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Joe Tompkins was having a bad day at the office: boring meetings, pointless assignments, and this feeling that he was being watched. When he could take no more, he did what anyone would do. He knocked out his co-worker with a keyboard and escaped.

From cube-dwelling author Josh McMains comes a dark comedy that brings conspiracy back to corporate America. Uncubicled follows the drastic series of events that would take one man from his mid-level desk job to an elaborate getaway from the long arm of the law—and perhaps something even more sinister.

Along the way, Joe crosses paths with former friends whose destinies have been intertwined from the start. Joe encounters mystery, adventure, and car trouble as he struggles to find out what he was always meant to do and who, exactly, wants him dead.

And you thought YOUR job sucked.

Customer Reviews:

  • Interesting ideas.
    Josh McMains takes you on an interesting ride in his book, Uncubicled. I felt a bit adrift, initially but soon caught on to his pacing and direction... or, so I thought. Twists and turns. Unexpected theme becomes clear in the last half of the book. This book is not about "the job" or the "cubicle" as initially thought. Who really IS in control?...more info
  • For 99 cents on Kindle, I was VERY pleasantly surprised!
    I am into books that delve into office humor (for instance, I loved "The Management Secrets of T. John Dick"). I saw the title of this book and in error I thought it was office humor, so for the 99 cent price on Kindle, I gave it a shot.

    I was completely wrong about what it was all about -- but I still really enjoyed it, especially for the price. If you own a Kindle and are into action or conspiracy type novels at all, it's definitely worth a buy.

    It's really an action & conspriacy story that kept me guessing most of the way through, with just a bit of nerdiness mixed in for those of us working in information technology. I recently read "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez and would compare this to that. Although it started off just a bit slow & the author spent a little too much time in spots dwelling on the thoughts and emotions of the characters, overall the action moved along at a good clip and the story kept me very interested all the way through. The comparisons to "24" that I saw in other reviews are valid, as the author jumps around a little bit between different time periods (sort of like putting a jigsaw puzzle together for the reader along the way).

    I don't regret my purchase at all. Can't beat the price for what turned out to be a solid story....more info
  • Unexpected twists
    At first the book is a little slow-paced but then it picks up pretty fast. I liked reading as the story unfolded and new discoveries of the puzzle were put into place. This is what kept my interest.

    The ending made perfect sense and I think that is exactly how the author should have ended it. It would have been funny to include Dr. Pepper as a tool in the Agency's plan all along.

    :) good read, thanks...more info
  • Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride.
    The beginning of the book was one of the most unique I've ever seen and though the time-shifting was disorienting at first, I found it useful as a plot device.

    The epilogue, IMHO really should be the start of a sequel book. Some of the characters it brought to somewhat happy conclusions weren't characters I particularly cared about and for one, it removed a major motivator for her character development through the book.

    It is a great read and definitely worth the price....more info
  • like literary crack waiting to be smoked...
    Somehow I found a link to the website promoting the book online last week and read the first twenty pages or so (available for free) and was immediately hooked. I then bought the $2.00 pdf version from the site, which I highly recommend doing. Not that the book is not worth paying full retail price, the $2.00 pdf is just a great value. And even better, if you wanted to you could stick it to the man and print it from work! This is the only full book I have read straight from pdf, at first it was annoying trying to read from pdf but then I got used to it. So about the book...

    This is a fun, action-packed book. A solid read, very well written and well edited. It's worth noting that the title is a bit misleading. This book is a hipster techno-suspense-thriller, not a Dilbert, Office Space, The Office novel meant to relate to average cube dwellers. If you hate modern, jargon laden, high-tech thrillers you might not really like it that much, but for $2.00 it's worth a try anyway. This book is like the Matrix meets 24 meets Hackers. It also reminded me of the 2005 novel The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks, in the since that you can totally tell the author was writing a novel that he wants to be made into a TV show or a movie so he can make a boat load of money. If you want a fast-paced, cutting edge, tech-heavy novel then this book is for you.

