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  • A Possible Future???
    This is a rather scary look at what could be a possible future if things continue the way they are heading. Our food supplies becoming more depleted due to unfavorable growing conditions, climatic extremes, lack of water and nutrient-poor land as well as overpopulation continuing at an uncontrollable and alarming rate. This type of recycling may become a necessity. Hopefully, it would at least be voluntary as the movie depicts. An eye-opener for sure....more info
  • A Bleak Picture
    This is definitely a very outdated film but it is still very watchable. It depicts a horrific future in which the planet has been so damaged that putting food on the table is difficult. The staple is a product called Soylent, made in part from soy. There are different varieties: red, yellow, brown, but the most palatable one is green. Unfortunately, it is always running short and riots ensue.

    Charlton Heston plays a policeman called in to investigate the death of a member of the Soylent corporate board. In this version of society, policemen are fairly corrupt by our standards. Heston's character is neither more nor less that average but his conduct is not flattering...until he realizes that the death of the executive is tied into something bigger. As he investigates, thugs and his own superiors try to warn him off but he will not let go. Finally, he finds the secret of Soylent Green and it is a grisly one.

    This in an interesting retro look at a bleak future but it is not great entertainment.
    ...more info
  • Worth a watch
    Having never heard of this movie before, I read some reviews online and heard it was pretty good. I decided to purchase it, and must say I was impressed. The action was surprizingly good & the story was gripping, although I guessed the ending before I even pressed the "purchase" button. Overall, I'm glad I bought it because most of my friends around my age (22-23) have probrably never heard of it before. Definetly worth a watch....more info
  • Great flick!
    I'm so happy I purchased this classic film. Clearly Charlton at his best. If your a true sci-fi buff you can't miss owning a copy of this one. Arrived rather quickly and in as good condition as a 20 + year old VHS tape can be....more info
  • Great Story
    Though billed as a science fiction classic, at the heart, this is a detective story. Heston is terrific in yet another classic science fiction role(Omega Man, Planet of the Apes). Heston is a police officer in the year 2022 in a world facing overcrowding, hunger, and terrible heat from greenhouse effects. 40 Million New York City residents clog the streets. Heston is investigating the murder of a man who worked for the Soylent company. This company feeds nearly half the world with their products. The big discovery at the end is what people remember, as well as Heston's classic line. This film is also note worthy as Edward G. Robinson's final film. Though the futuristic stuff is a bit dated(think Logan's Run), it does not detract from the movie. Though made in the 70's, the clothing and speech are not as bad as Omega Man's. Overall, this is a classic film, and a terrific buy....more info
  • Soya bean
    I like it, but if you see this to date it won't impress you that much, it was good at 1973. ...more info
  • Soylent Green is...Airline Food
    Drought! Pestulence! Famine! Overpopulation! Global Warming! Al Gore Nirvana! On the surface this is a contrived and ultimately predictable flick. Darned if I don't like it, though. Silly, yes, but it goes down real smooth if you don't think too hard about it. The stoic Chuck Heston gives the movie some street cred and Edward G. in his final role is engaging as Heston's police researcher. On a more serious note it would make a great double-bill with Douglas Trumbull's classic "Silent Running" starring Bruce Dern....more info
  • Soylent Green
    This movie is one of few with a great ending. A must see for science fiction and Charlton Heston fans alike. I'm surprised it hasn't been remade....more info
  • what a snoozer!
    I wouldn't even give this snoozer a b rating. Seriously folks don't waste you hard earned money. If I was able to give it no stars I would have, but amazon would not except my review without a 1 to 5 star rating. Seriously it's a zero. ...more info
  • Mother Earth, Finis
    Not the best performances by Eddie G. Robinson & Chuck Heston by a long shot, but the story plot, pure science fiction and fantasy but with potential thread of what if ? running through it. A grossly overpopulated world ? A terrible, irreversible polluted atmosphere ? An indescribable wanton hunger, save for the cannibalistic little "green Cookies" ? 15 years to go until 2022 and counting ? Global warming, air pollution,world hunger. Are we following the yellow brick road ? Its just a movie, or is it ?...more info
  • Still holds up great
    I saw this back when it was released in the 70's. I liked it then and I like it now. It is a poignant story that still has merits today. New York looks awfully gritty too. Just like it did in the 70's. Edward G Robinson's death scene is particularly moving. Being that this was his last movie it makes it even more so. Good cast too. The late Edward G Robinson. The late Chuck Connors. The late Brock Peters. The last Joseph Cotten (in a small part), and of course the 70's sci fi man himself. Charlton Heston.

