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Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer
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Product Description

Wireless Office All-In-One Printer with 2.5" LCD & Built-in Two-sided copying and printing

  • Fully-Integrated 35-sheet Auto Document Feeder for rapid built-in two-sided document copying and scanning
  • Super G3 High-speed fax with memory to store 100 coded speed dials and up to 250 incoming pages when receiving ITU-T No. 1 Chart
  • Various security features including password protected PDFs

Customer Reviews:

  • Canon after 9 year HP G85 use
    setup was little funny but it was done after reading the manual something mac user hate to do.
    excellent out put the body feels little bit flimsy specially paper tray....more info
  • Works with Vista 64 bit
    I replaced a Linksys WPSM54G Wireless-G Multifunction PrintServer connected to a Canon MP780 with the WiFi enabled Canon PIXMA MX860, and am very pleased with it so far. I had no trouble connecting the MX860 printer to my WPA2 protected WiFi network at home (using an Apple AirPort). Even better, Canon's software works on all Microsoft Windows versions, including Vista 64, as well as MacOS. Installing the print driver on a Vista 64, Vista 32, and MacOS machine went very smoothly.

    You DO need to follow the setup instructions carefully (it's not complicated, but follow each step properly and you won't have any issues), but once it's all setup, wireless printing works flawlessly. The printer itself is quiet, relatively speedy, and has good print quality....more info
  • MX860 works very well for me
    I was looking for an AIO printer that would work well with PCs and Macs, be capable of wired or wireless networking, support solid photo printing, have auto document feed (ADF), and do 2-sided printing. This machine does all of these very well.
    Setup was very easy. I used the USB connection to my iMac for setup and it was very quick. My house is wired with CAT5 ethernet and I have a router right by the printer, so I connected it with the wired interface. Laptops in the house have been able to connect easily via the router/wireless access points in the house. The instructions make a very big deal about the installation of the print head. Gee, it was trivial...not sure what the hoopla was about.
    Print quality has been very good; no complaints there. Paper handling seems fine. Print speed is pretty speedy (didn't measure it, but it seems quick). I do notice a significant delay (20 secs?) between submitting a print job from my computer and the printer actually waking up and beginning to work; not sure what that's about. Once it starts printing though, it does great. 2-sided printing works great too.
    Copy/scan quality seems fine. I elected to darken copies just a bit for personal preference. I was a bit disappointed to find out it doesn't automatically handle 2-sided copying (or at least I haven't figured it out)...have to copy each side separately.
    User interface through the control panel seems easy enough and it's well lit.
    Overall, I'm quite happy with it!...more info
  • Canon Pixma MX860 all-in-one printer
    worked as advertized, the duplex functions (scanning or printing)are very helpful, and once you have it, you'll wonder why you ever did without. haven't tried the wireless (I am afraid of sending the document contents to someone else's printer), but don't need to. . .
    get this if you want an all in one inkjet. . . none better at this price....more info
  • Great all in one with easy setup !
    This thing does it all well ! Print, fax, scan, copy all at very high quality. The key differentiators are wireless printing and duplex printing. Setup it relatively simple and quick. Only small complaint is the size. I wish it was smaller but its packed full of features and worth the price. Good job by Canon....more info
  • Great printer!!!
    I love this printer. I use a Mac and a PC and this is the only way I can easily print from both computers wirelessly. It is very high quality....more info
  • Love this Printer.
    I have only had this AIO for about a month, but so far I absolutely love it. I don't use the fax feature on it so don't have any problems with that. The copier doesn't print the first 1/4 inch of a document, but if you really need that 1/4 inch you can always scan, save and then print. A little annoying, but all the other features of this printer are great. I have no reservations on recommending to people to buy this printer. Quality is excellent in both text and photo. Pictures look like they came from the photo store. It was easy to set up, I was printing in about 45 minutes from the time I opened the box. ...more info
  • Not Impressive
    Just purchased this printer (not from Amazon), and I am really disappointed. I have owned Canon printers previously, and found them outstanding. The last printer I had was an Epson R-320 that was a really good printer that just wore out.

