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Surfer, Dude
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  • Surfer dude from a surfer's perspective
    The movie was entertaining and had a lot of funny parts. Warning, it has a lot of nudity, couldn't watch it with my daughter. All in all I thought it was a good movie. Well written and the dialogue seemed natural. I would have liked a little more surfing scenes in it though, but that's just me missing the ocean during winter....more info
  • It's about a surfer, not surfing
    I see so many reviews about this that say it isn't surfing. How many of you have hung at the beach and surfed every day? I know lots of surfers who are just like Addington. If you hang at one break long enough you'll find them and generally it doesn't take long! I enjoyed this movie cause it was about a surfer who finds his "world" under attack and has to deal with the greatest hardship (no waves) that could happen. Have you ever lived through a wave drought? Usually won't last longer than a week but it sucks none the less! It didn't have slash and burn hardcore surf footage: so what? It's not a surf video. Having Keith Malloy double as Addington in the water was good style. He rips on a longboard. I rate this highly because it's an accurate depiction of what some surfers are like and how they are focused on nothing but waves! ...more info
  • Jersey Juice
    Im 29yold, 15yr surfer.
    I feel like they were going for a cheesy surf movie, like previous Hollywood surf movies such as North Shore and Blue Crush. The only difference was North Shore and Blue Crush weren't trying to be cheesy.
    The only thing that could have made it better for me would be a surf star cameo and some real quality surf footage, not re-used car commercial takes. I think this would reinforce the character development, not insightful stoner talk.
    This movie was like a VH1 "Where is He Now, Jeff Spicolie"....LAME
    I expected better from McConaughey and Harrelson....more info
  • The Beginner
    i liked various parts of this movie.....but the smoking pot and drinking doesn depict who surfers really are this part was bad judgement of directing the cast memebers.Now as new comer to the world of surfing and all its postive energy, i like what they did with over all concept, i've always been a fan of surfing i'm glad i get to live my dream and i hope that they continue to make better movies, j.k.livin production and show surfer in a better light....more info
  • This movie is awesome... and very funny
    Willie Nelson is a pot-dealing, goat farmer. Need I say more?

    If someone tells you they don't like this movie, you need to take a real hard look at them. If they are your friend, you might as well count on having one less friend.

    This movie brings the joy of surfing, friends, hot women laying around pool parties topless, goats, and more hot women.

    good for you. good for movies. good for america....more info
  • Best Movie
    Best movie I have seen in a while so good and Matthew Mcconaughey is awsome in this movie. Quick service to....more info
  • Surf Dud
    I love Matthew McConaughey, but talk about a stupid terrible movie. I think Matthew will win the Razzie for sure on this one! What was he thinking...apparantly not thinking at all!...more info
  • Too much nudety, not enough surfing.
    I enjoyed the movie, except for all the nudety. It was discouraging that it portrayed surfers to be just a bunch of partying pot heads and drunkards, with lots of sex orgies. I've been surfing for forty five years, with a bunch of other well known surfers, who've lead more productive lives than this. This has a negetive impact on the younger generation of surfers and the surfing community. I enjoy Mathew's movies, and especialy surf movies, but this was a big let down, it's like a flat day, or in his case fifty eight days without surf. This movie is'nt even worth loneing out for my friends to watch....more info
  • Zen Surf and The Art of Doobie
    Dudes, comparisons to Spicoli aside, this is a unique little comedy about the religious philosophy of Wake 'n' Bake Surf Culture. Matthew McConaughey is absolutely brilliant as So Cal surf legend Steve Addington. A modern day stoner Buddha seeking enlightenment thru the meditation of carving waves, riding girls, and sipping doobage. McConaughey walks thru almost the entire film shirtless and barefooted, wearing only a pair of baggies. Even when McConaughey is just walking down the street, he's surfing. He's like a fish out of water, brah. His swaggering swaybacked bowlegged performance is fully righteous. And, totally funny. (Not quite, but almost as good as his role as Wooderson in DAZED AND CONFUSED.) His performance is DEAD ON TUBULAR. (Ladies, you're gonna want his bod.)