    The key to enjoying this book is suspension of disbelief. Improbable stuff happens on almost every page. Yes, the bad guys and the good guys have unlimited resources and too many things that happen rely on a string of impossible events all absurdly linked together, but somehow it works and works well. I don't really want to get too wrapped up in plot description but it kind of goes like this: Two best friends get involved in a crazy, black ops conspiracy that involves a secret terrorist organization, mind-control, a computer virus and lots of guns and many, many plot twists. The author managed to make these literary conventions work without feeling too forced, primarily because he took the time to develop the characters and laid out some original concepts. If (when) they make this into a movie or TV show it will be awesome.

    I gave this book four stars because although it is a great book you kind of have this vague feeling like you have seen or read it all before. It feels slightly formula driven and people like me that have seen way too many movies and watched way too much TV might feel the same. But do yourself a favor and buy the $2.00 pdf version today.
    ...more info
    Fantastic read, cleverly written, action packed, thought provoking, and it easily maintained my interest throughout the entire book! (Note: I only make it through the 1st couple of chapters in most books) Reading it made me feel like I was watching a J.J Abrams show like Alias or LOST.

    The book is quite compelling even when relating to us cube dwellers. As a fellow cube dweller I often daydream of an exciting adventure, this book takes my most exciting and interesting daydream * 1000!
    Many thanks to the author for providing me such unparalleled entertainment!...more info
  • An interesting book for all cubicle workers
    This is a great book for anyone who works in a cubicle or has a technical type job. It is filled with techy details even though most of the book takes place outside of an office. It does a great job with the non-linear story telling, is filled with action, and keeps you guessing the entire book. I think it would make a TV series.

    If you are fan of "Fight Club", "Pulp Fiction", or "24" you will enjoy this book....more info
  • Quick & Enjoyable Read
    It took a chapter or two to familiarize myself with the authors writing style, but after that was accomplished, this book was fantastic. There are many plot twists and turns that keep you intrigued the entire book. This is not meant to be a life changing book, but is perfect for a little time away from everything so you can really be entertained. If you are thinking about purchasing Uncubicled for the Kindle, it is money WELL spent. Kudos to Mr. McMains on a well written book....I am looking forward to the sequel....more info
  • Fun summer read
    It's a combines cube farm whit a little sci-fi, plus a lot of high-tech political espionage. It kept me on my toes, and I had fun reading it. This fits the bill as a good summer read! ...more info
  • Great read!
    I found the book a little wordy at first, but the action quickly picked up! Lots of twists and turns...just when I thought I had the whole picture, the view changed!! For your first book, I was very pleased and am looking forward to a sequel!!
    Congratulations, Robert!...more info
  • Pretty decent..
    It sure sounds like the previous review was written by the author himself...as the review mentions the same things as the website trying to sell the book.

    It was a pretty decent book, but nothing amazing....more info
  • Great read
    Full disclosure. The author is a coworker of mine which is what made me initially buy a copy of the book. I started the book with low expectations but was immediately sucked in. As a Kindle owner, I purchased a second copy of the book to finish reading it as an eBook.

    This book is packed with twists and turns, and as soon as you think you know what is going on there is another development. The book is full of characters that I can personally identify with, but they are put in extraordinary circumstances.

    I highly recommend giving this book a read....more info
  • I'm loving this book
    Once I got past the first few chapters I realized that this book was going to be much more than the awkward autobiography I was expecting. So much for preconceptions. I've enjoyed the storytelling style and inventiveness very much. I especially enjoyed the surprises. The plot is complicated and plausible.

    I'm very much looking forward to more from this author....more info
  • Unexpected twists
    At first the book is a little slow-paced but then it picks up pretty fast. I liked reading as the story unfolded and new discoveries of the puzzle were put into place. This is what kept my interest.