    Here are my first thoughts on this printer that I bought yesterday, and installed today.

    -I would agree with the people who earlier complained about the poor quality of included documentation

    -With a small amount of difficulty, I was able to get wireless network printing set up on my Mac desktop, but have not been able to get the print drivers set up on my Windows laptop so I can print from it as well.

    -Worst of all, I find the photo printing on plain paper to be of marginal quality at best

    I would consider returning the printer were it not for the fact that I had to remove about 30 pieces of orange tape that held the various moving parts of the printer together. IOW, it isn't like returning a screwdriver, and I don't want to return an item that is in a very different state than when I bought it.

    I still am a fan of Canon products. I wouldn't buy a camera from anyone but Canon, but when it comes to the MX 860, I wish I had looked for something comparable, or even without wireless network printing, from Epson....more info
  • Great printer for the money.
    I purchased this printer after doing alot of research. I had purchased a really nice digital SLR camera and wanted a printer that could produce the quality images that my camera was capturing. I am so impressed. The photos are awesome. They are clear and colorful and loaded with detail. The printer also has individual cartridges for each color so that you can replace only the color that runs out. This will save money. Also, there is a paper tray for regular paper and another area for photo paper so that you do not have to switch back and forth. You can insert your memory card directly into the printer and see your images on the LCD. You can print from there.

    I am not much of a computer genius so I was really impressed with the ease of installation. I did not use the wireless option. I probably had it unpacked, connected and working within one hour.

    If you are looking for a really nice, multipurpose, easy to use printer that produces amazing prints, I would highly recommend this printer. It won't break the bank either....more info
  • Thoughtfully Designed and Wonderfully Executed!
    I purchased this printer, having not known much about it. Boy, what a pleasant surprise! It does everything I want (print, duplex print, photo print, scan from glass, scan from feeder), easily, and over a wireless connection. What's more, it scans to a memory card -- really handy when you don't want to install drivers on a computer.

    The software that came with the printer installed with hardly a hiccup, both on my Mac and on my (VMWare Fusion VM) PC. It works well -- no weird "exceptions" to the print/scan OTA process. There's plenty of room for ink (5 cartridges, including a low- and a high- capacity black). To top it all off, the printer itself is really pretty.

    Downside? It's a bit slow. Duplex prints take a while.

    Other than that, a well-done machine. I just wish there was an equivalent, well-executed laser model....more info
  • Quality piece of equipment
    Full disclosure - I have this device USB attached to a Windows XP machine, and cannot comment about use in other environments.

    I was very impressed with this device from the moment I used the built-in handles in the interior plastic shipping bag to lift the unit out of the box. It is sturdy, full featured, well documented, and best of all it just works. There is a ton of shipping/packing tape on the unit to hold various components in place during shipping, which took a while to remove but was appreciated. USB cable is included although it's not very long (retailer led me to believe it wasn't included and tried to sell me one.) The manual, written in English (as opposed to Chinglish or some other variant) is clear and well organized, with sections on setting up on a Mac vs Windows (and where appropriate, Vista vs. XP), and connected with USB vs. wired LAN vs. wireless LAN. NOTE: Unit cannot be connected via both wired and wireless LAN simultaneously. There is a separate manual titled "Network Setup Troubleshooting" and I'd recommend that the person who complained they couldn't make it work on their network read this (and yes it's more detailed than simply "Check the cable" or "reboot"). I also appreciate the bright LCD display with little icons in the corner for the amount of ink remaining in each of the 5 cartridges....more info
  • An Incredible Improvement
    After years of frustration and struggle, I replaced my HP with this Canon and am absolutely delighted. We use a moderately sophisticated Mac home system, multiple Airports on a secure WDS setup for Macs of varying ages and sophistication. I used the UBS patchcord for setting up the machine, which was as simple as expected. Getting the Canon on the WDS was much more difficult, until I went on Canon's website and found up-to-date instructions tailored to Macs. (I believe the printed instructions with the machine were ported over from the Wintel environment.)