    Robert T....more info
  • An Old Movie
    An old movie, but a good movie. The end is a sad comment on the society of tomorrow. Heston and Robertson do a great job of acting. The pace is a little slower than current special effects of today's movies. If you are not a fast paced dude and can slow down, then I would recommend this one for you....more info
  • pantera6
    One of the low budget movies,that you can sit and wach over and over....more info
  • Timely movie for being so old...
    I had seen this movie years ago, and originally thought it a great 'gag gift' for the other cook in the household for Christmas. But after watching it again I remember being impressed that it was better than I remember it.

    With global warming and fears of what might happen I have to say that it's relevant to what's going on in the world today. The story line is OK, but one thing that stood out for me was that while the movie is set in the future, the absence of hi-tech in this movie is definitely noticeable. No security cameras (if you watch this you will marvel at this error) as well as other imagined technological advances are conspicuously absent from the film. I can only surmise that the director wanted to highlight the human plight more, and not focus on what (else) the future had to offer.

    I gave it 3 stars because if you are at home, and it's cold and uninviting outside, then this movie is definitely good enough to spark some debate (or at least thought) among your audience. ...more info
  • Soylent Green is all about the people!
    That Title will make sense when you watch this movie. Charlton Heston is a fine actor. This movie, even made this long ago, projects quite well I think the future of a world out of control. Materialism, capitalism, environmental and social depraved indifference and breeding. The human animal community represent ourselves as predisposed to the condition of greed. We simply can't get enough. The producers and studio's responsible for this movie knew that 35 years ago.

    What do you do when supplies for human survival can not meet demand of over population?!

    In every level of organized society; law, commerce and social-politics, this movie answers the question. Is it too far afield?! Given the predisposition to extremism real life societies embrace because of the fear programming that's ensued in the last 8 years in the U.S especially, we'll see. Our society is bi-polarized in so many ways. One side says; life is sacred. The other says war is peace.
    Given that, anythings possible. Even as represented through a simple matter of scripted fiction and Hollywood B movie budget.

    ...more info
  • speechless, but something to write
    Incredible. I was speechless. The "riot control" bulldozers scooping up people were hilarious, and I was wondering about how comfortable it must be to sleep on stairs. The bulldozers seemed much more comfortable than the stairs to some of the extras and the menacing "people scooping machines" seemed like basically, well, just a form of a cheap ride and entertainment for the rioters. I'm thinking the next time I go to the video store and see this on the Sci-fi shelf, I'm going to switch it and put it in the comedy section.

    I got mixed messages from the film and there were some loose ends. Heston's and other's acting were, obviously, over the top, but another hilarious aspect of the whole show. They did make an honest try and Heston filled the part pretty good for the 1970's era, errr, excuse me, the 2020's era. It did however take some avant-guard risks and had anti-government implied overtones and warnings of fascism and of the things that can possible result from our present deterorating situation in the USA and many other places on the planet- both ecologically and socially. Wow. Worth watching for a good laugh, that is, if you have a good sense of humor, and also critically think about our destructive actions on the planet we all ride together. The movie kind of reminded me of a Grateful Dead line in one of their songs, "Ship of Fools on a Cruel Sea" from 1974, a year after the movie was made. Won't re-watch or buy, I'll just listen to an old Grateful Dead album for my nostalgia.

    If you decide to watch, just keep a good sense of humor and try to make something of it at the end. ...more info
  • Very scary
    Set in the year 2022 in New York. Manhattan is very over-crowded and the majority of people live in poverty, literally living for their next meal. Charlton Heston plays Thorn, a policeman who at least has his own small apartment, which he shares with Sol, who's played by Edward G Robinson. Soylent Green is the latest food being produced for the masses to eat (essentially it looks like squares of green cardboard).

