and contain the F-bomb, but not to a gratuitous level.
    The musical score is an excellent heavy metal cornucopia, with throbbing bass lines and virtuoso guitar leads. The acting comes through on a professional level; in spite of any preconceived notions you may have about Paris Hilton's abilities.
    The costumes are excellent and effective in communicating the somber mood of the movie.
    The set and setting of the movie are in the future and parallels today's mortgage banking quagmire. Say, you go to the hospital to have a life-saving procedure performed, a kidney, heart, liver or lung Transplant. And the surgery company's (GENECO) high-pressure sales staff talks you into some expensive upgrades(facelift, breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, etc...) all on credit. But don't worry you'll be able to afford it because, now you are "one of the beautiful people".
    As an added assurance they give you a presurgery drug that GENECO developed (suppoedly to simplify the surgery) called ZYDRATE. It is actually a highly addictive patented compound extracted from dead humans. GENECO has used its considerable political clout to make it illegal for any non-surgery purpose. In reality it is used to make people keep coming back to get more surgery just to get the drug (and a vicious cycle begins).
    But whatever you do, don't miss a single payment, or the surgery company GENECO will send out their collection agents to perform a "repo". But at that point they are no longer interested in your money. They want to collect(repossess)the anatomy parts that you purchased. And they are licensed to do it anywhere they find you, in the streets, in a dark alley, at a restaurant, in your bed or at the theater. During this surgery there are no drugs of any kind. There's just you the repoman and a scalpel.
    I do not presume to speak for everyman, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. And I hope you will also!...more info