    Once up and running, though, seamless! Copy, perfect. Fax, faster and much more straightforward. Print, yep, any machine from anywhere on the property. Brochure paper, no sweat. 4 x 6 photos, perfect.

    Just incredibly cool, plug and play....more info
  • the jury is out
    --very fine quality print
    --copier will duplex
    --3 ways to insert copy

    --paper drawer is clumsy to pull out,
    and definitely obnoxious to put back in;
    the drawer gets hung up
    --fax was not simple to install;
    I had to call for help;
    still not working properly;
    one can hear fax ringing on phone when trying
    to talk to caller who is not faxing us.
    --after 2 weeks use, all 4 color ink cartridges
    that came with macine are empty

    New User...more info
  • Do not attempt wireless setup without the manual
    Our setup: MacBook w/Leopard, MacBook Pro w/Tiger, same MacBook Pro w/XP in Parallels. All connected wirelessly w/WPA password security.

    WARNING: RTFM truly applies here. If you attempt to set up wireless printing without following the manual step-by-step, there's a good chance you'll end up cursing your printer. This takes some patience as the manual is written like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Time-consuming, but it works!

    I started with the MacBook, attaching the USB cable when instructed, installing from the CD when instructed, etc. There was one bit that confused me slightly in the "register the printer" section, but I just closed the browser window that came up and carried on without issue. Printing works like a charm.

    Next I installed the software from the CD onto the MacBook Pro, which involved far fewer steps because the printer was already on the network, ready to be seen as soon as I rebooted with the software installed. No USB cable required.

    The hardest part was getting printing to work from XP in Parallels, but it wasn't Canon's fault. The solution came from the Parallels manual, which specifies a very specific network configuration in order to get network printing to work. Since we've got an old version of Parallels, I won't muddy the issue by describing the settings here: suffice it to say that if you install the Canon software in Windows and find that your printer can't be found, it's probably a Parallels network configuration issue. Again, no USB cable required.

    I haven't tried scanning yet, but everything else has been working great, with good quality prints, and very reasonable resolution on copies. For the price, it's amazing how much they've fit into the package without any of the components being inadequate to the task. Especially love auto-duplex!

    Aside from the one-time challenges of wireless setup, the only issue we've encountered thus far is that a paper jam from the bottom tray was reported by the printer as "No paper in tray." Getting the paper out was easy enough: remove the paper tray and tilt the entire printer back a bit. Not even bothersome enough to warrant a one-star penalty....more info
  • I love this printer. The Swiss Army Knife of Printers!
    This machine is absolutely incredible. While it's footprint is not as small as some other all-in-ones, you are getting a boatload of functionality that far outweigh it's size.

    Right off the bat I loved the look of this machine -- the silver and black casing is attractive and is a lot nicer looking than an industrial white or bone colored machine. From a usability standpoint, the buttons are well-marked and the machine is easy to use once you understand it's paper tray layout scheme. I had to read the manual to understand where the basic 8x11" tray was. I always like to try to use a piece of equipment without the quick start guides but I had to DIG to find out where the main tray was. It's under the unit and is quite thin--this might be one of the only physical drawbacks I found.

    Once I got the unit hooked up to my secure WEP network, the printer worked like a charm. The directions are relatively clear in the Quick Start Manual but I found more clarity in the manual that is contained on the CD-Rom that is included with the drivers and the utilities. Once connected, the wireless access is very cool. Not that this cannot be done with "sharing" through Windows ... the difference is, you don't have to have a computer connected to your printer. That's a huge plus and a very nice feature.

    I printed documents that were double-sided and photos as well as greeting cards from a Canon web page included in the Canon Solution Menu (a little task bar that opens on your desktop). I have used Canon scanners, cameras and printers since the mid-90's when "Bubble Jet" printers were the rage. I love the brand and this printer does not disappoint.

    Update April 12, 2009: I have been using the copying function and the scanning function (this scanner is the quickest I have ever used). The copies are clear as well as the scans. AWESOME.