    Whilst investigating the murder of the head of the Soylent company Thorn discovers that there is a sinister side behind the production of Soylent Green. The film develops at quite a pace, and is pretty short, so it keeps you hooked. Its portrayal of the future is intriging (and scary). For example the human race seems to have gone backwards in its treatment of women. In this vision of the future they have become 2nd class citizens again, who can be used (and abused) by men as they see fit.

    Charlton Heston gives, what I would describe as his default performance. Its fine, but he was never a great actor. The film will stick in your memory for other reasons: Firstly because of Edward G Robinson. It was his 101st film role and he died two weeks after the film was completed. Secondly its a scary prediction of how we can mess this planet up. But its our children and their children who will pay the price...
    ...more info
  • Soylent Green days are coming...
    For Sci-Fi enthusiasts, this is a must. Based on Harry Harrison's "Make room ! Make room !", the movie shows an apocalyptic (..but indeed possible..) situation in year 2020. Don't miss it ! ...more info
  • soylent green
    Came in as described. daughter loves the movie and was glad to be able to have it....more info
  • Still waiting for it
    I will be willing to send you any details that help other customers. But I have not received the movie yet. According to Amazon prediction of approximate delivery, the item should be arriving today, May 15, at the latest. Unless this occurs in the afternoon today, this did not happen. I understand that there may be some delay, due to the international delivery process, so I expect to get it in the next few days. especially because whatever I have bought from Amazon in the past has always arrived to my door without any problem. M. Ferreira....more info
  • You Are What You Eat
    For me this movie was a mixed bag of goodies and stinkers. If you've managed to avoid all of the pop culture references to it then I'll not spoil it for you. The setup is that it's 2022. Charleton Heston is Detective Thorn, a sweaty cop of ambiguous character in a burned out civilization. He lives in an overpopulated New York city, but the place is representative of an overcrowded, polluted to death world. People are hungry and depend upon the monopolistic Soylent Corporation for their food. Soylent "Green" a popular new entry in the corporations suite of wretched foodstuffs. And something's rotten in Soylentville.

    The good stuff: First, this is just a cool old movie from 1973. This was an age during which Western culture was wondering how much longer we human animals would be able to make it. This movie reflects the broad cultural angst about our poor stewardship of Planet Earth. It's part of history now, so it bears viewing in spite of the film's considerable warts.

    Then there's Thorn's sidekick, an old Jewish character named Sol played by the legendary Edward G. Robinson. (Robinson died from cancer two weeks after filming was completed.) Thorn and Sol's expressions of mutual affection were some of the high points of the film for me. While Thorn is out running around thumping on folks trying to suss out the suspicious death of a Soylent bigwig, Sol is running his own, more efficient investigation.

    Thorn's commanding officer, Simonson, was well-played by Joseph Cotten. Simonson was the steady but somewhat removed steady point for Thorn.

    The bad stuff: I kept being grateful that (1) no one ever locked anything up and (2) most facilities were poorly staffed. Without out those unbelievable conditions we, the viewers, wouldn't have been treated to all the nifty visual expository stuff the film needed to show us.

    Then there's the whole problem of Det. Thorn. Aside from the times he was being nice to old Sol, he wasn't particularly likeable. He was sort of an anti-hero. He'd lift stuff from folks on the one hand, then he'd get righteous about being called off on the investigation. He at times seemed lazy or abusive, and poorly motivated, then at other times ready to die for the principle of pursuit of the truth.

    Still, this is a must-see movie for anyone interested in the popular Western culture and the history of environmental awareness in cinema....more info
  • Heston discovers a REALLY inconvenient truth
    In an overcrowded, overheated world where nature is dying, a cop (Charlton Heston) investigates the assassination of an executive (Joseph Cotton) of the company that manufactures most of the world's food supply, learning a terrible secret in the process. Although the look of this 70s SF movie is dated (please tell me that the scarf Heston wears throughout the film won't come back into style), its story is more relevant than ever. This is a world where global warming has gone unchecked and the most powerful nation in the world has been reduced to third world poverty. One can only imagine how bad it is elsewhere.