    The ending made perfect sense and I think that is exactly how the author should have ended it. It would have been funny to include Dr. Pepper as a tool in the Agency's plan all along.

    :) good read, thanks...more info
  • Smacked a Gilmore lately?
    This is the book for anyone who has ever felt a cubicle sucking the life out of them. Who hasn't had an annoying co-worker that talked too loud, smelt bad or just took up too much time? There is a bit of humor at the beginning that drew me in and then sadly disappeared for much of the rest of the book. The book turns into a spy vs. spy novel with enough twists and turns of the plot to keep you trying to figure out what will happen next. I wish there had been just a little more silliness sprinkled in with the tech stuff. Maybe Dr. Pepper could toss in a printable coupon. I recommend the book and will look forward to more by the author. ...more info
  • Holds your attention
    This book started out with Dilbert-like humor, readily enjoyed by any office-worker. Although the title really only ties in at the beginning and end, the middle holds your attention and supplies unexpected twists. My only complaint is that the wrap-up in the final chapter left me feeling unsatisfied and looks like a set-up for a sequel. Overall, though, a very good read (and, yes, I'll also buy the sequel)....more info
  • Very suspense-filled, but disjointed
    Uncubicled starts out with one of the best beginnings of any book I've read. It's hilarious, totally predictable in places, and completely UNpredictable in others, and the mystery starts from the very beginning.

    The book is thoroughly gripping, and usually hard to put down. Plot twists and turns abound, and a fair number of jarring revelations occur. There is humor, too, especially in the first third of the book.

    The book has a nonlinear timeline. At times, this is made somewhat explicit: "Monday 5PM" might occur earlier in the book than "Monday 2:13PM". At times, it is less explicit. It's an interesting device, but overused. I found myself almost wanting to take notes sometimes: I'd pick up the book, see a chapter number and a random time staring at me, and have to flip back to prior chapters to compare timestamps to see where this fit in to the chronology.

    As the book progresses, these jumps in place and time are often used to introduce the backstory of a character. At first, that was interesting and sometimes even heightened the suspense. But by the time we shifted from a gripping scene to suddenly a farm in Indiana some hours earlier, it has passed from interesting, through annoying, all the way to downright frustrating. I usually took my cue to stop reading Uncubicled at those points, instead of staying up later into the night to find out what happens as I would have otherwise. It was too annoying to be ripped out of an engaging plot for awhile, frustrating at having to keep the chronology straight in my mind. Though I can't deny it was an effective and interesting device at times, it was just overused.

    I found the ending a real letdown. I'm not one of those people that tends to enjoy a book where you think everything has been resolved, and then on the last page or two suddenly realize that it hasn't. I would have been happier if it ended before the epilogue. As it is, I feel like I'm being suckered into reading the sequel. Which I will probably do anyway, though with less enthusiasm than if I hadn't been suckered into it. And I say that even though a sequel doesn't exist yet. It feels THAT strongly.

    In all, it feels like one of the recent James Bond movies: so action-packed, time- and place-shifting, that it holds your attention, but never lets you really figure out what the story even is until later. I'm not sure I really like that.

    But, I've got to say this: the author strikes me as a really interesting guy. Josh has some novel ways of promoting the book and making his entrance into the world of publishing. I hope he continues writing, continues working in unconventional ways. Although I'm not giving this an entirely glowing review, I think it *is* a promising first novel for Josh. I hope he keeps at it, and I look forward to reading his future work.

    As to the rating: at the beginning of the book, I thought I'd be giving it 5 stars. By the time I got to the end, it was a debate between three or four. I initially gave it a 3, but after thinking about it, I'd rather give it a 4... but Amazon won't let me change that.

    One other comment: the Kindle version had somewhat odd formatting. There was no indication of a new paragraph: no indentation, no line breaks. It made it hard to read at first, though I adjusted by the end. Still, that ought to be fixed.

    Highly recommended to anyone. I'm glad I read it....more info