    For the money, it's a great machine! Highly recommend it without reservation.

    ...more info
  • Quality Printer
    I bought this printer to work on a wireless network along side a 24" iMac. The wireless setup was pretty advanced for the non-experienced user in my opinion. I found detailed instructions specific for Mac on the Canon website. This helped me finally get everything working. If your just planning on using USB, setup is a breeze as usually with a Mac.

    The printing, copying, scanning, and faxing all work perfectly. I have had no problems with the fax picking up during phone calls. My only complaint is that the color screen on the printer seems to have a mind of it's own. Sometimes it will stay lit for days at a time and then go to sleep only to come on again for no reason. Not sure why it does that. ...more info
  • A well designed printer, with one not-so-minor problem...
    The Canon MX-860, with one important exception, is an all-in-one printer designed for home or small business. The printing is fast, sharp and clear. The auto-document feeder scans both sides of the page, a tremendous time saver when you work with two-sided originals. Couple that with duplex-printing and it's trivial to reproduce two-sided forms and documents. The network connectivity also works the month I've had the printer, it's operated flawlessly in a mixed Mac/Windows environment on both wireless and wired networks. Unfortunately, the problem - a design oversight in the fax firmware - is a serious one that affects the MX-860's usability in a typical home office.

    Let's look at the MX-860 on a piece-by-piece basis ...

    The Canon MX-860 uses a set of five ink cartridges for printing. Two of the cartridges are black, with the other three being the typical Magenta/Cyan/Yellow set. The printed output is easily sharp enough to be used for business letters; it almost rivals laser printers in quality. To save paper, the printer has built-in duplexing. I haven't measured it, but single-sided printing speed is quite good...I suspect that the 38 pound weight of the printer is due to some good size motors pulling the paper and moving the printhead around. Printing in duplex mode is quite a bit slower. To avoid smearing, the printer waits for the first-side to dry before printing the second side.

    Photographs have good tonal gradation and overall appearance, however they don't equal those from a high-end printer that's specifically designed to print photographs. The difference, though, is slight and everybody has liked the prints that I've made. The printer has the usual slots on the front to allow you to insert your camera's memory cards.

    Whoopee! Duplex scanning! Have you ever tried to scan a stack of two sided pages? And get them merged into one file in the right order? I tried. Once. Then I went out and paid $400 for a dedicated scanner (the Fujitsu ScanSnap S510). With duplex scanning capability on the MX-860, I wouldn't have needed to do that. You put the papers in the feeder, tell the printer that it's a two-sided original and push the button.

    Outgoing faxing works fine. The faxes seem to get there. However, the designers of the incoming fax system missed an extremely important need to be able to specify the number of rings before the fax machine answers. Without that feature, it's almost impossible for the machine to peacefully co-exist with your phone service in a single line household. You can set it to always pick up the phone or to never pick it up, but you can't set it to answer unattended after five or six rings! Hopefully this will be addressed in a future firmware release. (Note that this omission is unimportant if you have a dedicated fax number.)

    Networking and Setup
    I had no problems getting both the wireless and wired network up and running. The setup is simple and straight forward. You'll need a USB cable to get the wireless network configured. It may be possible to wirelessly configure the wireless network, but there are certain insanities that even I won't try. You can only use one network - wired or wireless - at once. As I mentioned in the intro, it comes with both Macintosh and Windows software. Getting it to work on my additional networked computers was as simple as inserting the DVD and running the install program.

    You know that ubiquitous orange tape that printer manufactures use to hold everything together? It's there in spades. I wish I owned that franchise. Otherwise, it looks like the printer should ship well. It's well isolated with plenty of molded styrofoam.