    I'm usually not a big fan of remakes, but this film would be a good candidate for an update. Not only is the message appropriate for today's audience, but just imagine what they could do now with the food riot scenes and the machines that scoop up the rioters with huge shovels. Heston bellows one of his most memorable lines ever in this one: "Soylent Green is ------!" ranks right up there with "Keep your hands off me, you damn, dirty ape!"...more info
  • Still one of my all time favorites!
    (spoiler in review--read at own risk)

    Yeah, it's a little campy but "Soylent Green" is still one of my favorites. I first saw this movie on the big screen, as a junior high age student, accompanied by my grandmother (one of the greatest movie buffs in Macon, MO!). One of the most striking things for me was that the Edward G. Robinson character, Sol, would have been just a little older than I would be in 2022. It was freaky for me to think I was someday going to be "old". The thought of Earth being so polluted and people so desperate in this era was also a very scary thought to me. The thought of real food being out of reach of ordinary people was another worrisome concept--like most rural folk, I like my T-bone steak--and for a piece of steak to cost thousands of dollars was beyond my comprehension.

    But the main reason this movie is one of my all time faves is because my grandmother raved about this movie the rest of her life. She always talked about "if people don't start treating the world better, we'll all be eating each other as little crackers someday." Even when she was dying of cancer, she wanted me to bring this movie for her to see at the nursing home.

    With 2022 approaching faster than I'd like to admit, I'm glad we're not looking like we'll be as bad off as the folks in the movie, but it is worth watching in 2007 to give pause to the fact we need to be thinking about conserving Earth's resources better....more info
  • Don't eat the
    One of the great scifi movies of all time. An earth leached of its resources, resorting to alternative means of survival and sustenance. A portend of our future? Quite possibly if our population continues it growth unabated and our resources remain fixed in ultimate quantity. The best scene for me was Edward G. Robinson's final moments. All that we have and stand to loose viewed one more time before he goes. And while his spirit may go to what ever final rest or reward you may beleive in, its where his physical remains ends up at that forms the core to this movie. Remember, don't eat the green, soylent green is people....more info
  • Scary, Emotional, FANTASTIC
    What a film, I consider it one of Heston's greatest, and he obviously will go down as one of the greatest actors ever (I also believe he is a great man as well, read his book In the Arena). I feel that this movie should be rereleased in the theater. I don't understand why hollywood (I always use a small "h" with hollywoood because that is what they deserve) hasn't picked up on this potential cash cow yet. And that is, to put out classic films in the theaters again. How much could that cost to do? You don't have to shoot the film, so instead of $120 million for the film, and $25 million for the adverstising budget, you can just do some prettying up of the prints, a little advertising, and viola! almost pure profit!! I really feel that this film would really do well in these days of global warming. Yeah, the women as "furniture" might be a bit much, but hey, just look at a rap video (or any crap on MTV for that matter) and women might as well be "furniture". The main point is, this is brilliant post-apocolyptic science fiction. If you like movies like Blade Runner, Brazil, Mad Max, Road Warrior, etc. Then you will like this. If you were fascinated by Al Gore's Global Warming film, then I really feel you will get something out of this too, cheers. ...more info
  • ZPG means more for you and me!
    Soylent Green came out a full decade before I was even born. I heard about this movie, only by references from my father, and choice Biology teachers/professors. After watching this movie after extensively studying the environment, biology, and ethics in college, I realize that this movie is probably one of the best warnings to those, planning to have more than 2 kids.... the warning is: The more people you have at the table, the smaller each piece of pie becomes. This may be a science FICTION film, but the implications that the film explores about population growth are priceless, and are a lesson that every human being should become aware of.