    Obviously, this film is not for everyone. But, this short comedy is rife with religious and aesthetic symbolism. I was stoked by its heaviosity, brah.

    Like an aesthetic Christ, The Addman is a free spirited surfer, baptized in The Ocean, who cares nothing for the material world of money and fame. He seeks only religious adoration and worship of God thru The Living Wave, The Sacramental smoke of The Wisdom Weed, and The Unification of The One Body thru sexual concourse with chicks. Upon returning home after being away from Cali on a surfing sojourn, Addington is tempted by The Devil into a starring role on a TV Reality Show about surfers, ala Big Brother, and a chance to profit from his digital image in a virtual reality game called FREE SURFER. Representing Lucifer, ex-surfer and evil TV producer Eddie Zarno (Jeffrey Nordling) entices The Addman with a totally humongous bag of sheckles. "We own his image. And his image is reality." But, Addington is hip to the fact that the illusion is transitory and meaningless. While contemplating a monitor of virtual tropical fish in Zarno's beachhouse studio, The Addman poses this saltwatery Zen koan: "Something's wrong with these fish, dude." No way, brah. The Addman refuses to sell his soul to The Devil for material gain. "I'm not some _ssclown in a greenroom. I'm a surfer, dude."

    For what does it profit a dude to gain the world, and lose his wave?

    The Devil metaphorically breaks The Addman's skeg, and there is a sudden drought of waves. "Something's bogus, dudes." Totally like Christ, The Addman wanders the desert beaches in prayer, for MORE than 40 days and nights, fasting from the pleasures of The Scented Lotus Blossom and the sustenance of The Good Green, until God's return on The Waves of Everlasting Life Giving Water. It's The Addman's Dark Night of The Soul, man. BRAH?! Why hast thou forsaken, dude?!

    Willie Nelson as John The Baptist, who passes his shepherd's rod to The Addman. Will Addington become The Good Shepherd of The Goats? Yay, though I surf through the barrel of the shadow of death I will fear no shark infested waters, for thy rod and thy board they confront me, dude.

    Who else but Woody Harrelson, as The Apostle Peter and The Addman's dope smoking manager? "We got financial worries, brah."

    Will the Addman sacrifice himself on The Cross of Virtual Surfboard to save the souls of his brahs? You grommets should ask yourselves only one question: WHAT WOULD THE ADDMAN DO?

    A perfect Double Feature alongside Swayze's POINT BREAK. Funny, symbolic, and full of topless chicks and bud. (Bitchin'!) This film is defintely worth the rent for Matthew McConaughey's performance, and for all the stoner surfer aesthetes out there. It's like THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST for surfers, dude. Hodads, landlubbers, and non-philosophers might want to avoid this one.

    "Love and waves, that's what we need in these dark days."

    Whoa! ...more info
  • Quite possibly the worst movie ever filmed.
    I wish I had spent my time paying the kid down the street to hit me really hard with a board over and over again than watch this movie.

    Here's a suggestion to anyone trying to make a movie: have a plot.

    The only entertaining thing about this movie is the laugh I got at reading about everyone else's horror as well. I would rather face a firing squad than watch this movie ever again. ...more info
  • jeff spicoli fans unite !!!
    this is a must have, this movie makes me relax and want to kick back, top notch movie, if you live in cali-get it, if you ever wanted to live in cali-get it!...more info
  • Stupid, but lots of skin
    I was happy from beginning to end while watching this movie a) because Matthew was shirtless pretty much all of the time, b) everyone was smoking pot, c) Willie Nelson was in it as a goat farmer (that's awesome!), d) the music is great, & e) Matthew actually does surf a bit & he looks quite fine doing it! I think this movie was made for women like me who basically just want to imagine life with a guy like Add. :-D...more info