    In summary, this is my fourth Canon printer and probably the twentieth printer that I've owned. Outside of the faxing issue, it works great. The duplex scanning and printing are valued additions and real time savers...I would have given it a solid five stars if it wasn't for the faxing problem. I haven't used the printer enough to get a sense of long-term reliability; after a couple of thousand sheets of paper, it's been jam free and solid....more info
  • Ok printer only
    I purchased this machine to replace an old HP inkjet printer. I didn't plan on using the fax function, but wanted to take advantage of the scanning capabiilities. It seems to have a problem that I can't figure out. When I use the ADF, (Auto Document Feeder), to scan, the first page scans fine, but the subsequent pages get jammed. (so frustrating). So I really can't use it the way I had hoped. As far has the printing, it's adequate. I don't use it for anything other than for inter-departmental use. I prefer the quality of a color laser for all documents that will be sent out of the department or company....more info
  • Junk!
    Setup is a nightmare under Vista!

    Downloaded the newest drivers from the Canon website.

    Wifi: doesn't work. Can't find support for WPA.
    LAN: doesn't work either, no idea why. I tried to type the ip address into the find printer dialog, still can't find it.
    USB: printing works but not scanning

    I can't believe I paid 200.- for a usb printer :(...more info
  • Novice owner
    Gosh, looking at these detailed reviews is unbelievably impressive and intimidating. Recently, I had to update my home computer system after 7yrs w/ my Dell desktop dying slowly and forced to upgrade my peripherals. Bought the new laptop 12/08 and finally two months later purchased my AIO after reading numerous horror stories ranging from failed installation to the multifunction printers eating documents or just not turning on. Wireless installation was seamless, which for me was the area of most concern after the nightmare w/ a netgear router. I've used most of the functions except the photo printing & faxing, and very satisfied w/ the copying and printing. Printing quality, I'd rate it above average. Its a bit pricey, $200, but free shipping made the purchase more tenable. I'd recommend purchasing the pixma 860 overall. Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer...more info
  • Flexible; excellent photo prints; overall good product
    This printer has a lot of features, such as 2-sided printing and document feeder. I'm using it on our home local area network. It works well when accessed from 64-bit and 32-bit Windows Vista machines; and from an older XP machine too. The photo print quality is excellent, even on non-Canon photo paper. It can feed and print on quite heavy photo paper because the 2nd (rear) paper tray has a "direct" path that doesn't bend the paper.

    The scanner is restricted to 600 dpi when used with the document feeder, but can scan higher resolution from single sheets placed manually on the glass. (600 dpi is completely satisfactory for most purposes.) The MX860 is very satisfactory for home use. An artist or graphics professional would want a dedicated scanner to capture the absolute maximum amount of image detail.

    All-in-one devices necessarily have compromises to reach an acceptable customer price. This machine is somewhat slow to start up when sent a document to print over the network. It does some push-ups with the paper handling mechanism and to wake up the print head. There certainly are faster printers available. The MX860 is physically large - pay attention to the dimensions if you're short of space. The large size is because it has two paper trays, a document feeder, and paper handling for 2-sided printing built in. There seems to be no way to tell the fax, "please let the phone ring N times before picking up".

    But it's a very satisfactory product. I like it. It's great having a color copier, an easily shared printer, a very sharp photo printer, a fax, and a scanner, all accessible from the network. You can send a fax from your PC just by "printing" to the fax device. And I like having separate cartridges for each color of ink. Separate cartridges are more economical because you only have to replace the color that has run out, and the MX860 print head isn't built into the ink container.

    Bottom line: if I had to choose an all-in-one again tomorrow, the MX860 would still be my pick from the current offerings (May 2009).
    ...more info
  • Wireless Printer all in one
    This wireless all in one actually works! It's a little slower warming up than others I've had, but the tech told me that it is because it is for
    photo quality. My Brother 210 C had terrible color quality and the print head died. I then bought a HP wireless and it never did work with my HP PC. The 3rd HP I have bought and had to return because the software wasn't compatible with the HP PC. Go figure. I have spent hours on the phone to try to get the HP removed and have been sent pages of instructions that "might" require that I reinstall programs. Love the Canon so far, and I use it with my Mac Laptop also. Amazons no hastle return policy came through without a glitch!...more info