    On a lighter note, this movie is very fun to watch - if for nothing, other than nostalgia. The sets are entertaining - and the view of the future looked a helluva lot like the 70's, if you ask me. Charlton Heston is entertaining - though I find it interesting that he acted in such a philosophical film, and is now a NRA spokesman with Alzheimer's. Danger! Danger!

    This film should be required curriculum in high school biology classes....more info
  • Not out of date at all
    I watched this film (in VHS form) again while studying the subject of cannibalism. It really had me going, surprising in such an old science fiction film, which goes to show you, ideas (and acting) win out over slick technique. Charlton Heston, whom I can usually only take in small doses does a great job. He portrays a man who knows no better, he's adapted to his environment and takes it for granted. Until ... but I'll leave that for others. Leigh Taylor-Young, very young and very pretty does a fine job, too ("Please, don't call me that.")This subject of overpopulation is still a very major problem and yet to be solved.This film will stand as a classic for a long time to come, that is, if we have a long time....more info
  • A smart, powerful, and still timely cautionary tale
    Like most people, I knew the shocking secret of the film long before actually watching it. But I was truly surprised to discover what a strong film it remains to this day, presenting a grim but convincing picture of a world in rapid decline, both materially & culturally. Even better, it credits the audience with intelligence & lets us put the pieces together as we watch, rather than hitting us over the head with speeches & statistics.

    Are the minimal effects & overall design dated? Of course -- but that's totally beside the point. Ideas are what matter here, not gloss. True science-fiction isn't about prediction, it's about speculation: what if? And it's often commentary on & criticism of the present. This film is a perfect case in point. If the details haven't aged well, the essence remains as searingly potent as ever.

    What strikes me is the restrained, casual tone of the picture, presenting a corrupt & apathetic world so matter-of-factly. Our coarsened hero Thorn (an excellent Charlton Heston) is so obviously a product of that world, shaped by its anomie & mounting despair. Sol Roth (Edward G. Robinson in a heartfelt final appearance) is the dwindling counterpoint, no more than a living memory of a better, cleaner world that Thorn can't even begin to imagine. And Leigh Taylor-Young's Shirl is a tragic figure, sensitive but wearily accepting of her role in a society that has no place or pity for her humane spirit.

    The background is filled with throwaway lines that almost slide by without calling attention to themselves: asking a bodyguard if he can read or write, thus establishing the collapse of literacy; marveling at something as common to us as a glass of ice, indicating its scarcity; succumbing to the temptation of a rare hot shower, rather than sex or money. A sickening yellow-green pall fills the screen in all outdoor scenes; a palpable weariness & desperation covers everyone like a thickening layer of dust. The viewer feels as grimy & sweaty & unwashed as any of the characters. In some ways, it's a brutally realistic version of "Idiocracy" long before that satiric film.

    Most telling is the transformation of human beings into disposable commodities by the corporate masters of the world. From young women called "furniture," to the literal scooping up of hungry rioters, to the secret of Soylent Green itself, the mass of humanity exists to be used, traded, bought & sold to satisfy the greed of a handful of the rich & powerful. Which doesn't seem all that far-fetched these days ...

    When we get to the final scenes with Sol, dying before screen images of the green earth he knew as a child, it's as jolting to the viewer as it is to a stunned Thorn, who finally realizes just how much both humanity & the world have lost. And the age of the film is actually a reminder that the greenhouse effect & global warming were well-known over 30 years ago, only to be ignored & disregarded since that time in favor of corporate interests. Dated? Not in this regard!

    All in all, it's the sort of film that probably wouldn't get made today, not unless it was packed with CGI effects, massive explosions, a larger body count, and a lot less intelligence. But if you're ready for a thought-provoking story, you won't do much better than this fine science-fiction film. And the commentary by director Richard Fleischer & Leigh Taylor-Young is informative & articulate, adding to the experience. Most highly recommended!

    ...more info
  • Soylent Green
    Fantastic storyline. Great acting.

    One of Charlton Heston's least appreciated performances.

    Edward G. Robinson is brilliant in his role as Sol.

    "Soylent Green is . . . !"...more info
  • Great Value
    My dad was so happy when I gave this to him for Christmas. It's one of his favorite movies....more info